Prof. Mesfin: In Defense of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia


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45 Responses

  1. Yonas says:

    This old guy has been talking forever. For him to lead he has to blame everybody. He has done nothing his entire life except talking common sense. Leading a diverse nation like Ethiopia has never been easy. Professor, when are u gonna show us your theory in action?

    • Lemlem says:

      When your uncles with their rifles go away and leave governance to scholars.

      • Solomon says:

        @Lemlem: We have seen what your bullshit scholars can do to Ethiopia for many centuries. Ethiopia after so many misery years has been picked up from the abyss 20 years ago.

        • trim tril says:

          Solomon ahunim alteshalehim ende ? Kalhone esti tebel mokir. Woy yante neger ende sew fetro ende ensesisa yargih esti,, mechem atimemegn aybal maregn malet newa engdih

    • Alem says:

      Poor sleepy Yonas, it must be you just woke up. Go back to sleep, man. You have no business talking about theory and action. You need to ask your parents to teach you how to pay respects to your elders. It may be you are one of those mis-educated or under-educated fellow citizens. It could be you are still young and could catch-up in your delayed or disjointed schooling. But you have to work hard. Please find a good schools where they teach manners also. Bye.

    • Daniel says:

      ya…he spent most of his life talking worthless issues… i think this burns him inside and that is why he always blame everyone… it is time for him to keep silenlt and pray.

    • messdai says:

      yonas have an excellent point our country ethiopia have so many of talkers like this old man but fewer individuals those who can show us in practice, if you oppose this idea you are blind and self centered with a self serving agenda.

    • Solomon says:


      This lunatic, big time looser and out of date old man has nothing to show you except rubbish talk for almost 3 decades now. He is the most bankrupt, most desperate and most useless politician in Ethiopian history. When I saw his name I thought the news was about his death. But to my surprise this idiot never gives up to grab power at any cost and day dreams that few confused religion hooligans will do the dirty job for him.

    • Ermias says:


      You, and people like you, are the most ignorant creatures. You have the nerve to critisize the prof. He has been in the acedemia and fighting civil liberities most of his life,unlike some thugs who were running fill their bellies. Shame on you!

    • Samson says:

      May be you ,your father, and your family must tell what you contribute to Ethiopia? Nothing !!!
      Ziro !!! = 000000000

      you don’t have the moral to undermine this respected old man ! if you were in the school you begin to know Ethiopia geographically cause he provided !!

  2. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Why this man does not retire like graceful old Ethiopian men. He is just power monger. How nice could have been If the Wahabits could cut his head into piece.

  3. Habtamu S says:

    In my opinion any government in any country should check and to some extent intervene in religious matter cause religion is a bundle philosophy that may lead a serious mess when people interpret it and used for their own needs since a religion question mostly motivated by some elites to get political, economical and social power, no more no less. Any religions have a great collection of political, social and economical view and should be checked accordingly. And also any religion is for innocent believer it is a hop a great hop, and for ignorant it leads to kill and to be killed, and for religious leaders it is a business and a power, a great power. Thank you Professor and do not take serious of some individuals uncivilized opinion on you comes from their great, great, great ignorance. THANK YOU.

  4. yakume says:

    Prof Mesfin had never agreed with the previous Feudal, DERG regimes that he served, nor with TPLF, any Opposing political parties/groups, individuals/people at present time & will never agree with the future……………. Prof Mesfin is a man who disagreed everything with everybody & with himself.

    He talk, write, chat, chew the situations happened in Ethiopia by saying “… I had/have been there/committee/presenter/representative/shengo/party member/electorate……….during OAU establishment in addis/red terror/uprising/negotiation/war …. Never reached on agreement, Never solved any problems what he worked to solve with…, only just criticizing, blaming, interviewing, chewing, telling history/rumor/conflict/his presence/awareness of cases…..”

    What do generation got/learn/inherited from Professor Mesfin and those people alike him ???

    People like Prof Mesfin live long!

