On Dr Tewodros’ statement against the diaspora opposition (Girma Kassa)


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58 Responses

  1. Tazabi says:

    I have been reading your remarks , opinions and comments for some time. From your writing , you seem like you love your country , like the majority of Ethiopians . However , you seem to forget that there is also another problem which our country is facing , that is the unanswer questions of the Ethiopian Muslims . Whether , you intentionally omit or disregard this issue , one thing you have to understand is that the Ethiopian Muslims are part and parcel of the whole Ethiopia . Take them out of the equation , and your Ethiopia will cease to exist . Ato Girma , It is not a secret the vitriolic hate that non Muslim Ethiopians have toward their Muslim compatriots . However , we need to be one as Ethiopians , regardless of our religion or ethnic background for the continuation of this old nation .

    • Ajire says:

      you seem to be a sort of short-sighted foolish cadre.
      Bante bet muslim ena non-muslim hizbun meleyayetih new?
      Jilajil neger. Ethiopians are now coming together for the struggle more than ever, thanks to the idiot woyane.

    • teshome says:

      Sir, You are very innocent.
      Don’t you know the toxic Diasporas are using the Muslims questions as a political condom. Man, wake up please.
      It is such fake politics that won’t make the toxic Diaspora to move an inch for the last 20 plus years. Now the fashion is to oppose the Great Abay Dam but eventually we will see where this political stand takes the toxic in the political arena. I am afraid they may not refrain from bombing it with creating an ally with Sundanese and Egyptians.
      The recent opening of Genibot 7 office in Cairo is a good example.

      • helen says:

        teshome: every time you are writing about ginbot 7,amhara satelite and diaspora….diaspora… so and so on = lie. you have not argument and fact.
        1.If a person hides his name is called?))Theory lier,Rating:0

    • RISE says:

      Bla Bla Bla!

      In order for the west to act and stand for human rights, this is the required sacrifice:
      If you’re white 11,000 need to perish - Kosovo
      If you’re African 1,000,000 need to perish - Rwanda
      If you’re Persian 80,000 need to perish - Syria
      So how many Ethiopians do you think should be sacrificed by these Woyane thugs, for the West to act? YOU DO THE MATH.

      The SOLUTION: Wait until the number of Ethiopians that are sacrificed by the Woyanes reach that magic number OR work in unison to build an Ethiopia that provides an equal opportunity for all. In order to ensure equality, fight the Woyane thugs on the streets, door to door, until they coil back their tails and go back to where they came for. Humiliate them when they come to the West to beg for money and ensure every diplomat is aware of the atrocities and violations committed by these Woyane thugs. Finally, Amhara Oromo Afar Gurage Muslim Christian Animist Ethiopian UNITE as one and deal with your differences after these fearful unworthy thugs leave our motherland. “feri huleme feri newe, ye feri doula!” We have heard that expression a million times. You have to be the greatest coward to commit such horrific acts against your brethren - sorry Woyanes are fascists

      Have faith! God took care of Meles and Paulos in one strike! What the [email protected]&$ are you waiting for? RISE

      Down with Woyane, down with cowardice, down with gluttony!

      • Nfaw says:

        RISE, you are foolish if you think the west can save you. Leave alone to save you, they cannot save themselves. If that was not the case, 3000 Americans would not perished in a split of second in 9/11 or about 200 people would not have been in this May in Boston. If you believe anyone can save you? then you are really dead by death.

  2. lemagne beyene says:

    Girma Kasa I think you seems to forget one big truth here.

    For diaspora opposition to exist we really need to hear and see bad about ethiopia. so any good did or news will evaporate our support.

    We can only collect more money when there is starvation, killing and problem.

    Look the last 10 years because of more good news coming up from Ethiopia most of our supporters been abounded us and start to visit ethiopia.

    This is totally unacceptable for those of us who can’t go back home. You know what this means this means less money to collect that means we need to go to work and leave normal life as average american.

    I think you smart enough to understand how the politices work so don’t mess up Abay dam , Poverty , bla bla

    We don’t care about that we will build another 10 Abay dam when we control 4 kilo.
    So forget about this and just be against anything good happening in ethiopia and support with out question any one that is against Ethiopia and the Gov..

  3. Efrem says:

    Ato or Dr. Girma (what ever it is), I completely agree with you that there needs to be a change in terms restructuring fundamental democratic institutions, which guarantee peaceful existence and sustainable development. But, I don’t think you forgot that democracy is not an overnight job, neither is a job done only by government despite its significant role. I usually read some of your previous wirtings. I am sorry to say this, but it seems you are just deceiving. I don’t think you support the construction of the dam.
    Here are my comments.

    1. There should not be any preconditon for contributing to the dam.One can struggle for democratic change while fulfilling its responsibility.
    2. It seems you compeletely endorse the opposition of the diaspora although there are a lot of sick people and sick questions. There are a lot of interesting questions raised by the diaspora at the same time there are a lot of irrationa and sick questions.
    3. You want the release of ‘who and whos’ as a precondition. I can’t agree anymore. Of course the offences of some of the listed personalities could be insignificant and hence there might not be any cost by releasing them.
    4. Your opposition to the dam is because it seems the credit will go the late prime minister and you don’t want that…hmmmmm Almaria…….

    I don’t need to offend you. I am just writing my perception. If I am wrong, I am ready to be corrected if found unfounded.

  4. ABC says:

    Well done Mr.

  5. Neima says:

    Well written truth.

  6. ABCDE says:

    This website is always about Tigray boys. The opposition version of Aiga forum.

  7. Khartoum says:


    it is a good writing although you made it unethical when you try to insult some EPRDF leaders.

    Be that as it may, i feel the extremist dispora is more toxic than the current regiem in Ethiopia. you can see their website and Tv station.

    though I want change, it should not be from the extremist dispora who oppose the Dam for their own stupid agenda.

    • Belete says:


      The issue is not about extremist diaspora. The extremism in the diaspora are direct results of the policies of the regime. The regime is very polirizing. Instead of focusing on stability and peace they tend to antagonize people.

      If the regime reform itself and do the right thing, everything is going to be OK. What is referred as extreme diaspora will cease to exist or became dentless. It is the arrest of innocent civilians as terrorists, the closing of newspapers,the expulsion of people because they happened to be from one ethnic group … are fueling angers and mistrusts among many in the Diaspora.

