Ambassadors of Ethiopia and Eritrea confront each other on New York Times


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29 Responses

  1. boss says:

    shabia wants more land from ethiopa, djibouti, yemen, sudan and has been in conflict with each of these countries since gaining independence. The region is totally unstable and ahas become a playing field for various self seeking groups.

    • chala says:

      In Africa history the first and only country that the African union asked the UN to sanction is Eritrea.
      even when Libia was in crises Africa union stand with Libya didn’t gave a permission for UN to do something.

      So this shows how Eritrea become an enemy of all countries not only ethiopia.

      G7 borchams are going there to beg shabia to take them to Addis as he is begging him self to get small badma for the last 10 years.

      • ttt says:

        What are we going to make out of this debate by the ambassadores of Ethiopia and Eritrea? Is one better off than the other ? What a shame ? We are all ashamed of your rethorics. The people on both side of the border are starving to death. Both of you guys are representing not the living ones but dead Ethiopians.

    • tjmaxs says:

      idiote and donkey go back and research more to understand the whole issue okay kuku head

  2. You-r-just-an-idiot says:

    Boss, you are simply an idiot person, do your research before you believe Eritrea was the reason for the ethic-eritrea conflict/war. if you still believe that just go ahead and check the international court decision. that would tell you all the contested places was awarded to eritrea, it is because, it was eritrean territory. so don’t try to blame Eritrea for anything that you don’t have any clue.

    • yemaymesil says:

      I agree as your name suggests you are just an idiot. What the hake international court you talking about? The territory was awarded to Eritrea by the will of the Mother fuckers like Meles Zenawi, Sebehat Nega, Berekete Semeon, etc. The architect of all evilness in the soil of Ethiopia has gone for good and I hope he is resting in fire.
      One thing I would always want to make clear is We Ethiopians never go to an Eritrean website to make a comment or seek information. We don’t like you guys.
      Why you guys come to Ethiopian Website to seek information or comment?. We know you guys are enemies of Ethiopia. We don’t want you to come here. Just stay where you belong. Idiot

      • Yohannes Haile says:

        Do you understand the topic is about Ethiopia and Eritrea and you are on Eritrean land besides It was not Meles and co gave us our land we fought for it and we don’t like you also Chigaram leba as long us you are in our soil i guess we’ve got business to talk the issue here or else where .

        • boss says:

          The truth is hard to swallow for shabia followers.
          2. shabia are on war alert all the time.
          3. all the people under shabia control are forced to take military training, you have no choice , do it or else you have to leave the country or end up in prison,
          3. 100s of 1000s of people are forced out of eritrea into exile each year.

          Do not delude yourselves , you shabia supporters. you are in a deep hole AND SADLY, YOU DO NOT WANT TO RECONISE THIS FACT.

        • yemaymesil says:

          The Ethio - Eritrea border will be the best answer for whatever every nonsense you are throwing. Fool yourself saying we fought it (Now you guys are JEGNAS), KKKK). If you have a memory you will remember what happened in Ethio - Eritrea border war where we were practically to capture Asmara along with our crazy dictator Isayas Afegem. (By the way do you know your despot AFEWERKI has identity issue?.I remember when he used to call himself Arab wearing shilaba).
          Just get ready; you will learn the hard way what belongs to Ethiopian and what should be left for Eritrea.
          Time is coming soon you will taste the juice and this time there is no mercy you have to take it the way you get it . Just get ready. Parasites
          For now just relax and pray for your God Isayas Afegemi

        • yemaymesil says:

          The Ethio - Eritrea border will be the best answer for whatever nonsense you are throwing here. Fool yourself saying we fought it (Now you guys are JEGNAS), KKKK). If you have a memory you will remember what happened in Ethio - Eritrea border war where we were practically to capture Asmara along with your crazy dictator Isayas Afegem. (By the way do you know your despot AFEWERKI has identity issue? I remember when he used to call himself Arab wearing shilaba).
          Just get ready; you will learn the hard way what belongs to Ethiopia and what should be left for Eritrea.
          Time is coming. Soon you will taste the juice, and this time there is no mercy; you have to take it the way you get it. Just get ready. Parasites
          For now just relax and pray for your God Isayas Afegemi

  3. Awet says:

    The boss’s comment has much to be desired. He/She whoever the Boss is, ha to read lots of material written in connection with the border issue by either non Eritrean or Ethiopian. Then, you can make a comment on what you wrote ‘Shabia’ wants more land.

