Eritrean government Pays Tribute to Meles Zenawi


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77 Responses

  1. Bedilu says:

    Tefera Walwa min watew? Alayehutim. Please afelaligut. Tamirat laynes bihon?

  2. Abebaw says:

    Dave,i get confused did the Eritrean gov have a representative in Addis called aPermanent Mission to the African Union,i mean it sound to me funny..any way the Eritrean must pay a fare well and yekenlye tribute to Melesse because they lost a true representative in Minilik palace eko. for me Melesse was,,,an Eritrean in or under the skin of Tigrians

    • Mugaga says:

      Abebaw, what is confusing and funny about the Eritrean permanent mission to African Union? Ethiopia and Eritrea don’t have bilateral relationship but Eritrea is a member of African Union which is located in Addis Ababa and hence the Eritrean political attache lives in Addis Ababa. Just like the Iranian ambassador to UN who lives and works in New York, USA; is that funny?

    • Eri says:

      No Eritrean abused and fight his brothers so far,,,.

    • Nega says:

      Thank you Abebaw, for knowing the truth. Meles pretends to be enemy to eritreans but he does everything important to them in practice. If there is anyone who lost the most by the death of this tyrant, it is the Eritreans.

      • Azmera kibay says:

        hey Abeba and Nega what do you think you are saying, how dare you could separate Eritrea from Africa union and how would be called this Africa union if you don’t inculded with them Eritrea as soon as Eritrea is in Africa, what i am pointing you is assume you have a body have no only to care your face your whole body care. we are all one Africa don’t thinking like what the poor leadership’s thinking eventually they are at the place of the leaderships seat i will never call them our leaderships unless they are not working what the leaders work. and now i need to say you two is as i am an Eritrean want to make one Africa ,not only Erittean and Ethiopian joined and linked as one my intenate is for whole africa makes one state, where ever we go in Africa have to say i am home as we are Africans. please never be blaming each othere we are brothers an Africans, have to reunite in one and let them down those poor leaderships and elect one what we trust him to serve our ppl. thank Azmara from Africa Great Africa

  3. Hilina Berhanu says:

    And who pays tribute to the 70000 Eritreans and Ethiopians, who lost their lives in 2000, since the TWO PERSONS couldn’t bear each other to talk to one another!
    Instead of playing this Punch-and-Judy show, as a sign of reconciliation, for instance, they had better organized, a common fund to help the bereaved of the hundred thousands of VICTIMS … or similar compensations by saving the millions of expenses incurred for organizing such a pompous show of mourning ceremonies (75 days long!) !

  4. B says:

    That’s the way it should be. We are brothers.

    • abdu idris says:

      time has come to live in peace again

    • AFEWORKI says:

      too much blood spilled too much hate going around. let the Eritreans get over it. we will never be brothers again. END OF STORY!!

      • Name (required) says:

        You are stupid . Only God gives peace so peace will come by our almighty God. But u are foolish.

      • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

        Menalebet benesmasma? Menalebet benewaded?

        • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

          APOLAGIES! I meant to write, “MIN ALEBET BENE SMAMA? MIN ALEBET BEN WADED?” Let us please calmly and very collectedly kick the US out of The Horn and start getting along with eachother for once! How long are we going to let them sell us and slay us by playing us against eachother tribe by tribe, brother against brother? Ethiopia and Eritrea must learn to work together against the enemies of The Horn, the tsaAda sheyTan is eating my children… I WANT NO MORE WAR IN THE HORN, I WANT PEACE FOR MY PEOPLE, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE BLOOD-SHED. PLEASE respect the rights of the poor and the down-trodden. Awet n’hafash! Awet n’natsenetna! Awet n’Issaias Afwerqi! Awet n’hadenetna!

  5. asmara says:

    A good gesture indeed by the Eritrean govt.

  6. GGG-Eritrea says:


    It should be on 22nd August,2012. Meles had been contribute to the establishment of the state Eritrea.
    May God rest his soul in peace.

  7. Abebe says:

    Those Egyptian and Eriterian slaves who sold out their souls like you should be happy.

