Saudi Arabia arrests 53 Ethiopian Christians for prayer meeting


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17 Responses

  1. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Where is Teshome the Charlatan woyane who was defending islam? This is a prima facie evidence Islam does not recognize any other religion. Why Woyane keep quiet? If it was USA or UK citizen, Suadi Arabia would have been bombed by USA. But the Charlatan woyane did not even condemn this action. We apparently have government. What we have a group of aethist ( secular or Marxicist leninist ) who do not care about any Ethiopian except power. Down to woyane aka EPRDF and to all the crap oppositions who say nothing about this except fight who will take over arat kilo. Will the protest at white house tomorrow by Ethiopian muslims include the imprisonment of Ethiopian christains in the hell hole Saudi Arabia. The home of the devils or dragons or Leviathans. They will not even raise it because islam teaches torching other non-muslims.

  2. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    This is why I say islam is much worse than Satanism. I have never heard the people who follow Satanism aresting people for praying to God. It is not muslim the problem. It is islam. If a world III starts, it will be islam and Christians. Because the islam followers will start burning the Christians when they get chance. T

    • the great says:

      u dull mind how islam & muslim different ?rather than hating Muslim try to think & learn how religions live peacefully with harmony & with tolerance

  3. Yoni says:

    Lets see if The so called protesters in DC and their Egyptian Imam stand for the rights of those Ethiopian Christians arrested in Saudi 🙂

  4. Yoni says:


    Make it your duty to report and expose every INJUSTICES AGAINST CHRISTIAN ETHIOPIANS in any and every Muslim nations.

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Woyane is an islam slave. Woyane is held hostage by islam now. Woyane must have condemned and asked the citizens to be released. By Woyane did not even say a word yet. Woyane cadres like Teshome tell us there Christian terrorists so that they wanted to be called secular. Putting together two different things. Shame on woyane

  6. zelalemawi says:

    Islam wherever it is dominant religion, there is no tolerance for Christianity. Islam tolerates witchcraft, homosexuality, sex offenders… but there is no room for Christianity. I am always laughing when they claim “islam is peace”. If imprisoning, torture and killing of innocent Christians can be called “peaceful”… then even the devil can be called peaceful.

  7. eden says:

    Gezaee Hailemichae
    I guess you are not commenting under alcohol or drug infulence. Are you?
    I had been following your comments and you make rather two common errors. It is beyound rude to put all Muslims in one basket and secondly you are much unfamiliar to the doctrine of Islam yet you bring a gun with out knowing your enemies.
    Your comments are at all engaing. If you had brought fresh and challenging idea, It would have been my pleasure to explain my degree of diagreement with you. Any ways it is not reason enough to oppose islam doctrine and Muslim protesters beacuse the Saudi officials arrested Ethiopian Christain follwers, nor do I think you should be traped by the Toxic Daispora politicans.
    The issue you are talking about is very delicate one and you need to think twice before you put your fingers on your key board. Please know what and what not to say and do.
    Don’t you think this is ‘Aha’ moment????

  8. Hager says:

    too bad Saudi Arabia is the best ally of the US despite its Barbaric acts against humanity. I simply wonder when the Muslims rise their voice for their rights in the Democratic Western Christian Countries. U r right Gezaee, Islam is evil and we have to all fight this pandemic problem

  9. eden says:

    In tomorrow’s Muslim protest, if the Toxic Daispora politicians are coming into the mix, This is simple nothing BUT SPRITUAL CORRUPTION.
    If the Muslims allow the toxic Daispora to get the back seat role, it is totally a devastating situation, and there is no an ounce of doubt that there question is more of politics than religion. Well there is no problem asking political freedom but you need to strip off the mask you are in and present your case as clear and transpart as possible.
    Any thing to run politics in the name of religion is a disgrace and I don’t find an exact a word to discrib…BUT IT IS SIMPLEY A GROUP REGRESSION

  10. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear zelalemawi and Hager, you made my day; you are brave guys. Other Ethiopians Charlatans. They cannot tell the truth because they affraid offending muslims. I prefer Satanism than islam. Satanism followers do not touch any human being or commit any injustice. All they do is only do what gives them carnal pleasure. They never burn or kill or arrest or murder or stone any human. I repeat it is not muslims the problem. It is islam. Islam is evil. The muslims are educated, trained, and preached, indoctrinated to do evil to humanity; I could be like them if Christianitty was training and preaching us to kill muslims. But Christians respect the sanctity of life.

