Al-Qaeda affiliated group in Egypt declares war on Ethiopia


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63 Responses

  1. alemu says:

    by the way the topic of this news has to be like alqeada invite USA in terrorism war in Ethiopia .

    Ethiopia will not offer any penny response for any al queda groups , terrorism is the business of Israel , UK or USA , so any terrorism group can invite any investment in Ethiopia .

    • Mt says:

      Who the hell this extrimist is talking about . Do not bark man. you have to know who Ethiopians are .

    • Chala says:

      Egyptian been laughing when one million ethiopian dying in starvation in 1977 and a lot after that and still talking the colonisation era right.
      It is as saying you die starvation while seeing me eating.
      The big thing here is even egyptian oppositions are stand together for unfair thing while ethiopian opposition in diaspora working with egypt and opposing the dam.

      How came some call himself true ethiopian and a hero for opposing the sale of bond for the dam.

    • bendo says:

      If the diaspora extremist who oppose and work day and night against abay dam called themselves they love there country then what do call those who work day and night to build this historic dam with there all effort.
      I think for the extremist Diaspora loving your country and being a number one Ethiopia is if you become against any good news in ethiopia.
      Thats why ESAT is working day and night to create lie bad news every day to satisfy those who give money doma ras borcham people.
      They demand to hear bad news for every dollar they give and for that they want to be called true ethiopian.

      • serbedin says:

        do you think ETV is talking real news? liar is ETV not ESAT the main problem is our government it has lack of democracy and interference in all social life in Ethiopia not the diaspora

        • Lemagne Beyena says:

          If EPRDF pays Me Lemagne Beyane more commission than ESAT/G7 I would have collected more money by now for Abay Dam using my 22 years of experience of begging money.
          Until that deal done me and my brother will make sure to disturbed any Ethiopian meeting for the purpose of this dam

  2. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is a project that should have been done a long time ago when it was conceived and surveyed by Haile Selassie’s government several decades ago. Egypt has enough water (more than enough) coming to her already. It should control the waste that is happening right now and above all put in place practical schemes to control its population growth. Egypt has to face the reality that it is not only facing opposition to an old colonial treaty from Ethiopia but many other riparian nations in the region. Just being able to fly F16’s does not and will not intimidate anyone. I would like to see this project completed in my lifetime. By the way, Egypt already has huge water resources more than the Nile can bring to her - The Mediterranean and Red Seas. Morsi is an engineer, right? We have been told for decades that Egypt is the most educated, the most powerful nation, and the most this and the most that… ad nauseam. It should line up its jobless engineers and start projects to desalinate sea waters from both these two vast seas. In the long term, national projects like this dam belong to the whole nation and that is why I don’t stand in opposition. Believe me all of you including the current rulers back home when I say regimes can come and go away sooner or later. The Chiang Kai-Shek dynasty, Park and his cabals, Ferdinand Marcos and his ruling elite, all of the Latin American dictators along with their killing machines are in the dustbin of history. But the national projects such as dams, networks of railways and highways they did while in power are in the hands of much better and democratic regimes in all of these countries. Taiwan and Chile are good examples. Of course both Pinochet and Chiang Kai-Shek were brutal to their political opposition but the economic progress their countries made was impressive. Yes, they had lined their pockets in the process but the population had benefitted from the progress made in the areas of health and the economy. So I say to Egypt this: Wake up and wise up!!!
    When it comes to our country, the trick is how to do away with authoritarianism. I don’t condone any form of violence to get it done. It should proceed peacefully by all means and avenues available. We should all guard ourselves from any ‘struggle’ along religious and ethnic lines. Liberation front this, liberation democratic front that, religious democratic movement this and that will continue to do more harm to our harmonious way of life. That is why I see all these ‘liberation and ethnic democratic’ fronts as heavily veiled hate groups. During the last 30 years all national questions in our country have been amicably answered. Any group who still thinks of a need of national liberation in nothing short of a hate group. It just does not like the Amharas, Oromos and other ethnic peoples. That is the bottom line, no ifs or buts. So forget about the reincarnation of a ‘Sultanate’ or a ‘Purely Unitary Nation’ in Ethiopia. That will never happen, ever!!!! If you want to see a democratic and strong nation in Ethiopia then mingle with others and wage your struggle peacefully. ‘I Hate this ethnic people so much that I don’t want to speak that language’ is not a prudent way of presenting oneself as a leader of a ‘liberation’ front. As an Oromo myself I don’t want to see some ‘Richard the Lion Heart’ to liberate me with an 11th hour borrowed name. We are not that gullible. We know better, believe me!!!!

