Man commits suicide jumping off a building because of Meles’ death


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37 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    I am seeing a small hope that Awramba times is trying to be the real free press. by posting every thing and leave the judgment to the readers.
    I haven’t seen any free press website until now all of them are like ETV they just work who ever paid them.
    As ETV is one sided now ESAT become the other side of ETV. didn’t we deserve to read or hear unbiased news from both side of the group i mean gov or opposition.
    I want to say carry on what you are doing Awramaba and try to be free from both side and report only the news

  2. Gedamu says:

    This is a mental case. Four sure, this individual was not in his normal state of mind.

  3. Yuhun says:

    I bet you the TPLF put that confession paper in the pockets of the poor guy after the death of this poor depressed guy. They are using every opportunity to tell as the dictator & pathological lier has been great guy.

  4. Habtu says:

    Dear Editor,

    Are you serious to tell us this story is true?/ or you just put it for entertainment? If you are serious, I think Awramba Times is fooling itself not anyone with a healthy mind to belive this fiction.

  5. helen says:

    Awramba becomes reporter. Sad

    • zeru hagos says:

      awramba, keep doing your journalism according to the proffessional principles. As it is! forget the pshyco readers who would like to read and listen not the reality but what they just like!

  6. Babu says:

    Hmmmmm. The first line gives his name as Wondwossen Tesfaye. Then the name changes to Assefa in the 2nd paragraph.

  7. Ahmed M says:

    this is a made up story. do you beleive a story by tyhe police. they trying to make it look like meles was loved. just trying to get cheap publicity never believe a story told by ethiopian police

  8. chala says:

    Awramba times here is an advice for you.
    If you want this website to servive you only have to look bad news about ethiopia and post other.
    Most pople who go to oppostion websites are only interested to hear or see bad about ethiopia or the gov.
    It is not about the news is true or not just you can make it up if you want just post any thing bad and you will be a hero in diaspora.

  9. Hopeful says:

    I’m disappointed with Awrambatimes for reporting TPLF made up story. There is just no way that a mentally stable person could do such a thing for a brutal mass murderer dictator. I would’ve believed the story if it was reported that this man was pushed off the building by one of TPLF staunch supporters of the late dictator to show how Ethiopians are deeply sadden by the death of Meles. This is just another typical crimes of TPLF. My deepest sympathy goes to the victim’s family.

    • beru says:

      Hopeful, It would have been better for you to zip you dirty mouth, rather than trying to tell us your or your dad´s mass murderor, canibal, monster Mengestu regime was better.

  10. GOYTOM says:

    Are you kidding Awramba? It is just a millium joke.

  11. GOYTOM says:

    Are you kidding Awramba? It is just a millinium joke.

  12. Balcha says:

    Awramba, Please bring us more new like this one. There is nothing that makes me happier than the news of woyane and their lovers,
    I hope more and more of their lovers follow their footsteps.

  13. Desta says:

    Sometime I wonder if Awramba times are woyanes messenger in disguise .This news is fabricated by woyanes cadre, even if you think this news is true I would say this man must be totally out of his head and totally stupid person to kill himself for the death of separatist & dictator.

  14. Selam says:

    What I don’t get it’s why are you still putting this ugly guy’s picture.

    He’s dead, gone, burried we do not care any more.

    Let’s move forward and it’s time for action, we can’t afford to wait another 20 years. Either they can be given a choice to remove tigray by force they can’t have anymore “hoyahoye” enough of our people suffering unders this hynas. Otherwise soon of later they are going to change our country like Somalia. If people start shooting and looting I won’t blame them. This thieves are living in their home and taking advantage of them while the real owners are starving.

    There’s time for patience is a vertue there’s also time when you need to break the enemy and destroy him. That time is NOW!

  15. negusse says:

    we need to see a lot, if there is any.

  16. Chris says:

    Police has to release the guys last statements. Until we see his handwritten statement, it is hard to believe this story. I find it suspicious. Police has to release the man’s handwritten statement and let people who know his handwriting decide if the letter was really written by him.

    In a country where there is dirty politics, this story is hard to believe.

    Why would the guy write about his boss in his last letter? Police has to investigate his boss.

  17. alem says:

    I doubut even to extent such a guy has died. who is the owner of the private company where the driver was employed.. let the reporter inform us and we do a back grund check of the person who is died… any way i doubut.. let alone the poor guy even azeb did not…

  18. mamitu Mekonnen says:

    Call it obsession, whatever, to admire someone(regardless of who)is onething,but to commit suicide? This absolutely mental case.For the life of me,I don’t understand what’s happening in Ethiopia! I could not even getover the fact about the drama at his funeral, and now this? c’mon! I am one of the few that give him credit for some of his work, and very critical about the mess he created.Regardless, I shade some tears when I saw his coffin at Bole airport.
    I am saddened to hear that.