  4. Alek Alec says:

    Hi Boss, what can i say for your comment, the only one thing what i can say here is, you are either an ignorant or stupid, if no you couldn’t write that you don’t know.Eritrea has never wished to occupy any piece of land from any part of the world. Let me tell you one thing, We Eritreans have a great respect to all our neighbors and we defend our country paying our RED BLOOD and we construct our beloved country which is destroyed by the corrupted Ethiopians, but you Ethiopians cannot live even one day with out foreign aid Viva Eritrea

  5. Alek Alec says:

    Eritrea and Ethiopia deserve peace and development instead of blooding each other and destroying their wealth.I can understand why the TPLF JUNTA does not want to leave the Eritrean Territory which is decided by the International commission boundary which is the frame work of the agreement FINAL and BINDING?
    Because if they do so, the Washington Administration immediately stop the tip which gives to the Ethiopians daily, with out this tips Ethiopia can not live even and hour AHAHAHAHAH.

  6. UGUDUGU DAGNE says:

    I Wish Ethiopian UN Rep’s does not waste his assigned job and money to response fo one Shabya-friendly freelance Writer instead hired or trained Ethiopia’s own Journalist to disprove Shabya’s lies

    • ttt says:

      You guys are worried too much. Allow Isaias to take half of Ethiopia, you think he would do a better job? That bloody ass, along with his dead amigo-the son of a banda, Meles, they are all tyrants living on the blood of our people. Both are attention seekers. Ignore them.

  7. Alazar says:

    The conflict between two countries , it’s not the land from the beginning.most of the lands around the area rock mountains and they are not fertile lands. very high land and uncomfortable to do anything. It’s might be good to hang satellite dish .It was very senseless war of the year. The best thing is peace. Forget the past and the present moment is very important now.peace for ETHIOPIA AND ERITREA.

    • Hamed says:

      There will be no peace in the offing until the Isaias regime is gone. If peace is achieved, there will be a Pandora-box open for Isaias including quires on reasons for starting the Badme war and wasting lives of the young, the implementation of the constitution, the whereabouts of the disappeared or executed persons including religious personalities and politicians, etc.

  8. Gobena says:

    Shabia is at least more Eritrean compared to the weyane for Ethiopia. As far as shabia will sat OK they will do any thing,
    i feel like the shabia leader to teach his people more on se;f relance

  9. T. Kobra says:

    The editor should have put in context for the Ambassadors propaganda war in the The New York Times. This whole thing was instigated by the Susan Rice proxy battle that was waged over the issue in which the Eritreans suspicious of rice’s soft heart for Ethiopia were engaged in the most sophisticated PR blitz. It’s weird how politics make strange bed-fellows. Embarrassingly, the so called Ethiopian opposition was dancing salsa with Esayas. We supposed to believe they care for us, for Ethiopia, ha? Woy-Good!! How can they forget her “over the top” funeral speech. That’s more important, aydel ende jegna! If there is a lesson for the public, the Ethiopian political farce is nothing more than an egotistical game among a few self-absorbed NUNUS (Loose nuts) with access to the internet. Jegna is is as jegna does. It’s relative. It’s is on the eye of the beholder!

  10. muleta says:

    The Ethiopians and the Eritreans..needs to go at it one more time..shabia was saved by meles back then at the last melataw aint there..the ethiopians need to go full throttle and kill every fag eritreans till they kneel down and beg for mercy..and put a puppet rejim in fesamu esayas these time ethiopia is the most powerfull nation in the horn of africa. we need one more war..we need to finish them all..

    • emmaro says:

      I don’t understand all this hate between this two poor nation. globally we are considered as habeshas meaning the lowest living standard, where ever we go we are totally depend up on others economy in Arab world or in developed is not better than the other but u give name to each other like shabia,weyana,agama,tsela, etc.etc
      better fight poverty for a better living.

    • Haile says:

      I do not think if it is appropriate to Ambassador TEKEDA ALEMU to respond to each and every accusations and allegations by toxic and worthless Diaspora supporters of the notorious and ruthless regime in Eritrea….they are as confused as their leaders in Asmara and what they know is they always blame and try to undermine to any person or power who advised them to desist from their mistakes….Currently those confused, hopeless and hypocrites of ERITREA changed the country in to an open giant prison land and a hell on Earth due to their notorious and unrealistic policies and egoism that they adopted following its independent. Today Eritrea is nothing but the only country in the world which does not have Multi-party system, election, free press, free and independent judiciary institutions, no freedom of movement, no freedom of worship, no fuel, no food….no…no….no..etc….but surprising enough, those moron and ignorant supporters of the regime still trying their own best to give a life for the dead regime by injecting their hard earning currency (the 2% income tax) and through disseminating false and unfounded allegations against Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, USA, ect……and they are trying to tell us that each and every country of the world is on the wrong side of history but Eritrea is the only country which achieved social justice and democracy……..indeed funny…..And to protect their funny democracy they are now distributing clanshinkoves and guns to all people including to old people and others……..The only problem of those ultra nationalists and abnormal supporters are the diseases they acquired due to superiority complex that they developed following the independence of their country and now they are continuing to have that kind of problem which I believe is the only source of conflict and instability in the Country…Today, Eritrea is excluded effectively from any political and diplomatic relations and discussions in the horn of Africa as well as from AU and UN and its youngsters are fleeing in thousands per month to Sudan and Ethiopia……..But the crazy supporters are continuing with their unwavering support for the regime which is killing its own citizens……
      Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

