Post Meles Ethiopia: Ethio-Eritrea, Land Grab, Amhara Ethnic Displacement and Abay Dam


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153 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    The main issue has been and will be the question of democracy. The issue has never been about your hero Meles Zenawi. It has never been about the dam. It has never been about Eretria. It is not really about inhumane treatment of Amharas. The main issue has always been about DEMOCRAY.
    The rest is really your own personal issue. You can love hate or Meles Zenawi or even the new prime minister that was handpicked by Meles Zenawi if we care. You can hate Abebe Gelaw all you want. You can love Meles Zenawi because of how he was treated by Abebe Gelaw.
    If you are sincere enough you will hold the simple truce of the lack of basic human rights and the simplest rule of the law than How Great Your Leader is ? Are you really an Ethiopian?

    • ali says:

      He is not real Ethiopian, otherwise he wouldn’t have loved the late dictator who committed a lot of crimes against Eritrea, Gambella, Ogaden, Somalia, etc… hope he is burning in hell…

      • Ato says:

        Ali, so a real Ethiopian by your definition is who support Abebe Gelaw. Who supports Meles is not real Ethiopian. Well, I love Ethiopia and I respect Meles Zenawi for all his contribution. Honest Ethiopian loved Melese. Only people who are less brilliant and and people work for Egypt do not like Meles.

      • Ato says:

        You are Eritrean you have no business here. Parasite

        • ayda says:

          Ato do you think 100% ethiopians like woyane, meles and each other. I never know when the ormos, were happy with the amharas and the woyanes hate all other ethinks in Ethiopia. the woaynes call amrahars as ” NefteGna”. they diminsh their right and role as citizens of Ethiopia. the woyanes hate every oen in Ethiopia, becayuse they thing Ethiopia was only tigray, Begmder, Wollo an. the rest is coloial powers land given to Ethiopia. The amaharas hate the tigray because they call them qimalam . So ali can be Ethiopian but from woloo, tigray, Ogaden or Oromo. Even the muslim tigray . so why is he to be only Eritrean. for Eritreans all Ethiopians are the same and the worst are the tegaru woyanes.

          so you do not have any argument here for ali to oppose. He does not like Woaynes and Meles included only for the crimes they commited against the Ethiopian people, the Ogadenese, the Ormos, the amharas( who are not been evicted from their mother land soil, do the woyanes beleive amharas have to live on the Air).

        • ali says:


          …Parasites are people like you who claim something that doesn’t belong to them. We Eritreans said, for the last 50 years or so, leave us alone as we don’t have nothing to do with a country called Ethiopia, a country that begs food year after to feed it’s people. Go and refer Oxford dictionary the meaning of “famine”.

          Yes, I have business here as you are claiming 2/3 of my territory. Of course it is a dream and you have the right to dream.

          • Challenger says:

            Ali well said!

          • asmarino says:

            You are one of approx. 5milion. I am also one of them and therefore i have also business here. And i say we have something to do with our ethiopian brothers and sisters. You say your opinion but dont speak for all.
            To have an indipendent piece of land doesnt mean freedom for the people like you see now. And everyone knows that the seperation was intenden to creat a situation like happened with india and pakistan (to make eritrea a muslim state). This doesnt stop till now like happened few month ago to topple the goverment by muslim generals.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr. Jean - you question the Ethiopian-ness of another person with a different opinion to that filthy one of yours and you pretend to be a human right guru. What a hypocrite of the highest order! You are so fraud that you even hate to use an Ethiopian name. Your name Jean reminds me that fake Al Mariam who wanna be Al Gore in stead of his Habesha name Alemayehu Gebremariam. Ethiopia and Eritrea are in deep poverty shit thanks to superficial elites like you. All you have to offer to the millions of poor people is lip service and fake democracy/human rights bullshit talks. While your nonsense 24/7 talk over the internet is of no use, building the Abay dam will lift millions out of deep poverty. Beating poverty is the most effective means of respecting human rights. And for the record, Meles and his party EPRDF are the best ever human right respecters Ethiopia ever had in its 3000 years history. God forbid if the likes you come to power all progress that has been gained over the past 20 years will be lost. Ethiopia is on the right track and it will gradually but surely prevail. The west did not build democracy overnight and backward Ethiopia, thanks to the bloody stone heads like you, should not be expected to do otherwise.

      • Garo says:

        What happens to the dam when other regions in Ethiopia where most of the water comes from start using it for their own benefits? Abay that leaves lake Tana from the North contributes only six percent of the water by volume to the Blue Nile? Are we going to say people of the south don’t have the right to their rivers?

        • Supernova says:

          Garo, the Dam belongs to all Ethiopia. That does not belong to south or north or any ethnic. It is common property. I smell you as Shabia. How would an Ethiopian asks this question?

          • Garo says:

            No it does not. The way it is being set up,it belongs to the TPLF. But what I am saying is if the people of Diddessa area want to use the water for their farm, or the people of Dabana area start aggro industry and want to use their water do they have to ask for permission? or their right to their water ends when the dam is built? This is where the problem is. It is easy for you to say all Ethiopia but reality says something else. I think the dam has some issues to solve because the people will see for whose benefit this dam is being built.If at all it is built.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Jean,

      Thank your for the comment. I am Ethiopian be assured. My Ethiopianness is not conditional, it is not negoitiable with anyone. It is my right by birth, history, blood,… There are 94 million people in Ethiopia, there is no words or phrase or sentence or thinking or opinion or … that makes them Ethiopian or unEthiopian. About democracy? There has never been democracy imported in Ethiopia. Democracy must evolve from within in Ethiopia. We do not want democracy as a package imported from outside. It must be organic to Ethiopia. We do not want democracy made in America or Europe. We have to adopt things which relevant to our context. I did not say I hate Mr. Abebe Gelaw. I do not hate anyone and I have no enemy either. If you believe what he has done is right. You are entitled to support that. But I will tell you wrong is wrong and right is right. You can talk democracy just to advance only interest. If you have democratic values, then practice them, do not peach them then people will see your practice , but not your preaching.

      • axumawe says:

        Hi mr Gezaee
        1st i want to say that (tota yeraswan kit satay blela kit teskalech)you know what i mean, about spelling.
        next i totaly agree with you, on the counsept of democracy in Ethiopia. b/c Ethiopia is emerging from semai feudal society, in order to Emplment fool & democratic rule in our society,our people have to have the knowledge & interprtetion of what realy democratic society meant.
        for example.
        1st respect & understand of other peoples vew with out any prejdious.
        2nd beliving on the fandamental human right & equlity of people.
        3rd respecting other peoples,relgion,political view,languge junder,ethinic back ground & history.
        4th the true meaning of unity & coppration among nations,regions,traibes and so on.
        as you know we Ethiopians are a collection of tribes & ethnic groups of many, not like any Europian, Asians,or like the Americans.
        based on this fact Ethiopian democracy is not going to be like any other countries in the world.this is fact but look at the Ethiopian (EPRDF) heaters.
        HUMAN RIGHT GROUPS and all others they tried to protered our internal problem as a political weakness of our government.don’t miss understud me her, i am not saying EPRDF is perfect but based on the past Ethiopian rullers this party is traing to do the wright thing for our nation.and they are doing a superb job.
        We as the people, if we did our job & responsiblity pewrley & honestly with out any hieden political ajenda,yes we can change the governments attitude towards his citezns.we the people needs to be more matured,intelictuals.wich means common goal,unity,cearing for each other, above all that is who we are as Ethiopians.
        Ethiopiiawent means,love,unity,cearing for each other helping each other,defending our nation together,working hard to eliveat our nation from poverty together respecting each othere and so on.then the real democratic rull well be emplemented it selfe.this is my opinion.
        what is yours ?
        The other comment you respond is about the desplacment of amhras from benshangul. no matter what,wich ethnic group is desplaced it is wrong period.
        as you say the government needs to have law,in this matter pm meles responded in the caes of gomez & mp haile mariam responded on the matter of benshangul.
        the respond with both pms is presaiss.
        you can watch it. it is on you tube.
        as i say, it is each individuals responsiblity. but as the pms say some groups & political partys they are using it for thier political gain specialy the daiasporas out side of the country to be spesific like ESAT,G7 HUMAN RIGHT WATCH DOG AND SO ON,this is why i say we are in a semi feudal mentality as Ethiopians we have long way to go to emplement western democracy in a semi fewdal society,it is my opinion.but the country is in the wright direction with for full force democracy.
        Ones we emplement education,technology
        industrey,helthe and so on our peoples shychological thinking well change & that is what we need.& that is my personal blive.

      • Jean says:

        Dear Sir you do not deserve a rely but I will makeone exeption.
        If I understand you correctly you are admiting that there is NO DEMOCRACY ( importd or homegroun) in Ethiopia?
        If so the essue of Eritria, the Amhara setlers forcedfull eviction, the Ogaden, the Oromo the Muslem issue, the Zenawi “legacy”, the reporters like Nega, Reot, the TPLF 95% economic monopoly, are all tide to lack of “imported democracy”.
        The case of Abebe Gelaw is eating blind cadres and some what facke cadres like you alive. What yuo keep forgetting is that if all suppresed ( because of lack of “import/homegroun DEMOCRACY)Ethiopianshada chance they would have done the same or even worth theywould have punished him rigt there on the stage. it is simply the case of a suffocated poeple releasing the pressure and the dictator who have never heard of democracy in action. by the way what happened to the poor Agazi Zenawi “legacy” assingned to murder Abebe Gelaw?
        As for the rest of uncivilized backward siber bully little Weyanes I do not read or respond to your little minded, responses. they are iether perssenal attack or just silly rubish that does not belong on the web.

        • Gezaee H. says:

          Dear Jean,

          Thank you for the exception; Kakaka, no one insulted you. You are the one who is insulting people. I do not believe you know any democracy apart from preaching about it. I see you right here violating people’s rights and robbing their dignity? It sounds democracy means Mr. Jeans interest only. you have to respect people and then win thier heart, mind to follow your ideology. But from the way I see you do not have one. As I said already. Democracy is differs from place. The American democracy is different from Canadian Democracy, Finish or Danes, Swedes, Norwegian or Irish or … democracies. I am saying we do not need democracy to be imported from America or Europe packed with other external things. I am not Cadres, but if I am you must respect me as a cadre and you must use your power or reasons to follow you. You must respect people whatever they follow and do. You can not insult, intimidate, scare people who do not agree with you? you will never advance your agenda. You must know I have a right to be a cadres if I choose. You must not attack cadres for who they are. It will backfire on will not serve your democracy idea. Practice democracy right from here. Otherwise, it will not make sense. Democracy must be cultivated, farmed in Ethiopia. We do not want democracy to be imported to Ethiopia like wheats in a sack. Where you like it or not, EPRDF is doing very well; Much better than even before.
          Democracy is not chaos, lawlessness, Anarchy, democracy is about the rule of law and respect of all people. I hope Genuine democracy will be cultivated and grown in Ethiopia organically without any manipulation by mercenaries like you. To make you happy more, I am prefer to make change in Ethiopia by communicating with EPRDF in a civilized manner than by visiting foreign embassies and scaring people.

      • Gedlu says:

        You are really ignorant. You think Economics is the only driving force that ertirea fought for its freedom. You think Eritrea would be better off economially if it relinquished its soveriegnty to Ethioipia. Well, Ironically Ethiopian government thnks it will be better off by selling its land to foreign investors but you aren’t ok with that. secondly, if Eritrea was truely part of Ethiopia, how come Ethiopia never fought off the Italians to prevent them from colonizing eritrea. Howcome Ethiopia never challanged the Ottoman Empire from occupying part of Eritrea for many years or the egyptians from taking control of it in 19th century. While Eritrea and norhtern Ethiopians are the same people and will always be bound by blood and culture, Eritrea has fought a long battle to earn independence and have already solidified their identity as a separate nation.
        However, this doesnt mean that we can’t come together and strengthen our bond. If we normalize relations we can build on an already existing historical and cultural bond to strenthen our economy for our mutual benefit. Eritrea would make a much better economic partner with respect to access to port and market than Djibouti or Kenya. You can even visit Messawa for vacation and enjoy a stroll in the beautiful streets of Asmara.
        Furthermore, if you plan on advancing this idea of democracy in Ethiopia, we need to address the historical injustice that haunts us. Ethiopia has been defined in the past by norhtern Ethiopia(mostly Amhara and Tigray to some extent) and their history. it completely ignores the plight and struggles of the Oromo; the Somali or even the Muslims. We need to reassess an identity of Ethiopia that is inclusive so that a somali whose parents might have been victims of human right abuse; a muslim whose ansestors couldnt own land and live as they wish; an oromo who was discriminated against in the past or the Amhara of today whose parents might have been disposssesed of their land can ALL STILL BE PROUD TO BE ETHIOPIANS. And we can only get there by pushing ourselves out of a comfortable and fantastical view of ethioipia and also embrace the ugly past. It takes nothing less than a complete reassessment of our history and taking a true look at ourselves for us to be a viable democracy regardless of any economic growth.

      • Ben says:

        Wayane’s hidden agenda against Eritrea is now unraveling and Eritreans are becoming one again. Now you are trying to claim Eritrea. I consider this as hopeless propaganda. The truth is Eritreans will not be an instrument of woyane. Any quarrel between Eritreans will be solved in the family and those who do not understand that truth will go far but inevitably will return after they learned they are in the wrong side. Awet Weldemichal who had access to the highest authorities in Ethiopia is one. Others will follow. As to your oxymoron argument they are appropriate for a tigrean derg cadere in Eritrea who was given amnesty by Eritreans and left Eritrea peacefully.

      • T says:

        You or your leader love to import all kind of laws to suppress the mass (your beloved Ethiopians), I seems that it doesn’t bother you. Don’t you think it’s arrogance???

    • Ato says:

      Do you know what a democracy is? You have no idea what democracy is all about. Do me a favour read all the worlds democratic countries history first then try to define our own only then.

      There is one Sun, but a summer compare a February I Sudan and February in Alaska

    • lemagne beyene says:

      I don’t know why people back home worried about food, electricity and water instead of freedom?

      The people in ethiopia are backward thinking the don’t know there true hero. We are fighting here to give them freedom but they talk about abay dam and food.

      What is wrong with them? Me and Abebe gelaw are scarifying our valuable time staying in five star hotels and travelling in first class flights touring the world and doing meetings in hotels and collecting money.
      What else ethiopian want? why are people in addis comes out to demonstrate supporting us?

      I would have chosen to be a servant to alamudi and become more richer than now instead of become only millioner with collection money by lying in every meeting.
      so people forget meles who is dead working for all his life for his country and choose birhaune who is leaving in the forest of Penslavania for the sake of poor ethiopians.

  2. SABA says:

    well tought and I agree with you most part of your written but disagre about Eritrea should be part of Ethiopia.

    It would be best for both countries to work out for the best of the people, as you said Eritrea needs ethiopian consumer for Goods and Services. For your info Eritrean are now over 6m. not 4 as you stated.

    • Gezaee says:

      Thank you Saba. Saba, my opinion is on unity is not based on meanness towards Eritrean. In my opinion, there is no benefit both people to live like this. People need to work, live, go to school, prosper and live in peace. Our people cannot afford to live like this. It is not sustainable and beneficial to either side. I am not saying Eritreans has to be forced. Think about positively

      • Ato says:


        Good article I do agree with your opinion. The only point I wish to make is that the unity of Eritrea.

        The Eritrean case should be left for themselves. The people of Eritrea should believe first and for most they are Ethiopian. Only then they should claim the Ethiopia ness. They ought to claim for it. As long as they do not believe it doesn’t benefit either country so they should be left alone. Ethiopia should not waste time about Eritrea, rather Ethiopia must take every step of the way to solidify the relation with Djibouti stronger. Remember Djibouti is as much Ethiopian.

        • T says:

          It was not EPRDF who decided for Eritreans, but Eritrean themselves!!! They chose thier independence. They chose their independece when they fought for over 30 years. It is not a secret that each and every Eritrean supported SHABIA, and helped the movement by all means they could. Eritreans backstabed ethiopians who believed/thought that eritreans are our brothers and sisters. We witnessed the celebration and dankira when eplf controled asmera. I have no idea why all this cry and concern regarding these ppl??? What most amazing is Tigrians seems most concern than anybody else, but why??? As far as I know Eritreans hates Tigrians more than they do Amaras.

  3. Alex says:

    I wish to see developed and democratic Ethiopia and Eritrea whether as one country or as two neighboring countries .. but the problem is the leaders of the two countries were not matured when they started the struggle. Still now neither Meles nor Isayas are matured. Nobody won from the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea only the west benefited. Those two sophomoric guerrilla fighters started the war, split the country, fought again and now there is no economic activity… as a result the people of the two countries are flooding to Sinai desert…it is so sad. As the writer said I also agree on the failure of the policy of Meles towards Eritrea..Actually all Meles`s policies (political and economic) had failed..his agricultural policy from 1991 to recent years has failed and now he desperately started leasing huge land for 100+ years for foreigners …this shows how our leaders are dumb men who do not even know how to use land… If we cannot do farming, what are we going to do? Regarding the displacement (ethnic cleansing) of Amharas, shows the failure of the ethnic policy Meles if the displacement is done by regional leaders. If the displacement is done by Federal leaders it proves how TPLF is enemy of Amhara if as many opposition talk. In both case it is a failure.