  8. Yonas says:

    Bullshit! Politics will never be perfect. But Ethiopia is here forever. Even in the most free world like the US, there are still quests for more freedom and expression. Mr. Kassa, for an Ethiopian any issue can not be an excuse for supporting the construction of this dam. There is no real democracy. There is no real politics. ETHIOPIA!

  9. bendo says:

    One it is clear is those who live in handout from gov. and sat and talk the whole day in pal-talk will never contribute to Ethiopian development.
    Thanks God they are not leaving in Ethiopia as they would have been one of the people who is living with his mom while he is 45 and talk drinking coffee .
    So what they are trying to do is there donkey job as INA KEMOTKU SERDO AYIBIKIL style.
    We Ethiopian will built this dam and another more and we will make sure those hodam paltalk talkers will not put there foot in that blessed country.

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    This man Genuis; I have followed him. He is just the smartest.

    I recommend to FM TA, that the Ethiopian government take more loan from China. Instead of wasting time wrangling with the blind Diasporas, I suggest about 20 billion dollar loan from China. Then finish the dam as quickly as possible. And sell the electricity including the loan. That is the best way to do. Otherwise, if you we listen to the narrow few amhara elites like Almariam,… Ethiopians has to wait for another 100 years darkness and stone age life. That is recommendation. Get the loan from wherever you can get, install the Transmission lines and grid networks and charge the people more on the power bill. This will also take pressure from the local people. Do not waste time with useless diaspora, most them amhara who never respect anyone except their selfish agenda. We are tired of them.

  11. Gezaee H. says:


    You must not release prisoners because of intimidation. If you release because of intimidators, then there is no law. You have no right to say you can release? It is the law; you must take away yourself from the law. The law must serve the law. Otherwise, if you do what say to you, then you will put all woyanes in prison because that is their mission. They just hate anything initiated by Tigreans; It is not policy the oppose, they oppose everything; you must respect the law. The law must serve the rule of law without if but.

  12. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Ato Girma Kassa,

    You cannot hold Abay Dam hostage to advance your agenda; You must use the power of reason to solve problem than using a project to get your way to Arat kilo. They could use the Dam bond podium to convey their message in a civilized manner. This is terrorism. These people would not mind holding hostage FM TA and A GB if there was no law in USA to get your way. Mr. Kassa, this is not politic. This is not illness at its core; They are terrorizing people. They violating the rights of others? do you know that? You intimidating, scaring, insulting, threatening other Ethiopians who wanted to buy the bond? how is that going to work? who is going to follow this politics of scare tactic? You can not talk about democracy and but be undemocractic? my way is the only way does not work. There government must never give ears to this losers. If these are given ears, they will abort everything. They will keep the people of Ethiopia in darkness for another century. If you do not Meles, then it must be your problem. I did not like Meles, politically, but I can not expect everyone to dislike Meles. If the government leaders are sending their kids outside to expensive schools? well, can you post them with evidence. I never knew about this. Can you post them including the officers names, their children, which universities they are? This is corruption ? No Ethiopian officials must send kids to foreign universities while the people living in hand outs. Please I ask you to post all the evidence. No rumours. I knew Meles Zenawi were studying outside, but I discovered they were given scholarship from outside, Meles did not take Ethiopian money to send his children outside. This must exposed to the public.The Ethiopians government only need to change policy on Eritrea, land grab, they do not need to reconcile with anyone. They do not need diaspora. If they allow Almariam to get involved in Ethiopia, I will the first rebel. You tell me the Dam can not built because of Egypt, and you tell me reconciliation? reconciliation with who? with Almariam? Elias Kfilie? They must come through Egypt. The government must change the policy on Eritrea and land grab, and must put laws more laws on the ethnic federalism. But they must never involve toxic people Almariam who oppose the dam and in favour of foreign country.

    • Belete says:

      “If the government leaders are sending their kids outside to expensive schools? well, can you post them with evidence. I never knew about this … No Ethiopian officials must send kids to foreign universities while the people living in hand outs. ”
      Don’t go to far. Look at Girma Birru. Do you know that his daughter finished high school in the US ? $40000 a year was paid for a boarding school. If you doubt, since you may be working at the embassy ask the ambassador himself.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      This is rumour; This is not evidence. You must post all the details, the source of the of money. She is studying in USA in a boarding school does not necessarily mean he is taking Ethiopian people money. I do not work with the government; I oppose the government; However, I do not oppose the government on everything. I oppose on issues like land-locking Ethiopia, land grab, displacing Ethiopians from Benshangul Gumuz, and things like that. I support the dam. The dam is started by Meles. Meles is dead. He is not going to use the Dam. I can not oppose the dam because the dam is started by Meles, a Tigrean? I do not care whether the dam is started by an oromo or amhara or Gamelan or Somalia. The Dam can be built without even a cent from diaspora; The 94 million people are capable of building not only this one dam, many more others. Please post evidence, not albalta. Put together your evidences and post them. This is good way of fighting corruption. List all the ambassadors who are using public money to send their to expensive schools and then we can ask them to resign from public office. This is not acceptable at all. People are still dying of hunger in Ethiopia. If they are really doing this, they are thieves, not public servants.

      • Belete says:

        Ato Gezaee, this is not a rumor. If you look at officials in the US, they report their wealth, where their kids go to school and how it is paid are well documented and dsiclosed. How much they paid tax are communicated to the public. There is transparency. So if you call the embassy and ask this information to Girma Birru himself he will not deny it.Please do that and if he said it is a rumor and the story is not true, then send me an e-mail and I will apologize to you. Believe me he paid more than 40000$ a year for a high school. If he did not get the money by stealing from the public, who would give him that much amount ….?

