Isaias Afwerki decides to step down: Ethiopian Review


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23 Responses

  1. Axumawy says:

    Ethiopian Review is owned and operated by Eritrean Shaebya regime. Don’t trust what Elyas Kifle posting as news, it is just simply fabrication news to cover Isayase’s ass. I wonder who will pay Ethiopian reviews bill, since the person who use to tack care is defected to Canada last week.

  2. Eritrea1 says:


  3. Yemaymesil says:

    Dawit don’t play with your credibility by bringing news from Eliyas Kifle. Everybody knows that Elias Kifle is a Shabia Agent. Don’t bring any news from this guy. He is the most despicable person never found in the planet. He is cheap, low and classless. Take a precaution when you are dealing with this guy. Take it for a grant he will sell you tomorrow. He is a Judah not worth to exist.

    • beyene says:

      I strongly agreed with Yemaymesil. Elias kifle is not reliable sources. So, please try not post news from Elias. He is the number one lie (bare wolda news). I hope yo will consider our recommendation. Thank you for the good work

  4. Teddy says:

    Oh, Elias, how many times he fooled me. Not to say that I care if Isaias goes to hell and reunites with his diminutive cousin or goes to the Sinai to join the people he chased out of Hamassaen.

  5. Assefa says:

    The same propaganda to stay in power!

    Do we expect Isaias will stay one year, though? Oh I forgot, it says within a year. So, technically it could be within a week or a month. kkkk…

    His choice of media is curious though, to say the least!

  6. bulbula says:

    አይ አውራምባው ምነው ምን ነካህ ከሌላ ቦታ ሳትመረምር የ ኢሊያስ ክፍሌን ወሪ አምነህ ድህረ ገጽህን ታበላሻለህ? እሱ እኮ በህልሙ ያየውን ሁሉ ነው ውነት አስመስሎ የሚያቀርበው

  7. sammy says:

    I will believe it when it actually happens. Until then, I will respect this news with the same respect as the rumor of his death earlier in the year.

  8. chala says:

    Aye Elias ..

    I know you created this news to help your boss. but this might back fire and you might be out of salary as issayas doesn’t want even to joke when it comes to his power.

    he will say to you Gobez gobez siluat yebaliwan mesihaf atebech indetebalew you trying to impress him by trying to make him looks good.

    I hope you already received a warning with a fine of half of your salary for the next 6 month for trying to joke in his power.

    he said it before he will broke world record from fidel castro and stay on power more than 50 years .

    unless death nothing will become b/n he and his power

  9. Girma says:

    “He wants to be a Mandela- or George Washington-like figure to his country by overseeing a smooth transfer of power on his own term.”
    This is “Pure Comedy”.

  10. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Dear Axumawy
    What your writting have to do with anything with the article written.Donot you think you serve the readers better if you challenge the article with your facts or disputes point by point -blatant accusations and name calling is just that no more -try to reason out and pinpoint facts ‘terra sedeb just remeain terra sideb-FOCUS ON ISSUES

    Thank you

  11. bendo says:

    The right person for the right people.

    The only way to rule Eritrean is issayas way or italian colony way other wise if you give them a bit they ask a lot.

    Issayas know how much feri they are so he make them urine in there pants even thou they leave out side Eritrea.

    look ethiopians if they support they support with out fear and when they oppose they comes out and do it while the gov. is shooting in 2005 and in diaspora with out fear.

    but Eritreans are different last time i sow a vidio in israel they were a mask when they come out to oppose shabia.

    i know if they do something here there family will be in prison unlike ethiopia that might be the reason.

    but when they are alone they talk how much they hate Isayas but they afraid to say some thing in puplic.

    so if you have feri people like this the only way to rule them is isayas way.

  12. Al says:

    Afeworki is the blood tursty brutal dictator and he has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians. He led the masacre of Ethiopian soldiers who laid down their arms and used them as slaves - It is amazing to see one other Ethiopian is praising this idiot dictator and tell us history about him. I doubt the mental stability of Elias Kifle - an infantile and childish bogot.

  13. henok says:

    hahaha,what a joke!
    I don’t think Eritrea will continue as a country by next year. Eritrea’s economy, society, military, politic, and diplomacy are already dead.
    what’s next?

  14. Kefyalew says:

    Isayas relinquishing power? Highly unlikly. A man who came to power by the power of the gun will not give up power peacefuly and on top of that there is so much blood in his hand the blood of eritreans and ethiopians. So as usual Elias is farbricating news.

  15. Tola says:

    Not today. Not yesterday. For more than twenty years, this despicable character has played as an Eritrean agent in the Ethiopian politics. For many patriotic Ethiopians Isayas’s resignation is no news. Folks, please don’t be fooled by what Ethiopian Review is reporting about Isayas and Eritrea. For over two decades, these guys have unflinchingly been pro-Eritrea. As agents of Eritrea, they have been planting all kinds of rumors that Shabia provided them. They have mercilessly besmirched patriotic Ethiopians while praising bootlickers. Go back read their now defunct ER magazine. Check their archives in their website. Read and Reread how the true sons of Ethiopia the likes of Siya, Gebru, Hailu,Taye and others have been defamed. Elias posts more hodgepodge from his partner in crime, Tesfai GebreAb but no from the valiant Asgede’s testimony. Remember also they have glorified that butcher as “Person of the Year” on the portal that bears the name Ethiopian. What good thing has that tyrant done for Ethiopia to deserve such recognition?? They said they did it to get under the skin of Woyanie. That b/s is their excuse. Anyway, they both serve the same master. They are fighting for his favor. Sebhat Nega swears to defend Eritrea. Elias glorifies Isayas. What is the difference?

  16. Sammy says:


    What happen to you? How can you source information from Elias? Don’t you know he writes what ever he imagins? Please don’t do it again! Don’t lower yourself to Elias’s level

  17. belay says:

    Sir Esayas good stop to rule .be like someone,and dye peacefully

  18. Kflom says:

    I ,personaly, do believe that The foolish ESSAYAS made most eritreas to be over confident of every thing & every body (even of us,ethiopians) they have and they don’t have.they have stronge hate over i believe we should wait and the life of this heartless leader has nothing to do with us. But they start ‘war’ we should diss them from the histroy of the world,i have no respect and mercy 4 them.GOD BLESS THE HOLY LAND ‘ETHIOPIA’.

  19. Mind The Credibility Gap says:

    And in a related news, a bull gave birth to a calf in the northern Indian state of Keldnakumneger and the Hindus have decided to start eating beef.

  20. Defar says:

    Ethiopia must be finished and divided into pieces and those stupid amhara must be finsihed by weyani….i really hate amhara …hunger will finish them

  21. Name (required) says:

    The’defar’s’ idea is like hopping to find apiece of salt in water. i do not even think that there is an opposition party who likes our country to be divided in to pieaces, b/c it will be so difficult 4 the party to have power and govern the people on such condition. We ethiopians love our country ,as our fathers did.and god always gives us the courage to defend and protect our country from such redicles ideas. so those who are hungry to see ETHIOPIA divided will finish their whole life simply hopping.GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA!!

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