    • Gezaee says:

      Alex, I hope the government will tell the public the reasons why? I personally I am thinking may be the locals are claiming land back if the amhara were settlers in those areas? I cannot see any other reasons. The goverment needs to explain to the public that the reason are. The ethnic federalism is good to ensure equality of the ethnics. But there must be laws that allow citizens to work, live, own property anywhere in their country. I mean the ethnic federalism must be for administration purpose only. As an Ethiopia I must able to live or even own land anywhere in the country. People must use their language and culture. They have must develop their langauge and culture.

      • Alex says:

        @Gezaee that is exactly what am asking if the local are claiming the land back in many areas(south,beneshangul…)and are displacing Amharas in mass, do u think the ethnic policy is not on its way to fail? I am afraid that the more the regions get the power, the more will there be displacement and unfair treatment towards others. Today it is done on Amhara and tomorrow it will be on some other tribe then Amhara will start to do the same again in revenge. This is bad for our country. Instead of ethnic federalism it is better to implement multinational federalism with same zones and more regions than the current. In this way the hatred towards on ethnic group and the desire to secede maybe decreased.

        • Gezaee H. says:

          The ethnic federalism could be useful if it is dictated by law under supreme federal law.It appears now ethnic federal states of more more than they are supposed to have. Ethnic federalism must for administrative purposely. At the same time, it is difficult to be honest. One side the government itself is selling out land to foreigners and allowing them to burn forests even like Almouldi and Katuri did in Gambela. The goverment allowed them to burn and clear forests. Now Ethiopian, amhara ethnics are accused of deforesting a forest? the government policy is self-contradicting to be honest. It seems the govermnet can do even illegal things, but citizens can not do anything? It seems there goverment has a problem with itself, they seems they do not respect the law too. If their displacemnt was because of clearing forests? then the case must have been handled legally instead upto federal level. It seems the federal government has no control of the federal states already. The goverment needs to fix this before it it too late. For your information, I also heard similar problem. I met a Somali Ethiopian who discriminated in the Oromia region. He was a student at Alemaya University and he had coop work in the local oromo community and but he was chased by the community when they found he does speak oromia. It is disgusting to be honest. He said he grew up in addis and never expected to happen to him such thing in his country. He told me also another graduate was assigned in Afar region. He became a dean in of the colleges. The far threatened him to pass them even if they failed the courses. They chased him later and he run away to addis ababa. I got this information from a genuine Somali Ethiopian who now live where I live. He like the goverment but he says the ethnic federalism has problem when one wants to work in different Kilil. The goverment must have laws at all levels. But it seems,there is charter of ethnic federalism, but there is no law to limit their power. The ethnic federalism must protect the rights of ethncics, but must not allow ethnics to violate the rights of others. Otherwise, the purpose get lost .

  4. sahle says:

    Ato Gezaee, why can’t you give on this peace of land called Eritrea? It’s been 20+ years since we’ve been legally divorced…some events that Eritreans can’t forget has happened…so many families disrupted, so many property destroyed…and now you’ve the gut to call for a unification? r u joking?

    • Ato says:

      I agree with you Eritrea should be left alone. Actually any Eritrean who are left behind and openly voted for Eritrean independence while they are in Ethiopia should be allowed to leave Ethiopia to their country of origin. If not they should be still be regarded as foreigner and the full emigrant law apply.

      Eritrea for me is not part of Ethiopia as long as Eritrean believed it I respect it. My problem is there are 750 000 Eritrean in Ethiopia they should leave Ethiopia at once. Or should be removed.

      • Ali says:


        Thanks for your comments. Yes, Eritrea should be left alone!

        The 750,000 Eritreans in Ethiopia are immigrants. How many Ethiopians are there in Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, …..etc? I am sure they are in millions hence, why should you worry about the Eritreans in Ethiopia. If I were them I wouldn’t spend a day in that country after what happened to the Eritreans living in Ethiopia in the years 1998-2000.

        I have no intention of visiting that country as long as Weyane is in power.

  5. Ali says:

    The above article is biased and the writer is someone from dergue/hailessilassie era, who think that Ethiopia should be part of Ethiopia.

    Why do people forget that at 99.98% of Eritreans opt for independence which shows that we have nothing to do with that beggar country!

    The writer forgot to include a third option - to accept the border ruling based on the agreements signed between the two countries and demarcate the border accordingly. Unity should come slowly and at will as we need each other - you need our ports and we need your raw materials. At this stage we Eritreans hate Ethiopia more than ever because of the 1998-2000 wars and subsequent sabotages to weaken Eritrea. Before watering your mouth for our Red Sea and ports first treat all Ethiopians equally and try to unite Ethiopia. It reminds of Ethiopian saying “yekotun awrid bila yebibitwan talech” - your leaders will disintegrate Ethiopia while watering their mouth to annex Eritrea and it’s ports. No war no peace will cause Ethiopia to disintegrate - In sha Allah!!

    Long live Eritrea!

    • Meron says:

      Did you just say “…we have nothing to do with that beggar country…”.

      What arrogant people are you Eritreans. You are even under the most dictoatrial government ever in your life.

      Let me share you a good note that shows the arrogance of Eritreans, taken from an Eritrean blogger in Addis.

      መርዐ/ ሠርግ

      ‘እዞም ኤሜሪካ ይጠንሳን ዪወልዳ

      እዞም ኤሮጳውን ይጠንሳን ይወልዳ

      እዞም አስያውን ይጠንሳን ይወልዳ

      ከም ኤርትራ አዴታት ምንም አይወለዳ…’

      ዮሃና ዮሃና…..ዮሃና ንቤተሰብ……..ኮቦሮ ኮቦሮ ኮቦሮ….!




      ሂልተን፡፡፡ የዘመዶቼ ሰርግ ላይ ታድሜያለው፡፡ Luxurious የዳያስፖራ ሰርግ ነው፡፡ ያልመጣ ዘመድ፣ ያልተገኘ ትውልደ ኤርትራዊ የለም፡፡
      ….በከባዱ ተበላ ተጠጣና መጨረሻ ላይ ልክ ይሄኛው የወዲ መሸሻ (?)ዘፈን ሲጀመር ጭፈራው፣ ተደበላለቀ፣ ተጮኸ፣ ተቀወጠ!!

      እኔ Black Level ብርጭቆ አስሞልቼ ከጥግ እያየው ነው…


      እዛ ጋር ወዲ ገዛኢ ኮራ ብሎ፣ ደረቱን ነፍቶ ይሸከሽካል (ድህነትና እርጅና አጎሳቁሎታል)

      ማነው ወዲ ገዛኢ?…. ከናጽነት በፊት፣ ከናጽነት ቡሃላ፣ እና ድህረ ኢትዮ-ኤርትራ ጦርነት ህይወትን እንዴት ኖራት?…. Identity crisesን እንዴት አርጎ ዋጥ አርጎት ኖረ?…(ይደብራል፣ እንተወው፡፡ )


      ማዶ ደግሞ ሻለቃ አልተቻለም…. ቀላል ጭፈራ ይችላል?!
      ሻለቃ ሰማኸኝ አስመራ 14 አመት ኖሯል፡፡አገራዊ ጥሪ ተቀብሎ ዋና ዋና ውጊያዎች ላይ ተሳትፏል፡፡ ተሸነፎ፣ ‘የደርግ ወታደር’ ተብሎ ተዋርዶ፣ በሱዳን አርጎ ተመልሶ፣ ትንሽ ታስሮ ተፈቷል……አሁን በኑሮው ደህና ነው…..አስመራ አባሻውል ላይ ያላሳለፈው life የለም( አውርተንበታል)…ዘመዳችንን አግብቶ፣ 4 ወልዶ፣ እዚ አብረው ይኖራሉ፡፡ሚስቱንና ልጆቹን አጥብቆ ይወዳል፣ ሁለቱንም መንግስታት ደግሞ አጥብቆ ይቃወማል…”እነዚ ሌቦች!… ለያዩን፣ ከፋፈሉን…” ምናምን ነው ወሬው…ከኖረለት፣ ከተዋጋለት አላማ አንጻር አልፈርድበትም፡፡


      መሃል ላይ ደሞ ሀፍቶም (ወዲ-ቀሺ) ከሚስቱ ጋር ይውረገረጋል፤ ጥርስ በጥርስ ሆኖ…

      ሀፍቶም ‘አጋሜ ነህ’ ተብሎ፣ ዘሩ ተቆጥሮ፣ ንብረቱን ሻቢያ ነጥቆ ሌጣውን አዋርዶ ያባረረው ሰው ነው፡፡ እሱ ግን ራሱን አሁንም እንደ ኤርትራዊ ይቆጥራል “…መንገድ በተከፈተና አስመራ በኖርኩኝ!!” ብሎ ይናፍቃል፣ ሁሌ! ….አዲሳባና ያዲሳባ ሰው ብዙም አይደላውም፡፡

      “አስመራ ጻዕዳ!…ያ’ስመራ ሰው እኮ ብታውቀው…” የማያልቅ ወሬው ነው…፡፡


      ጋሽ ካህሳይም እየቀወጡት ነው፤ ቲቸር ካህሳይ፡፡በ’ሳቸው ተምሮ የማይወዳቸው የለም፡፡ ምስኪን የሽሬ ሰው ናቸው፣9 ልጆችን በታላቅ በድህነት አሳድገው፣ አሁን ሁሉም ደህና ደረጃ ደርሰውላቸዋል፣ በኑሮም በትምህርትም፡፡ካቻምና ትልቋ ልጅ ቤት ገዛችላቸው፤ጎሮ ሰፈራ፡፡ እንግሊዝ ነው ‘ምትኖረው፡፡ የወዲ ገዛኢ የጥንት ጓደኛ ስለሆኑ ነው ተጋብዘው የመጡት፡፡ደርግ ሰርጎ ገቦችን ትደግፋለህ ብሎ አስሮ ገርፏቸዋል፡፡ ድህረ-97 አካባቢ ላይ ደሞ የሚቀፍ stigma ደርሶባቸዋል፣ በአንዳንድ ዘረኛና አረመኔ ግለሰቦች፡፡ አሁን ደሞ በልጆቻቸው ትንሽ ሲያልፍላቸው አንዳንድ ሰው ‘ካንዳንድ የመንግስት አካላት ጋር ባላቸው የዘር ሀረግ ቅርበት ነው የከበሩት’ ብሎ ይጠረጥራል፡፡ ነገር ግን እንደዛ አይደለም (እመነኝ) ….እርሳቸው ያው ናቸው፤ ሁሉንም እንዳመጣጡ መልሰውታል…ሁሌ እንደተጫወቱ ሁሌ እንደቀለዱ ነው….ምንም አልተቀየሩም፡፡

      እርግጥ ነው፣እዚ ጋር የታላቅ ወንድማቸውን ልጅ ልናነሳ ግድ ይለናል፡፡He was nobody፤ ከዛ በድንገት ሚልየነር ሆነ፡፡(ምን እንደሚሰራም በቅጡ አይታወቅም) ዘመዶቹና ያገሩ ልጆች እነደማንኛውም አበሻ ለኑሮ ይባጠሳሉ፣ ገጠር ያሉት ደግሞ ጦርነትና ተፈጥሮ ከጎዳው የርሻ መሬት ጋር ትንቅንቅ ይዘው ኑሮን ይገፋሉ፡፡ እንደሱ ያለው ደግሞ እዚ እነሱን ያ’ሳጣል፣ ያሰድባል…..ባለፈው G+3 ግድንግድ ቤት አሰርቶ፣ ዱባይ ሚስቱን ልኮ ፣ ሙሉ የቤት እቃ አስመርጦ፣ አስጭኖ አስገብቷል፡፡በቀደም ለታ እንዳለፈለት ያስታውቃል፡ የሚነዳው Prado Land Cruiser እና ወዙ አይገናኝም- ሾፌር ነው ሚመስለው፡፡የስጋ ዝምድናና እውቂያን መሰረት ባደረገ connexion አይደለም ያለፈለት ለማለት፣ እንኳን እኔን ጋሽ ካህሳይንም ይከብዳል፡፡ እንደማንኛውም ንፋስ አመጣሽ ባለሃብት ውስኪ ያወርዳል፣ ከ80 ሴት ጋር ይማግጣል፡፡( Middle age Crises?.. Confusion?… Identity Crisis?…ደስ ያለህን በለው)


      ሰለሙንም ካንዷ ዲያስፖራ ቺክ ጋር እየጨፈረ ነው፣ የስታይል የትግርኛ አጨፋፈር…የታባቱ አወቀው ይሄን ደሞ?

      የሰለሙን አባት ቄራ ላይ ትልቅ ጋራጅ የነበራቸው እጅግ ደግ፣ ሰው ሁሉ የሚወዳቸው ሰውዬ ነበሩ፣ አቦይ ስብሃቱ፡፡አዲሳ’ባ ጣሊያን ጋር ተቀጥረው ነው የጋራጅ ስራ የጀመሩት፤፣ የዛሬ 50 አመት፡፡ ከድሮ ጀምሮ ሃብታም ነበሩ፤8ቱንም ልጆቻቸው ሊሴ ነው የተማሩት፡፡… በጦርነቱ ወቅት እንደ ሌባ ባዶ እጃቸውን ወደ ኤርትራ ሲባረሩ፣ ያላለቀሰ፣ ኡኡ ያላለ ጎረቤት የለም…ዛሬ እሳቸው በህይወት የሉም…ልጆቻቸውም ሱዳን፣ ስኡዲ፣ ኤሜሪካ…ተበታትነዋል…ሰለሙንም ቪዛውን እየተጠባበቀ ነው፡፡

      ለወሬው ድምቀት ሌላ Category እንጨማምርበት፣ በምናባችን (ምን ይለናል?)


      ጥግ ላይ ገንሳ አለልህ፡፡በልቡ አጥባቂ የኦነግ ደጋፊ ነው፡፡ ከተለመደው Minnesota ነው የመጣው ብለን እናስበው…. የኦነግ ክስረት ሁሌ ያበሳጨዋል፤አንድ ቀን የታላቂቷ ኦሮሚያን መፈጠር ይናፍቃል…ከሰው ላለመለየት በshame እያጨበጨበ ነው፣ትርጉሙ ባይገባውም፡፡እሱም ቢሆን አንገቱን ዝቅ አርጎ፣ ጠጋ ብሎ የፊንፊኔን ዙሪያ መሬቶች ካስቸበቸቡትና የሌለ ዝግ ከዘጉት ግለሰቦች ይመደባል ይሉታል፤… ‘ምቀኞች’


      በሩ አጠገብ ላይ ፊቱን ዘፍዝፎ የተቀመጠው ደግሞ ‘የወያኔን አገዛዝ በጉልበት መናድ አለብን’ ብሎ ብር የሚያዋጣ አክራሪ የዲያስፖራ ተቃዋሚ ነው…. መንግስትን እና ሌሎችን ዘረኛ ብሎ ይከሳል እንጂ ከሱ በላይ ዘረኛ የለም፡፡ አሜሪካ የሱ ዘመዶች ብቻ attend ሚያረጉበት ቤተክርስቲያን ነው ሚሄደው….’እንትን’ የተባለ የfacebook community ላይ ቀፋፊ ዘረኛ ጽሁፎችን post ያረጋል፡፡ጽሁፎቹ እና አሽሙሮቹ Genocidal tendency እንዳለበት ያሳብቃሉ …… ‘እነዚ ሌቦች!’ ብሎ ያኮረፈ ታዳሚ….፡፡

      # # #


      እኔማ ዊስኪ በነጻ ተገኘ ብዬ በላይ በላዩ እጨምራለው፡፡

      ሁሉንም አየኋቸው፣ አንድ በአንድ፡፡

      ለጉድ ይጨፍራሉ ያሉት(እነዛኞቹ)…

      ራሴን ጠየኩት:


      @[email protected]##%^&&*#$#$%$%?????!!!!!

      (ጥያቄውን እንደ Abstract Painting ቁጠረው….. እንደራስህ ሙላው)

      ብው አለብኝ!……… ብው!!!


      # #

      # #

      እንዲ ስፈላሰፍ አንዷ መጣች ወደኔ፣

      “አታ አምሃራይ ናዐ ሳእስእ እምበር?”(ና ጨፍር እንጂ)

      (አሁንማ አምቼ እንኳን አይሉኝም፣ ‘አምሃራይ’ ለሁሉም ትግርኛ ተናጋሪ ላልሆነ ሰው የተሰጠ ስም መሆኑ ነው)

      ይቺ አማርኛ መናገር የማትችል ‘ፊያሜታ’ ደሞ ድንበር አቋርጣ ነው የመጣችው፤ እዚ ለመኖር ሳይሆን ኤሜሪካ ለመሄድ..

