Tower in the Sky: A book about the ideal of a generation and the disappointment of multitudes


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44 Responses

  1. Woldu Tessema says:

    Iyasu alemayehu, Kiflu Tadsse and Girmachew Lemma could be responsible for the killings

  2. Sintayehu says:

    Thumbs Up Yared Tibebu

    • melash says:

      It is a wonderful critical comment from an insider. Thank you Yated. But, are you sure that Getachew was a poliburrau member? I thought that he was a central committee member only.

  3. Walelign says:

    We have to brought the killers of Getachew Maru to Justice. Some remnants of these killers are still alive here in the diaspora

    • Edmedeg says:

      Ayi Walelgn,Man feraj man tefaraj endemihon Egzer yiwok!Hulum beyederejaw ke tiyake ayamelyim.
      ” YEGEDELEW BALISH YEMOTEW WONDIMISH…HAZENISH KEIT ATTA KEBETISH ALWETA” endilu naw yegna neger. Endene endene like South Africa, let us have time/chance to take out all our sins/complaints and reconcile not to kill/die anymore!. God bless Ethiopian PEOPLE!!

  4. Solomon says:

    The three bloody and disgusting cancers of Ethiopia that never should have existed are MENGSTU H, EPRP and ERITREA.

    • ggg says:

      You forgot Weyane which is the worst of all.

    • HAQUE says:


  5. Alem says:

    Dear Yared,
    Don’t you say the author lost touch of the reality within which the story took place by writing in English and hence could not present her case to detractors and to the new generation? It is one of those ironies of history that EPRP’s disintegration came about because the leadership preferred secrecy and dictatorship over transparency and democratic practices; and now another “literary secrecy” takes place depriving the majority of their right to know the truth.

    • damtew says:

      Just translate it

    • Fana says:

      I second that, just translate it. It’s amazing that we always find something to complain about.

    • Haque says:

      Alem, partiality I agree with you this book should write in Amharic language so that many people should know about it & get better understanding. However, I believe that when the writer chose to write in English language clearly is not to to make it secret even If you think what she wrote is secrete it is already out their it is no more secret! I believe the intention of author decided to write in English, must be associated to let the rest the world know the politics of Africa, particularly Ethiopia during that time. I would like advise the author that allowed or give an opportunity for individuals who like or has interest to translate the book because obviously not all people know or understand English language.

    • A.M says:

      Dear Alem,
      Don’t you think there are already plenty of literary texts that are written in Amharic? I think the writer’s choice to use English will undoubtedly help us to be placed on the map of world literature. Besides, the rest of the world has also a right to know about what happened in the then Ethiopia?

  6. Lubak says:

    Hiwot has done justice to Ya Tewuled. I read the book. I cried. The book is not only Hiwot’s hiwot, it is also my hiwot and the hiwot of millions. Hiwot is an amazing women. I suggest to Hiwot, To allow the translation of the book in local languages. Hiwot you are truly the role model for dedication, eternal love and sacrifices.

  7. Tilahun says:

    Where can I buy the book ? I have a lost uncle from that generation. Perhaps I may find a bit of news on this book about him.

    • Gedib says:

      I can’t agree less with you in how you described the book. I have read many books related to EPRP, none can come closer to Tower In The Sky. I hope Hiwot’s courage will pave a way for other prominent figures of the party to tell their side of story. After almost 30 something years, authors should seize using pseudo names. It tells me nothing less than they are yet in hiding partially. I have heard so many justifications as to why, but, how long is this argument valid for?

      • melash says:

        You are simply naive to expect real names. It was not a drama that was acted. Innocent people were tortured and killed for nothing. We hear that a few are still paying prices for what they have done.

  8. Germame Neway says:

    I have not read the book. But Yared Tibebu’s review is a disservice to paint the book to fit his treasonous and treacherous political life against that selfless and patriotic generation by scapegoating and employing salami-tactic quoting selectively. As there are, even today, holocaust deniers in the face of tons of evidence, there will be EPRP demonizers and war criminals the name EPRP itself is a spectre which haunts them as long as they live which Yared Tibebu of the world attempt to justify or rationalize by method of deconstruction of history as a validation of their treachery.If the book contribute to the history of that gallant generation it is a credit to Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet which Yared Tibebu abandoned long time ago when he joined tplf/eplf duo strategic political interest by promoting divisive politics wherever and whenever opportunity arises. As it is indicated the author never abandoned the spirit and vision of that revolutionary generation. God bless her!!! To use her as a stick to denounce the EPRP AND ITS VALIANT LEADERS WILL NEVER SUCCEDED EXCEPT TO ONCE MORE INVITE THE IRE OF THE Ethiopian PEOPLE. THE DAY OF RECKONIONG IS NEAR!!!

