Ethiopia produces first military drone aircraft


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37 Responses

  1. chala says:

    It is good for the country


    bad for G7 diaspora dream fighters

    Well done. We proud of you. carry on and make Ethiopia the power base of Africa again

  2. Goytom says:

    This is a big lie. Why? I know the US is using its drones in Ethiopia,so how come woyanne has its own. Please stop lying.

  3. teshome says:

    Seriously, Are we Ethiopians reach to this level of Civilization?
    Ethiopian changing by the very minute
    These are the first drones in African soil. Good job, Ethiopian army we are proud of you.
    The unschooled and uncivilized toxic Ethiopian Diasporas were telling us, the Ethiopian air forces was weakened than ever before. Excuse me, I think air force we had today is well equipped with modern knowledge and military instruments. Thanks to the late PM Meles zenawi who put his massive blue print on Modern Ethiopian military army
    This is really bad news for isayas Afeworki and other extremists operating in the Horn of Africa.
    Great appreciation to Ethiopian Military forces who converted fantasies into a reality.

  4. tekle says:

    It a very loughable comment ethiopia
    produces drone????? this a Joke. poor
    ethiopians(Tigrians) “Qomalat” first
    produce grain to eat 30m femine.
    The world knows ethiopia by begging and femine.”Tigrians do not fool youselves”.

    • the truth says:

      Laughable for what? r you jealous? a typical Homostein Sodomawit nation son ……………… we eradicated the famine long time ago when Eritrea (I mean.. Homostein Nation) left the union. Had not been for Shembelba Camp, you wouldn’t have some of your vital organ.

  5. me says:

    Awramba Times is out of my “toxic diaspora” list. Lately, they are covering a very balanced stories and non reputable ones. Ethiopia is for every one of us. Ethiopia is not only for EPRDF or ESAT. Let’s think and act in a matured way, guys.

  6. Assefa says:

    Drone is not new technology; USA used that in 1973 in Vietnam War and many of these Pioneer and newly developed U.S. UAVs were used in the 1991 Gulf War.

    I will not be surprised Ethiopia assemble drone, here in US small shops are building drone for different purposes so what is the big deal

    Read more here

  7. Mohammedawel says:

    “Ethiopia produces first military drone aircraft”, Sudan Tirbune. If this is true Ethiopia will be among the few countries with militar drone aircrafts. Most of us are surprised by this news. And some people are discarding this news saying producing drone by Ethiopians is an “impossible” thing! The reason behind these is that most of us are unaware of :
    1. what drone is and the types of drones
    2. What are drones used for?
    3. Which countries manufacture, use, and export drones and how much do they cost?
    4. Which countries manfucture millitry drones?

    What is a drone, exactly?

    A drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is a pilotless plane which can be guided by remote control, or can navigate automatically based on pre- programmed software.

    What are drones used for?

    Drones, which come in numerous shapes and sizes, have a wide range of potential civilian and scientific uses, including law-enforcement and industrial monitoring. But they are overwhelmingly used for military purposes, mainly for reconnaissance and combat operations.

    Why have drones been in the news so much in recent years?

    Drones have been developed for decades by various countries. They came to their recent military prominence due to two factors: (1) technological advances allowing unmanned flying objects to be accurately guided over large distances and (2) better intelligence gathering on the ground, which makes it possible to pinpoint and strike high-value military targets while keeping civilian casualties and other collateral damage as low as possible.

    Which countries manufacture, use, and export drones and how much do they cost?

    Many countries are attempting to manufacture drones, but most of them are either technologically unsophisticated or are being used strictly for civilian purposes. The United States and Israel are the two most important manufacturers of military drones. The United States is both the largest producer and the most frequent user of the aircraft. The U.S.-made Predator (which costs $4.5 million-$11 million per unit) or the larger, more expensive and more advanced Reaper ($30 million per unit) are the best-known UAVs. The American military now has some 7,000 aerial drones, compared with fewer than 50 some 10 years ago. The Pentagon has asked Congress for nearly $5 billion for drones in the 2012 budget.

    According to US GAO, Currently, there are over 50 countries developing more than 900 different UAV systems. It should be noted, however, that currently only the US, UK and Israel are known to have used armed UAVs.

    List of Countries reported by US GAO to posses drones.

