Doesn’t it Sound hypocritical? Response to Wosenseged’s article (T.Goshu)


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17 Responses

  1. Dawit ( Down Under) says:

    Unbiased and balanced Journalism matters.Real Journos don’t cherry pick the rules of the game.If you are a politician that is something else.

    Instead of blaming the more balanced and unbiased , why don’t you tell the venomous, hate mongering, extreme and tribalist(majority of the diaspora websites)to wake up from their fantasy land and at least change their foolish motto of “you’re either with us or against us. “

  2. Ahadu says:

    Trying to justify ones position by all means possible but logic! That is what seems to be the preoccupation of this particular writer. What else can be said about a writer who says:

    “ Well, this hard fact might not make sense to Wosenseged, and that is up to him. But, as I always argue, I remain with my strong argument that advocating/supporting/sympathizing a government or ruling party that is determined to use any deadly means and highly parasitic political cadres has nothing to do with the right of exercising democratic rights or civil rights….

    Can it be sweeter!

  3. bendo says:

    this guy Abebe is looking for attention trying to be in the news which ever way and he will do any thing to get that.
    his life is based on collection money so to beg money he have to show those fools he is wanted..

  4. AleQa Bru says:

    T Goshu seems to be argueing with himself not with the writer (Wosenseged G/Kidan). He first stretches the writer’s point’s way beyond the context and starts “attacking” them.

    Something like this:

    Writer: If A then B.
    Goshu: Oke, you said “If A then B” which means you believe also “If C then D.” This is very sad I strongly believe “If C then E not D).”

  5. T.Goshu says:

    Ahadu, I think either you do have a problem with what LOGIC means in its very essence and application or you try to interpretit and useit in a wrong way.
    Yes sir, the question of whther siding with and supporting a political killing machine or with the people who are victims of that machine is your personal choice or that is up to you. In simple terms, the question of to be or not to be the supporter of someone who commits all kinds of crimes or helping the crimnal to get out of his or her terrible situation is not up to somebody else.It is up to you and you only!! But arguing and claiming that supporing/helping/Sympathising/adcocating that criminal behavior and practice abslutely has nothing to do with democratic and civil right. It is not only deadly wrong but aslo it is puting the very common sense of democratic and civil rights in a very huge up side down whether you do it naively or otherwise .I hope that is as simple as that,not a complicated theroy ! I do not think it is desirable to to miss the very ABC of logic.
    Have a nice time buddy!

    • Ahadu says:


      Let us start with your assertion, I quote “advocating/supporting/sympathizing a government or ruling party that is determined to use any deadly means and highly parasitic political cadres has nothing to do with the right of exercising democratic rights or civil rights…”

      Let us see this in two parts “a government that uses deadly means” If my English serves me well, this means a government that uses guns for whatever reasons. I ask you sir, which government does not?

      In the second part of your sentence, you said, and I quote “highly parasitic political cadres…”. What does this exactly mean? If by cadre you mean politicians, then they are not parasite as far as I can tell. They are administering, mobilizing etc. to earn their salaries and that makes them non-parasitic (parasite: a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery).

      But the point remains, what is wrong with supporting the Ethiopian government (over the opposition - the untested but a proven bully) and what logic supports your assertion that doing so does not amount to democratic rights? Is choice at personal level not the fundamental component of a democratic society?

      I am ready to learn if you have better explanation, but restating your previous assertion is not going to work, I am afraid!

  6. tesema says:

    I have tried to read your article seriously but at the mid of my trial I found it the very usual Diaspora Garbage, full of demagoge and hate but few seriousness, fact and rationality.

  7. Betty says:


    Please don’t stop providing unbiased & balanced news, interviews, articles to your readers. As always let people have their say, people who like their country can judge you & your contribution to Ethiopia’s best, we want all sided unbiased information but not information which favours only few parts, stakeholders.

    You are doing right, providing news & leading your readers to get the truth which is expected from Awirambatimes & from you Dawit as its chief editor, as a responsible professional journalist.

    You might be attacked, criticized,blamed, a lot of things said about you, on the way search of truth & fulfil your responsibility as a journalist. Take it easy this is natural & expected as long as you are a journalist you can’t satisfy all people at the same time with same feeling.

    Go forward, never your responsibility & profession letdown by any sort of critics.

    If not we readers consider you as illusion entertainer but not journalist like your criticizes (ECADF, T.Goshu,ESAT, Ginbot7, so many trash party, force…..)

    Letting your criticizes have their say in your website is one of the point that makes you a responsible journalist.
    Those irresponsible people can’t let you to have your say in their site, comments from various readers except comments, insults which favours their interest.

    Dawit brave you are wining all trash reporters & that is why they are marching towards you.