  5. teshome says:

    I have a few things to say to this human being named Mesfine w/mariam.
    This guy was playing with different cards in Ethiopian politics. He had a disruptive personality to serve the regime of the prince era and latter join the most dictator and brutal regime of Mengistu Hailmariam.
    There is nothing to compare it to, he still playing an evil political cards in his last leg. It is completely a highest degree of hypocrisy and a disturbing situation to see him fighting for freedom and democracy.
    He had a lot of blood in his hands, this guy doesn’t care if half of the population of Ethiopia wiped out. We knew very well, he didn’t say anything while tens and thousands of youngsters were killed in the era of terrorism, rather he was part of the problem and had his own share. It is completely a puzzle for me to see such a criminal leading a comfortable life in Addis. If I have my on way, I would love to live in a world where he doesn’t exist.

    Just to come the issue he raised, in he first place it is totally a moral blindness for him to talk about religion freedom. In last two regimes he was completely associated himself with their evil politics to suppress the Muslim religion in Ethiopia. In many of his article he was equating the Amharas with Christianity, in his non sense logic there is no Amhara Muslim.
    Now he is trying to point out that there is extremism mushrooming all over the world and Ethiopia is no different. We tell you Ethiopia is different, there is no place for extremism. Ethiopians were living with religious tolerance and anything which likely to dis-stabilized this balance, will definitely have unintended consequence Ethiopian couldn’t afford.
    So your presumption to leave alone the few in number Muslim Extremism without government interference is not correct but it is dangerous. This is rather mathematically calculated political goal which won’t benefit the Ethiopian people at large.
    It is completely disturbing to see too much politics into religion. It tends to raise many eye brows, when this garbage professor support Extremism in Ethiopia. This is one of the most bizarre stories ever told, I wish ‘professor’ paid a heavy price for it

  6. Hager says:

    This is a a brilliant analysis made by Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam. It is just bbrilliant Thanks for posting this awesome analysis by Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam. It gave a lot sense

    • messdai says:

      it is doublendard nothing but advantagious on the expence of the muslim movement,every body opposing the carrunt government will try to find ways of hyjacking the muslim legitimate question of conistitutional right.

  7. Getaneh says:

    I had respect for prof. Mesfin during the imperial era as I had been told that he was instrumental for publicizing first famine, as he wrote books about ethiopia/somalia border issues etc… However, his lack of understanding of Wahabist ideology from Mali to Somalia surprising. Wahabist not only against christians, they are aginst muslems who don’t subsribe to their interpertation. They ruined Mosques in Timbaktu historic city as they did in somalia. I don’t dwell on his article, but I consider him more of a political activist who writes for political gain than a critical intellectual who strives to search and illuminate light on the truth.

  8. Yederg Lij says:

    I wonder where the professor had been when muslims was denied every right to be muslims!

  9. zelalemawi says:

    Yonas, this is completely bully. If you have something to share different from Prof, put it on the table. Prof wrote what he thinks and believe. We can agree or disagree with him by putting our argument on the table. This is civility, otherwise throwing your vulgarity on the face of everybody reveals your immaturity.

  10. selamta says:

    The man who has been at it since emperor Haileslasi time and still seeking attention.I have a challenge for all you so called journalists to do a little research and inform your readers who this ppl are and what they used to be, in all fairness this mans generation has nothing to show for, but a troubled old age. the professor loves to spin anything that would give him the headline of the day…The challenge i mentioned above includes the so called opposition ,Berhanu nega and his g7 idiots ESAT fools and above all the educated fool and idiot Al mariam,….who are they what is their background? lets do our homework ppl.YOUR country deserves it.

  11. wondinet says:

    Pro. Where did you leave your friends Mengistu Neway and Germame Neway? Ha? Majuka and Majuka’s evil job which was honey (religion) covered poison is dead for ever! Wodqo menferaget memlalet endihonibachihu bicha?

  12. T.Goshu says:

    Commentator Yonas,
    Don’t you think it is possible and desirable just to critisze and even reject Professor Mesfin’s comment without being extremely disrespectful ? Do you really believe that this kind of very backward and harmful engagement is good to your own personality let alone in engaging ourselves in conversations on national issues? What is the use of unncessary and disgraceful expression such as ‘This old guy” ? Don’t you think that you are proving that you are in a very damaging state of mind? Is that the way you claim youreslf that you are part of the struggle to create a real sense of good citizenship? Dear Yonas,I have to tell you that you are not the only person who is struggling to minimize and control and/or get rid of the very harmful political culture we still found ourselves in. Almost all of us are still victims of the culture we desperately need to leave it behind ( in relative terms). Yes, it takes time and a lot of effort .But, it it will never happen if we do not make it happen. Let’s try our best and pass a better way of dealing with each other’s ideas to the generation to come including your children!!