    Algeria Egypt Lebanon Singapore Angola Estonia Libya Slovakia Argentina ***Ethiopia*** Lithuania Slovenia Australia Finland Malaysia South Africa Austria France Mexico Spain Azerbaijan Georgia Morocco Sri Lanaka Belarus Germany Netherlands Sweden Belgium Greece New Zealand Switzerland Botswana Hungary Nigeria Syria Brazil India Norway Taiwan Bulgaria Indonesia Pakistan Thailand Burundi Iran Panama Trinidad & Tobago Canada Israel Peru Tunisia Chile Italy Philippines Turkey China Ivory Coast Poland Uganda Colombia Japan Republic of Korea Ukraine Croatia Jordan Romania UAE Czech Republic Kazakhstan Russia United Kingdom Denmark Latvia Serbia United States

    As you can see from the above, Ethiopia is listed amng the countries with drones. But this list is not about military drone aircrafts.

    Few countries are currently known to manufacture military drones. Among these are Israel, U.S.A, U.K, Iran, China and Russia.

  8. ፋንታ says:

    አይደረግም አይባልም። ሰሞኑ በኢቲቪ እንደምናየው ከሆነ ሚሊቴሪው በቴክኖሎጂ እየተራቀቀ ነው ያለው። መንግስትን የሚቃወሙ ወገኖችም ቢሆኑ በዚህ ደስ ሊላቸው ይገባል። በጣም የሚገርመኝ ነገር እዚህ አሜሪካን አገር በሰልፍ ራይዚንግ እንጀራና በፉትሎንግ ሳንዲዊች ሆዳችን ለመውለድ የተቃረበች ሴት መስለን አገር ነጻ እናወጣለን ብለን ስንፎግር አገር ቤት ያለው ህዝብ በሁሉም ነገር ቀደመን። ጎበዝ! አገር ቤት እንዳለው ህዝብ መሬት ላይ ጠብ እሚል ሥራ እንሥራ!!

  9. Ajire says:

    Kkkkkk ere ebakachihu atasikun kkkkkk
    Endiaw Woyane befirhat betenqeteqete qutir yemiawerawun
    teret teret lesew taweralachihu?
    The woyane regime is shitting itself out of fear and talking
    childish things. Everybody knows and laughs at this news.
    Real fear, panic in the village of Tplf. The true sons and daughters of ethiopia are coming nearer to destroy this despotic regime. No way out Woyanes.kkkkk

  10. Dr General Chapter Eshetu says:

    I am General Dr Chapter Eshetu, Leader & Commander in Chief of ENTC’s Chaptered Armed Forces; I have a question for you ?

    Q# How come TPLF born illiterate only having Ganta based knowledge can think about Drone, UAV ?

    According to our Chapter based armed forces, armed forces who studied million Chapters, Classified & Fighting Chapter by Chapter (not like TPLF’s weak forces knowing only Ganta & still fighting with Ganta force), not only building thinking about Drone (UAV) is illusion.

    General Dr Chapter Eshetu.

  11. kuku says:

    The biggest joke of the century!

  12. Ambaw says:

    How does Tamagn supports his living?

    Since the early years of the Mengistu era I have the felling that Guad Tamagn Beyene has been struggling to defend
    Emama Ethiopia. As a young “kinet” Tamagn has been serenading Guad Melaku, Guad Mengistu and other Derg higher officials and openly advocated to annihilate “wembedes.”

    For Guad Tamagn and his comrades the progressive forces that were fighting against Derg had NO defendable greveinces. After Guad Mengistu (who was boasting and bragging to fight until one person remain) run to Zimbabwe, Tamagn continued opposing EPRDF. At the time he was getting lucrative financial supports from many sources including Allamudi.

    We know Tamagn does not have the needed education to earn his living in the USA. My question is there fore, how does Tamagn supports his life and his family? Does he vomplete the annual tax return?

    • ET says:

      That is the question of the decade, we all would like to know.
      What I heard from organizers, what ever money he raised on single event he will get 25% net he pays no expense, 21 years luxury treats at the expense of…….

    • Sierra Gulf says:

      @Ambaw, this is pure defamation. The military development in Ethiopia has nothing to do with Tamagn. While it is your right to admire the success of our military forces, please learn to respect the right of other people to oppose. Tamagn has a difference with the government, so he speaks up his mind consistently and openly. He is one of the persons I ever know who sticks with his principle (regardless of right or wrong) for this long.

      By the way he doesn’t have to be educated to live in this world. Many people live a decent life without having proper education. Lack of tertiary level education is not a guarantee for not having a very good income. By the same token having a degree, Masters or PhD can’t be a warranty for a decent life.
      Hardworking in the gifted acumen (be it skill or knowledge) will pay off.

