Who has the mandate in Ethiopia?


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24 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    is this article really written by a PhD holder? I can write a much better with my high school certificate.

    • Almaz says:

      You just tell us that you have only high school certificate and you may be one of the generals.

    • Tazabi says:

      Ha ha ha you can write better with your certifcate? Is it some kind of a joke. Mekonnen wrote over four books and some are bestsellers. For his credit he writes and publishes in Amharic too.
      If we criticize we better criticize his ideas which by the way is great but not personal stuff.

    • damte says:

      i agree Dave. may be the guy is a PhD holder but he wants show up. i read his first article about a week or two weeks ago about current prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn. the article message was empty like this one it was copy paste from the bible. to many verses from the bible. i never see a PhD holder that he like show up like this guy. if you see at the end of the article you can read about himself. tazabi say mekonnen wrote four books may be that is correcet but i can tell how empty was one of his book that he wrote in english. i had the opportunity to read the article from many PhD holders ethiopians. they never say any thing about them selves like this guy.

      • Ketema says:

        Hi Dave & Damte

        I want to write this because I know Dr. MeKonnen Birru. It is ok to be against the idea of a person but it is ignorant to deny facts. Dr. Birru wrote DEEP IN TRUE SELF which is the national best seller. Check yourself people. I read his first novel (Tamera Menfis) and no one deny that is comparable to Addis Alemayeu and Bahalu Girma’s books. The best of the best. If you want to know more he wrote a research paper that is sold here in the USA with more than $100 and some universities are used as a text in research. This is one Ethiopian that we should get proud of. Yes you may get upset because he is not in line with TPLF or its policy but it is another to argue his achievement. What do you do damte and dave? Look at yourself and more than that before you criticize the persona of an intellect read some more. May be Dr. Birru told you a little of himself, that is not all he is. Damte, you said you read one of his book, which one is that? What is it about? If you have to say something with substance. The fact is, in general, mekonnen is an intellect that TPLF can’t have; hence, burn again and again. He is a real Ethiopian. By the way Mekonnen was in Belatie Air Born Training Center and I know him since then. He is a true Ethiopian; sorry TPLFs.

        • Damte says:

          the guy he was a nurse and now he got his PhD about six month ago i respect that. his article is empty. he wants show up and wants to tell us about him. i did not say i read his book. why do not you read what i write. he went bilate what is a big deal? many woman students went the military camp so what. if he is a true ethiopian he supposed to be active in Houston. never been any meeting or any fundraising. i prefer for him to write about his profession.

          • Ketema says:

            I know both you and myself know mekonnen that is why you went personal. However, there are a lot that you don’t know about him. Do you know that this man has multiple degrees in Accounting, Economics, Nursing, Genetics, and Clinical Psychology? Is this the type of Ethiopian you always want to open your mouth? I know you don’t have any book or history to run on instead criticize people who do real thing. He is not one of those PhD’s in politics. He is PhD in real sciences. Do you know that he is serving as a Board of Director and Clinical Director in an international NGO (World Health Medical Missions) right now. Check it out yourself. So, Damte please keep quite. If you don’t like the man, it is ok but don’t make yourself foolish and full of hate. O by the way, he is not even 40 years old and was a customer service representative in Chevron and cab driver and nurse; and pull himself out and become a BOARD OF DIRECTOR. This is the man I know and the friend I am proud of. While so many run to hid, he was in Belatie to defend his country from TPLF (read his book Tamera Menfis) you will learn a lot about him and his talent. I don’t write anymore about him or you but would like you to learn something: PLEASE DON’T OPEN YOUR MOUTH OR PROPAGATE HATE TOWARD REAL PEOPLE. PEOPLE WHO ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Is he active in houston? You don’t know. Does he contribute money? You don’t know. Damte, before you respond anymore please read his books and try to know more about him. Bye.

  2. chekuvera says:

    Really big questions. we are looking backward but Americans look forward. Unless we look forward, we can’t answer all these questions. Thus, let all of us look forward.

  3. Habtamu Shiferaw says:

    What are you talking about spring, flowers, music, fogs, sky, snow, water, mood, …. Where did you got them?I think it is better if you use them for personal letter. For your question “Who has the mandate to send brothers and sisters to the battle field?” When our Sovereignty in danger the mandate to send our defense force is coming from the Ethiopian constitution and other law of the land. Do not see an individual but on the law. And for other of your “Who” are still their own spiritual and administration law. Thank you.

