Teddy Afro pays tribute to the late Premier at the National Palace


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42 Responses

  1. FINFINE says:

    What suprised me more is, Awrambatimes posted the news that Tedy Afro was going to release single clip for the death of Meles Zenawi. The news immediately removed from facebook, where it was originally posted. Awramba reported that its source confirmed Tedy reached agreement with Adika to release the song called “sim Kemekabir belay” What happen to Awramba?

    • Adane says:

      Finfine, yes it is true. here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GceWmBKkEWc But I don’t know why Awramba Removed the news

      • Zeger says:


        That’s an old song uploaded along with recent pictures on youtube by somebody. It is by no means a tribute to Meles!

      • kebeabe says:

        Lol…saymot new ende yezefenelet..yehe eko yekoye zefen new…aye ye cadre neger

      • Yared says:

        Adane please do not confuse Teddy’s work by some woynai’s cadre’s dream team,who has copied the 2010 of Teddy’s work and posted it as an eulogy to Meles.
        Awramba!you are a man with integrity and you have shown Ethiopians with your perseverance.So, do not let this happen to Teddy Afro.

      • Abel says:

        @ Adane
        ያሳዝናል በእግዚአብሔር መቅዘፍት መማር አለመቻል። የመለስ ካይን መጥፋት ከምንም ጋር አይያያዝም። በማያገባችሁ እየገባችሁ ስላቸገራችሁት ነው፤ እንዲህ አይናችሁ እያዬ ያጠፋችሁ። የከርስ አባቶችህ ቴዲን በተለያየ ጫና የሃዘብ ዘፈን ላዘፈን ሞከራችሁ አልተሳካም! አሁን ያላችሁ አማራጭ፤ ለአምላኩ ከአሁን በፊት የዘመረውን፤ ለእናንተ አምላክ አረጋችሁት! እግዚአብሔር ዝም አይልም። አሁንም ታምሩን ይቀጥላል። እኛም እናያለን ገና!

  2. Lema says:

    Koftana Tefa,

    This idiot is insulting us why can’t he move to eritrea with his trashy wife. This who really doesn’t have a real goal and only emotionaly driven are the one who deppen the whole for us. How can we be free from those who bleed our coountry the so called afro singer idiot bringing enemy to our house.

    How can anyone forget G/Tinsaye Cake owner who from being a dish washer who got opportunity in our country to live in wealth and educate his children, while we thought he’s Ethiopian, but at the end he who we helped & embrace as one of us said oh…you habesha I thought you how to use fork. But he forgot it was we you showed him modern life, and educate his family, help him and his family to live a good life, and he said I have always known eritrea will be free and been helping the eritrea fighters always, that’s when it unravel the majority almost all eritreans who lived among us use to contribut and pass internal information from military, government offices, even those who grow up and live in Europe will make concert and we said oh…those are one of us they don’t know anything they wore born in Ethiopia, they never touch eritrean soil they don’t know anything we will not listen to our elders and when they invite us to their concert we’ll go an support guess what, we found out they donate the concer money to the eritrean fighters party. And they told them well come back to your mother eritrean membership and raised by foreing colonisers we regreted after that no one marry and mix even as friends we agreed among us. Because we knew we been played now this stupid, dumb ass guy bringing among us another enemy we are sick and tired we been bleeding by our own idiot gullible who constantly put us in harms way. I know for one what I’m talking about I know them well we have mix families by marriage I grow up with. Which I absolutly cut total contact because i been fighting and arguing with them for their support of this tyrant when he came to power they were the first one who was trying to convince me how great the tigrays were, we never had the freedom of speech with mengistu and how lucky we are and all the educated people from the offices and military that has been thrown out they keep trying to convience me they were incompetent and they just replaced them with 8th graders tigre their only education I know is killing, barbarianism, and brutality, don’t know how to behave.
    I hope the Oromos and Amharas, …any tribe will learn a lesson and reject this teddy afro thug…send him to eritrea….my blood just boil to see another eritrean in my soil.

    I and my family have paid a price and want Ethiopia is respected and free from intruders, enemies and weak idiots like this idiot tedy. I want Ethiopia to be strong and to have a respected border once we are their we can exchange commerce strictly business with our neighbors….we have to learn a lesson from the past.

