Medrek’s Path to Unity and Charisma


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5 Responses

  1. Zer Sen says:

    Poor Ethiopia, with Siye Abraha and Asrat Ghebru the main architect of Tigrai Manifesto and Abai Tigrai Medrek thinks it can do something possitive. These two are the most radical Tigraians. They will sabotage everything.

  2. FERM says:

    Again the best article from prof. mesay. Wonderful and practical suggestions. Please share it.on your face book page.

  3. fano says:

    @ ZEr Sen,
    You are very disgrace to Ethiopia and have no moral ground to accuse these great Ethiopians who learnt from their past mistakes and striving to compensate it and are doing great to achieve vision by all succrifices…You ran away from real fight during the fascist junta and now you seem to be more concerned to Ethiopia..Crap..They will contribute to the extent of paying their life as you the coward still bark million miles away of the real strugge…
    To Dear Prof, Mesay..You are the true son of Ethiopia and to are doing great contributions to the complex political problem of our homeland..Please expound a little bit how the basic rights of nationalities, including developing language and culture and use them in their daily lives as comapred to the geographical demarcation of regions…
    God bless you and long live our beloved country.

  4. ETI says:

    Dear all

    Oromia wiil not be divided .Art 39 and ethnic fedralism are the garanty of a united ethiopia.
    Remember the past Haile sellasse broke the federation with eritra,you know the result
    The same could happen hier if you touch meless legacy.

  5. Tatek says:

    While Ethiopian Unity may be important, it is worth mentioning that the very notion of Federalism itself requires Medrek to swallow certain bitter pills if it had to succeed by selling itself to the Ethiopian masses. Contrary to Messay’s argument that regional entities need to just make up the numbers by being a sum of the whole, the very principle of Federalism, the only tool capable of saving the Ethiopian nation from the wrath of Article 39 won by the struggle of the people and put in place by TPLF, requires a significant decentralization of power from the centre to the people, empowers people at the grassroots and guarantees them a rock solid decision making power and control over their resources, independently govern their own region without any lecture or instruction from the centre and resolve any issues they might have with the Federal Govt via legal remedies at the Supreme Court. This of course, significantly reduces the power of the Federal Govt but that power doesn’t, by any stretch of imagination, outweigh the general public interest. With due respect to Messay, in politics, unity is an ideology of dictatorship and we do need unity in diversity, as diversity is an ideology of democracy. To sum up, if Mederek wants its political program to fly, it has to make sure that they work towards making the country a federal state where federal Govt power is significantly reduced and shared with the regions, regions control their own affairs and resources and legally required to make sure that minority rights in their midst are guaranteed and they resolve any dispute with the Federal Govt via an arbitration at the supreme court.

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