    You say ” he has done nothing his entire life ….” Well, Professor Mesfin may have his own weakness as any human being including other renowned scholars . I want to say not only I have no problem with expressing strong criticism but it also has to be encouraged if any one tries to see the views of those scholars in a very critical ( not passive) manner as long as it is done in a sense of a cultured, civilized and mutual respect way.I do want to say that the naievly generalized statement of “he has done nothing …” is not only very deadly wrong but deadly damaging to your own power of reason/ratinale . Let’s try our best guys to get out of this very ugly way of conversation!!

    Have a great time buddy!1

  13. Habeshawi says:

    @Yekume, regardless of our political differences, let’s respect our elders

  14. teshome says:

    It is not just being disrespectful to label the professor የወረቀት ነብር. That is what yonas did.
    I share the idea with many of my friends that, mesfine w/mariam is irrelevant politically but not legally as a person.
    He is now living in a fantasy of politics, in fact there are two things that are more mystifying and hard to believe, professor Mesfin claims and other absurdity is T.Goshu and his likes action. Let me just say this, there are mistakes a kind you will learn, there are mistakes a kind that change your life for ever But the professor decided to live with his mistakes. I guess he is okay with that.
    I will tell you an old Abyssinian proverb that you probably heard it dozen times…ቂጥ ላይ ቁስል ያለው ውሽ በደምብ መጭህ አይችልም.
    Professor political life and story is no different.
    I’m guessing most of you have heard by now DC toxic politicians are starting to play a new version of political style, to bring religion into a mix of politics. Basically it looks like they are slapping a new coat of paint on everything. The hate-infected Diaspora politics has failed every where, now has no choice but hide itself in most basic and value institutes of the Ethiopia diaspora communities such as church, mosque and sports. The above garbage writing is not an exception of this futile exercise.
    Some people, considered Professor mesfin as a towering intellectual figure but others criticized him for not walking the talk of politics. I bet to take the latter opinion.
    Was the professor an asset to Ethiopian politics, is a good question to ask. T.Goshu and his likes, I would dearly love to convince you. But I will also not lose any breath and waste good idea of time and good number of brain cells to convince you about the merits of the argument.

  15. GOYTOM says:

    For Yonas,Teshome,Selamta,and Wondinet,

    Do you know what I did,I just went over to read a comment before reading what Prof Mesfin wrote about and to my surprise I read the comments of four of you,and I asked myself what did, I mean the Professuer wrote, and these bunch of guys complaining about,and then went back to read the article ,and to my surprise,I do not find anything wrong. You guys,are you sick or what? Did you read what the Prof.Mesfin worte about it,I do not think you did. If you did,you did not give that kinds of comment,if it was called a comment after all.Please read it now,okay?

  16. Yonas says:

    For those of u who think that I disrespected Professor Mesfin because I called him ‘this old guy’, sorry guys. For me, we are all disrespected only because we are always begging for bread. I firmly believe that people like Prof. Mesfin are the ones that lead this country to where it is right now. Not only him but his entire generation. They only brought shame and disgrace to this country and its people. Nothing more than that! If u wonder how, look at your self. We are all everywhere serving the white world. And still Prof. Is blaming his likes. They are all dictators, always stick around talking common sense. I am tired of these people. We deserve fresh ideas right now!

  17. slomon retta says:

    what a rotten ill wishing man

  18. Dimbilaal says:


    I don’t understand as to why everybody wants to shut the mouth of an elederly wise human being. After all he is only playing self serving politics just like everybody else.

    The idea that people wish him dead so that he may not be alive as to present his critical views and act as mirror for others really RAISES EYEBROWS. 🙂

  19. Tsehay says:


    I agree with you that we need to respect our elders. At the same time, elders also need to behave themselves as to earn that precious respect. Messing up with other peoples’life and expecting respect is total digrace!