    Stop bleeding us internaly do your song if not don’t disrespect us you can leave our country with your shity wife but do not insult us in our own home. It’s your right you can mary whomever you want but don’t bring to Ethiopia.

    God help us Ethiopia and Ethiopian!

    • alemu says:

      ante sewye, abedk ende? You sounded completely insane! First of all this article has noting to do with Eritrea, it is about teddy’s courage to go to the national palace to pay tribute. Don’t forget, “Fikir yashenifal” is Teddy’s slogan weather it’s Eritrea or Meles Zenawi!!! Always remember, everybody has a right to pay tribute, say, support, associate with whom they want and choose. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and don’t hate anyone even if they have an opposite opinion/idea than yours. Your mentalities made Ethiopia go backward, miserable and, for hundreds of years, we remain in a viscous cycle (from one dictator to another). Our leaders are made form our socitiy so don’t expect they will be different than you. You are a dictator by all definition. You want everybody to adore your opinion otherwise they have to “leave our country”. Until you understand that you have to go to church and pry. Please think and assess what happened to you. May God help you!!!

      • Kukulu Nega says:

        Teddy Afro does not make or break Ethiopia. Action speaks louder than words…He makes his money, not in Ethiopia but by promoting his concert abroad…and WE WILL NOT FORGET …ya and don’t flag your banda wife around us,….kehadi…WHAT LOVE…It is very important, in times of war, the first question you ask is..WHO IS MY ENEMY? Understand, the enemy of my enemy could never be your friend. Weslata..demo tikur sew..besem yenegede..lezawes azmari..could never have a stand. Tomorrow if this government falls…Teddy will be the first one to say “ho ho” … TEDDY THIS IS NOT AN AD. FORUM….THIS IS ABOUT ETHIOPIA…SHAME ON YOU!!

    • alemu says:

      ante sewye, abedk ende? You sounded completely insane! First of all this article has noting to do with Eritrea, it is about teddy’s courage to go to the national palace to pay tribute. Don’t forget, “Fikir yashenifal” is Teddy’s slogan weather it’s Eritrea or Meles Zenawi!!! Always remember, everybody has a right to pay tribute, say, support, associate with whom they want and choose. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and don’t hate anyone even if they have an opposite opinion/idea than yours. Your mentalities made Ethiopia go backward, miserable and, for hundreds of years, we remain in a viscous cycle (from one dictator to another). Our leaders are made form our socitiy so don’t expect they will be different than you. You are a dictator by all definition. You want everybody to adore your opinion otherwise they have to “leave our country”. Until you understand that you have to go to church and pry. Please think and assess what happened to you. May God help you!!!

    • berheg says:

      You see how much you narrow and your dictator supporters ,Teddy knows what he did ,even if you make our country land loaked and sold its land rather than opening your hand and hate why donot see at least the suffer of your fellow ethiopian people at least try to read ,learn or what ever what love ,forgivness un tribalism ,globalization what ever it is think ,think use your mind not your foot or hand this is 21 not 11 century but think again .thank you.

  3. Dawit Alemu says:

    Seew swer

  4. kebede says:

    u wronge what are u doing he is a murderer

  5. fish says:

    He has to do it. otherwise thay will cancel his concert which is going to be held in september 10 2012

  6. Addis says:

    Tedy is not stupid. Tedy is not gowa.
    This is weyane propoganda.
    Tedy do not make nay mistake. This time
    Weyanes are confused they knows with out
    Meles they are noting even with Meles b/c of hodam
    They servive.

  7. Meseret says:

    We ethiopians pay tribute if one of the family member lost even though we quarreled with that family, never talk, never had get together at the time of happiness.

    Tedy Afro pay tribute, as all other Ethiopians doing. By the way I don’t have the knowledge of Tedy Afro’s quarrels with our late PM Meles, his family, state, etc.

    What I know is that Tedy Afro loves his country ethiopia & ethiopian people regardless peoples race & political ideology.

    Some people try to impose their ideology on others by taking his case, took tedy afros love of his country ethiopia & its people as their own and use it as a propaganda, weapon, ……..

    We all ethiopians love tedy afro !

    Thanks Awramba Times for posting this !