    • Dechasa says:

      Ato Habtamu!? which constitution you are talking about? I am sure it is not about the is one, when TPLF wanted it, will be implemented, protected from others not touch it even comment on it, but when TPLF need it tear it like an old shirt…it is about it you talk?…Is it about these rules of the land used as wipones to repress voiceless, such as Eskinder…coz just he is critical to government but only via his pen, are you talking about the rules, allowing the government steeling his own country and people…what does it mean, is this constitution you are talking about allow a government engage in accoumulating huge money via EFERT, look at its name…it is for Tigry, but lead by these high ranked government people…a company for a single region, led by our leaders what does that mean? if Jundin is thrown for dealing with personal issue when he is a minister, why not Azed dealing and talking about business?…pls stop! I have a problem with the constitution itself (but if you erase cod 39), but my critics is that they are allowed to use it or tear it, but are not even allowed to use it!….hey stop and listen to your heart!

  4. Name (required) says:

    I think you have to come and find the answer by yourself. Though what happened in the last election now our country is going forward in development which mean the direction of the leadership is in the right direction so you don’t have to worry that much just listening what anti ethiopian politicians talk in your area. But this doesn’t mean we have perfect government we have to fight peacefully till we have transparent, responsible and as well questionable government.

  5. Selamawit Solomon says:

    I strongly belive PRO-Eritrea wing of TPLF are more than Ever in Control of the Current Ethiopian Regime “Under the leadership of PM Hailemariam Dessalege ” As HMD used as a symbol while crime is committed by his name against Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  6. chala says:

    MeKonnen H. Birru is a Mental Health Professor at Fortis College and Houston Community College

    Are you sure you are not one of the patient?

    I did’t expect this from a professor. Working in a mental health hospital might be tough but we expect you to know the big reality infront of you.

    are you saying the ethiopian gov. is not legitimate to lead the country?

    your question is answered before even start writing. so you just wasted your and our time by writing meaning less topic.

    So my advice to you is when you get free time ask one of your work mate to assess your brain to make sure it is working properly.


  7. Gebre says:

    “We don’t see any flowers yet. We don’t hear music. Rather, the people of Ethiopia are in a fog season.”
    Qestion: what is your role towards that? just complain!! You said, TPLF is leading and you want the Tigrayans out of politics, but Americans only focus on policy option regardless of ones colour, ethnicity etc… You see, don’t poit your finger to others because four of the other fingers are pointing towards you. You proof that you are the problem even in your article because you don’t like TPLF because they are not the right people to be in power. In your mind you have the center Periphery dychotomy and you are nervous whenever you see people in power from the periphery. that is the problem. Otherwise,for the majority of Ethiopians the snow is melted, the spring is in, the sun is rising again with the downfall of the Derg regime and the end of the neftegna system. Now, we all clearly know who has the mandate to lead this great nation. yes, we are marching towards development and freedom certainly in our own way and pace. Unfortunately, there are citizens who think they are born to lead and unhappy to see others to be in the leads seat. The only thing that we can say to this people is SORRY, WE CAN’T HELP

  8. Esayas Habtamu says:

    God save Ethiopia don’t worry brother in the mean time why not we vote at least on line to our dream President or prime minister? Dawit do some thing select our favourite candidate and let us vote for them who knows this might lead us to the real president of ethiopia. Just follow How for example BBC select African player of the year it is simply voted on line.

  9. Maru says:

    Hi sir,
    Why are you worried only for those Muslims and the Orthodox christian? The later were in power for many years in the past but brought nothing for this nation.

  10. Yemaymesil says:

    Bereket Semeon and a glass of wine have a total mandate to control, twist, even if necessary to sale the country.

    The pente hodam Haile Bututu has nothing to do there expect being used as a little kid.

    Haile Bututu has failed not only as a politician, but also as a church person.

  11. bale says:

    Dear mr. Dr. Biruu,

    Reading your peace of article and wanting paste - copy of your ‘american democracy’ to Ethiopia and Africa as it is…

    Yours seems a bit innoccent peace but it is indeed a nonsense.
    You might be a master in your carrer, but in regard to Ethiopian politics, people and pace, you need to update your info.

    Then after some one gives you a chance to read your unbaised and well-informed writings.
    Or are you one of our ‘elites’ from the western, who just waked up from his 20+ years winter-sleep !!!

    Peace to all our Ethioian friends..

    • Yemaymesil says:

      Bale :

      Min alebet sew felgeh bitasif endezi zim bleh bematawkew englizegna kemtzelabid. Yanten neger wef yilkemew. Alememar betam tilk beshta new. Maregn enji atmemegn aybalim endemilut Egziabher yimarh.