  8. Denden says:

    Human is mortal. We Eritreans pay tribute to the dead regards less of the past. I personally admire Meles as a freedom fighter who tried to change the lives of many oppressed Tigriyans and Ethiopians as a whole. PM Meles of Ethiopia is more remembered by most Eritreans by “the colour of your eyes”. He drove 80 thousand Eritreans and Eritreans of Ethiopian origin out of Ethiopia empty hand confiscating their belongings. He directly or indirectly caused a load of mess in Eritrea too. We got independence through a well-known Africa’s longest a war for independence which went for more than 30 years. We dug trenches, under-ground cities, carried out astonishing military operations and we crushed all Ethiopian military divisions such as Nadew eez, MebreQ, Wuqaw eez, central command eez, terraria and Sparta e.t.c. We didn’t need Meles’s help to be FREE as we were born FREE.

    • tikur sew says:

      without woyane’s help your 30 plus years of struggle would have been a half baked ambasha. The dictator did more for ERITREA than he did for Ethiopia.

      • shan says:

        no! no! no! The weyane had nothing to do with our independece strugle, that is the fact. if you want to know more about the 30 years of armed strangle be Eritrean History guest if not shut your mouth for history will ask you for messing up its past. Am sorry if you are from the Amhara ethnic and other ethnics beside Agame, what we have brought to your country was Agame dictator if you are agame you got blessed by what we did for you. But the dummy weyanes had never helped us to be Eritrea, and will never help us to be what we wish to be. Before you talk it is nice to do some reading for it makes you a little bit realistic.

        • Sami says:

          Shan with all due respect, you are totaly wrong. I am an Eritrean, but I dont underestimate the contribution of TPLF to Eritrean struggle, although they were fighting for their own cause. The good strategy and brotherly relation between EPLF and TPLF bear a fruit and the repressive regime of DERG crushed at the end from all sides. Unfortunatley, the good relations between these two freedom organizations and the countries at large last for short time due to intolerance and Belligerance (mostly atributed to Isayas beligerance). Later, the good prime minister Meles zenawi, tried his best to correct some of the problems and damages done. With in the TPLF politburo he was the only to think farsightedly. His policy allowed many Eritrean refugees to stay, study andwork in Ethiopia. many eritrean refugees got what they never got from their government. So to conclude, he is the best prime minister in ethiopia as far as the Eritrean issue is concerned and similarly the best prime minister ever who brought economic growth, relative democracy in Ethiopia. Last I advise you not to preach hate among Eritreans and Ethiopians. think positivelly on how as neghbours we can enjoy good relations. Dont repeat the PFDJ propoganda here. Come up with something with you own idea and real stories to accuse the prime minister as all what is told to you by the PFDJ propoganda machine (Eri-Tv) is all lie.

          • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

            You mean that the Eritrean vision of and right to self-determination is a LIE? You mean that the Eritrean vision of and noble objective towards self-reliance is bullshit? You mean that the dream of achieving all this under the holy umberella of unity is crap? Okay, then tell me why everybody is suddenly into it? 🙂 GET WITH IT BRO! BECAUSE ONCE THINGS START REALLY SWINGING FOR US, YOU’RE GONNA WANT TO PARTAKE IN ALL THE PRAISE AND RESPECT that’ll soon be becoming our way! 🙂 Peace!

        • Asse says:

          You right,
          You guys (Yika’lo) spent 30 years wondering from little village to the other and you claim the Agames didn’t help you. They can’t even clear the Mengistu solduirs stationed between Deqi Amhare and Asmara during the last weeks of Derg (literally when Derg was declared finished). TPLF, cleared the road all the way to ADDIS for you guys to be free, although the so called freedom became a curse. Now, YOU ARE FREE and mind your business and UR counties business only. Leave us alone, we are better off you guys. Your visionary leaders are squabbling for power instead of doing development works LIKE THEIER neighbors.

      • Name (required) says:

        Please we Eritreans are naturally different by our strength and steadfastness . So don’t say that weyane had a role in our victory at the past. Willy-nilly we are Eritreans brave people!!!!

