What should EPRDF’s transition plan (Metekakat) look like? (Amanuel Zeselam)


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13 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    This is just a chronic jealousy! The people needs the freedom fighters to stay around ! The people wanted Addisu & Bereket to come back work until the end of the GTP plan! These old freedom fighters have a lot of experiences to share to the new generation, therefore we the people want them to stay around ! They can prevent the Hyenas in a sheep skin! The old EPRDFites are the only one who know the tricks of the Hyenas in a sheep skin!

    The “Metekakat” is a process which will be completed with the GTP plan!

    In my opinion, there is a free press for these who follows the rule of law,but no freedom should be given to haters & haters soaked in a power greed!

    Eskinder Nega, said in his news paper, the people of Tigrai are cancer for Ethiopia , therefore, they must be destroyed like Hitler did to the Jewish! Are you telling us haters should use the free press as they like as they want? There shouldn’t be freedom for haters at any level!

    Sewoch babejut ager teqemteh sle freedom malqes yimechal aydel? Gin Ethiopia meswa’et bemtfelgbet gize ene Berhanu Negan chemro egrachew jerowochachewn eyeneku Ethiopian tilew Sudan deresu…!

    Take it easy Amanuel! I think the old freedom fighters should stay around to check everything is going according to plans! We expect them to be a CEOs of big government & private installations, Factories, Mega projects…!

    God bless the EPRDF!
    Death to power hungry politicians & haters!

  2. Jara Abba Gadaa says:

    Confused, Dying, Weak, Divided, Numbered days left regime to fall,… as those toxic people assessed, evaluated, designated, trashed, killed, buried & stood on the remains of EPRDF.

    Dead is dead, from those who fought & get ride of EPRDF; completing their struggle, recording history, transferring the best to the next generation, rebuilding Ethiopia & its nations is expected. No need to talk about the strength, weakness, confusion of the died & buried EPRDF. Of course untold stories of those Ethiopians who died, suffer, alive while fighting this tyrant TPLF lead regime is allowed & will have wide media coverage, place in the future Ethiopia without race, religion, political consideration.

    If EPRDF is Weak, Dying, Days left but not yet dead; talking about EPRDF’s confusing nature won’t help us or get ride of EPRDF.

    Who is Dead, Alive, Idiot ?

    *** the one who can’t win the weak, dying, days left to fall regime is; Dead ! , Idiot !

    *** the one who is talking, thinking, writing for weak/dying regime & waiting the regime to fall by itself, asking the oppressed people or other third party to fight, kill & bury ; Dead !, Idiot !

    Sorry to say that;For me who is

    *** Weak, Dying, Confused, Days left to fall, Non-Ethio is you toxic people in/out Ethiopia but not EPRDF. This is your untold story that am gonna telling you time & again.

    *** if you aren’t idiots; what the hell is that Dying EPRDF

    -» killing you
    -» make you bark/cry/mad/conflict/criticise each other
    -» chasing you all round; politics, religion, diplomacy, sanction, forced you to work with ethiopia enemies

    The people of Ethiopia don’t need your Propaganda, laugh at you & your nature but never think of supporting you toxic people. Try to talk, show after killing, burying & standing on remains of that tyrant EPRDF. Keep your idiotic behaviour, practice, extravaganza, illusion entertainment with you.

    Jara Abba Gadaa, Oromo UFO

    Served as Fighter,Founder, Leader in Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia (IFLO), Front for Independent Democratic Oromia (FIDO); &
    Journeying across Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, & the Continent for years in search of diplomatic support for Oromo struggle.

  3. teshome says:

    I am always confused. What type of magic Ethiopia you would like to have!!!!
    Don’t tell me Ethiopia was rich አይነት ተረተረት አታውራልን ወንድሚ
    As a supporters of EPRDF, we are more than happy of the process of passing the political torch to the young vibrant generations. Mind you we believe it is a process, so it will continue in the future. It is not something that should be wined up in one meeting.
    But if you are demanding all the aging members of EPRDF to leave the political space at once and for ever, is just simply an illusion that resides in the weakened opposition members. I tell you, you have no clue how EPRDF party operates.
    By the I didn’t like the way you confused red handed terrorist and criminals as journalists and politicians. So long as members of the opposition party leaders are not able to distinguished this very elementary knowledge of law, then they should be ready to pay a heave cost.
    Development vs relocating…You have a jaundiced view for this sensitive issue. Of course there could be some irregularities here and there during the process but if you are honest enough this is no the domain of the situation and please don’t capitalize the small things which hamper the development cos eventually the people, you and me are the beneficiaries

  4. Mario says:

    I think Some people who call themselves an opposition have another Ethiopia in their utopia , somewhere floating on the air! Ethiopian are working hard to change their lives , to help the GTP plan succeed & contributing from the little resources that they have for the renaissance Dam to happen! Others are scamming the hard earned money of the diaspora & use it for their lavish life style! We live here together & I don’t know why empty dream!