      # #

      ተነስቼ እስክስ ማለት ጀመርኩኝ፡፡

      ….ብስጭቴንም፣ ሀሳቡንም፣ ስካሩንም….ሁሉንም ረሳሁት፡፡

      After all፣ ‘ዘርህ ከአሜሪካውያን፣ ከአውሮፓውያንና ከእስያውያን ይበልጣል’ የሚል ዘፈን (አፍሪቃም የለበትም)፣ ከዊስኪና ከፊያሜታ ጋር ተጨምሮ ሌላም ያስረሳል::

      Self Denial, Identity crises, Narrow identity, Grey Nationalism, Greed, Pessimism….

      የኛ ነገር….

      ግንቦት 7ም አንጸባራቂ ድል አስመዘገብኩኝ ይልሃል፣ የክሽፈትን Part 4 ፊልም ሊቀጥል…Such an Ass hole!

      የፕሮፍን መጽሃፍ አንብበህ ስንዴውን ከእንክርዳዱ ከለየኸው ያፍረጠረጠው ትልቅ ነጥብ አለው፡፡….…ችግሩ አሁንም በቅጡ ያላለቁ ክሽፈቶች አሉብን፡፡…. ግን ተጠያቂውን አሁን ያለው መንግስት ብቻ ነው ብሎ ማጠቃለል በራሱ ትልቅ ክሽፈት ነው፣ ለኔ፡፡

      NOTE: ወሬውን የኢትዮጵያንና የኤርትራን መንግስታት ከማወዳደር፤ ወይንም ሁለቱ አገራት ውስጥ ያሉ ህዝቦች ካላቸው ንጽጽራዊ ነጻነትና ብልጽግና አኳያ አትውሰደው፡፡ ግልጽ ነው፣ በምንም አተያይ አይገናኝም፡፡ እንደውም my “truth” be told፣ ባለፉት 5-7 አመታት የሚታይና ጥሩ ሊባል የሚችል የማደግና የመነሳት ጭላንጭል አሳይተናል፤ በደንብ ያልጠራ ፣ ግን እርግጥ የሆነ የተስፋ ብርሃን::

      (እንደዛ ነው ማምነው፡፡ በፈጠረህ፣ “ይሄ አሽቋላጭ!” ብለህ judge አታርገኝ፣ ከኔ ባትስማማም አቋሜን አክብርልኝ)

      ከላይ በቁጥር ከፋፍዬ ያወራሁት በCategory level ያለን መምታታት/crises ነው



      (‘እዞም ኤሜሪካ ይጠንሳን ዪወልዳ…… lol)

      • henok says:

        hi meron,
        Please dont put us all in the same cup. We should make a line between those like Ali and other peace loving people. People likehim are the reason for all this bad things in the past and now. We should ignore them and work for unity. Peace

        • Ali says:


          unity doesn’t come easily like that! Remember that we tried unity with Ethiopia after 1940s and failed miserably since the Ethiopians were mistreating and killing us. This was the reason why we started the struggle.

          The article is talking about forced unity! The writer should advocate to demarcate the border based on the international arbitration and the two countries should live peacefully. The writer said that Eritrea should surrender 2/3 of its red sea coast to Ethiopia in order for Eritrea to live in peace - this is arrogance and stupid!! We sacrificed for our land and independence hence the Ethiopians should stop day dreaming. Yes, we have more in common and need each other but the Ethiopians should respect our border. Only then we can talk as good neighbors what is good for both… otherwise it will be “yekotun awrid bila yebibtwan talech” - they will lose Ethiopia while watering their mouth to annex Eritrea. Believe me this will happen and it will happen in 2013.

          • Gezaee says:

            Ali Hawey, or brother, I did not say force.I do not believe in force even if I believe sometimes force is necessary. I strongly believe peace the best weapon of peace. you can bring lasting peace by peace and love. I am saying what I said. If we have a democratic Ethiopia, we do not need to divide like now. It does not benefit both side. We are inseparable if we separate ourselves, it is just we make it. You can argue that Eritrea has to own all the sea and you will get peace? if you think you are becoming selfish and uncaring. Ethiopia owned the redsea for the entire human history of40 000 years. you can not deny this country its rights to own and use part of the red sea. I do love the people of Eritrea and even prefer to call them Ethiopian than Eritrean. I feel sorry what they have been through. It is not their fault. They have been through 60 years Italian colony which was abusive and then almost the same by Ethiopian rulers. But Ethiopians rulers was not abusing only Eritreans. They abused the entire Ethiopians including the amharas.The amhra elites were rulers who landed where we are today. But you see the amhras suffering like everyone. They did not have anything special except the elites were from their ethnic. We must move forward in the 21 century. We cannot live in the past. This is the 21 century. People are busy exploring other plane for oil, water, and even people aspiring to go to other planets to live. But we are fighting here on for nothing. We are wasting our lives chewing each other by hate. The universe is full of wonderful things. Life is short and no need to kill each other and die. I feel all those young Eritrean who perished 30 years war; it was not worthy. But we can not reverse the past. you must think positively in positive way.

          • ali says:


            You said Ethiopia owned the red sea for the entire human history of40 000 years!! This is “teret teret”. Don’t forget that Meles said that Ethiopian histry is only 100 years….

      • ayda says:

        Meron you just go to bed and rest. it is not worth replying to you.n Eritrea is Eritrea and Ethiopia is Ethiopia. After all there wouldn’t be such a hatred towards you if you were not the murderers, who destroyed our people, the whole generation , the whole wealth, the whole lives and animals and forests in Eritrea. Blood is in every Ethiopian hand and you do not even try to wash that blood, but arrogantly saying this to that. Your crimes is going to hount you and we are telling the crimes spilled by all ethiopians governments from Haileselassie, Mengestu and woayne . You are the continuation of them. period.instead of saying sorrry you ade fuel to the fire by your talks. You have blood in your hands meron. smell the blood of Eritreans in your hand

        • Meron says:

          Hi ayda, I don’t know what you are talking about.

          1. During the past Ethiopian rulers, it was not only Eritreans who sufferred. It is all the Ethiopian people, including the Amhara whose elites were the rulers. Remember, Red Terror was the worst in Addis Ababa, Gonder.

          2. After you got your fake independence unlawfully (it was unlawful because there was transitional government in Ethiopia, not elected one), your people have been through the worst system under stupid dictator Isayas. He started the war with Ethiopia, you were humiliated, and many people died. And, after the end of the 1998-2000 war, Eritrea has been hell for its citizens. That is documented even if you want to deny it.

          3. If you don’t stop blaming others for your failures, your people will keep bleeding. Stop lying for the sake of your people!

    • Yohannes says:

      Brother Ali,

      Don’t waste your time with people who have been sleeping for the last 21 years. All they need is a copy of the Referendum Commission results to keep them briefed of what happened while we moved on. The camel marches while the dogs bark.

      Lets stay strong Eris.

  6. shoa says:

    Dear Gezaee, Interesting is your article and just thanks you.

    But to say little, I feel your sympathy for Eritrean and you are thinking to join them.

    I also feel you are ashamed not to say little about the shameful action of woyane cadres on Amhara ethnics. It is a crime against humanity. why you afraid to condamn with themost powerful words?The matter of the truth is that you are always have your heart that take side.

    Then last, concerning cursing the diaspora….just in the beginning of your text, you treat Abebe gellaw as an uncivilized but just few paragraph aways, you are insulting people who are opposing the construction of the dam.
    If you are liberal, open minded and democracy who accept the basic principles of democracy, you should accept or have a space to accpet those who opose the dam.
    If I say ethiopians should live with candle light, it is my opinion and at the end Ethiopians to decide. But why you have a sword tongue to say bad words and insult massive diaspora?
    I think we should learn to accomodate others idea also. One is free to think and to say what ever he, she want to say or think to say.
    In ethiopia people do not have the right to go and manifest and the only way to fight the junta is wherever we meet them abraod where we live. We will make hard and shameful their life and beleive it or not this will continue.
    The beauty of ethiopians are their differences and respect but not chasing and comitting crime against some ethnics.
    Lets go out on the street and declare this crime to the world and let the world know this.

    hailemariam Dessalegn lies saying human right is ok in his country and I doubt if he really understand.

    he more over added that the most important is that peace and security in the country but not human r ight. For the sake of peace and security, he is happy to violate basic human right

  7. Aynebela says:

    Good point! Thank you Gezaee. Keep writing please

  8. Birabiro says:

    @Jean, the main issue should not be democracy rather economic development. Wegenoche, Ethiopia is always the poster child of Africa. beyametu ke ferenjoch sinde eyelemenin sile democracy mawrat newr new. Mejemeria tegben ender keza sile democracy enaweralen.

    • Jean says:

      Hi Birabiro, you sound like you are a good Ethiopian. Here is our problem. Because of lack of DEMOCRACY the economy of thecountry is being looted by the Zenawi clan. In the last 11 years of the dictators rule over TEN BILLIONs of dollars have been looted and sent out of the country. That kind of wealth could feed Ethiopia for many years. why did our people loose these much? why do our people stave while the above caddre is in love with dictaor? I believe it is because of lack of DEMOCRACY. otherwise economy in all of Africa is growing because of the Chines and Indian investment even though the Zenawi siber cadres want to give credit to their Master. Even Mugabes and eritias economy is growing fast.

  9. Moresh says:

    yezih amet Ye EPRDF tilequ sihtet Amarawochin mafenakelu new. The new PM should publicly apologize for this mistake. Having said this, we all have to support the grand renaissance dam.

  10. DrShiro says:

    The fundamental fact is few people like you are selling hatred from behind the screen to make the Eritrea-Ethiopia dispute to a generation long problem.Let’s be honest the issue here is the age-old obsession of coastal line some Ethiopians seem to be infected with.Face it.This is 21 century and Eritreans have made it clear through 30 years long war and a UN monitored legal referendum in which ( by the way Ethiopia was a cheer-leader) they want nothing but remain themselves.Eritreans !!
    We may be sick of the totalitarian regime of Isias,But don’t be fool and question our very identity for we know no one sleeps in peace the moment they set foot here.We despise to be associated with another neighbor especially Ethiopia given the bloody history we share thanks to your successive dictator leaders.
    The only way these two sister countries be in peace and share their natural gift is the moment they start respecting each other.There is no reason why both can’t live in peace side by side challenging poverty & enhancing democracy.But anything else will only invite another bloody century in which I know no single Ethiopian will be volunteer to stand in Eritrean land with a gun on his hand ( he can hide and type like the writer)
    If you disagree with Eritrean freedom,What’s keeping you waiting then ? Eritrea won’t be any weaker than this but its still strong enough to hand off any intruder and history is a lesson.Learn it for once or carry your gun.I know I will be there.

    • ali says:

      well said DrShiro.

      It is better to stay under Issayas 1000 years than living as an annexed country with Ethiopia for a day!!!!!!!!

      It is a matter of time, the weyanes will fall and subsequent rulers of Ethiopia will accept the border ruling and both countries will live in peace as good neighbors.

  11. Thomas Afwerki says:

    You speaking out of my soul. I was born in Asmera. All my ancestors come from the terotories ocuppied by the italians during colonial time. So people would say i am eritrean. I dont belive in a country created by europeans. We are all the same people. We look same, we have the same culture, we have the same food, the same leters, same roots. people in eritrea are brean washed and decide by emotions. They dont realise that the bad things happened in the past was mainly done by the derg regime and not the ethiopian people. And they dont know that the so caled eritrean resistence was trigered by western baked arab enemies (like egypt because of nile, by saudis, pakis, …because we are mainly christians) to weaken comunist ethiopia. I was a child in the time of independence election but i would vote against and i will fight peacefully for the unity of what is one. I know my people next to me and i know that we can win the hearts of them with love. I will always fight until unity. Dont give us up. Help us. Peace

    • Gezaee says:


      Thank you for your comment. I do not understand what you are talking about. I did not say anything about hate. I do not hate anyone. I do not know where you got the hate about. I did not talk about war or gun. You are just telling us what you think of man. Think positive please. Do not negate everything. Forget gun, gun does not solve problem.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Thomas,

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your understanding. It is in the interest of all the people. Everyone benefits from Unity and harmoy. Nothing is impossible Thomas, just find like minded people and educate people as much as you can. Be the torch bearer and show the way to the people.

    • Meron says:

      Good points. The struggle for independence was start by the Muslim low landers in Eritrea (led by awate) because they thought they were ruled by a Christian Ethiopia. Egypt, and some Arab countries also encouraged them for obvious reasons. Haileselassie and Dergue gried to control the movement the struggle, and some people where hurt all in the way, and the other highlanders started to join the movement. That way, the Eritreans were brainwashed into thinking that Ethiopia is their enemy. You can find that mind set in almost of them unto right now. It is very unfortunate how propaganda can shape people’s thinking, be it for good or bad goal.

      The two people would have been happy and rich together. Now, Assab is temporarily under Eritrea, but it belongs to the Afar people. Afar people live in both Ethiopia and Eritrea, and the future of assab depends on how the Afar people want to decide their future. For me, I would prefer the Afar people to decide their fate by referendum. Imagine, this change was not given to them during the 1993 Eritrean referendum. Then, Ethiopia can welcome them as the Ethiopian constitution already has a self-determination as a core point. This way, Ethiopia can have access to the port. Otherwise, it peace between the two countries is not to come. Imagine, China has recently claimed 3000 years old islands. Ethiopia can reclaim Assab anytime. The best solution is if these two countries confederate, and live together in peace!

      • Gezaee says:

        It is not only about the port; it is the people . They are our people, historically, by blood, race or ethnic, culture, langauge,… if there are Arabs in Eritrea, they are settlers; They must not be allowed to determine our destiny. Ethiopia owned the red sea for many millennia which includes the Tigrignea speakers in Eritrea. As you stated, people were misinformed by propaganda or falsehood. But we are responsible to protect our people; yes, people manipulate people. Everyone does that under different cover plans. Arabs funded the rebellion to undermine Christian Ethiopia. Why woyane endorse those agenda? we need a movement that can work and educate people who they are and where they are from. We need to get to our roots and we can not afford to keep on killing each other. I just do not see the benefit of separation for both side. I do not see it. I even put my self on shoes of Eritreans, but I do nto see the benefit for them either.

      • ali says:


        I know that you are an Ethiopian but please read books such as “I didn’t do it for you” to see all the crimes committed by Ethiopia against Eritrea. Note that our independence war was succeeded due to your stupidity of your leaders - It is always killing, killing, killing. Gifa belew, Nadew, wikaw, wede fit belilet yileyilet, …etc. We all know that when Ethiopian soldiers loose a battle they go around and burn villages, burn grains, kill people and animals (camels, cattle, goats). Hence, the more killing by Ethiopia, the more people supported and joined the liberation war. Hence, the war has nothing to do with brain washing, and Arabs. It is was caused by your killings and arrogance. In fact your leaders were saying “we only need Eritrean land, not Eritrean people”. Don’t even forget that you even used forbidden gases to wipe us but we succeeded with the help of Allah/God since we were defending our land while you are invaders.

        • Gezaee H. says:

          Ali, thanks for the comment. I agree about the belew , kurteew, nfaw, gdelew,.. they even say now from diaspora. I do agree the Ethio-Eritrea war was aggravated by mishandling of the war that helped Shabia and woyane to be strong. There are people in Ethiopia still carry the Ethiopian flag and who say Mama Ethiopia, but have no respect for any Ethiopian even. Such people are the cause of problems and conflicts because they do not recongize people. I remember during the late days of derg, I was teen then and in the school I was they gathered us to support the war. And we gathered in the school hall. I honestly had no clue what was going on. But I did not care much about Shabia andw woyane then. But the school unit leader asked all the people in the school hall: he said,” look at each Tigreans besides you, do you look like Arabs? ” Everyone turned looking at the face of the young jevonile students. They looked at me if I look arab? Honestly, because I was young then I was not sensitive then I did not care about all student looking at me. I said I am not Arab. But what happened the next day? All the Tigrean, all the Eritrean left the next day from Addis and went to join Shabia, woyane. About 20 student went from the school I was because they felt they were threatened. I agree with you. Ali, it is not the port only, the people are our people. I am telling you from my heart. We are just inseparable.Even if we separate ourselves, it is just artificial. It would not be natural. We feel pain when he Eritreans drowned in the sea and killed for their kidney in the Sinai Desert. I am talking unity based on love, not based on chauvinism. I am saying if we have a very democratic Ethiopia, why need an enclaved Eritrea in the north? Arabs do not like Ethiopia and Egypt, Iran, Suadi Arabia sponsored Shabia, not for the sake of Eritrean, but for their own agenda only. Arab do not like anyone. I have Somalians who lived 3o year in Saudi Arabi who tell me they were not even permitted to work and did not have resident permit even after 30 years. We need to get to our roots.

          • ayda says:

            Gezaee - I do not think any seriouse eritrean would like to respond to you. If they do is just to deny you inrofm others wrongly. otherwise you are a kid. a little brain ed kid.

