ENTC to hold a public meeting in Washington DC next Sunday


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17 Responses

  1. Alemu says:

    LEBOCH!!! Who are they trying to fool? These same ppl were considered the new ethiopian elits. Most of them were womenizers, alcoholics, fake politicians, who were bleeding, looting and abusing Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the past 20 years with the same regime in power now. When they run out of money, power, and fame in Ethiopia, overnight they flip to become oppositions. Now they are trying to scam poor diasporas in the west. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  2. betty says:

    Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, his posted picture more express the way how he is demoralized, helling the date/day that he did a mistake, fooled, the alive & dead,… rather than a freedom fighters leader who is ready to show the world his accomplishments over tyrant TPLF lead government, the armed forces leader that is going to show us the destroyed, killed, captured TPLF military & properties, freed regions from TPLF strong hold, mobilized the people of ethiopia against TPLF tyranny, bla bla bla ………………………..

    As a student who studied many Chapters, As a politician who established many Chapters, As a rebel leader who is fighting Chapter by Chapter, participated in various wars & killed many TPLF militarily to name the list of wars & dead people it also require long Chapter.

    Nicknamed as:

    General Dr Chapter Eshetu, the leader of strong group ENTC & commander in chief of the gallant chapter armed forces.

  3. Ayenegam wey says:

    Ene ferahewachew enezihen sewoch. I think they are getting closer and closer to their ultimate plan, which is collecting money from the diaspora). They are a little behind from their fictitious plan of removing woyane from power in 6 months but they can definitely pull off their backup plan. The doctor had his eyes on the remittance that is going to Ethiopia. If he can somehow manage to tap into that resource, he will be able to recoup his loss. I suggest he also should get some motivational speakers to facilitate this.

  4. bendo says:

    What is the problem with those Doctors?

    Dr Birhaune promised the diaspora saying he only need dollar to change a gov. on 6 month and now it is 5 years nothing happen.

    Now another Dr comes and saying give me dollar i will change a gov. on six month and it is close to one year saying that.

    We are now expecting another Dr to come up saying he will change the gov. in 3 month other wise no more dollar

  5. Gundanam says:

    @bendo! You are simply Bando! Fisseha is not like Berhanu. He was a successful entrepreneur in Ethiopia. And a regime change is just like plan, wisdom, strategy and commitment Dr. Fisseha has all those qualities. On the other hand birhanu asked 500 dolar to grant a citizen for Ethiopians which is shame of the century. Btw Dr. Fisseha didn’t ask a money from any one. His movement is the only movement who has an office with full time workers.

    • ET says:

      ya you right Dr.Fisseha Eshetu president of Unity university was also successful in sleeping around with his young students at unity university in Addis Abeba.

      I wonder what the student get in return for sleeping with him? A+ grade? cash reward? fam?

      I wonder what he would do if he is given more power?

      am not opposing the movement, I am just not sure if he the right person to lead movement, I think he is ethically and morally wrong person.

  6. Yederg Lij says:

    I think nothing could be accomplished from failed individuals! for Ethiopia it doesn’t matter whether these failed individuals met, convene or else! our hope is from the young generation inside Ethiopia!

    In Ethiopia, if one plays politics, one must start from where one is known as a person & his/her integrityn to serve the community!

    The old days are gone & gone forever! ENTC meeting will be a wasting of resources as usual! though the Lame Boras are diminishing, there are some innocent Ethiopian who loves their country dealy & innocently!

    God bless Ethiopia!

  7. the truth says:

    “The Situation in Ethiopian deteriorating fast” … this must be a joke . This should only applies to the opposition movement . Ethiopia going forward ! EPRDF for ever !!

  8. Wondinet says:

    Mr. Fessam Eshetu. We have really bad memory over all the so called neftegna Doctors and Profesams. Wochu goooood? Where in hell are they going to establish that government? In Jemaica or Bermuda triangle? Are we all dead when they are biulding governmet in Ethiopia? Forget this left over the diaspora nonsense Politician,even they can include all the Addis Ababa Siltes and Egyptians in their association. Who really cares. Losers!

  9. Amare says:

    Sileshi Tilahun, enda ante aleke enda….last time seen u with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki ….u still seeking power…good lack to u…just don’t forget us

  10. sam says:

    i was one of his collage student .every student knew he slept with many girls but it is his right to slept with many girl and become z first politician who slept with countless young girls.

    • Ethio says:

      ya he has the right to do that in Etiopia had he done that in US he would”ve been in jail by, teachers are not supposed to have sexual relationship with their student.

  11. Teblets says:

    This Doctor is unexperienced political person. Those who stands with him are those who were orchestrating with Arbegnoch Ginbar for nothing but being be servant of Shaebia for source of diaspora revenue. specially, the one who is now the vice of Dr. Eshetu was working with Colonel Dejene as a representative of Arbegnoch in Asmara for 10 years. The other one is Elias kifle who is the admirer of dictator Isayas Afeworki till Shaebia fired them. So, the Doctor doesn’t know with whom to work. No one expects that a change will come by this failed people.

  12. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Journalist Activist, Aba Activist, Dr activist. I wonder what is next, YEACTIVIST ACTIVIST Haha I cant wait to see and lough at the continuous foolish deeds of this people!! May God bless them for creating real life COMEDIANS from all sorts of careers. Woo funny people!!

  13. fiker says:

    Why Ethiopia is not lucky? looks derg(mengistu) terrorist, meles-he and his followers control more than half of the countries resources…..We are not lucky to get a good leader but we are so ZEREGNA!!! how many Tigrians who

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