    “Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.” ~Albert Camus 🙂

  20. Tariku says:

    Do you know this guy is orginaly from Tigray. Hi sgrand father was one of the hated people in yhe area and was banished by the neibourhood.They came and settled in showa. his family were the most segrigated. Thats why he hate tgreans. Nothing will cure him.

  21. T.Goshu says:

    Commentator Yonas,Teshome and ….,
    I sincerely tell you that letting your highly emotional and irrational feelings out is not a bad thing at all. It might be because of your not yet setteled or matured sentiments or because of falling in a very blind love with the tyrannical inner circle of the ruling Front . And I have to tell you that I do not hate or condemn your personalities as such because that kind thinking or state of mind make us inflamably emotipnal,terribly irrational, deeply naive , and above all deadly arrogant, and consequently miserably ignorant. It is because the moment we attack someone personally not his views/ideas, we have to admit that we are at the dead end of reasonable/rational and constructive thinking. And I strongly argue that we desperatelty need to work hard to minize if not get out of the very nasty and ugly way of conversation. I am not talking simply about the way we need to respond to Professor Mesfin’s views and his contribution he has made . I am talking about how loosing a sense of rationality, tolerance, accommoditiveness, constructiveness and mutual respect is extremely damaging and/or deadly not only to the betterment of a generation we want to see but also to our efforts to be good citizens at individual level; that is of course the search for all- rounded personalities that are absolutely necessary to succeed in bringing the genuine change we desperately aspire.

    Dear Yonas,Teshome and…, just calm down and think deep and big ! It is not abnormal to be caught by a highly inflamable emotions and rages . The most imortant thing is allowing the dust to settle down and come back to a very rational,respectful,tolerant , constructive way of thinking!!
    Take it easy folks! You will get get if you open your mind to points of view including those vehemently against yours .I wish human behaviors,interests, interactions and actions could be as simple as we wish to be. But,that is not the way it is! One thing that has to be very loud and clear is that there is no an endless tolerance to a sate of mind, ideology, political agenda and practice that are being carried on by a ruling elite which is not willing to respect very fundamental human liberty and dignity such as freedom of worship or religion. And I have to say that fighting for the prevalenceof those basic human rights should neither be compromized nor negotiated. Sadly enough, that is what we are witnessing in our country in this 21st century. So, think big !Do not allow your indpendent and constructive thinkings to be shot down by either small minds of ruling elites and their cronies or by any other “ulterior motives!! ”

    Let’s try our best to free ourselves from all kinds of evil-deriven way of thinking and doing things!
    I hope we will make it!
    Thanks gus! And have a good one!!

  22. Name (required) says:

    The article I read does in no way indicate an old fashioned outlook. It is basic common sense. The world has gone through the period of the crusades, the jihadist wars and too numerous other calamities due to religious conflicts. We are all human created in the image of the Lord. That Lord has different faces, and meaning to different people. Respecting each others religions and not trying to create religious clones is a tried and true principle that leads towards peace, prosperity and understanding between peoples, countries and the world at large.

  23. teshome says:

    Stating my opinion should or will not make me an irrational, immature and I refuse to go down to your level and make a personal attack. If you have any other more reliable source of information about professor Mesfin, then you stick to it but never question my integrity and honesty because I disagree with you. I thought you were a descent person who believe in disclosure but that was apparently impossible
    Of all things on earth How you came to defend Professor Mesfin political stand?
    The hate-infected Ethiopian politics is the cause and the result of People like professor mesfin.
    In one his speech I distinctly remembered why he said what he said about Emperor Haileselasie..” Haileselasie was already a rich man when he was born and he was raised to be richer” and on the contrary, he said” when TPLF officials set their foot on the streets of Addis, some twenty years ago, none of them had a spare pair of shoe”
    You see man, perception matters. you need to go beyond his idiot saying.
    What excuse you are hanging around?
    Is really the professor some who you need to defend? The old saying goes የማንትስን መገበሪያ የበላች ያስለፈልፋታል
    I am sick and tired of Diaspora politicians like you who is camped out in the jungles of DC burger bars with a remote control without batteries

    • Dawit ( Dawit Under ) says:

      Teshe Beratu ( Iron Man ),

      No offence mate but you seem too much stressed in a virtual world ; I can imagine the extent of your fragility in the real world.You can easily develop Heart Attack ( Acute Myocardial Infarction ). Life is too short , Take it easy !

