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35 Responses

  1. Ahadu says:

    Dave, Brave as always!

    Don’t worry about this riffraff who are attacking you for what you are! Who has the truth will be the one to laugh last!

    • bendo says:

      They want you to spend sleepless night like ESAT Journalist praying and wishing other wise writing lie every night to make the demand of the extremist diaspora who want to hear bad news about ethiopia day and night.

  2. chala says:

    Dave i told you in the beggining you only have two choices to serve the extrimist diaspora. one become like Aiga forum and say all is good or become like ESAT and say all is hell in ethiopia.
    Let see how long you servive in the middle of those who don’t have any clue about free media.
    support or hate attitude.
    given the chance if G7 win i our future ETV will be ESAT.
    So they talk about free press day and night but they want to dedect what people read before even they become goverment.
    Unlacky ethiopia your future hold more bad as the oppositions in diaspora are more dictator than the gov.

  3. AleQa Bru says:

    I am not confortable with this statement:

    “I have been following closely the ever increasing attack against Ato Dawit Kebede by some corner of Diaspora radicals, spearheaded by G7ites and surely channeled mainly through ECADF. ”

    I could be wrong but I never heard or ready anything from G7 regarding Dawit Kebede or Awramba Times. I do not think Girma Kassa is write in OFFICIALLY accusing G7 with this issue. I can understand his opinion towards ECADF but including G7 is totally unwarranted. Oke he might have other issues with G7 unrelated to this specific issue but it is not right to bring it here. This is my opinion.

  4. kume says:

    ECADF= Entertain Curse Annoying & Deteriorated Fantasy

    All things said & forwarded to the readers by ECADF & their friends will not touch ground unless readers visit very few free & fair websites like Awirambatimes.

    It shows the weakness of ECADF & their supporters to attack Awirambatimes or its editor Dawit. ECADF should prove its information forwarded to readers than attacking individuals.

    Dawit keep the good job up !

  5. Ahadu says:

    By the way, I like the background in the number 7. Good journalists (indeed any reasonable person) see beyond the surface!

  6. dubale says:

    Dear Dawit:
    It would be nice if give the idiot a complete IGNORE. Other wise they will drag you to the level of idiocy and they beat you with experience. they do not learn…they keep preaching hate and attacking those who write the truth until their death

  7. hailu says:

    Dear Dawit,
    i admire your work in Awramba. But in the last time you have a problem with some people. that is the fact . i follow all the issue.
    but why you all (you and the other) bring the problem in contact with your race(tigre)
    you was the one first of all said ‘tigre silehonku new’.
    even we all love you. it has nothing to do with tigre or amhara. just admit your failure if there is a one. or talk with other , agree for disagree.. BEKA…
    Neger atabza…
    ATO GIRMA KASSA degmo neger atasfa…
    even you make the ting worse. what has G7 to do with …

  8. Fisseha says:

    Normally it is easy to recoganize a jounalist, the poinjt is a true journalist”.,!! In the past 22 years,we didn’t do what we had to do because of oppostiom parties fighting and leaders were rushing to power, we had so many mistake in our approach and all our mistakes cost us to gave a chance for Tplf to prolong their power.I think Dawit was not wrong to talk about his problem in that paltalk as a journalsit and if he can afford the solution for his issue. AS he was saying, he is not well trusted in the eyes of oppostion parties because he is tigran born! This is a good issue that Dawit came up with! I have heard former Tplf leader siya speech on the death of meles Zenawi through VOA and siya didn’t told us any of Meles Zawaw’s cerminal acitivites in the past. Dawit, alot of 2nd class citizen doesn’t trusted u because you tigran born peoples have got a hiden agenda behind politices to side for one tribe in the last of your step.
    My point is, Dawit dissapotined alot his supporter on his speech about journalist Eskinder Nega and that what i’m personal said, Dawit is now ridding untrained horse for the rest of his life.we all knows why Eskinder was arrested. He was not a terrorist and he had nothing to do with a terrorism group or party. He using his hand to write TPLF political dram and chaos,corruption, economic mismangemet, unskinfull leadership, kleptocratic governace and so on.,.. And now dear Dawit forgot the truth about Eskinder Nega ! A true man wasted his time by Tplf coward leader7 and criticsed as a terroist by Ethiopian journalist Dawit Kebede. It was unlike to accept the idea of tigran born jourñalist are not a true journalist, it’r just a matter of getting a 1st hand informatiom because their parents are working in top goverment postion. So After dawit’s speech, i agree with that.