    The EPRDFites was there , they will be there building Ethiopia! Who is going to stop them? No one!

    We have heard so much fukera, gura,qererto….! But we haven’t seen anything for Ethiopia ! Hate never won anything & will never win anything!

    I wish the opposition have some thing better for us so they can be a choice for our country! But What they have is hate politics ! The opposition don’t even have a common interest! They can’t even sit in one round table! They don’t see eye to eye….!

    I think so far the EPRDFites are the choice ! They will lead Ethiopia at least for the next three decades!

    Ager be ayit Alefech dmet tedenaqefech lititedader atichilm !

    Take it easy & use the natural senses that God has given you properly!

    The dogs are still barking, but the Camel has kept on its own way scoring consecutive successes in our country, & keeping the power hungry politicians at bay!

  5. Atalaye says:

    Also, you can’t use an alleged minute (allege to have come from the PM’s office) as an evidence, because it is not authentic, else you have to provide an evidence otherwise!

  6. semeter says:

    It’s good, but what the writer couldn’t realize is that, EPRDF’s ‘metekakat’ is not to stop the oppositions from doing so, but it’s to transform the party to another level where the so called oppositions whith out any optional ideology could not reach.

  7. Tatek says:

    This is jungle politics with its roots planted in Dedebit. It has nothing to do with accountability to the people because the regime was not put in office by the people. The TPLF and their puppet figure head, Hailemariam Desalegn, know that they can’t win public office through the normal procedure of passing the ballot box test, no matter who their opponents are. That’s why ‘Metekakat’ is to be used. When one thief leaves due to illness, old age, death or incapacitation, another thief comes and keeps looting the country, thanks to the weak, fractured and divided opposition. Ethiopia is NOT a kingdom where specific family, party and/or group rule as they please. The question shouldn’t be about if or not Metekakat is good, it should be about how to get organized to delete the TPLF and its entourage out of office and replace it with an accountable, efficient, elected and transparent Government.

  8. Elias says:

    Eskander Nega is funded by Saudi Arabia and egypt the bold over weight rat

  9. Mario says:

    Tatek, so Derg was defeated by the jungle politics established in Dedebit? Kinijit , which is a collection of Doctors, engineers, professors… Was also defeated by the jungle politics established in Dedebit? Which means, these these all aren’t better than Dedebitian politics, that’s why they list & ran away to cry from afar! Kkkkkkkk yigermal!

    The EPRDFites deserves anything for freeing Ethiopia from the jaws of Hyenas! There will be no more Hyenas in a sheep skin in the Ethiopian politics! Every kilil will not allow the Hyenas in a sheep skin to play politics , therefore , these Hyenas in a sheep skin won’t have a chance to claim to the higher position ….! The only choice is to just cry from afar & use the innocent Ethiopian as a “lame bora” !

    It’s been 38 years since the struggle started & hate mongers has been the same for all these years, hate hate hate…,!

    No more Ethiopia being a back yard garden of few elites! Afar,Oromo, Tigrian, Somali, Amara… Are governing themselves! There is no way & no one can change this!

  10. Tatek says:

    Col. Mario, I am not a spokesperson of the dergue but claims that the TPLF defeated dergue are not only sheer lies but an insult to history. Even the dead parrot, Your Master Colonel Zenawi, never claimed his jungle serpents defeated the dergue. Dergue was defeated by fate———-the collapse of the Soviet union, US determination to undo an unfriendly regime in AA and its own crackdown on its bright stars, including his best trained Generals. Kinijit lost the war in its own terms while jostling for power, and letting the people down. But they unquestionably defeated the TPLF at the ballot box. But it was obvious that Zenawi held the election only to play a lip service to his Western Masters that his country was a democracy where people decided their fate at the ballot box——-while in reality he was not ready to step down no matter what. If you are in some stealing business with the TPLF wolves, keep robbing the people until your day comes. History tells crystal clear that NO one can prevent change from happening———Not flies like the TPLF any way.

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