Kenya Supreme Court upholds presidential election results; validates Kenyatta’s victory


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3 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    President Kenyatta
    Congratulation again!!!!!!!
    This could an open letter to you..
    Mr. President Do you know that Ethiopian and Somalian terrorists are mushrooming in your back yard? Particularly the Ethiopians terrorist are claiming to be opposition party members and others are claiming exiled cos of unfavorable political atmosphere. The rest are criminals who had a court warranted letter for arrest. But the bottom line is all the segment of these people had common denominator, they would like to dis-stabilize Ethiopia. To be an opposition party is one thing but to operate as terrorists and criminals is another thing. If you like to have evidences who these people were and are, we can provided you enough proof.
    Mr. President it is completely disheartening for Ethiopia and Ethiopians that Kenyans are hiding criminals in the name of not to violet Human right.
    So we kindly requested your new government to extradite all these criminals from A to Z to Ethiopian government and its people.
    You should no more allow Kenya, your beloved country to serve as a cave for Ethiopian criminals.
    I wish you all success in your endeavors. May God bless Kenya

  2. Ebtisam says:

    Open letter to Mr Teshome - The only terrorist force we know of in Ethiopia is the Tigrai Liberation Front which made any legitimate opposition to its hegemony a ‘terrorist’ act in our homeland. Our kind request to our Kenyan brothers, if any is to isolate and expose in international forums the Tigrai Liberation Front led tribalist regime in Ethiopia. And we know they will do it, because they know too well the ugly face of tribal politics in their country. May God help the innocent.

  3. aman says:

    Ebtisam or ebdysam kizz my u moron shintam

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