  3. Kemal says:

    We Ethiopians shouldn’t care what some extremists say. This Renaissance dam is an important project for our country Ethiopia, and we know it is not going to hurt Egypt as well. Thus, any attempt by few extremists is not the stand of the Egyptian people and government. When it comes with the dam, we Ethiopians, regardless of religion, ethnicity or political affiliation are one. It is the interest of the people. No one is going to stop it.

  4. teshome says:

    Al-ESAT Al-wishet, organization would be very happy and soon will join the Al-Jamaa al Islamiya terrorist.
    Al-ESAT Al-wishet terrorist wing was time and again organizing anti-abay dam campaign in the Diaspora. The Egyptian IMAM once was the instrument of this campaign and was welcomed by Al-ESAT Al-isalmiya wing as a Hero…..
    Did any body ask why ESAT, favoring anti-Dam campaign?
    Did anybody ask why ESAT is sensationalizing every Friday’s Muslim protest in Ethiopia?
    Did ESAT ever make a single positive news on Abay Dam? Virtually nothing for the last two years.
    Ethiopians are brave people, go and ask the Italians what and how we did to protect our country.
    Ethiopians knew, Al-shebaba, Al-ESAT and Al-Gama al-Islamiyya, are working together against the interest of Ethiopian people. Egypt as a government is not different.
    The Ethiopian government should start cleaning its country, those Muslims who are protesting should undergo under-microscope and those people who had close and distant affiliation with ESAT, I mean AL-ESAT, home and abroad, should be under scrutiny.
    Why in the first place our is allowing Ethiopians to speak in terrorist media called AL-ESAT. We recommend our government to assess this issue in detail.

    • ETHIO says:

      Go and ask Italian who is real Ethiopian? they will tell you that you are not. leave ESAT. STACK TO THE TOPIC.They care for Ethiopia more than the tplf. we will face any terrorist and destroy them. read the history who is terrorist and who were working with Syrian regime? who was funded by terrorists? who is blackmailed by terrorist? who is currently terrorising people by forcing them to pay for cadres by giving them power to knock every door and ask money for (kobel stone)? There are things that I don’t like (disagree) with ESAT but they are 1000 times better than simon bereket’s etv.

      • Double Helix says:

        Go to Ginbot 7 Democratic and read and hear for yourself.ESAT TV is supported by Eritrea/Egypt financially and is full of lies. History will tell.

  5. Kemal says:

    Opposition figure Hamdeen Sabbahi says Egypt could block Suez Canal to ships from countries that help Ethiopia build controversial dam on Blue Nile

    Egypt could close the Suez Canal to ships from countries that help Ethiopia build a controversial dam on the Blue Nile in the event that the dam threatens Egypt’s supply of Nile water, Egyptian Popular Current leader Hamdeen Sabbahi said Wednesday.

    “The state is capable of holding talks with the countries financing Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam project, especially China and Italy,” Sabbahi said.

    He went on to assert that Egypt was capable of prohibiting ships from those countries from transiting the Suez Canal “until they stop harming Egypt’s interests.”

    He also said that Ethiopia’s decision to go ahead with the project – only days after President Mohamed Morsi’s state visit to the country – was “extremely humiliating to Egyptians.”

    In comments reported by Al-Ahram Arabic news website, Sabbahi also called on Egyptians to support the government in its dispute with Ethiopia over the dam.

    On Tuesday, Ethiopia began diverting the course of the Blue Nile, one of the Nile River’s two major tributaries, as part of its ‘Renaissance Dam’ project for electricity production, a move that raised concerns in Egypt and Sudan that the flow of water could be disrupted.

    A final report on the impact of the planned dam by a joint committee of Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian representatives is expected within days.

    “We will not accept any pressure when it comes to our water supply,” Sabbahi said. “Solutions must be presented to avoid conflict.”

    If Ethiopia continues with projects that harm Egypt, the nation will unite to deter an attack on its interests, he added.

    Sabbahi said that while he fully supports Ethiopia’s right to increase its energy production, Egypt would not accept any reductions in its annual water supply.