            You decide fand you choose for any one else. You think you have full right to decide the fate of a country> what a foolish mind.

            during derge time you wereat school. and now you give verdict for a whole nation and an independent country. what makes you to have such full right and I do not have a full right to decide about my self, my country. this is where it went wrong in your argument. You can make your best decision for yourself but not for me. but not for Eritrea.

            Eritrea is a full country, Independent country. It was not part of Ethiopia and there was no ethiopia as scu as a country before 110 years ago. It was only Tigray Begemidr and Wollo or part of northern shoa. Other lands were occupied by ethiopian emperor in colaboration with the colonial powers. Britian was in Somalia and invited Italy to occupy Italian somali and Eritrea. Ogaden was given by Britian to Ethiopia, , Oromos where invaded by the then emperor. Afars were divdied by colonial powers. where was ethiopia at that time why didnot Ethiopia defend the land if it was their land. Why did ethpian leaders defend Eritrea when the border was demarcated, it clear prrof, Eritrea was not part of ethiopia. If it is about history all avenues was searched but it was late for ethioian scholars. If you have right to invade eritrea and we see about it. No need to talk. let see then.

            Eritrea is a full independent country a member of the UN with clear boundries and historical backgrounds. Eritrea was never ever a part of ethiopia. Eritrea was the land occupied by Arabs, Turkish empire, Egpyt and by colonial Italian. That was the time to defend it if it belonged to ethiopia. At that time history have it Ethiopia drew the map and boundries agreeing with the italians. The lcolonial boundries is the bases that has foremed Ethiopia as well. If you say the colonial boundry is a not acceptable then be ready to giallow the ogadense also to be independent. and the oromos are not part of ethiopia. do put the exixstence of Ethiopia as a territory if you question the colonial boundries and treaties.
            not question your existence.
            You have to be ashmed for your crimes. Do not talk now about unity or anexation. the blood socked hands of ethiopia are never to be clean if you do not apologise for your crimes. Ethiopians have nor qualms to commit crime and even do not apologise. Britin apoligised for been involved in slavery, or for crimes of war or colonial past history. it paid commmpensations directly or indirect to its colonies. Ethiopians never feel the pain, cthey caused to Eritreans. They never feel the smell of the blood of the innocent in their hands and now you Gezaee come a a novice to make another lunder. You ,earned a small english and start writing to agitate people. of course Ethiopians do not have the brain to think twice. Why do we need that again. why cannot live normal life but only dreaming of another war. Ethiopia declared war on Eritrea in 1940 and as result thier 3 governements were topled by it.
            they destroyed about 20000 peoples lives in this wars.

            gezae living in america writing this article is heinous and you are inviting another blood shae. Hope you get it from some one who would cut your neck before you reach no weere. so for you to feel the pain.
            Meles wanted to occupy Eritrea but was taken away and awarded short life for his dark intentions.
            Gezae you are not going to have any benefit from your artickle, you are not going to be an ethiopian hero, as thousands of colonel,s. generals, politicians and dreams were eatn by the war intiated by ethiopia. War mongering is your symbol symbol of identity. and god gives you hunger and famine as the punishment.

      • ayda says:

        Meron meron. what your name looks like Eritrean. You are Ethiopian anyways.

        Have you given the Ogadense the right to referedum to decide what they are asking. Ogadnese are somalia. as their name indicates. they somalians. and the Ogaden land belongs to somalians. they are asking for a n independent somalia state. Instead they been killed, burned, maimed, and evicted from their land. What about the Ormos. the ormos declare that they are not Ethiopians or part of the Ethiopia. they land was occupied during the colonial times in the last 90 years of mor. They do not believe they are they asbysinains. what are you doing to them. giving them Referndum or Killing them maiming them.

        what is happening with Tigray. the core of Ethiopian identity, they wanted to be a separate country with some ports from Assab. Are ethiopians probably the amharas to give them independence . aso you have a lot of problems to solve. a lot of referendums to hold beofre afar. Afar live in Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Do you thing all this affars want a separate state or only Eritrean affars to be given referendum Be ready to give Referndum to the whol afar ethnik group in the region and let them decide and then Ethiopia will lose the whole awash and Metehara regions and including the whold afar region. so Ethiopia must be ready to give referendum to the whole Afar Ethiopians if they wanted to join the afar Eritreans and Afar Djiboutians. then we see wha how democaratic Ethiopia is only when Ethiopia holds Referendum 1 for Tigray to secced, for ormo to be independet, for the Ogadense to be given referendum to choose and the Afar Ethiopians holding their free Refernedum to set up their own country. that is the test in fron of you. and this is in regard to international law. of self determination and colonial boundries taken into consideration. the first looser is Ethiopia because by that all the Ogadense, the Ormos and the afars will leave. the tigray wi on the process so what is Ethiopia. Begembdir, wo1/4 of wollo and and a little of north showa. That is the only Ethiopia that is known to histry as abysinai. all the rest were included only in the 1901, 1902, 1905 colonial era. nothing more .

        • Mussie says:


          You said Meron is typical Eritrian name. Can you tell me what Meron means if it is an Italian or Arabic word? Who are you to say all the biblical names that we used are from eritrean name. What kind people are u, please?.

          Please grow up and remember that Ethiopia has the oldest history of christianity.

        • ali says:


          Well said, thanks!

          In fact the late PM Meles once told Ethiopians that Ethiopia is 100 years old. He further said that the 3,000 years of history etc is teret teret or fake

    • ali says:

      Thomas Afwerki:

      I think You are an Ethiopian since no real Eritrean should recommend and appreciate what Gezaee is saying - willingly surrender 2/3 of Eritrean red sea cost to Ethiopia or will unite you by force! Yes, you should be an Ethiopian

      • Thomas Afwerki says:

        To Ali:
        Well you are free and you can think whatever you want. I dont want to say i am eritrean. I am asmarino and what I want is peacfull unity with my ethiopian brothers and sisters. Dont let hate lead you mind. Dont forget the past (good or bad). But start to forgive and you will see you feel beter. With a unity we would have all a win-win situation. You want to separate I guess you are egyptian or some other. ..

        • ali says:

          Thomas Afwerki:

          Better to be Egyptian or some other… at least I am not an Ethiopian.

          If you are ashamed to say you are Eritrean then (for sure)you are from Ethiopia.

    • tadesse says:

      to thomas
      don’t give up! i feel a exactly as you fell
      we are the same people we deserve unity!

  12. thomas afwerki says:

    if we would have the time and money i would start a parti called UNITY. Sorry for my bad english.

    • Ali says:


      Why don’t you leave Eritrea alone and try to solve your countless problems? First and foremost stop killing Gambellans, Ogadenese, Oromos, Amharas, etc. Refer the below - it shows how the criminal Weyanes are treating it’s citizens! Eritrea will never join Ethiopia.

  13. henok.hailom says:

    To Ali:
    As you know 99 % which voted for independence are brean washed and lead by emotions. I come from the so called eritrea but i belive in peaceful unity of what is one. So dont think that all of us think like you. We are now in this bad situation thanks to people like idris awate and other banditos.
    To Drshiro
    Why you are talking about guns..? Your final goal should be to promote peace and love and not hate. We al should not forget what is happened but we should forgive. We have all to fight for peace and unity peacfully and we will have a win win situation. Europe and other parts of the world are on the way to unite. And we are still talking about guns and hate etc. Wake up all otherwise we will stay as loosers and are forsced to leave our country to clean toilettes in rich countries. Lets work together as one people, lets work for a better live of our people. Peace for you all and ethiopia+eritrea≒abessinia

    • ali says:


      You are either retarded Eritrean or an Ethiopian. No Eritrean would dare to say Idris Awate was a bandit. Of course enemies of Eritrea say so

  14. alex says:

    “Immagine the ethiopian middle class and riches flooding tourists in OUR Beaches”

    Who you trying to fool AIte Ghezai ?
    I see it the other way round as you have to many beggars .
    You forget OUR coast line is 1000 Km.Is huge and is more suited to the chinese indians arabs rather than few ethiopian looters.
    I guess that make sense and for you just hang around the nile or Tana haik.

  15. Eritrean says:

    It is always the sea. Isn’t it Ghezae? For us Eritreans it has never been about anything else but selfdetermination. That is why we still prefer Iseyas, eventhough he is a leader, which I would do anything to throw out of power in a different context (With no Ghezai’s around):-)

  16. henok.hailom says:

    come one. It is always the same story alex. Do you know what they always told us in the past. They fooled us saying we are ritch… We have coast line and the best was we have alot of salt. I was a child and belived everything what they sayed. Now i am matured and I feel so ashemed now of them. How can my people be so fool. I realized that those people have been manipulated and it was easy because those people were so honest and uneducated and they belived everything told them. So stop spreading hate and start spreading love and education. And do you realy think to atract chinese, indians and arabs with the coastline? Sorry to say it but this tells me that you have not seen other places better as 1000km coastline of eritrea. We have tobe honest to our self. And to say it if rich or not, i have no problems to see people (wich are, af you want or not, historicly our brothers and sisters) to see in our coastline. And dont forgett how arabs treat black people. Even indians and chinese dont like people with dark skin. Belive me I know this because i was in many counries, china and india included, due to work. So we have to look who is next to us. PEACE

  17. Meron says:

    Dear Gezae, thank you for coming up with balanced article. Most of the diaspora based websites are unfortunately dominated by extremists and it has been long since we read such a balanced article. Anyway, thank you again.

    That said, I have the following points to say.

    1. I know the late PM Meles was uncommonly wise, but I didn’t support him the way he handled the Ethio-Eritrea situation. The likes of Siye, Tewelde, and others would have handled it better if they weren’t defeated in the 1993 TPLF spilit. He has been very soft towrds Eritrea. After Ethiopia defeated the arrogant shabia, there was no need to sign the Algeres Agreement. Anyway, that is his bad legacy.

    2. I don’t agree with you in what you called land grab. Ethiopia is leasing it to get a hard currency, not selling it. After all, there is a lot of land. There are few people who are displaced, and we cannot develop unless we tell the nomads to resettle in one area. The important thing is that we have to prepare them enough facilities. That all.

    3. The Abay dam is our identity. It is something that any Ethiopia has to support. Any one who is against it actually against Ethiopia and its people.

    4. The displacement of Some people from Benshangule was a grave mistake, and it has to be condemned. The government has to punish those responsible for it. It has already started it.

    • liben says:

      Ok I will support it once I am given the right to choose to support it or not. I will also need transpancy because the corruption in Ethiopia is out in the sun and its done by the very people that cry for Bond selling. Once I know I am being treated like a TPLF Member that is given all the green light to be a pround citizen of its Ethnic I will support it. But most of all when i choos my representative to go watch how my money is going to be used effctively I will buy bond or even may go to give hand phsycaly. Once they allow me to be called ethiopian when I go to the Kebele to get id I will give money. They kick my kind out to the Benshanglu and ask me money to build a dam in Benshangul.. I love the people of Benshangul but its not the Benshangul gov that is building the dam its TPLF agenda that is designed to callect money from the diaspora.. can you give me gurantee? yesterday it was the Tigray republic now its Abby with out the Amhara….. hipocracy so tell me you don’t call me Ethiopian when i need it on my id now you are going to call me I am not Ethiopian because i didn’t want to give money for the very people who didn’t want to be called Ethiopian?

  18. Adane says:

    Thank you Gezaee and awramba times
    I am tired of those diaspora oppositions (AKA losers) we need genuine writers with a constructive idea such as Gezaee and neutral media outlets such as Awramba

  19. Meron says:

    Dear Dawit Admin of,
    I have repeatedly told you that you are revolutionizing the main stream diaspora media by entertaining different articles and comments. That is why many people are visiting your website now. That is what we want from journalists. We don’t want journalists that want us to listen to and read what they want us. Keep up the good work. I am proud of You!

  20. Gezaee says:

    Dear Meron,

    Thanks for the comment. Meron, you do not rent your living room to make money? do you rent your own room and you put yourself outside ? It is land grab. You do not need to give land for 100 years to develop? you can develop without doing that. Who said country has to lease or sell their land to develop? You do not have a right to remove people from their land. The goverment does not have right to remove people and give land to foreigners. It is illegal; it cannot be legal because it is done by the governemnt? We can develop without selling land. Land precious and by giving the land you destroying the land forever. The company kill the microfauna, microflora inside the soil and they make the land a desert from inside and outside and at the end they leave the land a desert. About amhara displacement, what is the reason? what did it happen? They have to give us a reason why they displaced 5000 people? I can not believe this happens in a country where there is law? even if there is we a reason we do know, uprooting people must be wrong.Did they do it without the knowledge of the federal government? the whole story must explained to the public. We are at loss. We need the whole story why this happened and who is the promoted it?

  21. Hermi says:

    Mr. Gezae,

    You said the current Ethio-Eritrea no peace -no war is unsustainable, my question is to who? Unless you have short memory (since you stated you follow Ethiopian politics) it was not too long that PM Hailemariam stated Ethiopia’s willingness for dialogue to resolve the current impasse. I disagree with your paternalist view of writing prescribing what is better for Eritreans (I am assuming you are Ethiopian) and apportion who gets what at whim. It is the likes of your attitude that kept Ethiopia and Ethiopians fighting for centuries. Although I do agree with some of the comments that the relationship with Eritrea should have been handled differently prewar and post war, but hey this is easy in hind sight (monday morning quorterback..). The bottom line is who decides the fate of Eritreans or any nation and Nationality is the question. All the benefits you enumerated are not dependent on whether or not Eritrea is united with Ethiopia (against its will at that), it is the policies and leadership of the respective countries. We are in a global world inter connected with common symbiotic relationships. We are doing it with all our neighbours except Eritrea. You trumpled the freedom of choice of Eritreans today what stops you from doing the same to the nations and nationalisites tomorrow.
    As to your comment on the Dam I agree.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Hermi, you are myopic. But I know where you coming from. I do not share you ideology so. you idealogy does not benefit either side. Time has proved you wrong and time proved me right. You can say whatever, that does not mean you are right. It is about capacity. You believe the status quoe is sustainable? it is because you are insensitive to all. You are not sensitive to the right of all the people. All the people have a right to live in peace and work, go to school. But for you it is okay and you would not mind if people keep on suffering? Shame on you man. Be human man, Eritrea is not designed by God. you made it. It is human creation. Anyway, I understand where you coming. We have ideological difference.

      • Hermi says:


        You may need to read my response again. I never said the current no war no peace is a good idea. It is not a win win situation. That is why the EPRDF gov’t is asking for a dialogue to resolve the issue amicably. As they said it takes two to tango. When this is not possible in the past and may be in the near future, the current status is an option (the lesser evil). The Eritrean - Ethiopia issue is complex and is complicated with patronizing
        nd paternalistic

      • Hermi says:

        I was not done yet so bear with me.

        Yes we have a big ideological difference. I believe in the freedom of any nation to self determination up to cessation -you don’t. I believe all nations are equal and will stay together on their free will because it is more beneficial not because they were preached the old ANDETIOPIA mantra. The same with Eritrea. Although I may have issue with the timing and manner it was handled, I do believe Eritreans have the right to run their affairs as they see it fit. If they so choose it would be beneficial to change their relationship with Ethiopia it is also on their free will. Preaching how we are brothers on one hand and tramping on their earned freedom is hypocrsy. If the situation in Eritrea under Isays is a living hell, it is for Eritreans to seek change. It is not because I am heartless to the plight of our Eritrea brothers, it is that I belive change has to come from within. To me the ports, Badme, …. are not the issue. It is Idealogy and leadership and TIME. I am not happy for the sufering Eritreans are subjected quite the opposite, but I am neither a hypocrit to use it as a means to score points or question their freedom for independence.
        Have a good day/night.

  22. Henok says:

    For Ethiopians, it’s about the port and easy access to the sea.
    For Eritreans, it’s about self determination.

    Eritrea can offer Ethiopia free, unfettered and high quality access to the sea and in exchange, Ethiopia would offer Eritrean access to the Ethiopian market place. Everyone wins and Ethiopia even can maintain a dominant position over the relationship since Eritrea’s economy is heavily dependant on Ethiopia. But as we progress over the years and due to the economic blockade and attempted economic sabatoge of Eritrea’s economy, today Eritrea is less dependant on Ethiopian than in 1998.

    What we need is mutual respect and we can get rich together. Our problems are simple to fix. Trying to convince yourself Eritreans were brainwashed is not helping anyone.

    What is missing is strong unity inside Ethiopia. Divisions inside Ethiopia allow big powers to come between us using weak and currupt leaders.

  23. koya says:


    Ertra is an independant state.And will remain independant.Ethiopia can use all the ports of ertra by payinf the fee.