    • Dawit ( Down Under) says:


      Did you listen the Dawit Kebede’s interview or you are just writing for the sake of scoring points like Abe Tokichwa’s ” Lik neh “?

      By the way, your vicious comment
      (Verbal diarrhoea) is nauseating.

  9. Abishee says:

    Dear Mr.Girma,
    Thank you for your timely article in exposing the hidden agenda of the so-called ECADF which hardly understand the true sense of free press. Without exageration to cope with ahmara media one must give up his/her legitimate opinion if wants to welcome by them, but for independent opinions it is unacceptable and why to do so when we are fightind against dicatator for liberty and freedom again to serve the chauvinist idologies?.
    Such kind of approach at 21st century is only a sense of dictatorship once more to restore the neftegna regime and hence we must challenge them as a civlised society based on tolerance and common understanding.
    thank you

  10. Medfu Tessema says:

    It is always good to have an open discussion on issues and that should be encouraged. However, after all the sacrifices one generation has paid in the last 40 years, we are still following that infantile route of name calling and character-assasination. It is nihilism one more time and does not take us anywhere. I have tremendous respect to Abebe Gelaw as well as Dawit Kebede. These young journalist have both fought for justice and democracy. Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of their journalistic principle. They should sit down and discuss on how to handle this delicate matter. Take the high road my dear.

  11. kebede says:

    Dawit, why donn’t you write in Amharic or tigrigna? It is hardly comprehensible.

  12. Belay says:

    Dawit, I am neither ESAT nor ECADEF supporter. But I can tell you I hundered percent agree with the original controversial article in that I see you blaming the opposition as being fanatic wheras you don’t say anything about this minority junta government. Don’t full your self when you know the fact; more than ninety percent of the people are aginst weyane. It is just a matter of time.

  13. betty says:

    ato girma or i rather call you ginbot 7 hater, of course dont try to use Dawit in order to spread your hate against g7, there is no way that ecadf has no connection with g7 and there might be some people who are supporters of g7 in ecadf, but never connect g7 with ecadf, …this is not diffrent from the weyane stupid arrogant and racist members who are always connecting the innocent tigrians whenever ethipians rejects the weyane crimes against humanity, and mr girma or Mr Moron girma please leave dawit alone and you can continue your hate and attack against g7 and its memebers, we know you for almost few years talking against g7 which you were unsuccessful as people finally are tired of you but now you want to come back by chaning your color by pretending as if you concerned to dawit, but your main goal is to continue your hate against g7.

  14. betty says:

    I strongly recommend dawit to look up and read the enormous attacks that is written by girma against g7 for your review and you would be able to know the true picture of girma ( ginbot 7 hater)

  15. alem says:

    yayet meskir demet ale yagre sew,who the hell is this guy?

  16. Zena says:

    Mr. Dawit, after all that you have been through, you decided NOT to say anything about the current government? Well, I have a doubt about who you really are but now, we all know you are one of them! Shame on you, Man.

  17. malefya says:

    Dear Girma,,
    I really like your comments and opinion but at the same time i found your article confusing and deliberately targeting Ginbot 7. as far as i know G7 has nothing to do with the ECADF pal talk room.in fact this room pretend and act like they are a concerned citizen and a legitimate supporter of G7 but the truth behind the screen is all the bunch of the stupids who run this room are neither an agent of Eritrea nor the enemy of our nations and Ginbot 7.

  18. workamaw says:

    As an on-looker, I am suspicious of the intention of the writer - Girma. Defending Dawit rationally is one thing, using him as a shield to throw stones on G7 is another. This is regardless of what G7 is standing for. If the writer wants to criticise G7, he can deal with it separately.

  19. Yederg Lij says:

    I was there during Dawit’s interview,but I didn’t see any wrong in his interview! what Yimer Yimam wrote is exactly expressed by Dawit’s interview! the hate towards Tigrians! Mimi Sibhatu is included as well! purely anti Tigrian…!

    Yimer Yimam’s article explains that he doesn’t want to hear any truth,but anti Tigrian hate propaganda! anyways we know haters are losers ! in the entire human history,haters see their demise sooner than later! nothing can be gained through hate!