    • Mugaga says:

      You are such a funny guy. Do you know what i recalled while reading your comments?…a proverb from the North….”Melilik simotu yedeneqore be Mililik simel yenoral”. I wonder why you kept on referring how Eritrean forces bashed Dergue’s birgades in your for independence. What about the recent war (Badme, Zalanbesa, Alitena and Bure) you lost to Ethiopia. Remember…… You were the underdogs in all fronts. Why did Eritra took the upper hand then and lost now? Can’t you analyze that, the only difference was that Woyane was by your side when you fought the war with Dergue, now it switched side and fought you back and you surrendered, that simple. You said Meles expelled 80 thousand Eritreans, what about the Ethiopians who were confiscated of their properties when they were chased out of Eritrea? What about the priceless stock you stole at Massawa port? It belonged to the people of Ethiopia not Woyane? At least Meles compensated and paid you back by providing accommodation to countless Eritrean youth in Shimelba and Bure. What have you done in return? Eritreans are coming back reclaiming their properties, do you need evidence for that too? It is You Eritreans who should grief the most since you lost your big brother who has fought year in year out to the safety of your nation at the cost of Ethiopia. I guess you know that Eritrea was the cause for the rift among Woyane leaders in 1993 (E.C) where it lost almost half of its senior members including Seye, Gebru etc. etc. They never had any serious bone of contention among them other that Meles’s policy on Eritrea. You guys have no savior now, please tell your leaders to do us a favor in provoking Ethiopia once again as they did before; with that we will have a good reason to annex out Assab back to Ethiopia.

  9. Gobez says:

    We all know meles was an open agent of eritrean, not only Assab doesn’t belong to eritrea he denied the Ase Minelik negotiation regarding Assab, I’m extremly happy eritreans are gone I only wonder this grasshopers why are they still inside you know it’s not good and they are up to no good…you better believe it. You should not consume from tigre business, should not marry, and do not pass knowledge…this are enemies proven. When they killed your children, gave our land to Sudan/eritrea and now through land grabb to Saudi,egypt,india,…what more lesson do we need Gobez…it’s time to take out your card and play your game nice and smooth.

    Ethiopia will survive and our people are wise.

    Close eritrean embasy until peace has been settled…control their refuge in one local area do not let them spread through out where you can’t controll them…you know what they did last time they pretended to be refugee in Arsi area and killed and burned…many they are same blood with tigres murderers and barbarian…don’t talk sens with them the only language they speak is barbarianism…

    • wedi eri says:

      You are amazingly stupid. I don’t know where you hail but I’m pretty sure your parents would totally disavow your birth LOL. There is no Eritrean embassy in Ethiopia. Read it over and over until you get it dumb ass. Eritrea has every rights to have a representative to the AU living in Ethiopia and there is nothing you could do to prevent that. Another thing Assab has never been an Ethiopian port, the Eritrean government let you use it out of the goodness and cooperation in good faith. Am I wrong or didn’t the TPLF redrawen the Ethiopian map trying to advance within Eritrea that would trigger ownership of the port lmao. No dice fool. You have an idiotic notion of hating the Eritrean just for the sake of hating people who are better than you are. For one I don’t care if you like Eritreans and I wont hold my breath that you will change your view anytime soon.Eritrea is unique in the senses that it was in war for 30 years trying to earn its freedom unlike the rest African nations that was given their freedom but still under Neo colony. The camel is still marching while the dogs still barking lol

    • yonnas says:

      stop dreaming you donkey, we fought for what is ours, we did not get Meles’s blessing. if Meles had not done what he did in 1993 he would not ride you donkeys for the last 21 years. If it was not for Eritreans Meles would be still in Dedebit.

      • Mugaga says:

        By the same token, if it were not for Meles Eritrea would have remained “enslaved”, probably vanished like your brothers and sisters who have dawned in Mediteranian sea and melted in Senai. I guess you Eritreans were much better-off under Mengestu. Would you now trade off your friendship with Ethiopia for Assab? That would be wise if you do it right now or else sooner or latter Ethiopia will regain Assab.

  10. Habtom says:

    Biniam has done much that she writes about M Minster Meles Zenawi.
    Since Meles has already passed away. What Meles did anyone else, but now he is no longer living. Better to be good than evil.