  9. Tagash says:

    Thank you Hiwot, a jewel, from that dynamic generation, a generation that did not fare well, to say the least. It is a blessing you survived to tell the story. A story that is as fresh and as bitter today as it was 30 some years ago. A story that needs to be told again and again, a story that will be a great lesson, for the present and future generations, as to NOT to repeat the mistakes of that dynamic generation and to emphatically say NEVER EVER AGAIN… and for us, a story that might someday give us closure, that might help us heal our aching heart. But in a way I believe that our wounded heart should never heal, for I feel we would be abandoning those dynamic friends and comrades, such as Getachew Maru, Azeb and multitude others. Hiwot I have known you in person during those tumultuous years and hopefully someday I will find you and give you a big hug and tell you how thankful I am, from the bottom of my heart.

    • Edmedeg Assayen says:

      Dear Tagash, I do share your comments on those youth days! It is always live deep in our hearts the song of freedom of all people regardless of color, race, ethnic roots,…. what a blessed generation despite all the intrigues,sabotages,evil spirited deeds!!!!! God blessand RIP all our Comrades who gave their lives for noble ideals!!

  10. worede melaku says:

    dear yared you are great as usual.this a book that can give us a clear picture for those including my self as members and sympathizers who were neglected to know why eprp and epra failed.pls post the address of the author or publishers of the book to contact and buy.thank you.

  11. mamo says:

    The book is in the process of translatiom to Amharic, soon it will be in the market. I don’t think there is any literacy secrecy” as you explained it above. Let’s encourage people like Hiwot to mark the foot steps of history.

  12. yared says:

    The greatness and kindness of the Amhara people will forever prevail, jealeous weyane leaders will burn alive and in hell trying to digest that ! hahahahahahahaha………….

  13. Yalfal says:

    Dear Yared Tibebu, Tank you for your review. I haven’t read the Hiwot’s book yet but as a kercele prisoner with Hiwot and others One thing that makes us unique is we had a time to pause and look at things in different look at history as it is with it’s own faults and errors. one way or another an irreversible damage was done compromise and dialog, tolerance was unthinkable. yes so money brilliant young mined perished and demoralized by durge but it change the countries politics from durg to EPDRf. thank you Hiwot I will expect more from you about Kercele’s women prison(sethoch bête) keep it up ayenuka!

  14. Asres says:

    Kudos to you my sister! You have unearthed precious untouchables from the dead. Stories of valour, passion, dedication & heartaches of a generation. All of this might have been thrown into the dust bins of history. Hiwot, You touched nerves suppressed deep in memory lanes & resonated with multitudes! I happened to be one directed by “Belay Akal” to prepare ground for ” yeterazeme getter titk tigel” before the
    “Belay Akal” turned corners and embarked on a dangerous path to the abyss. When the Derg unleashed sheer terror on the whole country and the party, I felt exactly the same as Getacew Maru did, not connected in any way whatsoever to Getachew. Had the “belay akal” opened discussion on the diverging polo local lines,, we would have been spared the calamity befallen us. I still feel guilty to this day telling myself at the time, that the “Belay Akal” deserved the “Great Debacle” Beketema., because it was the beginning of the end. Armageddo!
    Thank you so much, Hiwot. I wish and hope you feel a little bit more free today.

    • Askale says:

      I have read the ‘Tower’ and it is my view that only Hiwot could have written that book. ‘Tower’ is a powerful book not because it is a descriptive narrative of suffering. Hiwot has the language to bring it into life. Why she is able to do so, one has to see the books she reads. She says that she has the capacity to suffer - a classic introvert tragic creative, a trait she shares with her boyfriend. I don’t know Hiwot, the last time I saw Getachew was 1971. But, ‘Tower’ is not a book about Hiwot or Getachew; it is about the meaning of a historical experience. Hiwot, I can’t wait until your 2nd book. Thank you.

    • Edmedeg says:

      I do share your idea. Thre is always room for venting our deep burried tormenting regrets!

  15. Gushe Abera says:

    Dawit, what happened to the comment I posted a week ago. Have you omitted it because of my personal opinion about the vey heinous figure aka Yared Tibebu. Is that what a “moderation” is? Wasn’t you complaining out loud abou freedom of expression not long ago? Was all that crying foul? What you are doing is very nauseating and disgusting. It shouldn’t be up to you weather I am critical or not regarding this pseudo politician. I for one was appalled to hear him bluffing in favor of Birket (mebrahatu) not long ago when the tyrant Zenawi passed away. By just looking how you are conducting your business one can determine that you are the other side of the coin. Birds of the same feather flock together as the saying goes. The good thing is woyane is in its last breath and on death bed. Once peace and democratization is restored you and your like traitors will beg forgiveness from the whole hearted people of Ethiopia. What a shame Dawit you have tarnished the respect you had from all of us.

  16. JahLove says:

    Can anybody tell where can I buy the soft or hard copy of the book in overseas?