    Everybody can see their own feeling while they watch picture of Tedy Afro together with his wife paying tribute to PM.

    TEDY AFRO I love you & the right thing you have done !

  8. Mesfin says:

    Thank you Awrambatimes
    You have won my heart and mind by reporting objectively. You stand for the truth therefore I appreciate your journalism standards.
    Teddy Afro might not have seen eye to eye with the prime minister and let us assume he was sworn enemy of the late premier but he paid his respect no matter what. I always believed that we Ethiopians were decent people and most of us are still that decent. Therefore there is still hope for the future of the country.

    Long Live Ethiopia!!

  9. Genet says:

    This stupid tedy afro,

    He should move to eritria with his trashy ignorant wife. You can’t disrespect us by bringing over those murderers family. My Ethiopian people have not forgot will not forgot tigres & eritreans want to kill us they are enemies.




    • Kiba says:

      YOu are really tinish. We have marcyful Father and wont kill anyone. You can pray 24and7But God will not listen to your prayer!! You know if God kills eveyone we ask Him to kill no one will be in this world . So please go and repent

    • Tangut says:

      Genet, ahun man yemut anchi stupid yemiluten qale tergumna agebabawi ateqaqem tawqiwalesh? Bemen memezegna new Tedy Stupid yehonew. Leba sefer chewa lebanew endilu honobesh endayhone enji Teddy bemanem stupid libale yemichel sew aydelem.

      Mosquito alehsat yeTedyn echogna? Amed beduqet yeseqal endayhone ferahu.

    • ethioiawi says:

      sint aynet sew ale bakachiu? Dedeb!!!

  10. Martha Nikodimos says:

    Brother Teddy you are did The Right thing We know How great patriotic Ethiopian you’re but to treat the death even if he was the Sworn Enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians is the right thing to do

  11. dagmawi says:

    tnx teddy afro what u done 4 us libachin be hazzen letegodaw RIP meles

  12. enateyee says:

    Zemach….don’t you think that you went farther.most of the issues that you wrote seem personal. It is not a burning issue for us to talk about Dawit’s assylee status. Let’s come to the point directly.what is ur stand to say this that you would like to see Teddy back to jail??? Let’s think three or four times before we post our anger. Let’s manage our anger then let’s say whatever we want to say. Let’s know to whom we are posting and who could read our issues. On my oppinion, I haven’t seen anything bad that reflects teddy afro went to pay the tribute for late prime minister. Have you ever thought what would be bad for Teddy?? ke mehedu yilek alemehedun mezegeb new teddyn chiger lay yemitelew. Leqso yehedewen Teddyn sanqeyem leqsowen yezegebewen sew mesadeb tegeby aydelem. You are not Temesgen, you are not Reeyot….lalkew manem manenem aydelem. hulum sew gin be segaw west yerasu neger alew….yerasu manenet. Engedeyawma antem Dawiten lemesadeb biqu aydelehem, Lets make up our mind and let’s not talk something personal.Little minds talk about……!!! With Rispect…

  13. fikir yashenifal says:

    most of you guys are just small minded cuz you guys are thinking the right way. and you never try to learn from Mandela. Mandela was thrown to prison for 27 years of his life but he inded up with forgiving. Teddy afro was jailed for two years so it does’t mean he dont have to fell sorry for the death of his country priminister. any ways teddy IS smart and very matured person. he does what i expected. FIKIR YASHENIFAL. im just saying guys what i felt. its not mean im weyane or whaterver you think. i never support any polotical party in ethiopia. all of them are damm and more than dam. honestly meles was better but i never support him.

  14. Mamie says:

    Tedy ! what happened if it is true what I see and read on the Awramba Times. min yikerebegnal beleh newe be the real Tedy welawaye atehun no one live for ever except Our Father (God) ewneten yizo …. yibal yel? Atadergewum Tedi Atadergew!!

  15. Tesfa Group says:

    Teddy is an honorable ETHIOPIA loving person. Sad many of you can’t understand the fact that whether we like it or not Meles was the Ethiopian PM and held a dignified PM ‘s office. Dead or alive a tribute is given to that person in charge.

    Note: The question is about the passing away of “The ETHIOPIAN PM”, and not the passing away of Meles Zenawi!