  20. Raya Liberation Front says:


    Why did you accuse Abraha Belai when he said he is from raya and a wolloye amahara? Do you think Alamata and Korem was taken from Amara rightfully? I am from Alamata and many of us still believe that we belong to Wollo. I cannot deny my mother is from Chercher, yet I am wolloye, so is Abraha Belai. I can speak Tigrigna, so what I can also speak english. Any Tigrigna speaker cannot be a Tigre. Americans speak english, yet they are Americans not english. Understand. Leave Abraha Belai and leave Raya wollo. Thanks.

    • Johnny Gishen says:

      @Raya Liberation Front, you are absolutely right. Raya Kobo (Alamata) belongs to Amhara(wollo). But the poor-minded Abraha is from Raya Azobo (Maychew). Listen his interview on ESAT kkkkkk

  21. Name (required) says:

    I think Girma’s obsession against Ginbot 7 reflects his wickedness and inferiority complex. This guy considers himself a worthwhile person. Look friends, how he used the Ecadf-Dawit controversy to attack Ginbot 7 party. Dear Girma as a fellow I advise you to leave Ginbot 7 and Dawit and consult to a psychiatrist.

    • Dawit (Down Under ) says:


      With all due respect, If you are unable to see the obivious connection between the intentional futile personal attacks in ECADF which is nothing more than Ginbot 7 propaganda machine and Girma Kassa’s article/opinion , you are the one who needs an involuntary detention by a Psychiatrist under Mental Health Act till you regain your insight.

  22. koster says:

    DAWIT Ethiopians are languishing under woyane Ethnic fascists. They are castrating Ethiopians/Amharas in your name and the name of the Tigrians. http://vimeo.com/18242221 May be you are enjoying 21 years of SELAM like SEYE under fascist Meles Zenawi, but Ethiopians are not lucky enough to get the basic human right i.e. to be free. If you are really a journalist and not blinded by ethnic love say no to woyane ethnic fascists and state terrorism in Ethiopia. According to you Tigrians are not benefitting from woyane because not all are having 10 storey buildings but it is not deniable that there is Tigrian economic,military, political, educational/scientific dominance and this is not sustainable. Patience is not cowardice. Please help Ethiopia from being like Syria. It is not possibe to cheat, loot and terrorize indefinately.

  23. Dawit( Down Under ) says:

    Koster ,

    Are you trying to dictate what should and should not be written/said?

    Your blind hatred to a particular group of people won’t enable you to see what is balanced,unbiased , professional and ethical.

    I don’t think you have the moral authority to paint the editor’s stand with your untidy brush.

  24. ye Vancouver tikur sew says:

    The poor-minded cab driver, Endelibu doesn’t know anything about politics. I have never seen such an idiot person in my life

  25. ERITRAWI says:


  26. idiots says:

    ECADF and Ginbot7 idiots of the century

  27. Birhanu Nega says:

    duro ende Birhanu Nega yemadenkew sew alneberem…Zare gin birhanu sibal yakleshelshegnal…Endelibun yemesaselu ye Taxi woyalawoch 4killo liyadersut new?

  28. Gim boat says:

    Dawit, pleas keep up your excellent job. Forget those racist animals
    Shame on Gim boat 7

  29. Zak says:

    LOVE UR ENEMIES,LOVE MAKES U Z WINNER!!!!!!!… under z sun zer’s notin’ new, LOVE LOVE LOVE

  30. Tola says:

    Dawit and Girma from the beginning you are haters of new way of struggle .You are from biginning bottom of a pillar for longtime.They do not make progress only hatrate of others .For you being against oppostion force counts as they did great job.What a hell! Please organize your self fight weyanae who is the people killer not oppostion force especially PG7.Then after freedom compete with other parties Get acceptance from the people be a leader of the country.Don’t forget you are one out of 90 million people of Ethiopia.Do not be obstacle of the people. Pg7 is one who is organizing himself and struggle a gainst Weyanae.What do you mean when you oppose night and day the PG7.Do you mean the PG7 struggle a gainst weyanae is wrong? There will be time in the future if they are elected by the people and if they can not administer well at that time you can oppose..please the pg7 fighters they may not be a live until the freedom.They are giving their precious life to Ethiopian people .We must admire .If posslble let them help .Please Stop stop stop stop being obstacle especially Girma for the sake of Ethiopian who were genocide

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