      • ET says:

        ya he have every right to oppose the gov, the problem is that he begs money from the hard working people in the name of opposition activist and then he lives a lavish life with it, now come how sick is that.

        • Sierra Gulf says:

          @ET: Receiving money from people and stealing money is quite different things. He received money from the people who happily give him in order to support his mission; just like TPLF did some 21 year ago. I don’t see any problem in it.

          • ET says:

            What is his mission? what did he achieved with the money that he collected for the past 21 years? has the money ever been audited?
            Beside organizing event for collecting money, does he report back to the people how much he has raised? what his/their plane is (beside paying salary to incompetent so cold amateurs journalist like abebe gellaw)
            He never compromises his life style, I mean how does that helps the over 80mil Ethiopian?

            Does he tell the people what he has done with it, has he done any report?….

    • ET says:

      He is a man who makes his living by begging in a world where u can work and grow.

      All his friends oppose al amoudi how come Tamagne doesn’t oppose him since he is supporter of the current gov? I have seen Tamagne trashing every one how support the current gov but al amoudi, well all know that used to get fed by him, I guess he doesn’t want to loss one good financial source one day he might have to see his hand ha!

  13. Tigray says:

    Hi Tekel you are simple of Banda ,go fight Rashaida,Tigre ,and bedewin they are killing your family,stop talking about Ethiopia none of your business .

  14. Jahjo says:

    Please dont call this drone. Woyane has a prototype which is used for reconnaissance. It can not deliver weapons, because Only the West including Ameica have the technology to deliver weapons by drone. Turky and Iran are the only non western countries that can.The one Woyane is talking about can be found in every college in the UK. They are made by teenagers. Even Amnest international has its own drone that was used to assess the Woyane army massacre of Ogaden civialns. You can just rent them. No big deal. The most dangerous weapon is the F16 Plane that can not be dtected and can destroy the entire Woyane army in hours. You can not see it. Only Israel and Egypt are recipients of these aircraft. Saudi will be next. Saudi is also recieving soon F 16 in the near future in addition to multi billion contract with UK to get twenty-two Hawks, latest BAE Systems.
    Woyane’s drone is like a toy.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      If woyane’s drone is a toy when are you gona real one for Ethiopia? in your time, we had only donkey, we did not even have toys. Rome was not built in one day. Toy is drone is better than donkey. you hate woyane and you reject everything ? sick people

  15. tazabi says:

    It is sad that you posted this lie. How about teaching our young people like other African nations and providing safe health service and feed the people.

  16. Finfine says:

    Hey Guys Just, this is a crude fabrication of TIGRAIN government. They can have a drone just for survillence, that can do survey of natural resources or some other mission. That is not immpossible to have. But they can’t have a military drone that USA had. That technology is secret to USA and Israel. Do you know USA if her drone accidentally fall, they immediately burn it without any one get access to it. That is because they don’t want to leak the secret of technology. Do you remeber Iran case in 2011?

  17. workamaw says:

    Breaking News:
    In an effort to correct his misdeeds, and with the hope to be freed from HELL, the late “baleraeyu Meri”, Meles, has recently sent down a huge mass of caterpillars down to a place known by the name Dedebit. The purpose is reportedly to feed his hugely undernourished followers gathered under the banner of Woyane after he realized that not only his followers but also he himself had been a victim of malnourishment and that he misled them for over three decades.

    An uneducated and ill-informed military leader with the name Samora saw one big caterpillar among the billions and gave its picture to Bereket Simon, who gave an order to ETV to display it as an Ethiopian made drone.

    A more recent story from the skies of fire and ice, aka HELL, hinted that Meles is now shading tones of tears out of desperation and frustration after noticing that his adulators, the retarded “general” and his confused old buddy, Bereket, failed to understand him, and with that his illiterate general and his wicked old buddy are adding benzene to the fire he has been grilled with spiraling Meles’ suffering from bad to worse.

  18. Wushetu Bezzabih says:

    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ~Charles Spurgeon

    Desperate people making it up only to cover up the shameful naked underdevelopment and failure fo all failures.

    By the way some scientists speculate that the new Ethiopian super high technology and 21st century master invention secret drone have cauased havoc in Russia’s Ural region on Friday mistakenly attributed to a spectacular meteor strike, which injured more than 1,000 people.