        • Gezaee H. says:

          Belete, I agree with you on the idea. I do not agree officials has to tell every individual citizen like the way you are telling me. I live in Canada. I do not know how much Prime Minister Harper pays for his children. But I trust the system is very clean; I come across sons and daughters of Nigerian officials in Canadian Universities. I ask them how did you afford to come to a Canadian Universities from Nigeria? they tell me their father is a diplomat. It is obvious Africans corrupt. I am aware 10 billion dollar has been stolen from Ethiopia. But It is hard for me woyanes become corrupt after all that. They were sleeping in caves for 17 years, one would not expect from such life experience to become so selfish and work against what they fought for. Anyway, you giving job to call the Ambassador? I have no time; since you know, it will make sense you post it here so that I do not have to waste time doing research. I need evidence, whether it is 40 000 or 1 million it has to be exposed to the public. Take your time, do more research since you have already the information, then let us know. You have 100% right to expose corruption, partialism, discrimination, abuse, injustice. Please put together the evidences and post them. I know what I will do with evidences provided. I can call the ambassador just by taking only words. Every claim must be supported by hard evidence.

          • Gezaee H. says:

            I can not call the ambassador just by taking only your words. Every claim must be supported by hard evidence to do further investigation.

          • Belete says:

            Ato Gezaee, I live in America and knows well Prime Minister Harper kids go to school. They go to Rockcliffe Park Public School.

            Obam sends his kids to a private school, called “Sidwell Friends School” in Washington DC.

            So these informations are public inforamtions and government officials have to disclose it. You were able to trust the Canadian system becuase of public disclosure.It is ok if you trust HArper. However HOW COULD YOU TRUST THE WEYANES , WHEN THEY HAVE ALREADY MUZZLED MORE THAN 8 BILLION DOLLARS ?

            You may not want to believe it ….but Girma Birru is a millionaire. He paid thounsands of dollars for his kids. That’s the truth. If not again ask him where he has send his kids ..get the school name; and then you will find out yourself by visiting the schools websites how much he paid.

      • helen says:

        To Gezaee H.
        1. “I can not oppose the dam because the dam is started by Meles, a Tigrean?”

        2. “I do not care whether the dam is started by an oromo or amhara or Gamelan or Somalia”.
        ተመልከት ራስህን በራስህ ትጻረራለህ፦
        በመጀመሪያ ግድቡ ቢገደብና ለሃገራችን ጥቅም ቢውል በጣም ደስ ይለናል።
        1፦ግድቡ የተጀመረው የዲፕሎማሲ ስራው ከግብጽ ጋር ሳይጠናቀቅ ነው። ገና ለወደፊቱ ችግር ያለበት ነው። ለምሳሌ ያህል ብራዚልን ብንወስድ፦ብራዚል በአ
        ለም ትልቁን የታወቀውን ግድብ ስራ ከመጀመሯ በፊት ከጎረቤት ሃገሯ ከፓራጓይ ጋር በግድቡ ላይ ያላትን አለመግባባት በዲፕሎማሲ ጨርሳ ሁለቱም ሃገሮች መስማማታቸውን የሚገልጽ ፊርማ ካሰፈሩ በኋላ ግንባታው እንዲጀመር አረንጓዴ መብራት አሳዩ፡ ስራውም በ1972 ተጀምሮ በ1982 ተጠናቀቀ።ብራዚልና ፓራጓይ ከብዙ አመት በፊት ተዋግተው ከ2ቱም ወገን ብዙ ህዝብ አልቋል። በተለይም የፓራጓይ ግማሹ ህዝብ በዚያ ጦርነት አልቋል። ሆኖም እነዚህ ሃገሮች ያንን ቁስል እስካሁን ድረስ አልረሱም።
        ግድቡ በሚሰራበት አካባቢ ያሉ ወደ 8200 የሚጠጉ ቤቶች ሲፈርሱ ለባለቤቶቹ በሙሉ ወደ 3ቢሊዮን ስቴርሊንግ ገንዘብ በአሁኑ ሰአት ሲተመን ካሳ ተሰጥቶአቸዋል።ከመሃከላቸውም ገንዘብ አልፈልግም እኔ የትም አንሄድም ብሎ ፍርድ ቤት የተካሰሰም ነበሩ።ወደ እኛ ስንመለስ ግን ግድቡ ተገንብቶ ጠቃሚነቱ ለማን ነው???
        2፦ ተከዜ ወንዝ ላይ ግድብ ሲገደብ በዚያ አካባቢ ለሚኖሩ ነዋሪዎች ጠቀም ያለ ገንዘብ ተሰጥዋቸው ሌላ አካባቢ ሄደው ኑሮአቸውን እንዲኖሩ ተደርጎአል። በአባይ ግድብ አካባቢ ያሉትን ያለንብረትና ተዘርፈው ሂዱ ከዚህ ወደምትሄዱበት ነው የተባሉት።
        3፦አማራው፦አፋሩ፦ጋምቤላው፦ወዘተ ከሚኖርበት ሃገር ከተለያየ የሃገሪቱ አካባቢ ሃገርህ አይደለም እየተባለና እየተዘረፈ እየተገደለ ለአባይ ግድብ መዋጮ ብሎ ነገር አለ እንዴ? ሰውዬው ከሞተ ግድቡ ለማን ነው?

  13. me says:

    “አባይ እንዳይገነባ የሚፈልግ ማንም ኢትዮጵያዊ የለም”… በጣም የሚገርም ነው:: “መለስ ሲያምረው ይቀራል እንጂ ኣባይ ኣይገደብም” የሚል ዲያስፖራ ኣይደለም እንዴ ያለን?

  14. ዘላለማዊ says:

    አቶ ግርማ:- እኔ ግን በአንድ ጉዳይ አሁን ልጠይቅህ…. የኢትዮጵያ መያዣና መጨበጫ ካጣ ግማሽ ምዕተ ዓመት ሊቆጥር ይመስለኛል:: ይህ ደግሞ በኢትዮጵያ አገራችን የአድን ትውልድ እድሜ ነው:: ምናልባት ይሄ አንድ ትውልድ የጨረስ ጉንጭ አልፋ የኢትዮጵያ የፖለቲካ እሰጥ እገባ እሰከሚቃለል ድረስ የድህነትና የችጋር እሰረኞች ሆነን እንቀጥልን?

    እኔ ፖለቲካው ብዙ ከማይስባቸው ወገኖች ነኝ… ሆኖም ይሄ ውሉ የጠፋበት ፖለቲካችን የሁሉም ነገራችን ወሳኝ ቁልፍ ሆኖ መቀመጡ ያሳስበኛል… ፖለቲከኞቹ በፖለቲካው ሜዳ ሲፋለሙ የአገራቸውን, የህዝባቸውና የወገናቸው ችግር እንደእግር እሳት የሚያንገበግባቸው ወገኖች በሚያምኑበት ነገር ገብተው መካፈል አይችሉምን?