  11. AZ says:

    Funny, how politicians play with innocent people’s life’s. were not they trying to kill eachother and is Bini’s (that’s how we call him in Asmara)act the act of Triumph, the act of I Won! Just sign the Goddamn peace treaty and end all hostility.

  12. Astonished says:

    Why is Ethiopia and Eritrea now brothers?
    The problem is that both want to dominate eachother and the EPRDF wants to continue dominating Ethiopia by one ethnic group TIGRYANS. That is not possible as you all know, what goes around comes around. The EPRDF must revise its policies or else loose everything, like Eritrea lost what it wanted most to dominate Ethiopia. How arrogant can they be, they forget that they both represent a minority, which can never be a majority, can they do math?

  13. Danniy says:

    you need to öearen more a bout Eritrean histort not only dreaming a bout Asseb .
    fight weyean do somthing do go to far

  14. truthbetold says:

    We lost 19000 Eritreans because of this idiot Meles. A peace deal wad reached which weyane is still reneging on 10 years later. Why sign his book?

  15. Teshager says:

    And you blame me for being happy for the death of this banda? He committed treason. I hope he is burning in hell right now.

  16. zendiro says:

    dear Dawit

    you have to correct one bare fact.Maybe you were young at the time. When Woyane organized the refrendum with Shabia ,no one within woyane or TPLF objected.It was the rest of ethiopia that objeced.That is the naked truth.The disagreement within TPLF over shabia and Eriterea came very much later as you very well know…So both Meles and all the TPLF members are responsible for the separation of Eriterea and the loss of our port.Ofocurse Meles takes the bigger share as he even wrote a book about the Eritrean issue.But all the TPLF gang at that time supported the crime.


    • wedi eri says:

      Nevermind to the Eritrean soverignty right. Just draw the map anyway you like. Object to the Eritrea session. Why are trying to object the map when minelik was at the Berlin conference when the European nations plan to decent upon Africa.Ethiopians have shown their ignorance when they repeat the notion “only wanted Eritrea’s land not its people” and went on ahead with the extermination of Eritrean people. Not only did the Eritrean destroyed the mostly armed and highly trained Mengistu’s army that has the support of the world’s superpwers backing him up. I can’t ask you to broaden your thought process since its painfully oblivious its a lost cause LOL but I could suggest to you is to read on the EEBC agreement in details for your own self. Why didn’t the Ethiopian government raised the issue of Passable if you think it belongs to Ethiopia? I will leave that up to you to find the answer.

      • muxa says:

        yes minelik wants eritrea land only. b/c the people of eritrea are trash and worthless. for your surprising if woyane was not help you, you will never be separeted. you will be in war for the next generation.

        • Selamawit says:

          I do not think it is nice for you to say what you are saying. You have no idea!! the entire world is trying to become one, have love and respect for each other. Instead, you are preaching hatred. Whether you like or not, we Eritreans and Ethiopians are brothers and sisters even though we each have our own countries. LEARN to love and respect your fellow person so that you can grow into a better person.

          • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

            WE need more Eritrean and Ethiopian peacemakers to negotiate peaceful relations between our countries. Please set our women free from the mogogos, the fernelos and the endless washing of clothes so that they can talk us back to sense and empathy. Enough wars! Enough blood has been spilled! Ten-thousand years of peace be upon Eritrea! Ten-thousand years of peace be upon Ethiopia! Amlakh mis Eritrea! Amlakh mis Ethiopia! elelelelelelelellelelelelelelelellelelelelelelellelellelelellel! 😉

  17. abel says:

    This is death and politics. It doesn’t change anything on the ground of Eritrea and Ethiopia situation.
    Just for political reasons.
    Nobody forgot our sufferings and our martyrs.
    So please don’t jump into conclusions and try to confuse things.
    Beside it is our tradition and culture (Eritrean) to attend enemies’ funeral.

    • Asse says:

      It is Ethiopian tradition too. We will do pay tribute for Issayas Afewerk very soon (I mean when he die, if he is not dead already).