    • efrem says:

      Bale! You are the one who help people like Sibhat Nega insult us! ask me how? Recently in Germany he said, Ethiopian people are not matured enough to implement true democracy…we thought them 2o years and still teaching them. A guy who came from Dedebit bereha…who better knew about bullet and how to kill, thought us democracy, ..hahah what a good teacher!?. But you Bale, you are repeating similar idea that….it is impossible to compare Ethiopian with Americans in any political aspect…what a hell are you thinking about…is this a healthy mined? are we not at least demand a free media, free journalism, fair economy, fair leadership, minimum corruption….are you not demanding a quality education….a salary that can support your family? are you not aware of these are not there in Ethiopia, but you wanted to tell the writer that he is not informed of his country! what a shame!?…is it too big to allow Ethiopian to go out and shout on government, demonstrate on bad leaders…free speech…is this too much for us!?…

    • damte says:

      thank you bale.well said

  12. Name (required) says:

    What an amazing debate! Great minds discuss ideas,…but small minds discuss people.

  13. meron says:

    What give the tigray regime to sell our land the country our ancestors fought so hard to let us live in freedom.

    Why and what are we waiting for why are we not going out and mass demonstrate and give a strong signal to foreign investors our country is not for sell and this regime has no mandate over our country and we have to stand up and fight tooth and nail enough is enough. I would rather die with liberty knowing who I am the death of Aste Tewodros rather than being invaded by arabs.

    Please, let stand up for the sake of our country survival and for the future of our children.
    How can we let tigres and eritreans selling our land where’s our pride.
    What happen to our Ethiopianism and lets fight collectively.

  14. micky says:

    By Bereket Endrias

    The most expensive election campaign in the history of United States of America and strong democratic battle got a final answer and Hussein Barack Obama Won election 2012. Though the victory was far narrower than his historic election four years ago, it was no less dramatic. Unlike George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and seven other presidents in the history of united states of America the Black American, born from an immigrant Kenyan father and native American mother has been confirmed to stay in white house for four more years.

    For Ethiopians, American election campaign is one of those international events we feel attached to, we feel worried about the end results. We Ethiopians do not care about the election in other countries as we do care for the one in USA.As the election in US is one big event for Ethiopians specifically and Africans in general, the exploration of Mars and the fate of space program were in the discussions far more than was any words related to relations with the 54 countries of Africa.

    The policy to be followed by the upcoming president will directly or indirectly affect our World and partly our country. That is partly the reason behind our attachment and interest on the campaign and the end results. The other reason could be the civility of the contenders, maturity of democratic principles, and the climax of democracy we aspire to have as a nation. Through USA, we see the Ethiopia we are struggling to form and there are dozens of lessons to be drawn from the event alone.

    USA is our staunch ally on our fight against terrorism. Though USA has less participation on the investment sector compared to countries like China, India and Turkey the Humanitarian assistance offered by USA is significantly visible.

    On whatever circumstances if the policy followed by the new administration does not benefit our national interest we will not feel good but we will not cry. For us what matters is our path to the middle income country, where sustainable development is assured for the public and poverty is reduced. To accomplish this dream we need anyone who wants to lend his hand but even if there is no one on the whole globe to do so, We Ethiopians will accomplish it no matter what.

    If the policy of the new president is based on mutual understanding and benefit, we feel good as a nation just because we are re-assuring the long and historic ties and friendship between our two sisterly countries were both ends have benefited from .If the interest of two countries is attracting each other, then we walk side by side but if it is repelling each other then we will go our own separate ways.

    Today, Ethiopia as a country applauds the victory of the African American President who took a step on the international arena to acknowledge the progress we made as a country. Ethiopia as a country applauds the victory of the African American President who showed his solidarity at the desperate times of the country, when we lost a leader with world class mind and confirmed their solidarity then after. Ethiopia applauds the victory of Barack Obama for all his initiatives and commitment to Africa and specifically to our mother land Ethiopia.

    For some people who live in a country where: “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You” is not just a say but an identity, those who still hope and dream the American Government to bring the kind of Change their idle brain can think of, I would say that the victory of Obama is an a news that reminds them that they do not count both in American and Ethiopian Politics.

    These individuals who have been campaigning against the African-American President Barack Obama, just because he has been assisting our country and our people, it’s the right time to say to them the word “shame on you”.

    As a visionary and young African I salute the President for his victory and there is a lot to learn from the president and his Journey.

    Mr. President –> Ethiopia congratulates you

    This is what we call analysis

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