    If matters escalate, he said, a drop of water would exceed a drop of blood in value. The best way to avoid conflict is to open new initiatives for strategic cooperation in the Nile Basin, he added.

    During the 21st African Union summit, President Morsi said Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam had vowed to consider Egypt’s interests regarding the dam.

    Egypt’s ambassador in Addis Ababa, Mohamed Idris, said Ethiopia’s intention to divert the Blue Nile had been known since November 2012.

    According to the state-run National Planning Institute, Egypt will require an additional 21 billion cubic metres of water per year by 2050 – on top of its current annual quota of 55 billion metres – to meet the needs of a projected population of some 150 million.

    Correction: Ahram Online had earlier quoted Sabbahi as saying that Egypt was capable of barring Ethiopian ships from crossing the Suez Canal. This is incorrect. Rather, he said that ships from those countries that financed the dam project could be prohibited from transiting the canal.

    • Ahadu says:


      Egypt may retaliate by using the Suez Canel. But, that won’t change the souce of Nile. would it?

      The souce of Nile would remain Ethiopia and it wil be upto the Egyptians to decide if it is in their interest to attach a country that will remain up stream.

  6. Slick says:

    Dawn to Egypt !!!!!

    I have political differences with Woyane/EPRDF on different issues nationally, However when it comes to foreign enemy like Egypt, Eretria et al, I will stand by any political party or group for the interest of E T H I O P I A.

    There is no way we should show our differences for our enemies. The Woyane Bandits should learn a lesson here. We stood by the woyane side when Eritrea invaded our land, We support woyane/EPRDF when Egypt wants to bully Ethiopia. THE WOYANES CAN NOT CONTINUE TO PUSH US ASIDE WHEN THEY ARE COMFORTABLE AND SEEK OUR UNITY AND SUPPORT AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    • teshome says:

      What is right with you?
      Is it with conscious mind you misplaced your position. Weren’t you the one who was saying Abay dam won’t be constructed, it is simply a political game card of woyane..
      Weren’t to you the one and your fellow Ethiopians who was opposing Abay Dam in every single day In DC and Europe street..
      Are you now convinced Abay Dam is gonna be constructed by the Ethiopians for the Ethiopians but by Woyanes for woyanes?
      The Ethiopian Diasporas now are playing a very delicate politics, some of them had already establish a strong ally with Egypt, Ginbote 7 the founder of ESAT ( Al ESAT) has officially open an office in Cairo. The Egyptian IMAM has already started his dirty job with some extremist Muslim Ethiopians in DC and other US states.
      But the good thing is my government and the brave Ethiopian people have the big picture ahead of times and knew very well who and who behind what and what motives.
      Now the big question is for how long ESAT, I mean AL ESAT AL WISHET is serving the Egyptian purpose in the name of democracy and its adjutant…

      Please Dear Dawit would you please collect what and what ESAT did and say on Abay Dam for the last two years.
      Then it would as such simple to understand why I said ESAT IS AL-ESAT OF EGYPT

      • Slick says:


        As alwyas the TPLF/EPRDF thugs response with baseless accusation for thier politcal capital. I simply ignore your nonsense and jot dawn few points, something you need to understand for your future reference.

        Frist of all opposition including individuals and political parties NEVER ever said development shouldn’t take place in ethiopia or tried to stop the development process in ethiopia. What Opposition parties are asking is very simple but denied by the arrogant TPLF/Woyanes! Our Question has nothingto do with development…. the Question of every opposition parites are:-

        1. Let Democracy prevail in Ethiopia so that in sustainable development will take place.

        2. Let 90 Million Ethiopians have a choice of Political direction, Economic direction ! A choice of free press, Free Judiciary system the right to elect and Voite without any government interernce beacuse we belive these are the core for social and Social justice!!!

        3. Let the political parties have the right to campaign freely and Let the People decide what is Best for them.

        I think its clear the above few points indicate what the opposition parties or groups stands for. But the woyanes completely cover up our demand and accusing any opponents as an obstacle for the development of Ethiopia, Its wrong and should be clear for Everyone.

        Ethiopian opposition never oppose any positive news however, they are critical how the money spent, the favourable economic policies for certain group of the soiciety is unacceptable one!