  18. Yonas says:

    This is Isaias Afewerki’s plot. He makes sure to do something but through an obscure individual. Why didn’t the dog Girma Asmerom do this himself, for instance? If one was to challenge Isaias Afewerki why paying tribute to Meles, he would undoubtly deny it arguing a little guy biniam doesn’t represent Eritrea. But if one was to ask Isaias why he didn’t personally pay tribute, he would proudly say he sent his high level official. This is how HIGIDEF works, may God curse it. I wish the butcher Isaias died not Meles.

    • wedi eri says:

      You are so retarded. You are an obivious case of limited intelligence with inferior complex. Why do you care who goes to pay his respect. BTW how old are you? I’m sure Biniam is much younger and more educated than you could ever hope to be. This is where the topology of cream of the crop and the losers like you are separated. I could only say two things to you loser. 1st stop obsessing about “HIGDEF” day in day out. Instead of having this unusual obsession of higdef why don’t you get a job or two to make something out of your life. 2nd had Meles had put down the EEBC ruling to action not only PIA would gave melee a farewell but also every person in rank. It is UN Eritrean trait to wish for the death not even an enemies. All the Ethiopian soldiers after the war they were being taking cared and were given a full pardons for all the henious crimes they committed against Eritrean people. They were shuttled on buses back to Ethiopia if they chose to go home. Some of the soliders stayed behind and they still live in asmara. Unlike the Ethiopian government expelled 80+ thousands Eritreans and Eritrea orgins of Ethiopians empty handed with just a bare hands, bare feet, with pejama they were wearing when they were forced out of their homes. I know all Eritreans inEthiopia had large homes, cars, trucks, highly profitable business behind them. The Ethiopians raped the young girls as old as 4 years old girls to as old as 90 years old women. So in conclusion I will let the dog bark higdef while the camel keep On marching.

    • Yonnas says:

      I wish you die losser, and go to hell. you must be one of those freaking sellers, and bend overs.

    • Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

      A President can’t be everywhere doing everything himself, what do take him for THE GODDESS KALI? 🙂 Peace.

  19. Agame says:

    Agames invading us again,

    Those leeches Assab is always ours rather than that we are happy we got rid off the cancer please, we don’t want to see you in our country leave, it’s discuss ting I can’t wait we have a true leader we can kick your ass back to the border. I wish you could build Berlin Wall please, people it’s better than food to stop those mosquitoes smart idea, trust me!
    You know what they constantly do w/your bridge…they are born with jealousy…can’t help it…all we say is go back…

  20. SEBEHAT NEGA says:

    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. Even now, if Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF would jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” - Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007)

    we can see why shabia pay tribute to meles.

  21. nakfa says:

    yonas, u will follow puppet meles soon. long live isaias afewerki

  22. Mamitu says:


    [email protected]

    Too many issues to sort out. Actually, paying tribute is not an Eritrean,or Ethiopian thing. It’s all humans.So let us not score points here. Meles has passed away and it’s water under the bridge. What will we do moving forward. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea, the poorest and the most repressed nations on the 21st century deserve honest,transparent and inclusive govt. that has a vision beyond this bickering. We can go back and forth on what happened and we will not change anything. It is what it is and how do we move forward to a better future for the sake of our citizens, whom for the past some 40 years have been tortured and misinformed. what Both Eritreans and Ethiopians citizens want is peace, stability and a good governance.
    Long live to both Ethiopia and Eritrean people.

  23. Denden says:

    Every living creature on Earth knows one solid fact. And that fact is Ethiopia is a land locked country. Finish!!!! Sorry for those who dream of swimming in the red sea….

    • mamitu says:

      Dearest Denden?
      I am one of those Ethiopians whose heart is broken on the issue of being land locked. Any suggestions? seriously. Let’s not get consumed by anger. Chances of any type of negotiation while the current regimes are in power in both countries are slim to none. On a better note, we as ordinary citizens of both countries should restablish a civilized relation by accepting our differences and build trust among each other. I believe this will lay the ground for trust and harmony for the future generation and that will lead to a common goal between the two people. WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DEFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE LEADERSHIP AND THE EVERY DAY PEOPLE, THE CITIZEN. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY HATERED ON PEOPLE OF ERITREA AS THEY ARE VICTIMS OF BAD LEADERSHIP.

