Ethiopia: From Dictatorship to Democracy (Tesfaye Demmellash, PhD)


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4 Responses

  1. Yederg Lij says:

    Mr Tedfaye, when I see PhD I was expecting to read a very constructive article, but I found it to be full of “ebrit”!

    As a man of PhD, you should have know that Ethiopia /the nations, nationalities & peoples! are being administered /governed by their own people! As an educated man, I don’t understand how you have reached to criticize the TPLF alone! Are underestimating the other partners of the EPRDF? Don’t you think the Ethiopian people know what they want rather than you?

    In my opinion, you don’t understand the political institution in Ethiopia! If you play politics, you must start where people know you very well! For instance, you don’t know what the Oromo, Afar,Tigrai…want in their life..! You may not speak their language, you may not understand their culture….! The Ethiopian people had enough suffering under a collection of elites, their families , in laws…!

    You are an educated man , but you are not reasoning your concern ! You are acting as if you are elected by God for Ethiopia ! I mean, Ethiopia isn’t your back yard Garden! Ethiopia consists a very complex society , therefore , I think one must think thoroughly before getting into some sort of conclusion !

    From now on , one must bring the nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia on ones side to win a political power! So far , the EPRDFites are the only choice that the Ethiopian people have! There is no viable opposition! Remember Kinijit ? They collected themselves in 8 months around 2004…. Then vanished from the face of Ethiopian politics as a result of simple political obstacles prepared by the EPRDF! They couldn’t even sustain themselves a simple political hardship ! They never tried to sit together after their pardon. Instead they accused each other & fragmented in to pieces!

    The reason that you guys are attacking the TPLFites is , because they came from Tigrai! it is just to attack certain people ! That’s how you guys empower TPLF ! By attacking Tigrians! Remember Tigrians in EPRP & what people was writing against Tigrians….! I myself was a young EPRA fighter at the beginning….! …. Please be better Mr Tesfaye!

    • MMzeleke says:

      Mr Tesfaye(phd}yes you shoud heve know evne where is Ethiopia you writitng just attack TPLF we ethiopian love TPLF,EPRDF,TIGRANS.MELES you and your democracy GO TO HELL

    • semere says:

      u guy u r really funny and courageous, in short u must be a fatally wounded tegrea by his comment. In reality Tesfayea is a school of though for people like u it is even harder to conceptualize Tesfayeas intent leave alone to critisize him. Any way Ihave at least smilled on your courage.
      keep up kkkkkk

    • Tekle Haileselassie says:

      Here is a pathetic man who is a prime example of the handful so-called “educated” Ethiopians whose schooling has clearly interfered with their education.

      I know the man relatively well and I never thought he would stoop so low to drag people to the intellectual mud in the gutter in which he has apparently been wallowing for sometime now. What a crying shame!

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