  19. Hamere says:

    Dawit kebed, we know well about Weyani for the last 21 years .they are lair and master of fabricated news . whatever we Ethiopian are very happy .

  20. setegn meriko says:

    I presume it is April1st in Awramba land. You have a nice sense of humor regardless. But next time please put such articles in the jokes of the day/wk/month section. Best wishes

  21. Fishh says:

    People can admire and really be in love with some one’s work and personality, but to commit suicide after his or her death is just nothing but mythical illusion story. and this can only practice in a woyanie camp they can fabricate any thing to give them selves a credit and to their ex tribal war lord leader. guys just imagine if any human being with right frame of mind would commit suicide after their heroes death then over half of the world’s youth would kill them selves after MICHEAL JACKSON’S death. am i right ?

  22. Selam says:

    I just wonder if his not been forced know tplf they are habitual lairs, and the funny part is he put meles (idiamin) t-shirt and put the crazy guys picture in is pocket together a letter. I looks to me it was instructed. This guys will do anything to stay in power, they’ll call water’s milk.
    What do you expect!

    don’t buy any product from tigres stop any kind of commerce you’ll kneel them down before you know it.

    when is the old dude is going to die anyways sebhat nega…I hope he gets a heart attack but I would rather he will be in international court receive the judgment for all innocent Ethiopian he & his tigray junta killed.

    TPLF = Murderers!

  23. Andinet says:

    Good job buy like your uncle, BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!!!

  24. Addis says:

    Awramab naxt headline will be.”Meles was a prophet,and his name also discovered in the bible”

  25. Dani says:

    Hello haters this story is a true story…either u like it or not. I hope u won’t said “TEKEFELOT NEW” We all cryied out what we felt about PM Zenawi…Anyways Susan Rice called u Stupid which us right name 100 sute you…Ethiopians LV Meles period!!!

  26. Woyane antiEthiopia says:

    Heroic Yenesew Gebre sacrificed for liberty, justice, and freedom in Ethiopia. God Bless his soul.

    Abune Paulos followed his father of corrupted Traitor-banda Meles. The dream of both Abune and Meles came to be unlikelihood to destroy Ethiopia and to incite catastrophic civil war in Ethiopia under their life. This unnamed man definetely committed crimes in Ethiopia as a criteria to follow Meles.

    NEXT should be SEBHAT, BEREKET, OR SIYOUM, We will congratulate who will be heroic, otherwise they are talking a talk!!! If they wouldn’t sacrifice, their mourn is looklike fake!! Either one of them should do something atleast for the sake of First corrupted Lady Azeb!!!

  27. Selam says:

    Yes, we are mourning the death of our late PM Meles Zenawi -

    But committing suicide is not the way to honour the late PM.

    Those of us who admired the late PM Meles Zenawi, must work harder to accomplish his goals. Death is human’s worst enemy.

    May he rest in peace. God bless Ethiopia!

    • Mimi says:

      Meles was Ethiopias enemy.
      He is dead. But Ethiopia, the country he
      tried to dismantle and humiliate will trive on
      this Woyane grave. Meles is dead! God is good!!

  28. Yigermal says:

    “The visionary, who showed to the unemployed youth how to creat a job, that every human being is equal, he tried to put the country who is known for its famine and starvation to be among middle income nations blah, blah… I smell the ETV propoganda called “MESSAGE IN THE POCKET.”

  29. Ayele says:

    It is true, I Myself saw his body under the building in the parking area. he looks young, not more than 30 years old.The incident took place 30/08/12 at around 14:15pm. Everybody was in the office returned from lunch.

    Immediately after his death the building administrator called the local police. police did everything necessary and removed the body from the place.

    Police saw the situation and searched the deceased person’s pocket and found the following:
    - several pictures of the late prime minister
    -Some amounts of money
    -Around four pages of hand written letter.
    - He wore T-shirt with PM’s picture.

    It is an 11 story building is known as MINA. It is located in Wello Sefer.

    Several private companies have offices in this building and some of their drivers were in the parking area & are eye witnesses.

    Police at the time could not find any ID card from his pocket so it was at the time very difficult to know his identity.

    One of the police officers said after reading the paper; “he said a lot of things including the the PM’s unexpected death as the prime reason for taking his life”.

  30. Mimi says:

    Police knows where he works. Why they go far
    to identify his identity?! He is a driver and had 46,000 Birr?
    What a ferry tell?!

    What ever his people say, Meles remains
    a criminal with a narrow unfair perspective.
    Thank God he is dead!!!

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