  24. berehne asgedome says:

    We Tigrians lost all our lives along with our ethiopian brothers and sisters for Meleses ego. Now from the get go they were friends who came together to disteroy Ethiopia. Time will reveal the truth. All that blood to fullfill Melese’s ego will be told.

  25. simba says:

    I had been reading each responds and it is not good calling names. It is an African tradition to pay respect for our dead neighbor so, Eritrea did good. As mamitu said, we should focus on issues that help our poor countries. What had happened is thing of the past. We need peace in our region and that peace comes by US. Eritrea and Ethiopia are two neighboring country. There are many land-locked countries in Africa and this should not worry you our Ethiopian neighbors. Foe example, Uganda, Brundi and Ruwanda are using Mombasa port. Let’s agree and accept it. we will be fine!

    • mamitu says:

      Thank you simba. I knew I could not give up easily on our people. I am confident that there are non extrimists out there. Look folks, we, espcially the ones abroad have a right to say or do anything, but why abuse this privelage? when our fellow brothers and sisters back home don’t even have the freedom that we enjoy. Can we stop attacking each other and attack the issues?

  26. shan says:

    my comment is to the adminstrator of this web, you wrote Meles have thought of giving The Eritreans, the idea and freedom of voting for their independence? Where did you get such wrong information from? During the 30 years of strugle Eritrean fighters for freedom thought of the referendom for they want to show the strugle is fair and is wanted by everyone. it is not an idea gift from the dummy government of Ethiopia. At that time Meles was a sample in the TPLF movement for the movement was divided in to two big parts was hard to know which one good and bad. He who was a sample can do nothing to advice the well based army strugle for he was unable to solve his own problems. Reading makes a person good if not prefect so do read histroy before messing up histroy.

  27. Bini says:


    The main problem that we have had until now was that the Ethiopian Governments are not reflecting the Ethiopian ppl. Successive Ethiopian leaders have committed atrocities against the Eritrean ppl, yet we have able to manage to forgive, coz we believe that they were not reflecting the wishes of the Ethiopian ppl.

    But when we come to Eritrea, the ppl and the gov are ONE, there is no way to differentiate them. What the government do is what the ppl want, and the Eritrean ppl take responsibility of the deeds of our government.

    So instead of trying to differentiate try between leaders and everyday ppl, try to be able take responsibilities of your governments deeds.

    As I understand it you are driven by the wish of a sea gateway to Ethiopia. As our neighbors, you could rent our ports, as you do in Djibouti or Somalia, otherwise if your wish is to own one of our ports, without a slightest doubt, you will have an issue of blood with the 99.8% Eritreans who voted for independence.

    • mamitu says:

      Dear Bini,
      As we say in Ethiopia “Teshwawdenal”, it means, we miss each other’s point. with that note, I wish you the best in life.

      • Bini says:

        Sorry mamitu … no I didn’t miss your point … but in order to have a sensible discussion we need to lay real facts that could lead to a possible solution.

        Anyways, wish you too all the best, chears

  28. simba says:

    Leadies and gentlemen,my beloved African sisters and brothersr,the boarder issue is finished as well as the port issue.The map shows us they are located at the eastren costal line of ertria, which is a fact none of us can alter. Let’s focus on issues that can help us to co-exist peacefully without shedding a single drop of blood.The west want us to fight other so that to loot,or steal our God given natural resources gold,oil,fertile land and manpower. Can we stop waisting our precious time talking at those little differences we have and pointing our fingers at each other.Leaders come and go (as we now of brother meles)but we the people remain behind.So, my follow peace lovers let’s talk of the good things both eritrean and ethiopians have to complement each other or our people will benefitfrom them.Let’s make our horn of africa a peaceful region, a land of honey and milk.But, how? the answer is at the hand of each of us. Together we can do it!