    እኔ የዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስን ንግግር በዚህ አቅጣጫ ተረዳሁትና በበጎ ወሰድኩት….

  15. Yared says:

    Abzagnaw ye ethiopia h-zb EPRDF’n aywedewum !

  16. Mahlet Asefa says:

    What the TOXIC DIASPORA fail to understand continuously is that the more you oppose and try to humiliate the EPRDF boys the Stronger they are!!
    Oh my my, I’m so impressed with Toxic diaspora resistance style wining and shouting, but I’m more impressed at the courageous and amazing come backs of the EPRDF leadership. Seriously what our leaders are showing us is how much sacrifice they are willing to pay for Ethiopia. They are such an inspiration. Thank God the majority of Ethiopians are greatful for this people. I really think we should learn to praise our leaders for all their hardwork.Thank you Our Leaders, for your leadership and your patience in handling the Babies Toxic Diaspora.
    Ethiopia shall prosper and Kick poverty in the Azz one last time. Temesgen Geta Hoy Meriochachinin Tebikilin, Amen.

  17. Mario says:

    ኣቶ ግርማ ካሳ

    እናንተ ለኣባይ ብታዋጡ ባታወጡ የኣባይ ግድብ በቀን ፪፬ ሰዓታት በሳምንት ፯ ቀን ያለማቋረጣ እየተሰራ ነው። ኣንተና መሰሎቻቹ ከኢትዮጵያ ታሪካዊ ጠላቶች ጋር በመሆን የኢትዮጵያን ህዳሴ ለመግታት እየተንቀሳቀሳቹ ቢሆንም ፤ የኢትዮጵያን ህዳሴ የሚያቆም ኣቅም የላችሁም።

    ሽምጥጥ ኣድርገህ ደግሞ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ኣባይ ይገደብ ኣላለም ኣልክ!
    የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብማ አባይ ይገደብ ብሎ መስሎኝ ያለማቋረጥ ገንዘቡን እየቸረ ያለው! በየቦታው ኣባይ እየተባለ እየተዘፈነለት ጀሮህ ምን ነካው? የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እያልክ ብዙ ትፅፋለህ ፣ ሆኖም ግን ለኢትዮጵያ ምን ኣድርገሃል?
    ደግሞ እርቅ ትላለህ እኮ! የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብን ወረው ለ፩፯ ዓመታት ያህል ልጆቹን ሲገድሉና ሲበዘብዙ ከነበሩት ጋ ምን እርባና ያገኛል? በክፋ ጊዜ ጥለውት ከሄዱት ይብዙም ይነሱም ፤ ክፉም ይሁኑ ደግ እስከ ድል ኣብረውት ሲወድቁና ሲነሱ የነበሩትን ኢህኣዴጎች ይሻላሉ ብሉ ድህነትን ላንዴና ለመጨረሻ ጊዜ ለማሸነፍ እየጣረና እየደከመ ያለው።

    ኣቶ ግርማ ካሳ፦ ያልገባህ ነገር ቢኖር ፖለቲካ የምትጫወት ከሆነ የመጣህበትን ክልል ብቻ ነው የምትወክለው። በክልልህ ጥሩ በመስራት ለህዝብ ኣገልጋይነትህን በማረጋገጥ ስለጠቅላላ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ለማውራትና ለማሰብ የምትበቃው።ምንም ሰርተህለት ለማታውቅ ህዝብ ቀንና ሌት ብታነሳው ምን ዋጋ ኣለው!ዘረኛ መንግስት ደግሞ ትላለህ! በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እንደናንተ ዓይነት ዘረኛ የለም!በኢህኣፖ በረሃ ነበርንበት ጊዜና በወያኔ ተሸንፈን ስደት በወጣንበት ጊዜ ብዙ ኣይተናል። ህዝብን የሚወክሉ ባይሆኑም ልክ እንደነ ኣቶ ግርማ ካሳ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እያሉ የሚያለቅሱ ነበሩ ግን በሂደት ለኢትዮጵያ የሚሆን ምንም ነገር እንዳልነበራቸውና እንደሌላቸው በሂደት ኣረጋግጠናል! ይልቁንስ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብን የማገልገል እምቅ ኣቅም የነበራቸውን ድንቅዬ ታጋዮችን እንዲበታተኑና ወዘተ ኣድገዋል!ስለዚህ የነ ኣቶ ግርማ ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያ እያሉ ማልቀስ ውሽት ነው! እዚህ በዲያስፖራ ከሁሉም የኢትዮጵያ መንደሮች የመጣ ህብረተሰብ አለ ግን ኣንድም ቀን ሁሉንም ባንድ ላይ ኣሰባስበው ኣያውቁም ፣ ለኣይጥ ምስክሯ ድንቢጥ እንደሚባለው ካልሆነ በስተቀር።ስለዚህ
    የኦሮሞን፣የትግራይን፣የኣፉርን ወዘተ የት ታቀዋለህ፣የት ያውቅሃል? ምንስ ሰርተህለታል?
    የትግራይ ህዝብ መሪ በማጣቱ ነበረ ለከፍተኛ ድህነት ተጋልጦ የሚላስና የሚቀመስ ኣጥቶ በገፍ ያለቀው! የትግራይ ህዝብ ኮ የሚያይና የሚሰማ ሰው ጠፍቶ ነው እንጂ ከረሃቡ ኣደጋ በፊት ቤቱን ሳትፈርስ ጥሏት ምግብ ፍለጋ ልጆቹን ኣስከትሎ ስደት መሄድ ከጀመረ ዓመታት ኣስቆጥሮ ነበር ! ይህ ከትግሬን ኣስርቦ ነው እንጂ ከሚለው የቀድምዎቹ መሪዎቻቼን ምሳሌ ጋ ሲገጣጠም? ብዙ ማለት ይቻላል ግን ብዙ ቢባልም የሚገባቹ ኣይነት ግለሰቦች ባለመሆናቹ እንዲሁ ባጭሩ መተዉ ይሻላል።
    እናንተ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እንደምትወክሉ በውስጣቹ እምነት ቢኖራቹ ኖሮ የኣባይን ግድብ ቦንድ ገዝታቹ ትጨርሱት ነበር። ምክንያቱም ዘልኣለማዊ መንግስት ሰለሌለ ይሄ መንግስት የሆነ እስኪሆን ድረስ ኢትዮጵያ ለምታ እንድትቆይያቹ ኣምሳና ስድሳ ኣመታትን የሚያገለግሉትን ፕሮጀክቶች እንዲሰሩ ትደግፋ ነበር። ለነገሩ እየተሰራ ነው ፣ እናንተ ጠመማቹ ተብለሎ የሚቀር ነገር የለም።

