High-ranking ONLF official defects to the government


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10 Responses

  1. Yemaymesil says:

    Bakela kere bilu fes kelele. Yihe metam kerem minim yemiyametaw lewth yelem. So no big deal. If he want he can join Meles Zenawi in the hell MINIM LEWTH AYAMETAM

    • bendo says:

      Well some one after fighting for the last 21 years in real jungle and accepted defeate and come to there sense.
      and Another one from Diaspora burger five star hotel telling us he is going to start fight.

  2. Sharif says:

    He was fired long time ago from the organization, ONLF doesn’t need a low life creature like him. We have thousands of educated and hightly trained officials. I hope he will follow and go with TPLF when OGADEN is librated… My country belongs to my people not the foreign army from Tigray.

  3. koster says:

    He will be kicked out like Junedin Sado. How can one accept a fake constitution. Good luck in your endeavour to be a slave of woyane ethnic fascists.

  4. ALI says:

    This Man was not a high ranking officer as you write, but was in low-level position,and at the same time not a member of the central committee.he was only a member of Ogaden Commminity in Kenya.

  5. Teblets says:

    The Ogaden war is a meaningless war. Ogaden is part of Ethiopia. On this area two terrible wars has been made between Ethiopia and Somalian during Emperor Haileselassie and Mengistu. In the two wars the Ethiopian forces had won successfully. After the last war is finalized by Ethiopians, the Siadbare regime in Somalia soon collapsed and the country is divided in to many tribes and now Alshebab terrorists.

  6. Sara Nuru says:

    In any Movment there are defectors who never had their full heart to their goal anyways and the Gentleman from ONLF is just that

  7. mesfin says:

    I am surprised by this website is it Awramba or Reporter . Guys what is going on U look like agent or a kind of behulet bilewa belategna. All Ur info are direct from Weyane News agent!!! Why are u ….. sorry . It is hard to belive this website.I know weyanes hand is too long to reach evrywhere . who knows you may got money and money from them. This days all Ur news are direct from weyane source which is againest Ethipoia and Ethiopians. U may say I am neutral but U are not and plz try to shape yourself. comeback to Ethiopians . U can support them by removing the mask.It has to be openly and openly.

  8. abdrezak says:

    There is only one thing we respect even if you don.t thats your choice.

    our prophet pba..peace be upon him.
    they choose one country in this face of the earth.that is ethiopia.
    alah guid them to our land.
    peace loving people .

    if ogaden came for peace thats i call it alah whispear in their heart for peace so they chose the right way.

    so some eritreans so angry for that so their comment doesnt represent any of us.

    well done brothers from ogaden.

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