    Gezaee,forget ertra and you beter think how you will keep ethiopia united because Oromo,sidamo,somalis and afars are fighting for their independance. And even Tigray are ready to declare Tigray Republic thanks to narrow minded amara

  24. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to add some points on the displacement of Ethiopians from some places like Gura Ferda and Beni Shangul. In 2010 and 2011 I had the opportunity of visiting places in Bench Maji zone. I travelled from Mizan Teferi ( The Bench maji zone town)to Tum ( Majit woreda town). On the way from Mizan to Tum you see rural towns like Aman, Bebeka, Gura ferda and Dima( a town in Gambela region)in addition to some small new towns. I also travelled from Mizan to Tepi where you get the Sheko town at about 17km from Mizan. Bench, sheko, Mezhenger, Surma, Dizi, Me’enit and Agnua are endemic people to these areas and live peacefully with so many settlers coming from mainly Amhara region. The endemic people except Me’enit and Surma live with in the dense forest by growing coffee, cultivating mainly maize and traditionally producing honey. Therefore, they are economically dependent on their dense forest as it is the source of everything. That is why they are able to protect the dense forest for thousands of years. However the new settlers from other parts of Ethiopia need big fields for farming and usually clear and burn the forests. Honestly speaking, I personally witnessed burned forests along the way to Tum. The Sheko Woreda administrator, Ato Bergu Tsoma told me that burning forests by the settlers is one of the main problem of the Woreda. However they are doing their best to teach the settlers the consequence of burning forests. Of course no one has been displaced from Sheko woreda. Dear editor I strongly oppose the displacement of my people from these places, but I do see a conflict of culture and traditional practices between the endemic people and the new settlers. I don’t believe that it is EPRDF’s policy to displace people from that region. Why EPRDF wants to displace these people? Does it gain anything out of it? None. I am sure the so called diaspora activists and oppositions don’t have the true picture of the ruling party and analyze issues accordingly. These die hard diaspora politicians use the displacement problem as their main agenda, as they are always looking for some sensitive issues and add fuel to the fire. They don’t really care about those thousands of people living together. The ‘Kerertos’ and “Fukera’ from Washington do not take us anywhere, as they have not brought anything in the past 20 years. We need to study the basic problem of the area and come up with strong ideas and solutions. Particularly those honest and ethically independent journalists should visit the areas and tell us about the whole scenario. Let us not jump to conclusion by just looking to on side of the story.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Gedif,

      Thank you; trust me I was trying to figure out myself why it happened. I personally figured out it could be like that. I could not understand the government do such stupid thing. What you are saying make sense to me. But why the government does not explain the public the real problem? why keep quiet until people exploit for their own political interest? Does not the goverment have journalists? what is their job? Where is so ETV? Even now, the government needs to explain to the public. There are those of us who want to know the truth. We do not want to be taken by rushing flood of propaganda. We wana know the truth why the people are displaced? 5000 people?

  25. Wonde says:

    Dear Gezaee,

    (i hope ‘awramba’ will publish this)

    i am not sure why you repeatedly use the clause ‘if the amhara are settlers,’ so many times in your article. we have many tigreans living in addis and amhara region. is that because tigreans are settlers? regional states are semi-autonomous administration provinces, not independent countries to deport anyone perceived alien in their eyes.

    let us be blunt about it: amhara have been denied the right to live and work anywhere in their country. stop this ‘if settler’ meaningless thing.

  26. Dededbu Debube says:

    Did you say “middel class Ethiopians” are you takling about less than 300000 Ethiopian millioners ( $1.00 = 21.00 Et Birr)are concederd middel class!!!!

    300000 % 94,000,000

    .003% of Ethiopian Poplation.


  27. Gezaee H. says:

    Wonde,I think you misuderstood what I meant. I am not saying amhara has no right to live anywhere. That is what I mean. You know the land has owners historically unless the land is completely in the hands of the goverment. I was just wondering why this happened? do not take it negatively.I read the amhara were living there for 28 years if I am not mistaken? May be they were resettled there by Derg and now the local people perhaps did not want them there. I was trying to figure out what the cause was /is? You know there are Tigreans and Wolloyes who were settled in Gambela. That does not mean the Tigreans and wolloyes has historical ownership of the land? The land belongs to the local people there historically. However, as a nation, we must not have this type of displacement. If you know the cause of you can educate me, I am blank why such thing happened.

    • HIWOT says:

      Poor the above guy (SIMHEN KIESE YITERAW) if you are blank as you said why you just shut your mouth and let those with knowledge speak. Why do you forget the fact that writing originates from knowledge not from mere confidence to write.Your poor knowledge is clearly manifested when you make AMHARA and south African whites case one and the same. How can some one survive with such poor knowledge? how can some writes an article with blank perspective? GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA?

  28. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Hiwot,

    We are really tired of bigots like you. Why you do not educate me on the things you think I should know. Can you tell me why the amhara were chased? please tell me. Are you telling me the amhara own all the land in Ethiopia? it is really nasuasting to read comments of you kind. You sound very arrogant and ignorant. you must learn to respect other people. Am I supposed to read your mind when I write? I do not wana be dragged to name calling but people like you who do not agree must give their reasons. Do not bash people if you have no any reasons to refute whatever I say. you must respect other people’s opinion. land in Ethiopia has owners; there is no land where you can go and claim it is yours. That is the Gambelans crying their land taken away. If the amhra ethnics are settlers, it means they may not have land in the area. that is the truth. As you can read from the above comments, it seems my guess may be right that the amhara ethnics are in conflict with locals. you must learn to listen people who do not share your opinion. I can not be Hiwot. I am Gezaee with all my independence. I can not write by reading your mind what wish me to write. Shame on you.

  29. Tazabi says:

    The writer presents his admiration of the late dictator Melese. The reason he admires him is because Abebe confronted him. This is very poor logic to say the least. The author also shows his support of the deportation of citizens from the Benshangul region. This guy knows little about what citizenship rights are. There are two issues here confisication of land from these citizens and the second is deporting them from Benshangul to Amhara region. Confisication of land should be done via due process. These people should be brought to court and their case decided in court if they have sized land illegally. Apparently these were settlers moved to this are during the Derg time and they will have strong cliamt to the land. The second issues this author does not understand is no one can deport any citizen from one killil to another. Any Ethiopian is free to take up residence any where in the country. Benshangul is not another country where any Ethiopian should seek permission from the region to reside there. Even the current prime minister undderstands that and that is what he said in his speech to the parliment,
    Finally Dawit is showing his true colors by the kind of articles he publishes in this paper.

  30. Alex says:

    @Gezaee I want to ask you one question, do you think that the ethnic federalism can be limited to administrative purpose only? personally i dont think that the regions will be limited with their current power and demand, there will be exponential growth of demand by all regions in getting more power, self governance and even independence from the central government… this is global fact. when you add the unfair development among regions to this, there will be a danger of breaking up let alone being one nation with Eritrea. In recent years many many ethics groups are asking more power and even independence from the central government ..there are conflict in Ogaden, gamela, now mess on Amhara

  31. Belew says:

    Meles Zenawi is dead and burried. We got another deadly genocidal tyrant hiding behind the puppet Hailemariam Desalegn in power now. TPLF is using this puppet desalegn like a 10 cents cheap ho. Accoridng to Desalegn and his wife’s wish sooner or later Desalegn will get paid for his loyality to the woyanes so he sends his kids to the expensive colleges and retire living life in luxury. Until then he will kiss the behind of all the Woyanes. The fact is we will not sit around see our hard earned money be buying bullets to kill us in the cover scam of building Abay dam bonds.China is killing us by lending money to this dictator.China need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.ethiopians need to step to chinese embassies and relay the message quick.

  32. Gezaee says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the question. I do believe the ethnic federalism can be limited to administration purpose if article 39 is amended. That article is dangerous to be honest. Article 39 should be revisited and amended and limit the demand to separation.

    I do believe, the people must administer themselves and they must control their resources. But obviously, the federal government must have the upper hand.

    It is like Canada. In Canada all the federal states run their businessness. There are regional laws, territorial laws and federal laws.The only difference wtih Ethiopian one is there is separation law and Ethiopian is based on ethnics. By the way, even if in Canada, I think they can claim independence? Quebecians do claim independence, but the Quebecians do not support independence. In my opinion, the ethnic federalism should be upheld if we want all the ethnic to develop their culture, langauge,… and not to be dominated by either elite ethnics of amhara, Tigrean or Oromo. I do believe the Ethnic federalism is a key to ensure equality of all the ethnics. But demand for independence must outlawed. The solution for the problems is to have strong federal law that guarantees freedom, justice, equality to everyone. The ethnic federalism is Mosaic system. It was used by Moses in biblical time. The 12 tribes of Israel were fighting each other and they were accusing Moses discriminating them and favoring his tribe, the levites. The solution came from an Ethiopian, Mr. Jethro ( Rauel), the father in law of Moses. Moses wife was Ethiopian, her name Zipora. Rauel advised Moses to choose Kings, judges, counsels from each tribe and form a cabinet. Moses did that. After that the 12 tribes were happy. That when they were living in the desert for 40 years. And the system was used even after the Israelites landed in the promised land. The promised land was allocated to each tribe. However, it really weakened the unity of the people. The reasons was there was no Unity at all. They had complete independence from each other. They were invaded and attacked separately. They used to help each other to protect each other. But invaders attacked them one by one and their autonomy was reduced and Israel was divided again into North and South. We must learn from history that separation does not benefit anyone. Unity is the way to go, but Unity must not be like the past where the entire population is ruled by few elites from one ethnic group. All the stakeholders must work together based on mutual understanding and respect under one Ethiopia. But there is danger if elites, chauvinists who carry Ethiopian flag and cry Mama Ethiopia but who never respect any Etiopian are allowed to mess up. So the solution must be to have a strong law that makes the ethnic federalism only administrative. The land must be owned by all the people. The land must be owned by the country called Ethiopia, not by Oromia or Tigrai or Amhara. The land must under the country name. tHE Ethnic federalism should be federal administration only. As an Ethioian, I must able to live anywhere in my country. I must able to own, develop,buy property anywhere, obvious I must do things according to the bylaws, regional laws and federal laws. Otherwise, people have to be chased because they aare not oromo. It is not good for the future Ethiopia.

  33. Gezaee says:

    To some Eritreans:

    You were given independence as you wished. But you are not at peace with anyone. Neither with Ethiopia nor with any country. you are at war with yourself. According to me, the Eritrean issue must have been reversed when Shabia invaded Ethiopia in 2000. You invaded my country and caused the death of 100 000 souls. That is a crime. I can use that case, to completely deny any independence from now. We have no obligation to baby sit you. It is not only you who have a right. We have a right too. We have a right to own and use 2/3 of the red sea at least. I do not care about you independence bla bla, your independence brought nothing than more war, more conflict, more suffering. You will understand only when Ethiopians take a strong stand. We had enough. you respect and live in peace and coexist on this planet or you have to be squashed once for all. Sometimes force is necessary when people refuse to be rational. If Shabia was not squashed by Ethiopian forces, he would not have existed as a country. Even now, if you do not come to your senses, we have a right to do whatever we deem necessary to protect the innocent civilian both in Ethiopia and Eritrea. We are tired of falsehood and faking things. Both people can affrord to live like this. Ethiopias has tried all avenues. None of them has worked. You telling me you are independent? well, you isolated in the world and people suffering. You were given more than you deserve but you came back looking for war ? we cannot afford to live this.I do not believe in irrationality. There was no Eritrea before colonialism. It is was part of Ethiopia. If you believe there was Eritrea before colonialism? then you a lier; you do not even deserve to exist on this planet. Wushet does not benefit anyone. It is wushet that is making Eritrean suffer more. And it seems you wanted to keep on lying and cheating the innocent people? I am hoping Eritreans will now understand what is independent all about by now. Needless to negoitiate with twisted people like you. Ethiopia has now the right to put a seal on the issue of Eritrea once for all for the people to live in peace all. Your 30 years war brought nothing except suffering. you indepedence has been tried and you are not able to run a country; You have no constitution even after 20 years. Ethiopia has a right to protect even the Eritrean population from abuse. it was all the fault of EPRDF. Treating Eritrean as Shabian and handing them to mercenary bandits was wrong. Ethiopia has now moral obligation to put an end the suffering in Eritrea. No more baby sitting, independence bla bla,… independence over my dead body. You were given independence, but you came to kill me and you are subject the people whom you claim they need independence to much suffering. Ethiopia has moral and legal, historical, cultural, … obligation to end the suffering people.

    • ( Down Under ) says:

      Gezaee ,

      It’s a no brainer to see your hatred and irrational grudge against a particular group of people.Your patronizing attitude is nauseating to say the least.

      God Bless Ethiopia and Eritrea !

    • ali says:

      I know you are from Tigrai/Agame and here is my response:
      • The above argument is laughable but it is not a surprise as it is coming from an Agame and a kid who was in school during the fall of Dergue.
      • What do you expect Eritrea and Eritreans to do? Eritrea accepted the border ruling from day one while you refused to accept it. Your agenda is clear from day one - to weaken Eritrea by keeping no war no peace situation. So who is the liar? It is your culture and all other Ethiopians and Eritreans know it very well!
      • Why do you say independence over my dead body? Do you think it is you who gave us? We kicked invader’s/colonizer’s ass and got our independence after long struggle. Note that Tigrians were number one enemies of Eritreans since they were working as informants and cadres.
      • You have “moral obligation” to save Eritrea? First and foremost please stop the abusing other Ethiopians before trying to save Eritreans from “abuse”! I know 100% the payback for the abuse/crimes you commit is coming from every corner - Benshangul, Gambella, Somalia, Ogaden, Eritrea…etc. Note that I don’t like Issayas but I support him 200% because of people like you.
      • Please note that Ethiopia did what it can to make Eritrea kneel down since 1998 but it failed miserably - that is why it was forced to sign the Algiers agreement.
      • Why do you think you should claim 2/3 of our red sea cost?? Is this as per the map of “Abai Tigrai”?
      • Yes, we love our independence!!!! It is better to stay under Issayas for 1000 years than living as an Ethiopian!
      • Yes, we don’t have constitution but at least we feed ourselves - Eritrea don’t beg year after year to feed its people. I heard that you get 4Billion USD year after year in the form of Aid!! You are also displacing farmers to sell their land to “investors” - it means more hunger to come! By the way it is long since I vested your country - is the number of beggars in the capital Addis decreased?
      • I am an Eritrean and have many Ethiopian friends but when it come o Eritrea they all think like Gezae - I think something is wrong with that people.

      Watch my words, you will deported from every corner of Ethiopia because of the crimes the Weyanes committed in all ethnic groups. I hope cadres/criminals like yourself who agitate war against Eritrea and other Ethiopians would pay the price!!

    • Dr. Yonas says:

      Here comes the true face of Gezae: an individual with no democratic values in mind but rather a chauvinist mentality who thinks he can decide the fate of a sovereign country. On his article, he states he doesn’t believe in force and now stupidly claims independence of Eritrea over his dead body. OK then you are dead after all Eritrea has been independent for the last 23 years and still is independent and will keep on being independent. Gezae get this right: we eritreans irrespective of being supporters or oppositions to Isaias are against re-occupation by Ethiopia. Full stop. We don’t want you, get it. Swallow it, we don’t want you.

      Let me rewrite what Ayda tried to convey to you earlier on and you intentionally avoided responding to her comments. Gezae, have you ever attempted to understand the basis of the boundaries of African countries? Do you know what AU charter says regarding this important issue? It says this: each colonial boundary will be used to determine sovereign states and their boundaries. If you don’t agree or have any comment, go to Addis and consult the AU library. So now ask yourself what are the colonial boundaries of Ethiopia? Well they are: From the west, along the separation line of English-Sudan, from the south: English-Kenya, from east: English/Italian-Somalia and finally from north: READ THIS LOUD AND CLEAR - ITALIAN-ERITREA. Again if you have any question here, consult AU library, as simple as that.

      Now let’s ask the question how did the Italians manage to colonize Eritrea and how come Mama Ethiopia didn’t fought for its daughter Eritrea? That is where it gets so painful for you to comprehend Gezae. Let alone fight for baby Eritrea, your monster ancestors got into three colonial treaties with Italy agreeing Eritrea is Italian colony. Once again, if you have any question here, consult history books.

      Let me add that you can’t tell me it is your ancestors mistake and you have nothing to do with that. On the contrary you need to accept your fate based on what your ancestors inherited to you. You have qualms with that? Go to their grave and (edited) their remains.

      Before closing my comment, let me try to put things in perspective for you. Have you ever heard two African countries called Rwanda and Burundi? Go and read their history and you will be shocked to realize they are two countries of essentially same people. Why? Again colonial reality. South African Zulu tribe and Zimbabwean Ndebele tribe is another case in point.

      I hope now you realize your …and stop day dreaming and being vulgar to Eritreans. Leave us alone!

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Dear Dr. Yonas,

        I am interacting on purpose; You can say whatever you want; I do not believe your represent the entire Eritrean population; You do not represent; You do not want us ? well, you must know there majority of Eritreans who wanted to work, go to school and live in peace. That is the carnal issue now.