    በኢትዮጵያ ያለው (political institution) በበግ ቆዳ ተሸፍነው በህዝብ የሚጫወቱትን ለመከላከል ታስቦ የተደራጀ ነው። በበግ ቆዳ የተሸፈኑትን ኣደገኛና ስስታም ፖለቲከኞችን በማገት ኢትዮጵያን ካለችበት የድህነት ማጥ እያወጣት ነው!

    • Tessema says:

      Mario, you must be the ethiopian Maria Balatelli, lacking substance and maturity. Please read the article carefully and try to learn from it.

      You said <> .

      Ato Girma did not say that. He said <>

  18. Leul says:

    ምን አይነት የተጋላቢጦሽ ዘመን መጣ ባካቹህ! አገር ሲያስገነጣጥል የነበረ ሁላ አሁን ኢትዮጵያዊነት ከኛ በላይ ላሳር ይለናል። አቶ ግርማ ካሳ ባጭሩ እንዳስቀመጡት የትኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ማንኛውንም አይነት ልማት አይቃወምም። ይህን ደግሞ አገር ስታስገነጥሉ የነበራቹት ዎያኔዎችም ታውቁታላቹህ። ሌሎችን ከግብጽ አበሩ ከከሌ አበሩ ስትሉ ትንሽ አንኳ አታፍሩም። በኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶችም አልነበር ተጭናቹህ ለዚህ የበቃቹት።

  19. mateb says:

    ግርማ ካገር ቤት ወደ ውጪ ስለሸሸው ገንዘብ ከመጀመሪያ ጀምሮ ኢሳት እንዳልዘገበው፤እዚህ ያሉ ብዙ ዌብሳይቶች እንዳልዘገቡት ስንትና ስንር ርቀት ሄደህ የታምራትን ፎርቹንን የጠቀስከው ምን ሆነህ ነው?

  20. Tatek says:

    Bro. Girma,
    Many thanks for this. It is a touching story and based on facts. You made me remember the question posed by a CNN correspondent to Colonel Zenawi in Washington DC when the dead TPLF tyrant was torched on his bald head by Ethiopians in the United States, to the surprise of American officials. The correspondent asked Zenawi why all these people opposed him and attempted to harm him. The tyrant said, ‘they are remnants of the OLF and dergue’. The correspondent posed another question saying, ‘’Mr Prime Minister, if indeed all these people are remnants of the OLF and dergue as you said, to me the OLF and dergue are far more popular than you and if I were you, I will immediately sit down with these guys to sway this kind of public outcry against me’’. The tyrant said his Government doesn’t believe in talks with murderers like the dergue and separatists like the OLF. The correspondent and the whole world have seen that numbers don’t lie. The TPLF and its entourage are losers in the eyes of public opinion from Ethiopia to South Africa, Norway to Germany, United States to Australia and anywhere else on earth. TPLF warlord Tewodros Adhnahom was trying to blame the Diaspora and the opposition for trying to take the Nile dam project hostage. That’s NOT true. The Diaspora and Ethiopians in the country are well aware that the project was a cooked up scheme by colonel Zenawi to try to detract Ethiopians from taking to the streets and Meskel square en masse to delete his autocratic regime out of office in the wake of the historic Arab spring. If the project was intended to be built in good faith as claimed by the TPLF , only the Ethiopian Diaspora based in North America can build not just one but two or three such dams and Adhnahom and Girma Birru didn’t have to run from building to building to evade the wrath of countless Ethiopians in the Diaspora and would be able to easily get their message along. We could have received them like kings and have given them all they asked for. The message from Ethiopians both in the country and those who live abroad is this: TPLF has exponentially outlived any sort of trust in the court of public opinion and the govt they head is illegitimate in the eyes of Ethiopians. If we have learnt anything from the 2005 election, the TPLF were rejected in the country’s most popular regions of Oromia and Amhara that accounts for about 80% of the country’s population mass and NO government can claim that they were legitimately elected when they lost in the two most populous regions, even if there were any slight possibility of winning in other regions. In conclusion, the message to warlord Adhnahom is this: it is not the dam that people are rejecting, it is you as a TPLF agent that we are rejecting, just get it.

  21. Nfaw says:

    Tatek, who elected you to talk on behalf all Ethiopian? You are dictator because you are acting as if you are elected. you can speak on behalf of Amhara or oromo or etc. Did you love the Oromos now? how come? did you love the barias now? how come? did you love the Somalia now? You will never go an inch forward in this way. We know you are only driven by hate to woyane with no reasons. That is the reasons you are not moving forward. The woyanes will still more years, perhaps you will die before setting your foot in Addis Ababa. No Ethiopian wanted your old Ethiopia apartheid this time apart from you.

