Ethiopian Orthodox Synod Renewed its Failure (Teklu Abate, PhD)


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2 Responses

  1. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Teklu Abate

    A PhD affiliated blogger, criticist, genuine storyteller thanks for your contribution regarding EOTC synod. You tried to restore , rejuvenate Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo to the people of Ethiopia who are denied by TPLF led government.

    Your argumentative discourse blame time and again only members of the home synod and the ruling party.

    In your little kickback blaming Mengistu and clearing up Abba Ze- Libanos Fanta;

    ” ….and they equated the return of Abune Merkorios to the return of the mass murderer Mengistu Hailemariam ”

    If you don’t have bias between Abba Ze- Libanos Fanta and Mengistu Hailemariam innocency/murderous, you should have mentioned accusations towards Abune Merkorios;

    ” ….. Abune Merkorios’ tenure of Archbishop of Gondar included the period known as the “Red
    Terror” in Ethiopia, and which was carried out with particular
    brutality in the town and province
    of Gondar under the governorship of Melaku Teferra, a particularly notorious member of the Derg.

    Abuna Merkorios would later face
    accusations of not only having
    kept silent during the horrors of
    the “Red Terror” in Gondar, but of
    having a particularly close
    relationship with Governor
    Melaku. In a sign of the favor of
    the Derg regime, in 1987 Abune
    Merkorios was appointed as one
    of a very small and select group
    of clergy to serve as a member of
    the Shengo, the national
    parliament set up by the Derg
    when it proclaimed the People’s
    Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
    that year. He remained a member
    of the parliament until his
    enthronement as Patriarch These
    allegations of closeness to the
    Communist Derg regime helped
    undermine the Patriarch, when
    the Ethiopian People’s
    Revolutionary Democratic Front
    (EPRDF) came to power. ”

    To give good picture for readers at least some also

    ” Abune Takla Haymanot, the third Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, who enthroned following the forcible removal from the
    Patriarchal throne of the previous
    Patriarch, Abuna Theophilos by the Marxist Derg regime in 1977.”

    And reports like……

    “reports, that there was a final
    rupture between President Mengistu Haile Mariam and the Patriarch following the napalm and cluster bombing of rebel held areas of Eritrea and the Tigray Region in the north in 1988. It is said that the Patriarch had protested against such measures being carried out on innocent civilian populations, and that Col. Mengistu had angrily demanded that he stop interfering in state affairs.

    The Patriarch, already in poor health and a weakened state thanks to his constant fasting and penance, then began an even more rigorous fast (basically a hunger strike in protest) and refused to make any more public appearances other than to attend the Divine Liturgy at the church within the Patriarchate. He made one final public appearance at the inauguration of a new church in Wollaita, and visited the cave where he had once lived. He returned to Addis Ababa and was almost immediately admitted to the hospital, where he died.

    The Ethiopian government ordered a full state funeral for Patriarch Abune Takla Haymanot, complete with military escort, gun salutes and flags at half staff throughout Ethiopia. The open casket was carried from St. Mary’s church in the Patriarchate, to Holy Trinity Cathedral, on the same carriage that was once used by the fallen Imperial regime for royal funerals. The Patriarch lay in his coffin wearing a Patriarchal crown and in his robes of office, draped with the
    Ethiopian flag. Tens of thousands
    of weeping faithful packed the
    streets to see the body pass on
    the way to the Cathedral. He was
    buried at the Cathedral after lying
    in state for three days. His burial
    was attended by the entire
    diplomatic corps in Addis Ababa
    as well as most of the high-
    ranking members of the
    government and the WPE.

    Abune Takla Haymanot was succeeded by Patriarch Abuna Merkorios ”

    I hope next time you will revise all history & give us a clear picture which is free from bias.

    Thanks !

  2. Dr. Chapter Eshetu says:

    General Chapter Eshetu (Dr.)

    The people of Ethiopia expect nothing from these ruined Feudal & Derg regime remnant toxic Diasporas.

    PhD, Professor, Political Analyst, Activist, all trash status bracketed & named before then start propagating their yearlong gathered idiot, dump, toxic article, analysis, news, time and again nonsense barking.

    Their academic enriched act of reasoning about the future of Ethiopia kept going wrong direction, of course their moral & writing trash is ongoing forever.

    Only hide for some time and re-emerge & not shamed of their worlds reiterated.
    Prof. Messay Kebede, Jawar Mohamed told us that everything will end based on the time schedule as they put, nothing happened before & never will happen except their artistic illusional entertainment.

    Only Article writing & Chapter building like Chapter Eshetu (Dr.).

    Based on Teklu Abate (PhD) & his friends:

    Chapter (ENTC) = Ganta (TPLF)!

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