Israel admits administration of long acting contraceptive to women of Ethiopian descent


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  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I hope something similar program will be done back home in Ethiopia. The population back home is not only growing but exploding like nowhere else in the world today. I will give you my own discovery that involves close relatives. 7 cousins I saw them marriage age young men I counted as single and no children in 1970 have now multiplied to more than 350(I got tired of counting) with majority of them having become grandparents. None of them also married more than one spouse at the same time. Something should be done to lock that productive incubator. One of my cousins has 12 children from the same wife and others ten, nine and so on. In such large family the age difference between the 1st and the last child is a mere 12 years. The least one is 5. I am sure such multiplication (from what I have read) is not confined to one area but rather it is an explosion happening in every part of the country. The population including Eritrea was about 22 million when I left and now it almost 5 times as that without Eritrea. That is just sick. The destructive mentality that numbed the men who go around saying ‘It is not up to me to worry about the fate and future of anyone of my children but it is up to God to chart their ways’. There is nothing available that can effectively cure such ignorance. One solution is empowering and protecting women. With the two dominant religions standing against any contraception, I think educating, empowering and then protecting women will do a lot to slow down this alarming population explosion. I think Israel, with its limited space, had no choice but to put a stop from an inevitable explosion from taking place. It is the right thing to do with no immediate option available. Once the stomach is full, you know what is next on the menu. Let’s go to bed and make babies!!!! That is why I am from the school of thought that advocates the empowerment of women in such societies and protecting them. Once the women are out of the house to become the bread winners of the family, then no one will be capable of telling them what to do with their body. Unless drastic action is taken to tackle such population explosion, this will be a recipe for untold chaos and bloodshed with people competing for limited living space available to go around.

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