  29. Naizgi Kiflu says:

    Meles Zenawi’s strategy to ignore Eritrea as if it does not exist is working miracles. Ethiopian official news outlets do not care about Eritrea but the Eritrean regime is obsessed about Ethiopia’s false “demise”.
    The worst insult to Eritrea is that not only Africa had ignored to them but also the Arabs that used them as a condom against Ethiopia are enslaving and raping young Eritreans. This is a land that was ashamed to speak an African language - the Amharic and made an Arab language its official language. But this did not save Eritrean boys and girls from Arab rape and slavery.
    Eritrea is simply dying a slow death. Without Ethiopia using the Eritrean ports and without Ethiopia providing a market for Eritrean little products, Eritrea will end up as waste land in few years.
    Life in Eritrea is so desperate about one thousand young Eritreans arrive in northern Ethiopia defying shoot-to-kill presidential order.

  30. efi says:

    How abt just for now wat eve the past was, u dame idiots ( both sides ) stop talkin trash and just be civile. I dont matter whose foult it was who is right who is wrong we both paid big price for it not in birr/nakfa but life tens thousands of eri and ethiopian youth. Those who always stick to the past will nev get ahead. Peace to bth the eri ad ethiopian people

  31. wedi eri says:

    What I find hilarious about the Ethiopian population is that 99.8% are dumb as they come. They still think Asseb belongs to them LOL. they also believe that the EEBC rulings award Badime the focal point of the war to Ethiopia. They also believe that the government of Eritrea have been stone walling the boarder issue. NOT ANY OF THOUGHTS THEY ENTERTAIN HAVEANY VALIDITY. I understand for the lack of right information the Ethiopian people inside the country are duped by false information but what about the people who live abroad, can’t none of you do a little research online how the decision went?
    Make no mistake Eritrea fought, bleed and ultimately gave the lives of its bright people from all walks of light against the the world and Ethiopia’s army. Eritrea had no chance in hell fighting against huge army but we prevailed because God was on our side and our determination was so strong nothing was going to stand in our way.
    Mimita you might try to pass your self as pacifist but your transgressions of feigning ignorance will not be tolerated. You got to accept the fact Asseb is Eritrean port and period. We will not negotiate on things that are obliviously clear. If the war mongers of the population wanted another round of of.humulation thenthem venture to our back yard. Ethiopians couldn’t face Eritreans in the battle ground even with assistance of the world they had to go to the UNSC to limit the Eritrean people from excercise their right to defend them selves against the aggression of the Ethiopian.

  32. wedi eri says:

    If the Ethiopian population are craving for another round of humiliation the government of Eritrea will be willing to give them a taste of their own medicine. Ethiopians are too dumb to to learn from their own history. Derge was the most highly trained armed to the teeth when they were defeated one front after another. Eritrean people earned our given right to exist through long straggle while the EThiopians had untold amount of backers while Eritrea had no help whatsoever from any one.this feat of trimpth no have no equal in the world.none. EPLF walked TPLF to addis abeba but this time it will be Warsay that will be walking to Addis should there be any war be broken out.

  33. tsnat says:

    What Ever you say, no one can alter the fact that Eritrea won its independence by defeating the brutal Ethiopian regime, in order to be able conduct a referendum and legalize the independence, EPLF (the all mighty shaebia) gave TPLF (the backward Weyane) the power in Ethiopia.

    It is well known fact that TPLF was going to declare independence of Tigray prior 1331. But shaebia had other plans and persuaded them to take power in Ethiopia. thus weyane got Ethiopia and we as planed the referendum could be carried out and 99.8% voted for independence and sealed Eritrea’s independence FOR EVER AND EVER.

    So the die hard idiots who still think Eritrea and Ethiopia are same… give it up …it will never ever happen.

    We can live in peace as two nations, but only by respecting each others national integrity and sovereignty.

  34. ted says:

    we learn every day and we make a mistake every day so happy to see this with two brothers.

  35. Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:


  36. henok says:

    sometimes in life you have to walk before running and sometimes we might have to do the opposite in order to learn from our mistakes but that doesn’t give you a slight of meaning to you eritreans . why don’t you we leave it at one quote.” while eritreans keep on suffering we Ethiopians keep on smiling” eat that up shabias!!!!

  37. Tizazu Toma says:

    please some of you, please think wisely ,,,, whole africa people are one.

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