        You must understand or you must not, Eritrean independence was illegal; Eritrean independence was implemented by woyane and Shabia. Woyane did not have any legal right to do what it did. It was 100% illegal; Thus an illegal action or process is an illegal regardless who does it. You are not independent yet. You have no border yet. you must you will never have border after now. No Ethiopia will go any extra mile to make border after now; It does not matter how long you have been isolated; it does not matter what you say; it does not matter whom you insult or whatever you. Eritrea is not a nation and it will never be. Let me remind from Mengistu Hailemariam: ” Even if after me, Eritrea will never be another country.” that is what he said. As I said above, you have to options; if you are not going to surrender to one of the options? then Ethiopia will not have any option, but to take whatever it deems necessary. We have a right to protect our people including Eritreans. You can keep on bleeding our people forever. Everything has a limit; You have been tolerated by woyane beyond limit. The limit is over now. No more babysitting. It is not Eritrean who has rights? Ethiopians have rights to live in peace. People like think Eritreans have right to mess around and accuse others, blame others. It is completely wrong. You must choose the best options. You can not have it all. Woyane has mishandled for the past 20 years. you have no border, you no constitution, you have now laws. You have been fighting with everyone. The people whom you claim to represent are suffering. Anyway, we have had enough. You have been given all opportunities, you have squandered them all. It is not our problem; if your problem. I do love the Eritrean people from my heart; no enemies, we have no enemies; All my life long and cordial friends are Eritrean; I have no problem even with any single person. All my friends are Eritrean. They are happy with my stand. They understand people can not live like this forever. This is not life even for Eritreans. They know; you cheated them for 30 years and you can keep on doing this forever. You do not represent Eritrean. You killed 100 000 Ethiopians souls for no good reasons; but only you came back to take more land. You were begged by USA, Rwanda for a year to leave from Badme. You refused. You caused the death of 100 000 Ethiopians because of your aggression. According to me, Eritrean independence must have between withdrawn immediately. Anyway, rest assured, have a right to live in peace; we can not afford to continue the wars you create for us. We are tired of you aggression. That bad things you believe you can do anything you want on Ethiopia and go away with it. It has been like that during Meles Zenawi; you have been doing all crimes against our county, but you have been going away with it. Ethiopia does not care about UN, OAU, … whatever; we are a free nation; we are not bound by anything; There is no law that says Ethiopia has to keep on bleeding because of you. There is no law that oblige Ethiopia to tolerate war, injustice. You were given independence in the face of opposition by EU, OAU, UN. Your independence was not supported by anyone except Meles Zenawi and Botro Gotros Gali. It is only those two people who did the deal on your behalf. No Ethiopian has been involved in the process. Time has proved it was illegal. But the fact it was good you were given a chance and you have showed now the world who you are; You have an agent of chaos, anarchy and ant-peace element. you war ideology has gone up to SriLanka until Srilankans blame Ethiopia creating such nuisance trouble maker enclave. you have not made a good name for yourself. Eritrean independence was illegal and it is still illegal. Finito

      • Henok says:

        To Dr. Thomas:
        in your articale you always try to speak for all. Why not using I instead of we, we… . By the way i am asmarino. And i dont belive in borders made by europeans. At the colonial time our ethiopian brothers and sisters didnt had the capacity after the adwa battle to fight against the italians. So it was the situation at that time which made it impossible to kick out the italians.

        • ali says:


          Yes, he should say “we” as he is speaking on behalf of the 99.98% Eritreans that voted for independence! You are either one of the 0.02% confused Eritreans or you are an Ethiopian. In fact, you should be from Tigrai.

          • Henok says:

            in fact I am one of the young growing number who regret what happened. Always the same: some one is not your opinion and you say confused, Tigray or what ever. To let you know:Tigrinja speaking people are al Tigrays. Only because white scinned italians sayd this is the border and now you are different. I will never accept this. Did you know that 99% of germans backed Hitler before world war 2. Now you see that a colective misleading can happen. Dont try to keep the status quo. People will learn and we will see what happen.

        • ali says:


          If you don’t believe in borders made by Europeans then give Gambella to South Sudan, and Ogaden to Somalia and Afar to Djibouti since it is the Europeans who gave you these lands. I know that you are one of those selfish Ethiopians who claim everything yet don’t want to give anything!

          • Henok says:

            To Ali:
            If europeans come again as colonial powers and would split africa in new pieces e.g. Barka is italien, akeleguzai is portugise, hamazien is british, …, you are one of the people who would say: Ohhhh this borders are given by the allmighty colonial powers, we have to accept it, Hamazion should he left alone, it is gods will… .

            So Ali what belongs together will grow together. UNITY will come. We dont want your hatered. You are one of the old generation. You will leave this planet like the most NAZIS in Germany have done. Peace and Unity will come.

  34. Mario says:

    ኢትዮጵያ ኣንድ ናት ይሉና በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ እነዚህ ይገነጠሉ ይሆናል በማለት ኢትዮጵያውያንን በጥርጣሬ መልክ ያያሉ። ይህ የሚያሳየን በጽንፈኞች እምነት ኢትዮጵያዊነት በንነሱ ተሰፍሮ የሚሰጥና ከነሱ (politically)ጋር ያልሆነ ኢትዮጵያዊነቱ እንደሚያጠራጥር ነው የሚያምኑት። በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ስለዴሞክራሲና ስለ ነፃነት ያለቅሳሉ፤ ኣያቹ?እንደዚህ ዓይነት Hypocrite ውስጥ ተዘፍቀው ነው ያለ ሃፍረት የማይረባ ፖለቲካቸው የሚያራምዱት።
    በኣብዛኛው ዬኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እምነት ከኣክሱማውያንና ከላሊበላውያን በኋላ መለስን የሚያክል መሪ ታይቶ ኣያወቅም። ኢትዮጵያን ለውጦና ኣጠናክሮ ሄዷል። ከንግዲህ የኢትዮጵያውያን ነጻነት መቀማት የሚችል ኣይኖርም።
    የበግ ቆዳ የለበሱ ጅቦች ክልላቸውን ኣታልለው ወደ ከፍተኛ የፖለቲካ ስልጣን የመድረስ እድል ኣይኖራቸውም። ምክንያቱም ክልሎች በበግ ቆዳ የተሽፈነ ጅብ ኣይፈልጉምና!
    ስለዚህ እኛ እንደ እኩል ኢትዮጵያውያን መከባበር እንጂ ይገነጣል ይሆናል ብሎ መጠርጠር ካራስህ ቢሄር ያልሆኑትን ኢትዮጵያውነታቸው ከጥርጣሬ ማስገባት ነው። መከባበር ካለ ስልጣንን በእኩል መከፋፈል ካለ ኣንቀፅ ፫፰ ራሱን ውድቅ ያደርጋል። ከመጠራጠር ቀምሶ መሞከር የወላጆቻችን ነውና የድሮው ኣልሰራምና ብዙ መስዋእት ተከፍሎበት ኢትዮጵያና እያደሰ ሳለ የቆጡን ኣወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ዓይነት ፖለቲካ እንደማይሰራ ታይቷል። የኛ ፅንፈኞች ግን በጥላቻ በመታወራቸው ማየት መስማትና መረዳት ተስኗቸዋል።
    ወያኔን መጥላት ማለት በቅሎ የለለው ኣህያ ይንቃል እንደሚባለው ነው። የራሳቸውን የፖለቲካ ፓርቲ ባንድነት መምራት ተስኗቸው ስለ ውስብስቧ ኢትዮጵያ ያወራሉ!
    ከቢሄር ቢሄረ ሰቦች ኣንድም ሰው መሳብ ተስኗቸው ያንድ ቢሄርና ያንድ ሰፈር ግለ ሰቦች እኛ ብቻ ነን ኢትዮጵያና ኢትጵያውነትን የምንወክል በማለት ከወደቁ በኋላ መንፈራገጥ ለመላላጥ እንደሚባለው ሁሉም ነገር ተስኗቸው ከጥላቻ ኣዘቅት ውስጥ ገብተው ሲላላጡ እያየን ነው። ከሁሉም የሚያሳዝነው በውስጣቸው ብዙ ተምሬ ተብየዎች መኖራቸው ነው።
    ያም ሆነ ይህ ግን “ጨው ለራስህ ብለህ ጣፍጥ ኣለዚያ ድንጋይ ነህ ተብለህ ትወረወራለህ”

  35. Kal says:

    Eritrea joining back to its mother nation, Ethiopia, is good. By blood at least we are related. But the truth is we are two countries now there must be a peaceful negotiation to return one of the ports to Ethiopia. Otherwise, there must be a fair trial for reallocation of the ports which Eri took all when it sceded from Eth. Port is a key issue for a land locked by its own land.

    • ali says:


      Yes Eritreans relate by blood with Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibuti.

      Ethiopia also relates by blood with South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djobouti and Somalia. Does it mean that you should unite with south Sudan because Gambellan tribes live in Ethiopia and South Sudan? Does it mean that you should unite with Kenya since some tribes in Borena and Omo also live in Kenya? Does it mean that you should unite with Djibuti since some tribes (like Affar & Issa) live in both Ethiopia and Djibouti? Why don’t you snatch the port of Djibouti instead of Assab? Yes, port is key issue but you have to use it by paying cash!!

      I know I will not get any mature answer from someone like you but the facts are clear - we have nothing to do with Ethiopia!! Yes we have some tribes living in both sides like Irob, Kunama, Afar but the rest (6 tribes) have nothing in common with Ethiopia!

      You are welcome, will treat you the same way as our guests if you still want to take Assab by force!!

      • Thomas Afwerki says:

        yes you say it. Imagine it could happen. One day the real AFRICAN UNITY. It starts with imanigation. Europe union started also with imanigation and now it comes real. Dontbe backward.

        • ali says:

          Thomas Afwerki:

          It is you who is backward and day dreamer - unity with Ethiopia is not going to happen!! I have been saying unity can come willingly but not by force. What I said if Ethiopia is motherland of Eritrea then it should be the motherland of South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia & Djibouti. 99.98% of Eritreans in 1993 believed that Ethiopia is not our motherland and we have nothing to do with Ethiopia.

          • Thomas Afwerki says:

            no one is talking about force. To make something false in the past doesnt not mean to make it right now. Our people was lead by emotions in that time. Unity will happen someday ali because love will win over hate. I think you are some of the few 4% who benefit of this separation.

      • Kal says:

        Eritrea is an isolated dysfunctional state that was a delusion since its creation. Always keep that in your mind! You better avoid war again. In the future au ll b like usa.

  36. Gezaee H. says:

    Thank you Mr. Ali; you said Tigreans are your enemies? well, we do not know any enemy; we do not have any enemies; you have the entire Tigreans as your enemies? well, that is your problem. It is not my problem. I have no enemy. Eritreans are my brothers, my sisters. You must be an messenger, otherwise, you would not say all 100% Tigreans are your enemies? That is wrong;

    Bluffing here is going to change anything anyway. But rest assured; there is no more Eritrea as a country. Mark my words. It is gone with Meles Zenawi. The fact you agree everything Ethiopian thinks like Gezaee is the truth. Ethiopians know what is theirs, the the people, and the land are ours. It is just a matter of time; Meles is gone, do not expect anymore Ethiopia to baby sit you as it did before. You must understand 100 000 Ethiopians souls perished because of your aggression? Eritrea must have losts independence the day it invaded Ethiopia. Alas, Mr. Mishandled it. He gave more time to bluff the way your are bluffing? The bad things, you have a twisted, gnarled brain you think you have a right, but Ethiopians do not have a right? you must understand Ethiopians have rights too. I have never mentioned war or never said we have to fight wars. I am talking about peace. I did not talk about war. you can have Isaays not for 1000 years, but even for billions years. But you must know Ethiopia will take its land back by all means. you will never get piss. Mind your business, do not worry about oromo, amhara, Simolia, … they are proud Ethiopians. Never think Ethiopians will fight each other. it is over and Ethiopia is marshalling forward. Yes Ethiopia has been made poor because of your askaris waged bloody war for 30 years. It destroyed the country and the people. Not Eritreans in general, but Shabia has been a cancer to Ethiopia and Shabia is still a cancer. Shabia need to be operated and removed like a cancer temor diseases from the body of the Eritrean people.It is better to beg than to drown in all the oceans across the world. We here Eritreans drowned when they try to get to Italy, Yemen, Sudan, Libya. We here Eritreans killed and their Kindney harvested for commerce? is that because the independent Eritrea is feeding itself and being rich? It is people like you who are holding Eritreans hostage for 20 years in the name of independence. Anyway, bluff now until woyane flushs you out once and for all. I do not think there will be mercy after now. I am personally believe Ethiopia must arrest Issayas Afeworki in person and bring him to addis Ababa Mesquel square and executiing him in front of Ethiopian. We lost 100 000 precious lives. If it was not Meles Zenawi, Issayas must have been arrested in 2000 and brought to addis ababa and judged by military tribunal. But you are right man, you have been messing up and you have been going away with every crime you have doing. Now, you care about Ethiopians rights? Shabia, everyone is your enemy including USA. Egypt is the only friend you had. Mubarak is gone. Gadaffi is gone; What can you do? You do not your limit. you think you are super power? kkkaka, super of the world? kkk, Eritrea does not have border. It has no constitution, no law, it will not have border; we will never make border. There has never border; There will never be one. Rest assured; You will die without seeing any border. Yeetritrea guda yetebela ekub new. yalekelet neger new. This reminds me one thing; Mengistu Hailemariam said that Ethiopia will never Eritrea go even if after me. you must understand, Eritrea indepedence was illegal.Woyane was not a governemnt at that time. They did not have any right to make agreement or to let Eritrea go. Rest assured now anything done by Meles about Eritrea is null and void. No algers agreemnet nor EEBC. You are aware no Ethiopian support Eritrean independence except woyane. But now they have seen it themselves that you betrayed them and now they have no choice but to follow the public. Alas, Eritrean issue over forever. Peace for all at the end. Bury Shabia forever with Alshabab. This will be your hate.

  37. Gezaee H. says:

    Ali, you do not know me; you are just superstiting. It does not matter from where I am; it does not matter whether I am Tigrean or oromo or Gambelan or amhara. All human being. people like you are weak people; you have a very feeble mind. Agame is the name of a place in Tigrai; It does not mean anything; it does not matter whether a person is born in Tigrair or agame or adwa or addis ababa or arusi or harare or mogadisho or anywhere. Human being has to exist somewhere, it can be anywhere. Birth place, residence place, citizenship, nationality, colour, religion, race or ethnic or tribe does not matter. We are all human. Poor minded people like you try to use birth place, tribe or ethnic or race or colour or … anything to sow hatred, conflict war, etc. you are exposing yourself how uncivilized, primitive, backward and behind you are. That is you closed Asmara University?

    • ali says:


      Eritreans and the rest of Ethiopians say “Agame” & “kimalam Tigrie” respectively to identify people from Tigrai. I am not historian hence, not sure why it was said but I think the following as trademarks of most Agames (from my experience): Lies, deception, betrayal, begging, etc.

      I can confidently say that no one from Eritrea and Ethiopia wants to be associated with Agames, deki mai telamit!! Your issue reminds me of the Ethiopian saying “Yahiya wuleta naw” - we fought along you and take you all the way to Minilik Palace but you betray us and invaded us in 1998 when you felt that you are at a stronger position. No wonder that you are now bluffing to wipe us from the map!

      At the end you can day dream to wipe us but that is not going to happen - I know 200% that this was your plan/ dream from day one and I keep telling my friends this but, as Ethiopians say, “ibab yelibun ayto igir nesaw” - it is not going to happen as you tried and tried but failed. Go and hear what people are saying at Geza tegaru website about the number of deaths from your side in the 1998-2000 wars - almost every family lost a member. The reason why you lost so many is you were invading while we were defending our land. The ratio of death was between 1:6 & 1:10. i.e., around 20000 Eritreans and over 100,000 Ethiopians died. Please stop blaming Eritrea for the war! As I said above, it was you who were bluffing that you will wipe us and put all Eritreans in the red sea! But talking is different than going to the battle and fighting. Hence, You were taught a good lesson and your leaders agreed to sign the Algiers Agreement.
      You said no demarcation! Please note that the border is demarcated virtually and the maps were given to the UN and both countries. Yes, you will do whatever you can to frustrate Eritrea but you will soon go and the next government will make peace with Eritrea and will live peacefully as neighbours. For that to happen we should not surrender 2/3 of our cost! You have to use our ports by paying cash and we will buy your coffee and other materials.
      But who will lose if the border is not demarcated and peace prevails? It is you (the Agames) since you are unable to use Massawa. Now you are using Port Sudan which is (probably) 10 times far than Massawa. I recall that in old days (before the war) those close to Weyanes and Weyanes themselves were taking goods via Massawa to Tigrai and it was going directly to other Ethiopian parts without paying tax. This way the other traders could not compete with Tigrians but the war came and all these special benefits are gone for good!!

      God bless Eritrea!

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Ali, thank you for your comments. From now, I must tell you do not qualify to get response me. I am not that low, primitive man like you. I am a civilized man. A man of the 21 century, not an idiot and backward primitive like you. You do not deserve to be on this planet. People like you must not be allowed to live among society. Anyway, the Komalats saved many times? but not after now. They will get you sooner or later. you know them and everyone knows them. it is a matter of time. You did not even appreciate Meles? whom are you going to appreciate?

