Ethiopia bans citizens from jobs in the UAE


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9 Responses

  1. Name (required) says:

    A step to be considered as positive; looks like not typical of Woyane to worry about its citizens. Hope the new consulat will not get a scorn from his TPLF bosses in Addis.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another shameless Woyane lip service. Why did it take this long for this spiteful woyane Ambassador to take action on the countless abuse of Ethiopian girls in UAE?

    • Zelalem says:

      “… Why did it take this long for this spiteful woyane Ambassador to take action on the countless abuse of Ethiopian girls in UAE?”

      Because it has to go through proper procedure before a decision is taken.

      You criticize the government for taking “hasty” measures on one hand and you do the same when it takes its time to do proper deliberation before taking decision. Poor you. You will dye crying!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not surprised by your respond. Obviously, you get tremendous amount of enjoyment from making people cry. You and the likes of you have been lying through your teeth for 21 years and telling the outside world that TPLF never commit a single crime on Ethiopia and against Ethiopians, TPLF never spilled a single Ethiopian man/woman’s blood, never evicted Ethiopians and sold their land to foreigners, haven’t loot Ethiopia and Ethiopians and stashed the money in foreign countries and gotten rotten filthy rich from stolen money and Ethiopia’s treasures, never locked up innocent Ethiopians and sentenced them for life and death, not a single Ethiopian ever tortured in prison, peaceful Ethiopian Christians and Muslims haven’t been beaten and thrown in jail…what a joker!

  3. Alen says:

    I can’t belive up to 300 people a day leave from Ethiopia to a single country, UAE, while the Woyane/EPRDF claims two digit growth.
    The measures taken (the banning) should not make another hole for corruptions.As to me ,all officials involved , specifically those assigned in middle east countries are accountable and will be responsible for the abuses and crimes committed on our sisters, citizens and humans in general.
    Such officials who turned away their face or ignored the problem should be brought to justice when all Ethiopian get their freedom and a justice sytem is created in the country.
    If they have a problem it should have been communicated otherwise they must work to solve the problem at any time if not they are the problem.

    • Wereb says:

      Where were you for the last 15 years when our sisters suffer, imprisoned, rapid, killed. Ato Mesganu Arga Moach you are responsible for all. We know why you stopped this now. You and your boss pocket is full with the money you earn from the illegal immigration. Can you tell me where you were when our sisters cry out for help? We know you had signed a contract to ship our sisters just three month ago and now you completed your contract and waiting for the next shipping. This is a silly tactic to confuse the media.

  4. wegayehu says:

    Just now You wake up good even too delay i think there is something behind this. most of we think you satisfied what you need. after most of our sister died and beaten any body.And you are speaking about freedom how do you know the word it is taboo this word for EPRDF.

  5. Gigi says:

    Thank God,

    I think we should stop this kind of flux to the Arabl world. My concern is just out of cultural differences it’ll be a clash of religion. We should total stop this trend enforsed as a solution by the regime,so many Ethiopian sisters are going to look for a job in the arab world bad idea. Our country with a right leader can sustain its labor market. I emplore who ever taking over after this butcher meles and co. the countries leadership. We should be recalling all our domestic workers who live in this countries and establish a manufacturing work and other by way of foreign investments adding value to our natural resources we can provide a living wage. Where they can live with their dignity and explore to grow and have future for their children and themselves. I just can’t get my head rapped around it, who created in the last 20 years we are shipping our sisters like a cattle and this stupid ignorant arab women can treat them like hell on earth. I just hope our sisters see a future within their own country and envision a better tomorrow I can’t even see the viedos it just horrifying. Their men use to be seen as fealthie today I don’t know what happen we sold our soul for money. As Ethiopian I never thought money would be anything but used for commerce our dignity and culture regardless of how poor we were we always thought we are Gods children. We respected our elders and love our country and have a pride in our freedom.

    I hope we can gather our people like the nation of Israel and free our people from bondage and live greatful and free life with respect and dignity.

    God Bless Ethiopia and Ethiopian
    I just don’t understand this waiting priod while the dying regime is gathering to firment their never ending and dying strategy. They should know by now to avoid the worst clash they should live in peace. Atleast they can use the stolen money they accumulated in the past 23 years.

  6. ANTAWY says:


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