  17. Berhane says:

    Tower in the sky and Yared’s sympathy to it are historical revisionism at its best. I am perplexed even to this day that there are people who blatantly want to paint this terrorist organization with gold. EPRP was nothing but a thuggish-Trojan horse for the EPLF. EPRP is best known for unleashing urban terrorism out of the blue sky in the early days of the revolution, a strategy that was designed by EPLF to complete its journey towards capturing Asmara. After all EPRP played dearly on the Ethiopian youth, preached mao-socilaism as a cover ideology and used the youth to disperse its propaganda leaflets and carry out mercenary activities. The urban youth that were shepherded into the arms of EPRP were held with a do not ask do not tell mafia chain of order. Eprp used the Ethiopian use as a cover to give the party an image of popularity while in actual fact it was led by a few power monger mafiosi.The damage was almost complete and the gallant Eprp foot soldiers perished. It is really painful to hear of Eprp in these days, which was nothing but the reincarnation of evil.

    • Hassan says:

      The problem with that era, was that the DERG was not distinguishing between members of EPRP , Royal loyalists, Capitalists etc., I descent from a family loyal to the King , yet, I had to flee for fear of my life.

    • Ewntu says:

      Berhane, I don’t want to say or I am not trying to refute about your accusation on EPRP because you just preaching hate but not reasons based on facts, it will be wasting time,if I try to refute your opinions word by word because your arrogancey covered your conscious beyond the limit you are blind to see the truth or to tell the facts. Please educate yourself before you even come forward and trying to involved in high level discussion forms!

  18. Hassan says:

    I am one of the victims of the DERG , I had to flee Addis ababa and save my life. betam yemiasazen zemen nebere.

  19. kidist says:

    i heard about the book in “sheger cafe” while Meaza talks to DR Dagnachew about the book …….what i saw beyond their discusson is a big generation gap and we need to follow their foor steps

  20. Azmach says:

    As far as i & my generation has learned from what was going on when we were under 10 years old kids. The Generation that was in the teens at the end of 50’s & in 60’s was the selfless generation Ethiopia/Eritrea ever had. Specially ELF,EPLF ,TPLF,EPRP & Meison will be the leading may be the only organizations of that Generation.the huge reason for their failure will always remain at the hand of their ” power greed” leaders. As of dergu it a gang of angry people who wanted to avenge every one who they think was better than them.

  21. Jambo says:

    HIWOT, please reprint the second edition, b/s most of us lost the book through out Addis.

  22. Ab says:

    BeZa bilo lemin copy ayderegm yetatemew lebeteseb bicha new mimeslew,beza lay english lemanarifew amharic version binorew arif new!!!

  23. Ewntu says:

    Awramba, Please don’t stop people opinions from being posted on your web site board just because you don’t like it. I believe & you believe too in free press in free speech & people rights for their free opinions. I noticed that you have discarded some of our opinion’s from being posted! It is not fair you cry every day about free press! however, we haven’t see your fairness by giving equal rights for every one regardless oft their unique opinion’s from others we should be judge by the people not By Awramba! In short my reply to Grmame Neway hijack by you why? I don’t know is that because I labeled him or giving him name that he deserved! We,the generation of that time we paid the ultimate sacrifice to bring better Ethiopia as we know our self better than any one we wouldn’t allowed no one who specially those who don’t have any knowledge what so ever about the history of the time coming forward to defame us!!

  24. dejene says:

    Thank you Yared
    It is so sad that we lost so many brilliant
    young Ethiopians, and here we are. Now let us just concentrate on the common enemy.

  25. Mes says:

    It is surprising the we human beings are not learning from the previous mistakes. now look the situation in our country, even if it is better that Derg regime the killing and imprisonment of citizens continue who have different thinking. The book clearly put for me the personalities in power right now, who are dictator in nature. After all the main leaders in power are the leftover of that amazing generation. To speak my heart; I admire their commitment and dedication, like the writer…Hiwot, what she and her fellow comrades do for their belief. But incredibly I don’t understand how an educated comrades believe and started bloodcurdling in the country. They were thinking the power nothing else!

    The other thing is even if you are educated you were not allowed to question the decisions of the leaders…then I ask my self that if this group were in power what will be the fate of the country. This one is answered by the current govn’t which does its cruel thinking underground.

    Finally I would like to thank Hiwot for sharing the experience of her life, which frankly speaking I don’t want to end. I want to know more of her life…what have happened after her release? where is she now? Did she have children (I imagine the love she had and have for Getachew Maru) which may be difficult for her to approach other man. I would love if she have at least one beautiful girl like her.

  26. Selamawit says:

    Tower in the sky is an amazing story. An eye opener.
    What the EPRP leaders have done to the generation is now coming out.
    Please read a new book that just came out and that exposes the what is done to a lot of young people who joined the revolution against the Derg but lost their lives by the hands of their leaders.
    the book is : Motherland! (Amharic Edition)
    by Ayalew Mergiyaw

    The book is in memory of all revolutionaries and patriotic forces and individuals of the motherland who lost their lives fighting against external enemies and their home- grown collaborators (the communist military junta/derg, Shabia/EPLF, woyane/TPLF, MeIson and Ihapa/EPRP leaders in the 70s, 80s, to late 90s) while safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their motherland and protecting its people.


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