    Take it easy & throw the trash away with the people for which it belongs !

    illusion entertaining

  8. Girma says:

    Ethiopian diaspora are the most uncivilized, tribal, haters, in the world. Even they can’t beat the shaebians. What’s all these paranoia??? I suggest you all take some courses in LOGICAL REASONING. A simple logic,…a coin has two sides.

  9. selamawit solomon says:

    Awirambatimes is doing right, you can get unbiased & balanced information.

    Awirambatimes don’t entertain illusions, post fabricated news, articles, like friends of T.Goshu are doing.

    Awirambatimes is trashing all trash propaganda of toxic diasporaians!

    Idiot Awakening !

  10. Yederg Lij says:

    Mr T.Goshu, you are always biased on what ever you write! I have never seen you writing about the so called opposition in the diaspora while they have all kind of faults! You have never been right in anyway! One way there is a crying for democracy, on the other way there is no sort of democratic nature in you! Look at what you wrote against Wesenseged….! At the beginning of your paragraph, you acted as if you respect others opinions, but you as you go deep down , you brought your undemocratic self…!

    …for your knowledge, Ethiopia has been saved 21 years ago! You know this as well! The nations,nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia are governing themselves, therefore, your saying of “to save Ethiopia ” is a joke as far as I’m concerned! In my opinion , you guys have nothing for the complex society of Ethiopia at all ! Because we have seen you in Sudan, Europe , USA…, as Kinijit , G7… & hence we haven’t seen you to lead your hodge podge political parties in a united manner..!

    …. Finally, Ethiopia will never be an employment opportunity land of few elites,their families, friends & in laws!

    Be better just for the sake of your being !

  11. Succession says:

    The ultimate solution to resolve the confrontation between Ethiopians &Tigreans is the succesion of Tigrai from Ethiopia.

  12. Derege says:

    What a waste of time. What is the point of this extremely long article?

  13. T.Goshu says:

    To those of you responding to my opinion in anyway you believe and want ,I do sincerely say that that is a very purpose of engaging ourselves in issues which matter most to all of us. I do mean it that that is the way we all of us ( pro- tyranny and against- tyranny) should stay involved in these types of conflits of ideas . So guys, calm down and try to control your rages because to allow them (rages- out of proportion anger and emotion ) does kill your rational and reasonable parts of your brain( the power house of human thinking). Fellow ethiopians, let’s try to control if not kill our wildy bursting rages before it causes more damages not only to our arguements about our common destiny but also before it kills our own personalities. Take it is easy my fellowman/women! The dust will settle one way or another and you will come back to your commen senses of humanity! I have to tell you that I am very happy because we are seriously engaged in a serious business,that is expressing our views in any way we feel. I sincerely believe that that is the way it should be! But, let’s try hard to at least minimize our culture of getting mad/raged because somebody not only disagrees with our views but also
    vemently condemns our wrong doings!

    I do not think it appropriate to mention Dawit here as the article and my comment did not say any thing about him. I do not think Dawit has posted my comment either to pretend that he is fair and balance or because he is seeking your highly inflamable sympathy. I want to believe he has done it because he believed/believes that is the way a real sense of journalism works. I do really do not know the reason why are pushing him in a wrong way. Well, if you say , “we know him much more closer than you do”, that is not my business at all.

    Thank you gus! And enjoy your time! And let’s keep engaging ourselves in any issue we believe in ,and see you next time .

    • Dawit ( Down Under) says:


      What is the difference between your simplistic general classification of “we all of us pro- and against- tyranny” and the unbalanced and toxic media’s motto i.e. either with us or against us ?

    • Je says:

      Are you journalist, of course not.If you were true journalist you should handles thing smartly.I know as you one of from the parasitic Diaspora who are grouped full trashes and remnant of dergm regim, which has not in hand except writing full of trash and unbiased and ende with victim of personal attack.Do you think what abebe has done agaist guesh is right.I concludeed that your deaf and blind who dont have even the character of journalist. I m not the supporter of the government but i firmly belive on logic

  14. Yederg Lij says:

    Dawit, Now you are becoming the best place to get unbiased information in the Ethiopian cyber space! I read all …in your web page, & they are all unbiased & reflects the reality! this is what we need as Ethiopian!

    Ethiopians paid their lives in every corner just to better us! we oppose but but we don’t have to hate anybody because of ones political affiliation! Even these highly educated Ethiopians have been writting biased article! I oppose some of EPRDF policies …but there is no viable opposition to join! very sad!

    we had only a couple web sights to visit to visit,& now we have one more reliable source of information.

    The truth always prevails!
    Thank you for being a real journalist ,feeding us a real informations!

    Thank you !

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