EPRDF to Decide Meles’s Successor After Funeral


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10 Responses

  1. Teddy says:

    In the first few days ETV was calling him “acting prime minister” and all of the sudden they reverted back to calling him “deputy prime minister”. Was it an accident, or did somebody raise an objection of him being called that, or some one or some group simply don’t want him to replace Meles?

  2. Tani says:

    It is substituting donkey with a mule. No change just the face. COnstitution is a paper

  3. Teddy # 2 says:

    Translation, Meles or any other dictator plans to rule till kingdom come since they are deluded enough to think that they are immortal. No provisions in the constitution for power succession! Pathetic and typical of ruthless and inhumane dictators. Death comes to us all people. Learn to rule with nothing but your people in your minds and hearts so you can be remembered as the greatest.

  4. wube says:

    No way of getting in! No buffer Zone!

    Ethiopian peoples, nations and nationalities sealed all the way and promised to achieve development goals outlined by their hero & visionary leader!

    For those anti ethiopia opposition, terrorists, ethiopia born Egyptians who live abroad, at this time your buffer zone is only Eritrea. If you tried to make shouting near ethiopia, the unbeatable hero of Africa “Ethiopia Army” will get ride of Isayas state, liberate the people of eritrea and collect all the traitors bring to Justice !

    That is it !


    How many days teh Ethiopian people forced to mourn the death of their dictator -Even after his death his dictatorial legacy is excuted by his crime partners -SHAME ON US,ETHIOPIANS NOT ON TPLF/EPRDF

  6. Jebere says:

    Cemeteries are full of dead people once thought they were indispensable. Let us not forget involvement in trying to herd us to the abiyotawi parade to celebrate or denounce the tyrannical junta’s opinions. What has changed now is we are forced again without will to conform to TPLF agenda. This is not only Lekso. Everyone knows deep inside the hidden motives. In comparison to Kim and his boy in North Korea this is the top drama of 2012. Let us not forget during Derg we had similar influence from North Korea and we forced to line up to go to Adebabay Abiyotawi.

  7. Semon says:

    Well done gentlemen I coud not have said it better. This is a guy who brutalized the Ethiopian population as no other Ethiopian leader before him. Ehtiopia today is ruled and looted by Mafia groups who never consider themselves Ethiopians and who have the utmost hatrate and contempt for anything Ethiopian. Meles is a pathological lier and he has been conning the western leaders for over 20 years. His demise hopefully will usher in a better era for this unfortunate country. His greatest legacy is bantustanization of a once proud nation. His TPLF front played a big role in land-locking 85 million people. I hope his soul rotts in Hell. I have no words to express my joy over his demise. It is time for the Ethiopian people to rise against the rule of TPLF whatever the price may be.
    No matter what they like or not we need to replace the Woyane party to Unity.. We all Ethiopian are allowed to put our hand or our mind to the mother of our country. Our eye seen what damage they have done to the nature and the people , we need Stand for our country as it was before all the tribes should have a right to vote, speech lead to thier own tribes under their own people. TPLF doesnt have a right to control Amhara, Oromo, Tigra cities every ethnics group should have thier own leaders but when we in trouble against outsider(western) then we unite as old times. Hailemariam Desalegn might be a good or bad leader as far we not sure but we should give him a chance than u peeing on your self you woyanes(TPLF). TPLF your time is over if u really love your country i think ou should prove yourslef by giving a chance to others who wanna lead the country . Do not make any mistake to kill or to destroy Ethiopia beacuse it will come to you soon. God Bless My Country or Your country too.

  8. Tesh says:

    No respect for rule of law, as usual. Any law abiding country swears in a replacement Hours after the death. This is a lawless country where individuals do whatever they wish as long as they have the power.

  9. Gabriel says:

    Hailemariam seem a coward and don’t blame him,

    We need a strong Ethiopian, if he doubt about his survival among the hyenas they’re going to eat him, he can contact the opposition and collaborate but we don’t have time to wait and see any longer the deterioration of our country.

    There’s so much we can’t afford to wait, for one land grabb has to be stopped and reversed because it’s not approved by Ethiopian also our country resources has been sold and divided and owned including by Effort enterprise which is illegitimate that’s robbing our country, and our natural resources and exports and foreign donations has to be equally invested among all states it has to be stopped only to tigray region, our people should have equal opportunity in schools, universities, jobs and business opportunities and finally they have to stop the mass invading of Addis Abeba by tigrays even foreigners who work their openly telling us everything is only in tigray your people have to fight for yourself…

    It’s a shame after I talked to a Canadian engineer and Indian investor I was embarrassed when he said openly how an fair it was.

    We can not tolerate things will only get worse we should not wait this regime and cabinet has to be totally replaced by new election now!

    What are we waiting for? for them to organize against us again NOW IS THE TIME!

  10. Jebere says:

    I do hope that we need to realize that time is free but it is priceless, we cannot own it but we can use it and once we lose it there is no way to get it back and this world ain’t all sunshine and rainbow. It is a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or the Ethiopian people are beat up hard during DERG and again harder during TPLF, but always it isnot how hard you are hit it is about how hard you can get and keep forward and how much you can take and keep moving forward. That is how wining is done! The Ethiopian people do deserve better and should hire or fire their policians as they see it fit not anointed or appointed within. Therefore obstacles, problems, or people cannot stop you only you can stop you. Finally you can wish and hope but you have to have the aim and a goal to achieve the dreams you have for free and democratic Ethiopia where all of it’s citizens enjoy equal freedom not only the chosen few.

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