  38. liben says:

    It looks like this article is written as a damage control. There the TPLF made a big mistake and confessed that he didn’t write article for the past three years which tells me when the Amharas were being evicted out of the south regions and other places from Oromia he was just reading and watching but now lot more people heard about it and it went out of contol so they have to write an article like this that sound more like we are sorry for what happend …… what I want to ask the writer is How come you wrote this article at this time? And what makes you think the amara was settlers and the locals now need their land back? when in the world of federalism have you ever seen people being evicted because they are settlers? Rwanda? this is written to make people think that there has been a mistake made by some lower level EPRDF rather than TPLF. This has been the Agenda they have always had in the jungle and now they are implimenting it. But it went out of hand thanks for some Media and Telephones…… You can write all the articles you want every 3 years if you have 3 years from now on. The Amharas has started going to the jungle too late.. Mikerw Mikerw …………..

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Liben, the amhara ethnics were not uprooted by woyane or eprdf. They were driven out by the land owners because EPRDF gave them control over their land. It is wrong policy, but that is the problem.They people can tell you to go away to your Kilil. This is not one incident. This has been happening; People have been told to go to their Kilil. It is sad Kilils have this much power, but that is the truth. Whether you amhara or from Tigrai, you have can not force yourself to live in Oromia, live alone to own land, it has become even to work as government officer in different kilils. This is a general policy that gave power to kilils than they deserve. The policy has to be amended and improved and allow Ethiopians to live, work, develop anywhere in Ethiopia. You can not solve this by toytoying at the gate of white house. Ethiopians problems must be solved by Ethiopians through mutual understanding and communication. No Tigrean or amhara can impose themselves on others anymore. Other may do the same. If there are others who live in amhara region, then the amhara might do the same which is not good either. People has to solve problem by local means, no need crying at white house or name calling. Calling the eviction of people genocide is wushet, yemaireb propaganda. No single person died and eviction can not be ethnic cleansing or genocide. you people you over blowing things and I do not know what you want to achieve. You wanted war? It might be easier to start war, but it would be regrettable if you evil agenda succeed? you are all trying your best to kick start ethnic conflict in Ethiopia? You must think of your actions before doing them. Hate is evil and can drive you mad. But your ethnic propaganda will not benefit Ethiopia. No Ethiopian will benefit from the war you are craving for. Ethiopians tired of war ,conflict. You all run away to live better life but not you wanted the people to kill each other for you to become leaders? Please harness yourself. No one is going to bend to intimidation, threat. You need to think better idea than than using ethnic propaganda to get power. We are tired of wushet( fetera ). People must be protected by law, not by their ethnic movement or ethnic member. The government has to put laws in place.

  39. solomon says:

    Ato Gaezee:
    I appreciate more when people have a clear stand on issues and fight for them. I prefer those TPLF supporters who state their position clearly than the kind of the above article writer who pretend to have a moderate view, however, its a futile view. You stated those who do not support the DAM construction are losers. But you know that every Ethiopian supports construction of it. The question is how are we supposed to give support and money for the most brutal, corrupt and minority ethnic junta in Ethiopia? Is it not fair to ask for accountability, speak for the innocents languishing in jail as you spawn your nonsense article, for those up rooted from their land,….? Where is your stand on that?. Lots of courageous people are fighting the good fight for you and your families freedom, and yet,you want to throw your money to prolong their torture. Your kind is like a flake of dust, non consequential in practical terms. Moderation is not excusing dictatorship, abuse, and murder in the name of DAM building. Think about it again and again…

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Dear Solomon,

      Thanks for the comment. I do not really care honestly what you think of me. I know who I am and I know for what I stand; I do not need your endorsement or approval to be called whatever. Our difference is cosmic difference; It is difference between civilization vis a vis.Brother, trust me if you had an ideology, I would join with you; but you have none. you people do not know the concept of democracy. You never practice it except talking about to push your agenda.

      What you are doing in Diaspora is not politics, but an illness; You do not know what to oppose; You oppose blindly for no reasons; You have no reasons to oppose apart from hate propaganda. I have lived in many democratic countries now; I have never ever seen this type of behavior; This shows you people really never understand democracy at all. No matter how long you live in USA or Europe, you never learn. That is what I am observing in real time. You have any element of democracy. Most of amhara elites who think you can do anything you want and anywhere; You think you can intimidate, scare, threaten people to get your way to Arat kilo? Time has proved you 100% wrong. you have not moved an inch in the past 20 years. It is because you do not have vision or ideology; You believe you can advance your agenda by hate, revenge, intimidation, scaring tactic? From life experiences in democractic countries, I promise you that you will never get anywhere in this way. You do not you the power reason to advance your agenda. You believe you can rule Ethiopia by brute force? We want better than EPRDF,but not worse than EPRDF. Diaspora is much worse than EPRDF.

      No alliance with diaspora; no time to waste; I just wonder why there are no few people who can guide all those people? it is very sad. I have been watching what the diaspora are doing, it is the ugliest of all things you are doing. The bad thing you are fighting yourself. EPRDF must be laughing at you; You are laughable people. It is sad you have given thinking critical thinking. EPRDF does not need spy or cadres to control you. You are controlling yourself. Your actions will be counter-productive this time. it will not work in your favour. You could use the power of reasons to address problems at home. Even to ask the release of prisoners. you could do it in a civilized manner. But all are trying to solve problems by intimidating, insulting, scaring, threatening people? it will never work. The government in Ethiopia is the best government ever Ethiopia had. I do agree it has many bad policies, but it is the best ever. You can call them whatever you want, I do not care, but they are the best Ethiopia had. Dr. Berhanu was released by them after causing too much upheaval and havoc in addis ababa. Eskinder was released on pardon. He failed to respect the law and he is now back in prison. I do love all Ethiopians; You chauvinists few amhara elites, I do not know how we can tell you, you will never listen. We can not change the mind of Almariam, Elias Kifle, Abraha Belai,… but your way predetermined fail. You have no agenda except chauvinism. You better measure your chauvinism and try to work with others; you are not more Ethiopian than myself. I am willing to work with you if you respect people. But no one will join you for whatever concern you have if you are intimidating people. You are scaring people and pushing away to join EPRDF.

  40. Mario says:


    Whether you support the renaissance Dam or not , the Dam is being built nonstop 24/7! Nobody is begging you to support the renaissance Dam! If you are an Ethiopian , it is your historical responsibility to support the Mega projects in Ethiopia!

    You hating Woyane doesn’t mean anything at all! You called TPLF minority ,but TPLF. Defeated The biggest Army in Africa!

    TPLF with its allies is building a country that follows the rule of law! If you don’t follow the rule of law then you& I are going to do the time! Ethiopia lived with out the rule of law for 120 years prior to 1991! The nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia said enough is enough to the Hyenas in a sheep skin! You can simply hate from a far but nothing else ! You can’t gain anything through hate & by propagating everything & with out any aim! You just don’t Know what you are talking about !

    The brutal Derg was saying “ጥቂት ወንበዴዎች” but the he called small bandits went bare feet all the way from Dedebit & took everything that the Derg had!

    Kinijits educated individuals bragged so much about what they called “minority” , but they couldn’t sustain themselves to pass through the political obstacle put forward by what you guys called minority & finally they couldn’t even sustain themselves to sit together & discuss about how to continue the struggle they started! All these who bragged Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia were proved that they have nothing for the complex society of Ethiopia, not even for their political party! They don’t see eye to eye to this day……..!

    In your term the Oromoes,Somalis,the southern nations… Are not countable , because you consider them as an inferior people!

    Derg attacked the people of Tigrai as “ወንበዴ” & the people had to choose TPLF no matter what ! Now you are attacking TPLF as a minority ignoring the millions of people who supports TPLF , & hence, good for TPLF & bad for you extremists!

    እንግዲህ በደንብ እንዲገባህ በቋንቋችን ለውራህ፤ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ “በሰማይ ኣለችኝ ላም ወተቷንም ኣላይ” ሲል ከሰማዬ ሰማያት ወተት ይጠብቃል ማለቱ ኣይደለም! ካጠገቡ በሆኖ የሚሰራለት እንጂ በማዶ ሆኖ የሚያለቅለትን ኣይጠብቅም። ከደርግ ነፃ አውጥቶ ኣባጠገቡ ሆኖ እየሰራለት ያለውና በዓይኑ የሚያየው ኢህኣዴግን ነው። በመጨረሻም ኣገር ማለት እናት ማለት ናት ። ላገር/ለናት ደግሞ የተሻለውን ይመረጥላታል ። ከሁሉም የተሻለ ነገር ከተገኘ ይመረጣል ተቃዋሚዎቻችን ደግሞ ምንም የተሻለ ነገር እንደለላቸው ኣብረን ኣይተናል እያየንም ነው።በናንተ ዓይን እንድናይ ኣንገደድምና። ስለሆነም ጨው ለራስህ ስትል ጣፍጥ ኣለዚያ ድንጋይ ነህ ተብለህ ትወረወራለህ። ብትሻሉ ለራሳቹም ፣ ለኛም፣ ላገራችንም ትሻላላቹ። ባትሻሉ ደግሞ እስክትሻሉ የሚጠብቅ ሰው የለም። ኣንድ ጊዜ ብቻ ነው ምንኖረው። እንደ ፕላስቲክ ሪስሳይክል ሆኜ እንደገ ተስተካክዬ እኖራሎህ የምንለው ነገር የለንም።

    • Gezaee says:


      The government has to listen to legitimate public outcry. The removal of people from their ancestral land and the giving away of land to Saudi Arabia, India, … etc is really embarrassing and bad policy. This is not development, this is de-development. You can not develop people by taking away their property and inheritance? There are legitimate public outcry.But it is true the diaspora is obstacle of for the legitimate public outcry. The government has to listen to its citizens. Arrogance is not good; you are giving them to the hateful Diaspora ammunition to attack your government. I do admit the government has people similar to diaspora who only wanted to be listen. I go Tigraionline, I know how much I insult I get loaded for telling the truth. you cannot just consider every citizen as dumb and to take every crap things you do. For instance, why 5000 people get displaced ? where is the government then? if you say you did not know about the displacement of 5000 people? then there is something wrong really. Public outcry must be heard and responded instead of trying to suppress them by force. you must listen to the public if you want to help the people really.Otherwise, it will not matter whatever you build? The people must part of the solution to the problem.

      • Hermi says:


        FYI-you failed to mention that the parliament openly criticized the removal and punished the perpetrators, and the PM stated it was wrong and victims are being re-stated. Yes this has given the FIDO ammunitio, no matter what it was wrong. It was probably done on purpose to incite animosity.
        As to the land given away to the Saudis ,,,,,you are wrong and you need to verify the facts instead of alubalta (innuendo). Ethiopia has a lot of unused land read for investment it does not need to uproot anybody - not yet.

  41. solomon says:

    Ato Gaezee:
    Thank you for the elaborate response. I think you are way distracted from your original article in your response. You went on a rant about Amharas and chauvinism, and blah..blah..blah. You want to label me as a hater without you realizing that you are it. My critical point is on your article. If you really appreciate and respect TPLF, then you love them enough to tell them the truth. By telling them the truth you can help make the party you love to become wiser, more mature and accommodating to all Ethiopians. As an Ethiopian, i want to see you outraged at the incarceration, abuse and torture of innocent citizens. I want to see you outraged at the mistreatment of poor peasants. If you and I can’t stand up for them, then who is. Govt officials, if we hold their feet on fire every chance we get, then we are helping them become mature, less brutal, and humane. You have the duty to speak for the poor, abused, tortured, incarcerated, killed, and disenfranchised. I did not see the slightest glimmer of that in your article. I am sticking to my original comment that i find your article very diluted and inconsequential.

  42. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Solomon,
    Thanks again: but please spell my name properly, it is not Gaezee, it is Gezaee? is it hard? I am using my name as it is, I do not have to call myself Gezagn anymore to make life easier for Amharic speaker. Even the whites write my name properly. I used to write Gezagn in Ethiopia because Amharic speakers can not pronounce Gezaee, that is the Ethiopia we had and you still wanted to take us back to that era? Please spell it properly, it is part of civility to call people by their proper name.

    Solomon, there is no opposition in my opinion. If the opposition was real one based on real problems, we could all stand together. It would not have taken us 20 years to solve all the problem at home. We could have solved them even in one day. But what we have been witnessing is hate against TPLF because they are Tigreans only. I do not see any mature and civilized opposition based reasons. You do not see it because you are part of the campaign but we see it and we have come through it all along. Anything done by woyane is opposed? why? it is based on grudge, bitterness of defeat long ago by woyane. I do not take everything you are telling me; who got tortured? who got killed? who got disenfranchised? who got abused? can you post them all the people who are tortured , killed , incarcerated ? post their name, picture on this website, there is no reason we cannot discuss about such thing right here?, let us discuss of on each person who got killed, tortured ? That will make sense to discuss. This government is the most accommodative government Ethiopia ever had. There was no a government in Ethiopian history like this. I am not supporter of the government. I am telling there has never been a government like this in the recent history of Ethiopia. That is the truth. But I understand why few Elite amhara hate this government? we know it why? I personally do not care what you do; your action and folly is only pushing people towards the government. I prefer the government than Diaspora; if I have a right to choose, I would 100% choose the government. Do not blame the government for your own failure.

    You are not happy with my response Solomon? what do you want me to say? can ask me specific questions? I can answer you one by one.

    Let me tell you, I have an Ethiopian who came recently from Ethiopia. You do not know, but Ethiopians at home are liking diaspora. Trust me this real. The person told me there is many problems at home and at the same time there is a lot of good change taking place in the country. He told me Ethiopians at home do not like Ethiopians from outside who wanted to represent them. The person is not even Tigreans or oromo or any tribe. He is an amhara from Gonder. I trust this young man. He is not biased. He tells me there is problem, he tells me the problem has to solved and take time. I cannot just believe how civilized the man. Diaspora are becoming an embarrassment. People in Ethiopia now knows about rights and democracy better than people in USA. He says that they run away to live better life, but now they wanted us to kill each other. That is what diaspora wanted. Because they hate woyane, they wanted Ethiopians to kill each other so that they can take over Arat kilo and they can start killing people, sell their dead body in the name of mama Ethiopia? no, let them shout on every corner cities of New-York, let them continue another 20 years so. Anyway, the woyanes appeared to determined to liberate Ethiopia from poverty. I am 100% sure they will; As long as they refresh themselves to their days of struggle of 17 years. They will liberate Ethiopia from poverty. However, they are human; they will definitely make mistakes as we all do. They have done some mistakes and they will continue to do mistakes as humans. I expect them to fix the land-locking of Ethiopia and to stop leasing land for 100 years and stop displacing people for whatever reasons. Then they are on the track, shouting and toytoying at the gate of white house or cyber rattle will not change anything on the ground in Ethiopia.

  43. Gezaee says:

    correction: ( Dawit, is it possible to improve your website by allowing people to reedit their comments, sometimes I type fast and wrong and post it, but can not reedit it )Let me tell you, I have an Ethiopian who came recently from Ethiopia. You do not know, but Ethiopians at home are not liking diaspora. Trust me this real. The person told me there is many problems at home and at the same time there is a lot of good change taking place in the country. He told me Ethiopians at home do not like Ethiopians from outside who wanted to represent them. The person is not even Tigreans or oromo or any tribe. He is an amhara from Gonder. I trust this young man. He is not biased. He tells me there is problem, he tells me the problem has to solved and take time. I cannot just believe how civilized this young man is?. Diaspora are becoming an embarrassment. People in Ethiopia now knows about rights and democracy better than people in USA. He says that they run away to live better life, but now they wanted us to kill each other. That is what diaspora wanted and everyone in Ethiopia now knows about it too. Because they hate woyane, they wanted Ethiopians to kill each other so that they can take over Arat kilo and they can start killing people, sell their dead body in the name of mama Ethiopia? no, let them shout on every corner cities of New-York, let them continue another 20 years so calling the name woyane, woyane. Anyway, the woyanes appeared to be determined to liberate Ethiopia from poverty. I am 100% sure they will; As long as they refresh themselves to their days of struggle of 17 years. They will liberate Ethiopia from poverty. However, they are human; they will definitely make mistakes as we all do. They have done some mistakes and they will continue to do mistakes as humans. I expect them to fix the land-locking of Ethiopia and to stop leasing land for 100 years and stop displacing people for whatever reasons. Then they are on the track, shouting and toytoying at the gate of white house or cyber rattle will not change anything on the ground in Ethiopia.

  44. admin says:

    Dear Ali and Ayda,
    Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion and so on.
    However, we at Awramba Times do not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling, racist behavior or insults, nor do we tolerate intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response. As a result, we have automatically removed some of your comments.
    To maintain a civil atmosphere, we once again encourage critical, in-depth and intelligent discussions and debates.

    Dawit Kebede

  45. Mario says:


    Did you see me writing in support of the removal of people from their ancestral land, or in support of land grab….? ገዛኢ፦ ኣነ ምሳኻ ኣይተዛረብኩን ዘዛርብ እውን የብለይን፤ተረዲኡካ’ዶ? ኣነ ንሰለሙን እየ ዝፃሓፍኩሉ። ኣነ መንግስቲ ኣይኮንኩን ስለዝኾነ ድማ ንምንታይ ኣብ ዘይተዛረብኩዎ ክትእትወኒ ትፍትን?