    Soon to the International Criminal Court! Kikikikikiki…

    “I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to school for that.”
    ~Dick Gregory

  19. ethio says:

    Dear friend,
    This type of technology (UAV military capabilities) requires prior knowledge and engaging high-tech industry, industry aerodynamics. Industries that do not exist in Ethiopia.
    It’s not just lift air airplane (that do engineering students in any academic institution in the West) that requires the ability to command and control, it could flight for a long time to develop a quality cameras you do not know so you can see and a lot of other things that you and I do not know.
    Unfortunately, Ethiopia is very far apart. There is no infrastructure and Internet Mobile Phones in Ethiopia normal
    This is a country where many citizens are still without shoes, without food, without access to clean water. Many children work instead of going to school.
    I was in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and the situation in these countries is much better Ethiopia and yet they do not deal with such nonsense.
    I assume that a certain pressure at the top of the Ethiopian authorities for any reason and want to deliver messages to certain factors, so send those media reports

  20. Gezaee H. says:

    Ethio, you are pessimist Ethiopian who would not believe Ethiopians can do. People like must be throw into the old history. Drone building is not a big deal. Many countries do it.What camera you are talking about? if you do not know you must shut up. We have many engineers who can do not only drone, but even more than that. Not knowing is not sin. But pretending and preaching your old dead idea to us is not acceptable. Teach your children about that, not to us. Okay? I hate negative people and it is those negative who kept Ethiopia behind time. Man, if you oppose woyane, opposing for the reason, do not negate or reject everything because you do not like them. Ethiopian does not have shoes? who is to be blamed for that? woyane? Ethiopian does not have internet? so who are you blaming? accept the facts and oppose the things you oppose with good reason. Do not come here to preach your dead old ideas. you think everty Ethiopian thinks like you? I can tell you we can make anything we want. But people like you need to give other Ethiopians a chance to grow because your backward mentality is a set back to development. Oppose the government for a good reason. But stop rejecting everything. I am actually aware a project started two years ago in Ethiopia designing an figher jets, not only drone in Ethiopian. Aye Habesha Menkegnea. Please teach to your other friends, not to us. We are learnt people here who know many things.

    • ethio says:

      I’ll be the happiest person on any development of Ethiopia. But I do not see it.
      People do not understand, developing such systems is not just to build an aircraft capable of flying (this is the easy part).
      If you want to have military capabilities, so have to build a very sophisticated systems that require a combination of knowledge in many areas of engineering. Not currently exist in Ethiopia, unfortunately (I understand that access to the Internet in Ethiopia only a hundred thousand people out of nearly ninety million, just sad).
      Unmanned aircraft currently effective and achieving results militarily exist only by the two countries: the United States and Israel.
      All other unmanned aircraft held by other countries, this model airplanes that are closer more or less toys.
      Ethiopia does not have to deal with it, it’s unnecessary for her. She needs to increase access to a computer, access to water, access to education for children, transparency and democracy in government.

  21. Truth says:

    Lately, it becomes obvious that Ethiopia is hosting drones from other countries.

    ” these drones are ours… made by us”. A white lie by the regime in Addis.

    • melash desta says:

      To all,
      Why all these non-sense? “Ethiopia has a drone or built a drone.” So what? cars have been asse4mbled in Ethiopia. Tanks have been assembled. helicopters have been assembled recently. Assembling and manufacturing?constructing are two different things. Why all the crying if drones are assembled in Ethiopia? The technology and the designs are definitely from outside-be it Chinese or American. The question is -does Ethiopia need the technology of drones? You can politely argue on that. Otherwise, don’t smear the paper with dirty languages. It is aweful to read such words that come from so-called Ethiopians.

  22. Tom says:

    It is absolutely a lie. The country has no capability to produce the hardware nor the software. Why do you try to make news out of Weyanes propaganda? This shows the incompetence of Awraba times.

  23. koster says:

    FREEDOM FIRST - If Italian fascists were allowed to occupy and rule Ethiopia more drones would have been built but our grandparents decided for freedom which is very precious. Now the home-grown fascists should be fought like the Italian fascists and be defeated whatever drone gelemele that they are doing.

  24. my ethiopia says:

    koster send this fist sign to isayase.
    ethiopia is partener with usa since 1950 some thing join with boeing aircraft enginering
    drone is nothig to ethiopians we have long experience regarding what you talking about.

    every news you open you look ethiopians achivement from small to the top field across the world.

    as our nations are so creative we wll discover some thing even undiscovered,
    give us some peace you will see!

    and change your name.

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