    • Noah says:

      @Muleta… I think you remember what happened in 2000 war… nobody benefited from it… neither Ethiopia nor Eritrea… it was totally unthinkable blood shade… don’t forget that we’re in the 21st century…Let alone poor countries like Ethiopia & Eritrea, the US & their ally lost a lot in Iraq, Afganistan, … else where they were involved… I think we don’t have any problem with Eritreans… the problem is on the regime leaders… primary Isayas Afewerki… I wonder how come Eritrea alone oppose the government of Somalia where 53 African nations & other international agencies officially backing the Somali Govn’t. I don’t think all the Nations in the world twisted in the case of Somalia by US…the isolation won’t benefit Eritrea neither justify that its the only country in the world in the right side… At least they need to start to come together… start to discuss rather thinking any war as a solution…

  11. aseb says:

    Hi I do not give bad comment about this two former brothers. why we fighting with out any thing that we do not now, Are the people of eritria are happy the last 20 years they split from ethiopia I don’t think so. Today your ELF boss trained with tribal party armed the TPLF to weaken ethiopia that is true. Eritria egnayted fire on us. So why the ertrian want to see the down of ethiopia. Eritrian have to know Ethiopia is powerfull than Eritria by economy, millitary, nowlege,

  12. jablo says:

    emmaro, I am with you.


  13. DORZAW says:

    I appreciate meles that he has struggled a lot to bring ethiopia in the same level as other developed countries economically but I have big doubt on his TPLF followers.

  14. Haile says:

    First and foremost I would like to underscore an indispensable point regarding the war mongering Eritrean government. The peace loving people all over the world should know that it is Eritrea which goes against all its neighboring countries including Yemen. who believes Mr Ambassador of Eritrea who says that his country has nothing to do with the chaos in Somalia. Is it not Eritrea who supports the terrorists by providing arsenal? Didn’t your government dump weapons in the heart of that country using Russian made air craft? This is a bare fact. Unless countries like Eritrea keep their hands off that country, I don’t think peace will prevail there.

  15. T.Goshu says:

    I do not think what the two Ambassadors are trying to repeat their governments’arguement and position is something to be considered as confrontation . It is a very common reaction expected from diplomats or representatives of governments . But let me say the following:
    Both Ambassadors are telling nothing new . They are just telling the same notorious stories they carefully memorized from the scripts of their bosses back home.

    Dr Tekeda is repeating( he has to) the same and boring song by mentioning the AU(African Union) which is nothing but over dominated by politicians (“heads of states and governmetns”) who are nothing but maitaining their palace politics by any ugly means including intimidating, harrassing , jailing , cheating and terrorizing their own innocent people. I do not know how that kind of club of dictators which has declared election results which have been obtained by any dirty game including extrajudicial killings were very fair and free can be taken as a serious and genuine body of testimonial . Well, I understand that there cannot be any other genuine witness to the very disingenous and wicked ruling circle. With regard to the so-called Security Concil of the UN, the only question I want ask is who said that this body is not over dominated by very especial intersts of the big bosses (the five)? I am not here defending and legitimizing the very aggressive government of Ertirea which is being contolled by another reckless dictator,Isayis Afeworqi. What I am trying to say is that those regional (AU) and Intrenational (UN -Security Coucil) did not come up with genuine and serious concerns when the innocent peaople of that Region(Horn of Africa ) are coninually terrorized by their own ruthless ruling elites . They have never touched the very inner and root cause of the endeless sufferings of the ordinary peaople of the region - the dictatorial regimes which have been supported in one way or another with big financial,material and military resources from so the called donor powers. And that is why I am saying that the so-called “confrontation ” between the two does not make this much sense at least interms of telling the same notorious stories over and over and over again.

    When we come to Abassdor Araya, the story is not different . One thing that is difficult to chllenge is the case of Badme which is of course true that Eritrea has the right to claim the territory that has been rlued by a legal body with which the late Meles signed to implement it . Dr.Tekeda was one of the rank and file officials when his former boss (Ato Seyoum )signed the document in one of Europe’s capital). By the way, he (Ato Seyoum) was the one who rediculously tried to fool the innocent peaople of Ethiopia by telling them to join his joy over the verdict of Badme to Ethiopia. Folks, it is these people who have made all kinds of nonsensical attempts to fool the pepole who are now telling us that they are confronting their old friend (Isayas) in a peice of news paper (the New York Times). One way or the other, there will be no real peace , sustaiable development and a real sense of togetherness among the peoples of the region without getting rid of those terrible ruling elites and replace them with genuine deomcratic systems in each country of the region.

  16. Rahel Solomon says:


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