  16. Hana says:

    Evidently you are lelous of Teddy Afro . Well too bad you can’t sing & you are not talented except making profits out of Ethiopain politics at the expense of others . I dare you to Write about Eskinder a brave man you left beind to save your life

  17. T.Goshu says:

    I do have due respect to any artist including Tewodros Kasahun ( I think that is his official name) for their vocal talent especially when they sing songs of love,truth, hope , and above all songs about genuine national pride and the very essence of living with dignified and prosperous way of life . I admire the songs they sing about our great social and traditional/cultural values. I sincerely appreciate them when they sing a song about a real sense of patriotism our fore-fathers and fore-mothers performed. Well, their songs about true stories of two opposite sexes who fall in love with each other ,the very value of marriage , the very essence of family as a basic insititution and etc. are wonderful to listen. Unfortunately enough, when it comes to our cases, finding artists (singers) who devoted themselves to a real or true sense and essence of art are not many. There is no doubt that there were very great artists who belonged to the a couple of generations before ours , and who were members of this generation who passed away with their glorious performances . Mind you folks, I am not talking simply about their golden voices and their deeply meaningful songs but also about thier great personalities and their deep conviction in expressing themselves in such a way that greatly reflect the very real world they experience in a very patriotic manner to the extent of being ready to pay any sacrifice . I am talking about the great singers who measure their achievements in terms of their positive influences on the lives of their country and her innocent people. I strongly believe that the works of Tedy Afro and so many other artits should be viewd from this critically powerful perspective.

    I do think it is neither wrong nor hatred to say that although Tedy Afro and other artists (singers) deserve due admiration for some of their great songs, they are not and cannot be immune from critical remarks at all. Well, visit of Tedy Afro to the palace and pay tribute to the late Ato Meles Zenawi is not worng as such . But, if he is going to produce and release a “patriotic sing” in the honour of the late mastermind of the tyrannical ruling circle , I want to say that he will disqualify his great songs such as “Tikur Sew” . Yes, if that is the case, he will put his belief in singing great songs in a very big question. And that is the question of whether he sings those great songs because he understands their meanigs from the bottom of his heart or because he simply wants to do good business by singing songs that have a great sense of public emotion . Some folks may take this straight -forward but legitimate doubt as something terribly wrong. Well, it might or might not be the case. But, that is my genuine remark ,not the other way round.

    It is stated that Tedy Afro has cancled his event, “Tikur Sew ” because of the mourning season for ato Meles who died a couple of months ago and to be burried this Sunday. If the ill-guided ruling party is going to daclare that the New Year ( Enqutatash) and may be the whole month should be observed not as a holiday season , that is another thing. If Tedy Afro is simply afraid of the political consequences of going with his planned event, that is absolutely disgraceful and self- disqualification. If it is because he is really devastated by the death and burial of Ato Meles Zenawi, that is up to him. By the way,his decsion to cancel his event “Tikur Sew ” which I believe was considered as a great tribute to Emperor Minilk who led an internationally admired or glorified victory over facism because of the death of Ato Meles Zenawi is shamefully disgraceful .

    Well, if those artists who seem to put themselves in a very odd and disingenous state of mind do not try their best not to be trapped by a very ugly political game , they have to be told not mess with the innocent people of Ethiopia in the name of art and culture. I know this comment of mine sounds harsh or rude to some of my fellow Ethiopians . But, I am sorry that there is no any other way to tell what must be told!!

    Have wonderful time !!

  18. Andinet!!! says:

    Every body in Ethiopia forced to mourn for banda Meles that his Woyanese cadres tried to award him Ethiopianism after his death. Tedy did nothing unusual against the interest of Ethiopians and Ethiopia. Tedy just go as ordinary Ethiopian does!!!!

  19. untouchable_9 says:

    Is Amelset Teddy’s wife or?

