Letter to “Poet Laureate” Bereket Simon (Alemayehu Gelagay)


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10 Responses

  1. pointer says:

    Dear Alemayehu Gelagay,

    In your writing, you are desperately trying to justify that Berket Simon is responsible for the price hike of chicken, egg, corn, Qolo etc.

    Not long ago, the internet was flooded with articles full of complaints about the price of Cement. When the Sheik Almoudi enter with his mega factory, every one of you shut your filthy mouth. Kudos to him, now the price of cement is dirt cheap.

    Ato Alemayehu Gelagay,
    You must be someone with a brain that has a size of pop-corn to write such idiotic article…blaming Bereket or EPRDF for high price of Chicken/ doro, egg and corn etc. is utter moronic and childish at best.

    • Tulu says:


      Are you trying to tell us that a government that has been in power for more than two decades cannot be held responsible for the rocketing inflation that is crippling the life of ordinary people? In which case this must a novel concept in accountability. The fact that Alemayehu Gelagay put his point across through poetic language and by singling out an act by one of the chief players of the system does not deserve your curse and uncivilised ranting. I am sure he would be the first to congratulate Al-Amudi (also by extension the government?) when his hens start laying golden eggs at his doorsteps, but in meantime respect his right to complain. Indeed the issue raised by the writer is much broader than inflation. Which high ranking government official or corruption-fattened nouveau riche gets health treatment at home when ill? Who would send their children to one of the many local universities unless they have to? This in spite of repeated and shameless propaganda that Ethiopia and Ethiopians have never had it so good, the health coverage is x% and the number of university has increased y-fold. Let’s not try to defend the indefensible by hurling abuse at messengers of empty stomachs and in the process showing how immature we are (or how immature our pen name is).

    • Desta says:

      You must be a retarded moron woyane who can mot see the fact on the ground. All eprdf/tplf followers are filthy pigs who are running to their grave.

    • Alem says:

      Hey pointer,
      You would not even use your legal name and you dare to call Alemayehu names? If Alemayehu’s brain is the size of a pop-corn what size would yours be?

  2. Ted says:

    Economics is science and it is not as fluid as politics so that you can play around. When a country economically grows…inflation is imminent! The existing government has to choose between growth and inflation. However, this may not always possible….like it is almost hard for the US to grow out of the 2008 mess easily. You can blame the government. However, that is politics not economics. Also, bear in mind that since it is science…to understand and communicate this…it needs some education

    • desta says:

      This is called voodoo economics. I am sure you are the product of Ethiopian civil service college known as “dngay fabrica”.

    • Tulu says:

      Let’s leave your ridiculous assertion that economics is a science aside- especially economic policy as practiced in Ethiopia- and concentrate on the big issue-: what is a the main cause of the country’s crippling inflation? If anyone is in any doubt that the answer is excessive growth of money supply , then they must be living in cloud cukcoo land. Even the late and much lamented Meles Zenawi had belatedly admitted that curbing the rate of money supply growth is key to controlling the runaway inflation.
      By brandishing few random phrases peppered with the word “science” does not make your argument persuasive, nor does it address the real issue. Unless of course you are practicing “quine” (wax and gold) par excellence and what you meant by growth is money supply growth. In which case your (apparently) beloved government has achieved both growth and inflation. By the way your style of argument (your modus operandi as it were)reminded me of some of Dergue’s cadres who used to say that history is a science, and there is no stopping the march of history (as practiced by Mengistu H/Mariam of course!). Fast forward 20 years, and it seems that the government of one H/Mariam Desalegn ( no relation I presume:) cannot be accountable for the economic tsunami it unleashed on the nation, because, wait for it, “economics is a science” , with immutable laws! “Plus ca change c’est plus la meme chose” as the French are wont to say. Keep it real brother (or sister as the case may be). I am sure we are on the same side: to see Ethiopia and Ethiopians enjoy a decent life. So in this spirit, go easy on the pseudo-science and advocate evidence-based policy.

  3. Pointer says:

    Shall I say Tulu Forsa?
    Let me repeat this…If you complain and blame the government about the price of chicken & egg, you are patently idiotic. You can not blame Bereket or Belaynesh or Azeb Mesfin for such small and irrelevant shortages. Take it or leave it, in Ethiopia, inflation is caused by the laziness and backward culture of the society that you are trying to look after - if you know what I mean.

    btw: Ato to Tulu, have you ever tried to start up a chicken farm - trust me, if you shake your lazy ass, you will be filthy rich like Ababa Al-Amudi. Try It!! After all, it is a free market.

  4. Pointer says:

    You are already superior in two degrees to “idiot”, do not try to go back and be superior in one degree to “imbecile”. I am sure you are one of those feeble-minded ethio-creatures who think Corn Bread is exclusively for the poor & White Teff for the rich……dha Gonderay!

    For the record, I am not EPRDF/TPLF or a supporter of Emama Azeb or Gashay Hagos…However; I am considering to join them. Then, you can eat your heart out!

  5. sam says:

    ethiopia needs a geniune and reasonable person like u.
    u r man of solution.
    Pointer endante ayinet sewochin say lahagere yalegn tesfa yebelete yichemral .pls give some lesson for those confused daisporas who always complain instead of to be part of z solution. i wish to say more but i am not good in english . pointer ethiopia yemiyasfelgat chigrn yemiyay sayihon chigr wust mefthen felgo yemiyagegn new. pointer r u in daispora? if u r ,they r lucky to have awise man like u. memar phd ,prof,eng mehon ayidelem part of z solution mehon new.

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