    About USA, USA is government a Satanic government too. They have what they called American interest. They can even go to bed with devil as long it serves their so called American interest. you can see even they never even learn from the 9/11. They giving weapon to Egypt, giving money to Egypt and doing business with the Arab Monsters Kings. Democracy is wushet only to advance their so called American value which is Americanism. I have Somalian muslim friends who lived 35 years in Saudi Arabia. Do u know what? they never treated them as humans and they never gave them resident permit after 35 years. These Somalians tell you now islam is an Arab cultural and political organisation. It has nothing to do with God. Ethiopian muslims do not know the evilness of Arabic islam. By the way Allah is deaf himself because he cannot hear any language except arabic and that is why every muslim is suppposed to Arabic and he or she cannnot translate it to its language. Islam is Arab imperialism, has nothing to do with God. Americans government is not different from them. The only difference is American government beheads people in a sophisticated way by beheading people their brain. Arabs cuts heads, hands, legs, stones or burn or murder. Americans murder , behead, cut, stone, burn people by burning, cutting, stoning our brain. VOA, peace corpes, American NGOS do this job. Arab and American governemnt are the same but they do their dirty job differently. We are Ethiopians; we never subscribe to any of them.

    Eden, Charlatan or Bogus EPRDF cadres you are. I hope one day the muslims will cut your head as you were in bed for money with the devils for the past 21 years. Woyane is now held hostage in addis by Arab and it cannot even denounce the imprisonment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Memot yamarat ayt yedmet afncha tashetalech is the right amharic proverb. Woyane, the ayt has been smelling the noses of the terrorists for their money.

  11. teshome says:

    Gezaee Hailemichael
    It is totally embarrassing to see you and I supporting the same government. I didn’t know EPRDF has such a low class supporter
    Please take a break, you are hunting every web site. Today is Saturday have some beer and relax with your significant other.
    By the way Let me ask you a kind question. Are you such a person in real life?

  12. Gezaee H. says:

    Teshome,we are galaxies apart and it will be waste of time talking to you. I also do not like reducing myself to your level. You need to find your bitie or your buddy. How did you know I am hunting websites unless you are doing the same? You need to find your buddy on the web who can insult you and call the sort of name you seeking to be called. I am sorry I do not call names and insult people or judge people as you do. This is my last comment to you. Thank you.

  13. Endegena Sahale Seged says:

    I am facinated to read all this,
    The demand of muslim ethiopians was to have there own elected religious leadership elected by them.
    The genocidal ethnocenteric TPLF government used it as always to creat fued with christian ethiopians on the one hand and present it as a radical muslim movement to western powers on the other to get more financial and military support. case closed.
    For you Askaries and hodam tplf supporters, the hate you spew among ethiopians did not work for the last 30 years and it won’t work now! your masters and the rest of you will see the ICC, until then enjoy your murder and distruction of ethiopians and ethiopia.
    As for Saudis and muslim radicalism or terrorism, we do not need to learn from a Police state led by TPLF who is a Terrorist organization itself.

  14. Meron says:

    Believe me, whenever Islam dominates, that is what will happen in Ethiopia. Islam doesn’t mean peace, rather it means submission (willingly or unwillingly). Islam is an ideology, and it has plan to dominate the world by converting every non-muslim (who are referred to as “EMENIES OF ALLAH” in the Quaran). The bottom line is, islam is not a religion of peace…that is not what Mohammad (PNUH)thought them.

    • Mahala says:

      Meron you are very right. It is actually written in the bible that Muslims and Christians will be against each other.

      They are the descendant of Ishmael, the son of Hagar, the maid of Abraha. Sarah the wife of Abraham did not have a child and she suggested for Abraham to sleep with maid and have a child. Abraham did sleep with maid Hagar. Hagar become pregnant and Hagar, by birth an Egytian become proud after being impregnated by Abraham. She looked down on her mistress Sarah. Sarah got jealous of Hagar and she treated very badly. Then God watched how she was treating Hagar. But Sarah did not stop there and she asked Abraham to chase her. Then they chased her out to nowhere. Hagar became homeless with the child Ismael. He was crying of hunger, thrist under a tree. God saw Hagar and Ismael. God came, and said, ” Hagar, Hagar, do not worry everything will be okay.” I will make your son a nation and he will hit the heads of the descendants of Sarah. What is written in the bible is happening one by one. Our Christian bible says God promised Ismael will be a nation. Today, muslims are carrying out completely underground mission called Jamat where muslims are engaged across the globe working day and night to convert the entire world into an islamic nation. I was surprised to find the agreement with what the muslims are doing underground and what our bible says. I do not think we can stop them. I have a friend who is working for the project called building an islamic nation. Their aim to make Europe, North America muslims nations and apply Sharia law. I could not believe myself to find a muslim who can tell me openly he is working towards this objective in North America. But it is truth. It is happening and it is a reality we cannot even stop it because God said it already they will be a nation. Sarah ill-treated Hagar and God rewards Hagar with her son becoming a nation.

  15. Karibu says:


    We do not hate muslims; no one said we hate muslims. We love muslims like everybody else. You wanted to use the muslims to get to Arat kilo? no, it will not work that. You are yekesere politicians. The TPLF you hate will rule Ethiopia for more decades and bring miracle to the Ethiopia you made the poor of poor, by then you will be dead and buried. The fact you jumped to religion to use it as getway to Arat kilo shows, you have no agenda of your own, you are like a wind and blows in every direction.

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