  22. ሰላም says:

    አቶ ግርማ ሻዕብያ ኢትዩጰያን በወረረ ግዜም እኛን ስልጣን ካልተካፋልን ማንም በገንዘብ እንዳይረዳ ብላችሁ ነበር:: ግን የኢትዩጰያ ህዝብ ከዳር እስከ ዳር ተነሳቶ ሻዕብያን አሸንፈፎታል:: እናንተን የሚሰማ የለም በቅንጂት ግዜ በአመት አርባ ሁለት ግዜ ሰላማዊ ሰልፎ ስትወጡ የዳያስፖራ ገንዘብ ከመዝረፍ አልፋችሁ የኢትዩጰያን ልማት አላደናቀፋችሁም ይሉቅንስ አራት ግድቦች እንደ ተከዘ.ግልገልግቤ1.ግልገልግቤ2.ጣናበለስ ተሰርተዉ ተመረቁ በአንፃሩ እናንተ ስትጮሁላቸዉ የነበሩ ድርጅቶች የትደረሱ እርስ በርሳቸዉ ተጨቄጭቀዉ ማፈርያ ስራ ሰርተዉ ተበታትነዋል ::
    እና አቶ ግርማ አሁን ምን ይደረግ ነወ የሚሉን አዲስ ድርጅት ፈጠራችሁ አንጂ ሰዎቻችሁ እኮ አሁንም አልተቀየሩም ህዝቡ እንደድሮ የሚታለል አይደለም አንድ ግዜ ተታሎ ገንዘቡን ሰጥታችሁ ይሆናል ደግሞ እንደማሰጣችሁ እርግጠኛ ነኝ::

  23. Gezaee H. says:

    Message to EPRDF:

    Listen to us:
    1. Allow Ethiopia to control 2/3 of the redsea, relieve the country from all the expenses of port feel. It is true when you have bad policies that is costing billions of dollars to buy port while our ports are sitting idle, it does not make sense. you have to listen to legitimate questions, if you can allow the country to use its ports, you can save more money than the money you can get from diaspora. The diasporas are stupid. you are stupid because you forced Ethiopia to buy ports by denying them their own ports? That means it is not only the diaspora who are stupid too. Why force 94 million to be landlocked? why? who gave you the right to force 94 million not to use their natural port? I myself I am bitter on this. What I am not like about diaspora is their approach, but there are many legitimate public demands. As such:
    1. Allow the country to use its ports
    2. Stop taking away other people land and giving to alien foreigners who have nothing with the people. This is betrayal, not development. You cannot develop by reducing to slavery and sweatshop workers.
    3. Stop uprooting people for whatever reasons; If I can not live anywhere in Ethiopia? what is Ethiopia for me? this is disgusting and ugly thing.

    If you correct the above, we will support you with no condition. Please, please allow the country to use its ports;

  24. Down Under says:


    In the above comment, You sounded like you consider EPRDF as an omnipotent entity and therefore accepted EPRDF as your god (Not God ).Why don’t you preach love ,unity and peace among the 2 nations instead of kneeling down and begging like a 2 year old “Ankle biter” ?

    “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.”
    -Martin Luther King , Jr.

    God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea !

  25. Gezaee H. says:

    The problem with Ethiopians; they never listen; This is a big problem. These includes the government too. Those of us who believe in pure reason are left out with no option.The government refused to listen, diaspora refused to listen; what do we do? do we have to start a third war front? It is sad Ethiopians have an attitude of only me, how do we change only me or only my way attitude? Do we have to kill people? or do we have to insult people? or intimidate people? I just say to myself how blessed are those who listen to each other unlike Ethiopians. Down under? civility or meekness is not weakness. It is wisdom. I do not believe you can convince by intimidating, threatening, insulting them? you can never educate or change people by means of scare or violence. It Is counter productive. If I am wrong, you have to tell me I am wrong in a manner I can accept it. Otherwise, if you attack me, I will be defensive even if I am wrong. That is the logic. I know Ethiopia has landlocked stupidly and they refused for the past 20 years to listen. But who should be blamed? why we did not stand together say, no, this is wrong? why we allow them do things arbitrarily? is it not possible to correct policies without asking to take over arat kilo?

    • axumawe says:

      @GEZAEE H.
      REVOLUTION OR CHANGE WELL NOT OCCUR(happend over night)if you know ( i blive u know) Ethiopian history.
      since zmene mesafent of 125 years until
      21 years a go there is complit feudalizem in ethiopia.
      know we have to see the past world history.
      b/c Europe, & N America ARE DEMOCRATIC or free society,that want happend right away in our society.
      for example.
      look at the so called daiaspor most of them are in the u.s,Australia,Europe &
      some of them are educated,can you learn any thing from this type of people ?
      i don;t.the government they are doing the job,period.they are driving the train period…….
      so when they are so blind extremest they are craeting opponontes to them self & i am one,(ahia ylelat beklo tnkalech).
      when this so called daispora traied to tell me the government is not doing any thing this is my respond to any one idon;t blive my ear,i blive my own eye.
      i can see who is for Ethiopia and who is not……….
      so mster gezaee MARK MY WORD you well not see any conssenses from die hard power monger despreat exile people any thing good until they go to there graves.
      but if we live long to see the younger generation of Ethiopia me & you well feel ashemed on this generation (over40)
      b/c this is the end of the feudalstic mentality.this over 40 generation is the last (the west of our country).
      that is why i am traing to do some thing
      positive to my people,b/c this is the right thing to do atlist i owe to my country to speak the truth.change won’t happen over night, there is problem,the government is traing to do what is best for the nation including inpresnment if it is nesessary.why is it not ok to inpreson terorist,the Americans are doing it,the russians are doing it,the chines are doing it the brtish are doing it,the french are doing it,the saudis are doing it,the israels are doing it,the egyptians are doing it why not ETHIOPIA???????
      WHAT IS GUANTANAMO BAY??????????????
      OOOOOO HUMAN WRIGHT who is who to tel about human wright ???
      any way those who preech about human wright not from out side, the battle felde is back home where the action is not in exile.

    • Down Under says:


      The difference between you and me is that you love the land and the sea more than the people but mine is the other way around.I don’t mind with your unhealthy patronizing attitude as long as you agree to disagree .Don’t take offence , Chill out ! By the way ,love him or hate him, The most honourable and non replaceable Meles ( God bless his soul ! ) was 21 years ahead of you in a political thinking.

      God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea !

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Down, you sound Shabia; if you do not like my position, then why you do not hang yourself? You Shabia pretend Ethiopian. Leba acheberbari, where did I see I love the sea and the land than the people? idiot, if I say you has to use its ports, loving the sea more than the people? Dog Shabia, you must kill yourself, you twist my opinion to twist your Shabia agenda?

        • Gezaee H. says:

          Down, you sound Shabia; if you do not like my position, then why you do not hang yourself? You Shabia pretending as Ethiopian. Leba acheberbari, where did I say I love the sea and the land than the people? idiot, if I say to you Ethiopia has to use its ports, does that mean I love the sea than people. Dedeb Ahya, what makes me unhealthy? because you did not like my idea? Where did I say I love the sea than the people? Where did I talk about Meles?