  24. senai says:

    It is amazing - If you guys have any idea to share why don’t you sit and write and tells us your views rather than display your ignorance and low life. If you have skills (other than shooting or imprisoning innocent citizens) Show us the aspect (s) that you don’t agree with him, and why. Any way, whether Professor Mesfin had written about the ills of the racist regime or not - everyone knows that it is rotten to the core. And for sure (just like the other dictatorial regiems before it) sooner or later the Tigean People’s Liberation Front led government will be pushed to the dust bin of history. What most of us wish and pray is it will die its natural death without much dust.

  25. T.Goshu says:

    Hi Teshome,

    Take it easy and see you later!

  26. Kagnew says:

    Yonas, Teshome, Dimblal and co’s
    You are al useless idiots. “yegedel mamitowoch” Like it or not Prof Mesfin is a legend. He is the best of his kind social scientist who is simply trying to contribute his level best for his most loved country. He has illuminated our darkness throughout his life time. Ethiopia will erect its monument for him soon. It is not surprising if is a cause of headache to the ignorants and their masters. You shut up!!!

  27. Dimbilaal says:

    What are you talking about? First and foremost, please, please don’t mispell my beuautiful name which is “Dimbilaal” not “Dimbilal” as you put it. One “a” is missing and that means a lot. Second, I was actually defending your super hero against those who were surprised to find him still alive and kicking because they thought that he has already been looong dead.

    The idea people wished him dead raised my eyebrows in sympathy for the professor. And now that you came here to call me “yegedel mamitowoch” and collectively labeling us as useless idiots raises my eyebrows even triple times and puts me in bad mood for nothing.

    By the way what does your name, “kagnew” and the insult, “yegdel mamitowoch” mean? I know that there was an Americal military base in Eritrea known as “Kagnew” during the reign of King Haile Selassie.

    “He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher… or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.”
    ~Douglas Adams 🙂

  28. SeyoumHagosaseyoum says:

    You are true it is not only that Mesfin weldemarim is responsibility for the 63 Ministers and respected Ethiopian Generals of Ethiopia. Remember his president Mengistu Hailemariam says. Mesfin is a man that has no valu for any thing, he is the cheapest Human in Ethiopia .by the way can Mesfin be wiling to tell as who is his real Father and Mother, Is he ready to tell that he is the brother of the very respected Mr Zegie Weldemaim by Father and Mother?

  29. Meron says:

    This good-for-nothing professor has spent all his life without doing anything fruitful. What a retarded so called professor!

  30. Mario says:

    The professor joined Haileslassie, Derg…., but not the EPRDF! The reason there are Tigrian in the government ! He extremely hates Tigrian! He is one of the zeregna professors like Almariam,kassa…! Here they are losing for 38 years & still losing in every move they make!

    Imagine where the freedom fighters was 38 years ago? Imagine where they are now?

    The truth prevails all the time!

  31. Abdu says:

    Dear editor take care of the quality of your news media. I think you need to balance between freedom of expression and viloting the rights of others. Just a question; do we have ethiopian values that we share? If so, that has to also count in the media.

  32. Mario says:

    Just one question: what does Ethiopia benefit from this professor ? Just curious ! We know the EPRDFites inherited the poorest Ethiopia ever!
    I think the uneducated Tegadalai of Tigrai had done better than the professor!

    The likes if T.Goshu cried for freedom & democracy, but we reading them here being anti free speech..! This is a proof that the likes of T.Goshu have no freedom & democratic principles in them ! Just hate politics!

  33. Mario says:

    Abdu, the only thing we share with extremists politician is: we have one country! But we don’t share social , political,economical … Values ! Of course , we do have a common value with all Ethiopian in back home! That’s why we see Ethiopian fighting against poverty ! Don’t you think so?

    Even the journalist who should have serve us equally chose to be biased on what they edit on their web pages!

    Dawit , there is a very constructive discussions in ETV NEWS. Today, about corruption & the history of the struggle of Amaras who split from EPRP & joined the EPRF! There are a lot of constructive discussions going on ETV…!

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