    • Gezaee says:

      Mario, I understand; you can simply say that; what is wrong if you speak to me? Have U made an oath not to speak to me? if so, why? Anyway, I am guessing you might be TPLF leader? I may be wrong on that; It is my assumption. I have no clue who you are to be honest. Do not be angry man; be cool;

  46. Mario says:


    All Ethiopians are back home accommodated , working day in day out to accomplish the renaissance of Ethiopia ! First of all you don’t represent Ethiopia , secondly you guys are the worst dictators in the history of Ethiopia ! Look how you guys are dictating Ethiopian in the diaspora, in a democratic country! You guys can blab about freedom & democracy , but you have nothing in you! 22 years , the same leadership in the so called diaspora opposition! The same hate politics that alienates Ethiopia who don’t share your back ground! We live here together ! We know you guys have no principles of democracy & freedom except the raw words! To talk on behalf of Ethiopia , you must be represented officially! I’m an Ethiopian & your ideas don’t represent me & there’re millions who shares my idea!

    Be civilized & represent yourself as an Ethiopian , not as representative!

    The people who are there can talk on behalf of Ethiopia coz they are working nonstop to accomplish the renaissance of Ethiopia ,but not I & you!

    I don’t care if you are against Woyane , but I know for sure that you hate Woyane because Woyane came from Tigrai! I’m saying what I’m saying because I have a proof that you simply hate the peoples of Tigrai !

    Recently , let me ignore what I have experienced in the last 35 years & talk about recent…! We have seen what you have done to the non Woyane Tigrians in the diaspora! Because of what had happened in Gura Ferda & Benshengul -Gumuz , you have shown non woyane Tigrians a malicious face …this shows that you just want Ethiopians to listen to you as a puppet,which is old fashioned! You just hate Tigrians! There is no lie in ones own life time experience !

  47. solomon says:

    Ato Gezaee;
    Sorry about the misspelling of your name. that was not intentional. You don’t have to pick every little human error and make a huge politics out of it. You wrote at length about nothing. It does not seem like you are writing with calm. So whatever comes out as response is all over the place. Which ever way you try to make the excuse of the DAM construction, that won’t change the fact of gross human violations and killings on the ground. That is a fact. You got to separate you primal and instinctive ethnic identity allegiance to the TPLF. This party is the one that has EFFORT that belongs to you guys only. The military, telecommunication, customs office, finance and security are dictated by TPLFs. How are the non tigrayan Ethiopians supposed to rationalize this?. If we hear you guys stand up to those officials and ask these factual and challenging questions, then we would feel that you guys are addressing our concern and disappointment. But the consistency with which you guys keep sucking up to those brute officials never fails.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Aye Solomon, I do not think from the way I see we can get along or understand. I have lived among Africans, Europeans, Asians in the past 20 years, I found it hard to understand Ethiopians. This is my real life experience with Ethiopians. I am not able to understand you Solomon; you are biased, prejudice. You talking as if you know me? You believe in your head I am woyane and beneficiary? All of you this your problem. Why you lie too much. you talk something which is not true. Why? why I am supposed to be what you think? why? oh my God, without knowing anything you are accusing me all those things you are saying. This is the problem you are not able to organize people and you do not even get along, your form some faction and you explode like firewire. Everything you do is based on biase, hatred, prejudice. Honestly, people, I am not able to understand all of you including woyane. When I tell woyane they are doing wrong, they insult me, call me Shabia, while really they are supershabia themselves. When I try to talk to you, you guys blame me as if I am woyane myself. Oh my God, I think I must retired and focus on my own daily life. This is not working at all. Solomon, take care my brother anyway, we must cut our communication because we are not communicating at all. You mentioned about abuse, murder, killing, … I asked you to post all the abuses,killings, murders, but instead of doing that you turned against me accusing me as if I am woyane. It seems we will not able to communicate this way. I do not like going in circles this way. When you say something you need to prove them with hard proof. No one is going to take your assumption, biases, prejudices. Anyway Take care my brother;

  48. Mario says:

    TPLFites are working so hard to extract a country thrown to rot in poverty! TPLFites are doing everything they can to transform a country forgotten for 120 yrs prior to 1991! TPLFites are working day in day out to straighten a country which had zero infrastructure !

    Take it easy guys! TPLFites are in their country! If you have the gut, then face there!

    They started from zero & you can see where they reached Ethiopia now ! Now Ethiopia can build its own mega projects! Now, there might be a shortage if food , nevertheless , not a hunger! ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም ሰርተው በማያውቁ ግለሰቦች ኢትዮጵያ ደነቆረች! ጅብ በማያውቁት ኣገር ሄዶ ቁርበት ኣንጥፋልኝ ኣለ ይባል የለ ! ለኢትዮጵያ ሲሰሩ የነበሩቴን ሰዎች’ማ እናውቃቸዋለን በነሃይለስላሴና ደርግ ተገድለው ኣልቀዋል! በውጭ የኛ ተቃዋሚዎች ጩኸት ምንጩ ስራ በዝቶባቸው ኑሮ ከብዷቸው እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ አዝነው ኣይደለም። ከንግዲህ ኢትዮጵያ የሁሉም ኢትዮጵያውያን ናት።

  49. solomon says:

    Ato Gezaee:
    It was nice communicating with you. I mean no vice to you brother. Do not despair and think about quitting to share your ideas. We were able to dispute because you cared enough to post an article. I never did.

    Wishing you all the best….

  50. Goban gergo says:

    This article is the other side of TPLF , but not the visionary group
    1- Ato Geaze you must understand that the opposation group never oppose the DAM constraction . Remember when you were a rebel hood, did you oppose Mengistu constraction of gambella bridges ? Yes, yes you do not want that derg bullied good or bad, today you can’t oppose gab bridge . So that please don’t propel the word opposation group don’t want Dam constraction , the opposation group don’t want see your dated practs. Because you can’t represent the country
    2- Since you are smell TPLF you no any words to speak about the broder mistake by meles zenawi or you can’t steep with coracodal tears to attract the ertreans government . You are the only figure anti peace in the horn . Ertrean only responded to ethiopian and ertrean interest as TPLF fall
    3- After meles, it was good and great credits if you tried to release 100,000 politician prisoner . Leave the border speak about prisoner

  51. Mebratu says:

    I like the no war no peace policy with Eritrea. In fact it’s one of the few EPRDF policies I support. Shabia and by in large the Eritrean elites must be taught a lesson is power politics. This is important because Eritreans must be taught a lesson that colonial maps should be rendered illegitimate in time. Nothing has taught this to Eritreans better than the no war no peace policy. It must continue until the leaders of the pariah state are defeated and Eritrea can be brought into its pre-colonial period of Ethiopian identity.

    • Ali says:


      If you want to return to pre-colonial time then you should be prepared to Give Gambella to South Sudan, Ogaden to Somalia, etc… since it was the British who gave them to you. In fact there was no “Ethiopia” before around 100 years back and this was confirmed by the late PM (Meles) in one of his interviews. Also refer to Ayda response above to another stupid comment like that of yourself.

      If you think the no-war no-peace situation hurts Eritrea only then you are mistaken - it hurts both countries and it will finally send the Weyane junta to hell. Let me assure you one thing Mebratu: what goes around comes around hence, you will pay the price for the crimes you committed against Amharas, Oromos, Gambellans, Ogadenese, Eritrea, and Somalia. Also rest assured that Eritrea will never be part of Ethiopia. Try to treat other Ethiopians equally before wishing Eritrea to join Ethiopia. See the below u-tube if you miss it - it shows how you Weyane treats other nationals:

  52. Mebratu says:


    Firstly I apologize for not responding fast enough.
    The no war no peace policy is hurting Eritrea more than Ethiopia. This fact is undeniable. Look at the 10% GDP growth of Ethiopia for the last 7-8 years. That’s proof enough. The Eritrean regime in all its pomp and stubbornness has failed to realize this fact. It is obsessively trying to block Ethiopia’s development because it knows a strong Ethiopia will eventually affect Eritrea’s internal politics. This is just a plain old truth of international power-politics. I think Eritrean Elites made a grave mistake of biting the hand that once fed them. Without Ethiopia’s support Eritrea is a failed state. the last 13 years are proof of that. By the way I disagree with EPRDF on 75% of its policies but the no war no peace policy is 100% perfect with me. Yes it may hurt Ethiopia just a little bit but once our rail lines to Djibouti and the port of Lamu are open, and it won’t hurt us one bit. Plus we got Kismayo and Hargessa opening up soon. The Eritrean elite must know their lot and their fortune lays with Ethiopian unity. Anything less is futile. Love my country Ethiopia.

    • ali says:


      Who cares about your 10% growth? I will be one of those who would be very happy if your 10% growth is real so that you at least feed yourself but I am sure it is fake like your 3000 year history, blah, blah, … This is a country that survives on a USD 4 billion per year welfare!

      What are Mombassa, Kismayu, Hargessa, Lamu ports for Tigrai, Gonder, and Gojam? You seem not to understand Geography well - your northern part were mainly dependant on the Eritrean port of Massawa but now they are dependent on Port Sudan. Google and see how far Port Sudan is from Mekele or the northern parts of your country. FYI - the northern part of Ethiopia is only 200 kilometres, compare this distance to Mombassa, Kismayu, Hargessa, Lamu, etc…. Sooner or later you will kneel down and beg for peace since both countries need each other. If you still think that Ethiopia can prosper by keeping the no-peace no-war situation in place then you will see the outcome this year or next year - it will send the Weyanes to hell and Ethiopia will be free from the Weyanes and the next Ethiopian Government will demarcate the border based on the ruling and make peace.

      Long Live Eritrea, Warsi, and the Eritrean people!!

  53. fizum says:

    ethiopia should anounce that :every one coming from the red sea province who belives in the one nation should be granted the ethiopian citizenship. We will see how fast this so called eritrea runs empty. And we are all brotherly/sisterly united. PEACE

    • ali says:


      If so why don’t let Gambellans join their brothers/sisters in South Sudan? Same way why don’t you let Ogadenese join Somalia? That is what you call brotherly/sisterly unification and you would see what is left of the Ethiopian empire. These tribes are fighting for independence for years and surely they will get it one day.

      • fizum says:

        Ali, Ali, Ali. You still didnt understood. Think positiv and good things will follow. To remind you. External powers like Egypt, Saudi etc are those behind….

        switch of hatered…switch on your brean

        • ali says:


          It is you who is ignorant of the facts! We Eritreans know that nothing good will come out of that miserable country called Ethiopia. Please treat the Gambellans, Ogadenese, Amharas, Oromos, etc… like citizens before dreaming to annex Eritrea!! I know Ethiopia and Ethiopians very well since I lived there for over 20 years, and also tasted your kindness when I was in Eritrea during the Derge times and after 1998 - it was hell and I don’t wish my enemies to be Ethiopian!

          It is my hope that you will pay the price for the crimes you committed inside Somalia, in Eritrea, in Ogaden, Gambella etc….

          I know you will not get it and I am wasting my time but I have to tell you again and again! Eritreans hate Ethiopia more than ever after 1998!!

    • Ali says:


      You didn’t wake up from your dream?

      To remind you - the “red sea province” have kicked your ass in 1991 and sent you dictator to exile! It did the same during the wars of 1998-2000 and it is ready again to do it!

      Long Live Eritrea!!

  54. Miriam says:

    I like you love my country Ethiopia but it think you are a little to optimistic. Ethiopia is still a nation grappling with complex issues. Not least of which is the so called “elected government” that brakes its own constitution. I don’t think Ethiopia is in any position to lecture other countries. The business of lecturing the teaching it even become difficult for advanced industrialized nations like the U.S. I think you need to slow your excitement a little bit.

  55. Miriam says:


    I like you love my country Ethiopia but it think you are a little to optimistic. Ethiopia is still a nation grappling with complex issues. Not least of which is the so called “elected government” that brakes its own constitution. I don’t think Ethiopia is in any position to lecture other countries. The business of lecturing the teaching it even become difficult for advanced industrialized nations like the U.S. I think you need to slow your excitement a little bit.

  56. Miriam says:


    calm down. We know you are a true cyber warrior but no one has the time or the interest to read your long lectures. Please keep it short.

  57. Abraham says:

    You are lost Gezae. So many people around the world have imagined Utopia. It never works. Demarcate and let the people go on with its life!

  58. thesouthman says:

    Forget about Eritrea Ethiopia again going to split into north and south.

  59. asqib says:

    we are doing fine both side you keep insulting each other not a single ethiopia give
    any attention to what you said at all .

    you all are eritreans thats no surprise.

    no surprise all comenteters if fight each other.
    on eritrea web sit that could have been better that does not make you smart at all.

    ethiopians are busy doing so many things haveing fun going back home and relax

    we have peacefull and wonderful land in general .

    i mate so many people from african not asingle country talk bad about ethiopia
    they only want to visit one day.

    why do we need eritrea to be part of ethiopia i can not see it.
    if they get peace and doing fine good for them.
    full stop.

    if some one talk about other country he has to finish his home work first.
    rest in peace pm melese zenawi,for let us know how to live with out port!!1

  60. GETACHEW REDA says:

    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay);
    Before, I response to Gezaee;
    Let me comment about this wesbite the way it is decorated. I hope the owner took a serious attention at my advice. The website so fading and hard to see its letters. Even its video is so protected by its trademark name with a wide yellow ribbon in the middle of the video. Why that happened, I have no idea. Most of all, please redesign it like the rest of the websites. it is too fading for the eye. I hope the owner use another ink, than this faded ink which hard to look at it, let alone to read articles.

    Having said this, let us go back to Mr. Gezaee;
    I have no idea why the Gumuz people are owners’ of any farming/wet land- all I know is the owner of land in Ethiopia is TPLF government. Is there two types of land ownership in Gambela? Is it not land rented/leased by the owner-TPLF? So. for you to say, Amhara is settler or someone is settler is simply bad term to use as an Ethiopians. there is no settler in anywhere if one is the citizen of that nation. That term was used directly from the feudal land lords of the past. I forgive you, since you said “you do not know the story- so your view is based on imagination. I can tell you the sorry of the land of the so called Gumuz- for now, I do not like to deal with it. All these conflict is - because of TPLF’s ethnic policy. We have said this over and over- no one seemed to grasp it. It will bring worst ethnic clash in the future- one need to see what is coming in the Ormo areas where the racists monuments which are deliberately built to create the Ruwanada havoc in future Ethiopia. Just the matter of time. Mark my word. By the way, was there any one accountable for the killing and suffering of the 5000 Amhara ethnic victims which recurred repeatedly many times? Yur admiration to EPRDF on Abay River is okay- but, you also need to understand any Nazi system (in Germany, in Ethiopia) apply/used three characters;- “the stick, the carrot and the propaganda”.

    You can admire the carrot- if you can be tolerant for the two shocking characters. That is exactly, why you are seeing the Amhara as settlers and the Gumuz as owners who are told to do so and have the right to do so based on the policy of the Nazi party and its puppets. Hitler built so much- you already acknowledge on one of your writings on Aiga commentary page as such (which you agreed with me)- but what is the benefit of admiring so much the work of Hitler economic development, unless fooling the illiterate puppets to convince the easily follow and admire TPLF’s .
    horrendous brutal stick and power abuse?

    You also shocked as always with your flip fopping views- that EPRDF is doing good to your surprise after Meles? cant you see the horrendous abuse at the oppositions? Why and based on what is the group in power accusing Abraha Desta and other’s as terrorists? Can you see what the blatant abuse of destroying poetical opposition parties by the so called “Asmerach” which is completely under the command of the by Gestapo section? why would some one accuse such opposition as terrorists? Give me a break!!!! Why is that Asgede G/selassie and his children be in jail over and over for no apparent reason, except openly opposing the abuse of TPLF in power. Why would the group “after Meles” accusing journalists as terrorists? which part is you are saying getting better? It is a havoc. It is a desperate Gangster group hanging to its power. There is no justice in the land?` The Gostapo stick is still active. The Nazzi carrot will never compensate the deliberately broken and destructed social fabric of the country by TPLF ethnic policy. Ethiopia is gone for ever. The moral decadent of the youth is simply shocking. Corruption is at its pick. No Oromo or Amhara or Tigre, Gurage……works unless each speaks the other side language. It is foreign to them. What is next? No one will understand each other in market (if there is ever one). What will be next? Babylonia land, Havoc! sad! I do not know why one expect or even deal to comment about a system which is run by Nazi ideology where one cant work or move and establish a trade or be a judge unless you speak the other area’s/KILIL’s language. Amharic is prohibited systematically and openly in school . Speaking Amharic and throwing a stone in school is prohibited and subject for punishment and isolation! How nice, these Tigrians introduce such policy to be implemented? You call these group as concerned Ethiopians, because they deal with a River while they are destroying the fabric of the nation?
    Getachew Reda (E E S)

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