        • Down Under says:


          Your civility went down the Dunny when your soft spot is pricked ones. What is the insult and the name calling for ? Just because some one has a different opinion or perspective from yours ! Chill out ! At this rate, you are gunna develop a Heart Attack or Stroke or prematurely die.

          Your vulgarity in the virtual world speaks volume to what sort of individual you are in the real world.

          God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea!

          • Gezaee H. says:

            Down under, you are Shabia, why you become Camelon here. You Shabia told me I love the sea and the land than the people? Where did I say I love the sea and the land than the people? Shabia, who cares What Shabia dog thinks? Advocating Ethiopia to use its own natural ports means to you that I love sea and land than the people? Ethiopians are not people? It is only Eritreans who are human and who have rights? Free yourself from slavery mind before starting to talk to me. Ethiopia does not need your blessing.

  26. Mehret says:

    How ever you try to go around it, the question is clear. Do you support the reinessance dam or rather be an agent for the Egyptian cause?

  27. axumawe says:

    grma kassa o grma kassa o grma kassa
    nither you or your likes well never make any diffrent in Ethiopia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    if you realy caer about the people of ethiopia not from where you are.have the got feel thier pain ,sorrow & un comfort. (if there is some ?)you, to me you are just another reminant of derg. no more no less.
    we the Ethiopian people we don’t need some one like you……….
    what we need is some one who caers for ethiopia, as a whol,not for one or two teroristes. by the way you are one of them b/c you are divided ethiopia by fevering one group (amara-daispora)

  28. helen says:

    ጓድ ሪዳክተር የኔን ጽሁፍ ለምን አላወጣሃውም?ወያኔን ስለሚቃወም ነው?ወይስ ምክንያቱ ምንድ ነው??? እኔ መድረኩ እኮ የነጻ ሃሳብ መግለጫ መስሎኝ ነው !

  29. helen says:

    በመጀመሪያ ግድቡ ቢገደብና ለሃገራችን ጥቅም ቢውል በጣም ደስ ይለናል።
    1፦ግድቡ የተጀመረው የዲፕሎማሲ ስራው ከግብጽ ጋር ሳይጠናቀቅ ነው። ገና ለወደፊቱ ችግር ያለበት ነው። ለምሳሌ ያህል ብራዚልን ብንወስድ፦ብራዚል በአ
    ለም ትልቁን የታወቀውን ግድብ ስራ ከመጀመሯ በፊት ከጎረቤት ሃገሯ ከፓራጓይ ጋር በግድቡ ላይ ያላትን አለመግባባት በዲፕሎማሲ ጨርሳ ሁለቱም ሃገሮች መስማማታቸውን የሚገልጽ ፊርማ ካሰፈሩ በኋላ ግንባታው እንዲጀመር አረንጓዴ መብራት አሳዩ፡ ስራውም በ1972 ተጀምሮ በ1982 ተጠናቀቀ።ብራዚልና ፓራጓይ ከብዙ አመት በፊት ተዋግተው ከ2ቱም ወገን ብዙ ህዝብ አልቋል። በተለይም የፓራጓይ ግማሹ ህዝብ በዚያ ጦርነት አልቋል። ሆኖም እነዚህ ሃገሮች ያንን ቁስል እስካሁን ድረስ አልረሱም።
    ግድቡ በሚሰራበት አካባቢ ያሉ ወደ 8200 የሚጠጉ ቤቶች ሲፈርሱ ለባለቤቶቹ በሙሉ ወደ 3ቢሊዮን ስቴርሊንግ ገንዘብ በአሁኑ ሰአት ሲተመን ካሳ ተሰጥቶአቸዋል።ከመሃከላቸውም ገንዘብ አልፈልግም እኔ የትም አንሄድም ብሎ ፍርድ ቤት የተካሰሰም ነበሩ።ወደ እኛ ስንመለስ ግን ግድቡ ተገንብቶ ጠቃሚነቱ ለማን ነው???
    2፦ ተከዜ ወንዝ ላይ ግድብ ሲገደብ በዚያ አካባቢ ለሚኖሩ ነዋሪዎች ጠቀም ያለ ገንዘብ ተሰጥዋቸው ሌላ አካባቢ ሄደው ኑሮአቸውን እንዲኖሩ ተደርጎአል። በአባይ ግድብ አካባቢ ያሉትን ያለንብረትና ተዘርፈው ሂዱ ከዚህ ወደምትሄዱበት ነው የተባሉት።
    3፦አማራው፦አፋሩ፦ጋምቤላው፦ወዘተ ከሚኖርበት ሃገር ከተለያየ የሃገሪቱ አካባቢ ሃገርህ አይደለም እየተባለና እየተዘረፈ እየተገደለ ለአባይ ግድብ መዋጮ ብሎ ነገር አለ እንዴ? ሰውዬው ከሞተ ግድቡ ለማን ነው?

    • Gezaee H. says:

      Helen, you are completely wrong. you are comparing an apple and orange. Ethiopia does not need any diplomacy with Egypt to use its resources. It might make sense to agree with Mario below that woyane can not be trusted on Ethiopian interest due their track-record that they hate Ethiopia and they do not mind selling the entire country. This is based on their track-record. I would appreciate and agree with those who do not trust woyane. But Ethiopia doe not need permission from any neighbours. Ethiopia owns the water, it is not diverting somebody’s water. Leave alone Ethiopia, even Sudan, Egypt did not care to diplomacy from Ethiopia to build their huge dams. They did it without involving Ethiopia. These countries they do not contribute a drop of the water yet they have been strangulating Ethiopia to death. Helen, people like you are losers and not needed in Ethiopia. You are scumbag citizens. you wanted to beg food, freedom, water,… people like you and woyane must hang themselves than calling themselves Ethiopian. What type of generation you are, it is hard to figure out. You are scum-bags of Ethiopians history. People may not agree with me, Mengistu Hailemariam beats all of you. That means Mengistu was better and firm on Ethiopian interest than all the poleticians today. The high graduate is much better than Almariam, Elias, Kiflie, Tamagne, Dr. Berhanu, Woyane on Ethiopia. Mengistu big deep his crime killing entire generation of Ethiopians. His stand on Ethiopian sovereignity and territorial integrity can not compared with anyone of today leaders. He was a high graduate, he never went to University or he never travelled. He did not even speak English. That man better than all these scub-bag PHDS like Almariam and Dr. Berhanu, woyane leaders.