        Finally for you and the likes of yours, I want to say “Oppostion parties never and will never oppose development taking place in Ethiopia. That is insult not for the woyane but the GREAT ETHIOPIAN up and dawn the country who tirelessly work for their Nation!!!! But we can insult Woyanes for misusing our resources, the money we get by loan, the money coming in to the country through different forms Loan or Aid!!!!

        Again Let me make it clear, There has been development before the Thugs (woyane/EPRDF) took power, its taking place now and will be for centuries to come!!! The idea you have as Ethiopia never exist before or as we never seen light before Woyane took power is simply fooling yourself.

        Ethiopia shall Prevail !

        Dawn to TPLF/EPRDF (courrpted groups)

        • eden says:

          You are a big lair. The toxic daisoras didn’t make a protest against the great Abay Dam.
          Didn’t the Toxic daispopra obstructed the fund raising for Abay Dam from niddle east to DC from copengagen to south Africa.
          Which planet are you living?
          For records go to you tube and yop will find tons ans tons of evidences. I am afarais you might tell us those protests were orchestrated by ‘Shabia’
          As one of our colleagues said it in this forum, the moment you guys stand to support Abay Dam, we willl stand againt its construction. Period

        • Double Helix says:

          I complete disagree with your comments. First development and politics could go together. All the time what I read and hear from so called opposition is not an alternative solution, to the political and socio economics to Ethiopia, but opposed everything what the current government is doing. Let me give you some examples: when Ethiopian airline was start to fly to Canada you and the so called opposition was against it. The same is true in any developmental progress in Ethiopia including Dam etc. Let alone Ethiopia democracy which start to emerge, even the western country that exercises democracy for over a century still have problems in human rights and other problems. Let’ united for common goals and work in our differences for better.

      • serbedin says:

        I appreciate ESAT for it’s feeding across the world

    • Meaza says:

      YOu are right! it is sensful statemnt. We shouled be united during such time. Down woyane! but we don’t want to see you while you bow or forced to down by Egyptians. Arabs stay in desert with your evils…

  7. Metema says:

    If war erupts in the region for sure, Ethiopia will lose, because there is no national unity like before. Woyane meticulously destroyed that national pride and patriotism which made us unique in the continent of Africa.
    Who will take the gun to defend mother Ethiopia? No one. As long as woyane continue to rule, I do not think there will be brave Ethiopians to defend Ethiopia. We all know what happened in 1997 Ethio-Eritrea war. Woynae does not care if Ethiopia gets crushed.
    We now have left only sick ethnically blind people like Bedno, Meron, Teshome, Dawit Kebede, etc, this people daydream the disintegration of Ethiopia. They pray to see Ethiopia erased from the world map. They only care and aspire about the Tigrean Empire.

    • Akmel says:

      Ahehe! A clear shabiya virus attach!

      You see, in a war situation, if you have stake in the war, you do not downplay the possibility of your victory, no matter how slim the possibility may be. I am not saying Ethiopia’s victory is not likely. In fact I think Ethiopia will be as usual the victorious when involved in a war of aggression!

      All I am saying is your point of view is an outlier that does not come from a human’s moral values of their self. In other words, you do not have a stake in any potential war. Either you are an Eritrea (by the way Eritrean too have a stake even though they are too shortsighted to realize this) or you are Egyptian or someone serving the interest of Egypt.

    • mandy hale says:

      You call your self Metema,but you must be one of those Ethiopian enemy.Write on you name don’t pretend like you are Ethiopian.

      • Metema says:

        It is not me; it is Woyane the Ethiopian #1 enemy. Think for a second how your bave and patriotic government is displacing Ethiopians from their own country with a stupid allegation of this is not your region; you do not belong to this ethnic group so and on…
        Do you think the displaced people from Benishangul Gumz and Guraferda feel enough Ethiopians to talk about patriotism?
        A man from Gonder has no wright at all to live in Hararge, so what will make him to take a stand for Ethiopia or on what ground he will feel Ethiopian & take a gun to fight for Ethiopia, when he was told that he is not Ethiopian.
        Do you think those people from Gambela feel enough Ethiopian and take a gun to fight for Ethiopia when they are displaced from their land and murdered or when their land is given for Arab and Indian investors?.
        Do you think those peasants who had been displaced by the land grabbers feel enough Ethiopian to fight for Ethiopia… Be realistic,,, don’t bark like a dog.
        When & if I move from one region to another automatically I lose my wright as Ethiopian,,, and therefore I can be beaten, imprisoned and in the best possible cases asked to leave the area, because it is reserved for certain ethnic groups.
        Think realistically. As long as TPLF continue to rule our country, in each passing day we are near to disintegration. In fact, the Woyane/TPLF plan is to dismantle and disintegrate Ethiopia, indeed i think this will be their excellent opportunity to fulfill their dream, the dream they brought form dedebit chaka. Even though the mastermind of all this evilness has gone for good, and now on hell, his trainees will follow his footsteps until they see Ethiopia dismembered, dismantled, and finally erased from the map.