  20. Gonder says:

    It’s understandable he like many company employees and local and homeless people for sure they been coerced by TPLF who want to stick in power. It’s rather a propaganda for westerners I mean they know Ethiopians know including they tigray supporters understand. We don’t have a culture of mourning someone for weeks and carry his picture in t-shirt, put a tent a each local area and closign businesses and cancel their business lisence for opening. This is how this people support their family they don’t own the countries resources through EFFORT enterprise like TPLF.
    So now the propaganda turned in to rediculous cangaroo orchestrated dance. It’s shameful for their own sake and let alone they will be rediculed for years to come in history of Ethiopia, at least the tyrant fake PM will be remembered if anything for forcing people to go out in mass and cry.
    Don’t they have someone who’s decent enough to advise them and say lets stop this madness and give him a respected burrial. His wife have no dignity she runs in circle, and the coffin has some yellow rope God knows make it look like a cargo shippment to be delivered, but the flag for sure seem doesn’t want to stick to it, because it keep falling could it be he disrespected it, who knows God does work in misterious ways.

    But my biggest dilemma is Why, and Why ????is he going to be burry in Adddis both him and the fake partirack they both does not belong to Addis and they love and beloved by tigrya and their loyality is to tigray. The only memory Addis have for him is shooting University students, and through his agazi barbaric murderers harrasing Ethiopian in Addis and everywhere…

    As for teddy I really don’t even like his music I agree with the previous comment as Ethiopian yes I respect him but he should not bring a rat poison in our country who knows what information she pass to her beloved eritrea and endanger our people that’s all I’m saying.

    I will suggest he can move to europe or america and live with his wife happily no one cares but bringing to Ethiopia definitly it’s a risk to our people.

    They should watch out and the rest eritrean who live in our country until one day we can send them back when a real Ethiopian government established. I don’t get it why are they there didn’t they hate us, faught against us?

    I’ll leave the answer to True Ethiopian not tigre juntas we know what you think.\!

  21. Lema says:

    For sure tedy is an idiot, that’s a disrespect to Ethiopian, it’s his right but you can’t brink if KKK killed your family and no matter you try to be patriotic there’s no acceptance for bringing the clan leaders family or marry that’s a big insult.

    It’s as simple as that and I don’t think teddy afro guy is by any standard musicologist but I do respect he sing well but as far as his intellect I can’t judge because look who he’s walking with…that automatically disqualify him.

    as legend say it: the one spend time witha donkey…well I’ll leave the rest for you…buddy.

    You are a reflection of who you surround yourself with….you can’t run away from the fact……Tatta….

  22. Tibebu from TO says:

    Teddy, people look up to you bro, what the hell are you doing? You either side with the people and stand your ground or get intimidated by these bandas. Don’t chicken out! The people put you up there not just for you music but for what you stand for. Practice what you preach, these dedebits will be gone soon and our people will be victorious. Better know what’s best for you. If you don’t live up to the high expectations that’s set for you, you’ll just be another azmari. You’ve earned the love and admirations of your people - don’t loose it for these traitors. We will be judged by your actions whether you like it or not so KEEP YOUR HEAD UP STAND UP FOR US.

  23. Abiy EthiopiaweSegawiWeMenfesawi says:

    Dawit Kebede,
    I know you are a good journalist,but I don’t know why are you following Teddy Afro’s shadow a lot more than other Artists.
    “Teddy Afro pays tribute to the late Premier at the National Palace” which you must know he is the messenger of Love.
    Let it be!!!

    We love him a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. asnake says:

    i ain’t supposed to be at job today….! awrambawoche, What’s new out there in addis? About the funeral of the late pm meles? awramba timesoche Make sure keep posting what u hoes….!

  25. lele says:

    the funeral was 10hr. long and interesting. i love my country and my people they are always together in bad days. thank you tedy for been mature and respect our PM meles.

  26. biz says:

    I am a victim of his messages of Love and Peace. He is a person who suffered through prison and torture probably more than any one of us who posted here. He still preaches love and peace. Besides he is who he is. He doesnot represent any ones of our lives. Its up to him to exercise his freedom of speech and show. He may show his grief to anyone whose death makes him sad and happiness to anything which makes him happier. You should also consider situations around him at these moments. OTHERWISE, TO WHICH FREEDOM ARE YOU GUYS FIGHTING FOR?WHERE IS FREEDOM IF YOU INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO ACCEPR ONLY YOUR THOUGHTS? Please don’t propagate hatered against a particular person or group of person.


  27. Tsegai says:

    is teddys wife Eritrean or Tigrai???

  28. ooooo says:


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