      • helen says:

        እኔ እኮ የምቃወመው የሰዎችን ያለምንም ካሳና ንብረታቸውን ተቀምተው ከሚኖሩበት ቦታ ሃገራቸው ማፈናቀልን ነው። እኔ ከ24 አመት በላይ ነጮች ሃገር እየኖርሁ ያለሁበት ሃገር መብቴን አስጠብቈ እንደ ሃገሬው ዜጋ የምሰራበት ቦታ እኩል ደመወዝ ተከፍሎኝ የጡረታ መብቴ ለወደፊቱ ተጠብቆ ነው ያልተወለድኩበት ሃገር የምኖረው። ታዲያ ሰው ተወልዶ አደገበት ሃገር ሃገርህ አይደለም ተብሎ ሲባረር ምን ማለት ነው?
        የአባይን ግድብ ግንባታ አልቃወምም ምክንያቱም ለሃገራችን እድገት ያመጣል። ለምሳሌ አሁንም ብራዚልን ብንወስድ በ1972 እድገቷ ከ10% አይበልጥም ነበር ;ሕዝቧም ወደ 80 ሚሊዮን ይጠጋ ነበር፦ ከግድቡ በኋላ ግን ያው እንደሚታወቀው ብራዚል በአለም በኢንደስትሪ ካደጉ ሃገሮች 8ተኛውን ቦታ ይዛለች።ለሃገራችንም የምንመኘው ይሄንኑ እድገት ነው።

  30. Mario says:

    When woyanes milk the diaspora at their free will, it is like what is called “Lame Bora”.
    When woyanes and their agents fail to milk the diaspora at their free will like “Lame Bora” or meet fierce criticism/resistance from the diaspora, it is like what they call “Toxic diaspora”.

    The question to be asked is this: Why do people in the diaspora (toxic or not) say no to woyanes and their agents? Simply put, why do they say no to bond buying or any positive contribution to the so-called Grand Renaissance Dam?

    Here is what I feel in my gut as to what the reasons are:

    1. The dam is being built by borrowed money (that is what woyanes and their agents tell us). That money is to be paid back by Ethiopians for generations to come. So, those who do not believe in the dam effort don’t see any reason to contribute towards that. Money contributed or meant for bond buying is money to be pocketed by woyanes and their agents. This is a rip off and it is absolutely right to say no to the scandal.

    2. The second reason, which is gut wrenching by itself are the other circumstances surrounding the dam building. The ground work has been completed long time ago that the so-called Grand Renaissance Dam will not be that of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people at the end of the day. Eventually, it will be under the total controlled of Tigray, Benshangul-Gumz, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and other foreign forces. Where exactly is patriotic Ethiopians’ effort (cash or kind) going to fit in the current secretive formula? Do I need to list down evidences for that? Unless we are stupid, the evidences are out there to see for all.

    Here are a few examples:

    A. The treasonous behavior or track record of woyanes and their agents

    B. The fact that the dam is being built a few miles away from the Sudanese border and

    C. The lulling, calming and smoothing of Egypt by woyane government every time Egypt is fuming because its illegitimate right over the Nile river is violated.

    These few speak volume about the scandal and disgrace committed against Ethiopia its people. Readers might ask, do I support the dam building or not. My answer is, not in the existing circumstance and conditions set by woyanes and their agents.

    If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected. The point is, I have expressed what I feel about the dam in/on time.

  31. Down under, says:


    Cool down !

    ..You are a dreamer who is still living in the last Century.I’m pretty sure you are gunna die while asleep before you wake up.No wonder that you’ve a one digit brain age . You are too immature for your chronological age .

    God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea !

    • Down Under says:

      Dear Editor/Admin.

      With all due respect ,I don’t get the reason why you cut part of my comment while you let Gezaee loose on almost everyone.I have not written anything vulgar to low rate myself like the insightless, Wacko/Bonkers ( Gezaee ).

      Tnx heaps !

  32. Mario says:

    Awrambatimes , is it appropriate to use somebody’s nick name? This is just a cheap game! Not good for the forum!

  33. Mario says:

    Gezaee said:

    “It might make sense to agree with Mario below that woyane can not be trusted on Ethiopian interest due their track-record that they hate Ethiopia and they do not mind selling the entire country. This is based on their track-record”.

    Gezaee, thank you very much for the understanding and your input. We need to debate on this issue in a manner that it helps our people know and understand the circumstances surrounding the Grand Renaissance Dam (GRD) as clearly as possible.

    Believe it or not, the GRD is a pie in the sky (“dabo alegn besemay bet”) for the Ethiopian people. Or, it is like two bald men fighting on a comb. Is the hair to be combed there in the first place?

    I believe we must divert our fight and anger on the Grand Scandal going on in our country. Woyanes and their agents talk about Egypt’s and Sudan’s sabotage and all that jazz. That is for the consumption of the unsuspecting and the gullible. The secret deal has actually put Egypt and the Sudan part of the Grand Scandal and secured their interests and positions. Here is why:

    1. Once in a while the Egyptian and Sudanese governments are mad at the dam building. They tell the world it is a clear danger to their countries’ survival.

    2. And then follows woyane government’s press release or whatever. It is all about lulling, comforting, calming and convincing Egypt and Sudan that everything is fine. Ethiopia has no intention of harming Egypt and Sudan!!! Does this click anything in our skulls?

    This talk and counter-talk has been there consistently since the news of the GRD surfaced. All they do is bluff and sham each other while all the players in the Grand Scandal are securing their interests and positions. It was/is a secret deal arrived by treasonous behavior of woyanes and their agents.

    The thing is, are we going to wait until the Grand scandal exposes itself or are we to expose the grand Scandal absolutely naked before it is too late? The sooner we do that the better.

    We must also do everything we can in our capacity to stop woyanes and their agents not to use the GRD issue to divide us from top to bottom. We must unity on the issue we believe in and like and not on issues woyanes and their agents choose for us.

    With our persistence resilience, Ethiopia will survive!!!

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