    • serbedin says:

      that is true I am the first to block this great dam at this moment not to fight Egypt I have so any reason we need peace and prosperity but at this time 1/2 of our leaders are in Jail woyyane controls everything in this great nation first let us respect human being and then we move to build and fight with our neighbors with no democracy and every family in jail no need to collect huge amount of money for this DAM who give the contract at what rules for this great DAM for the foreign company without any AUCTION??? we have to ask such a question too

  8. Abraha Belai says:

    This musut be a joke. arabas are good at barking. No doubt, we will beat them. We cannot tolerate any attempt by Egypt to attacke us. At the time of foreign Invasion, we Ethiopians come together. But, shame on Weyane, they allowed Egypt to such as boast because of their would be transparency. Arabs know no negotiation. Israel has tried that. They are ready to die to get virgins. So, get ready boys, regardless of our ethinicity, this will be a war for existence. of course, the nice thing would be if Weyane is removed, but at least Meles has died and we will not shed our blood in vain. Go Ethiopia Go!

    By the way, war is looming and expect to see more Amara Generals and Oromo soliders. That is because, Weyanes normally show guts at Guerrilla style fighting, but are not good at conventional war. We have seen this during the Ethio-Eritrea war.

    • serbedin says:

      you are right WOYYANE likes gurella style fight and at this time they are not fighters due to corruption they are fat and can not walk the hill so they may leave all for Egypt if they give them money dollar their eye is on income not for their country even Meles left 3 Billion Dollar? kkkkk

  9. Metema Deposed says:


    Where did you left your national pride & patriotism while you fought Weyanne?, finally you lost the war like the one who don’t have the patriotism that you talk now.

    • Metema says:

      Woyane never won the war against derg.Woyane cooperated with Shabia and Somalia to fight Ethiopia, even though and however we were surrounded by enemies; because of the two existing world super power, communism and capitalism, there was a balance for derg to continue defending Ethiopia’s interest.
      After the collapse of communism, derg lost all of its supporters and was left alone. Woyane in coopertion with Shabia used this opportunity to disintigrate ethiopia withthe sole objective of establshing Tigray Tigrign Mengst. Shabia, Somalia, Olf and all anti Ethiopia forces come united with the support of western countries who they were always eager to see Ethiopia disintegrate, then Derg lost the game. Now you agame want to boast as if you won the war. The war was over because of situational factors we all know and I do not want to get extended on this. Zim bleh gurahen atinfa

  10. Alex says:

    Egypt played the zero sum game at the expense of Ethiopia people for years but that is already dead end. The only solution is to discuss and come up with win/win approach. Do you believe Egyptian only have evil thinking? we could if we want, it is easy we can contaminate with nuclear substance and the water will be useless forever. Every step of Egypt against Ethiopia will make us united and Limatawi.

  11. Egypt can not wait to see to build ABYE Dam we are already told them win win solution for both country if they don’t go with us Mengeduen Cherek we will not back up ABYE is our blood as well No one can not stop us! GOD bless great Ethiopian & EPRDF the people voice. Benyam Berhe Asgdom Boston

  12. Kudus Yared says:

    Hello Ethiopians regardless you are an opposition or woyane: My policies are the following:

    1. Ethiopia’S best deal with Shabia and Egypt is no deal. No deal is the best deal. I do not believe in diplomacy on this, honestly. I have one life and that life it can go anytime. No creatures on this planet can scare me.

    Our people have died in millions my starvation, no Arab or Egytian has come to our rescue; It is the white man who rescued us,not an Arab nomadist.

    We are 100% ready to fight them. I will automatically repatriate to Ethiopia to fight for the Nile. It is better we die for it and the next generation live with dignity. I swear I am ready to repatriate and lay my life for the Nile even if Woyanes will betray my soul as it did in 2000 with Shabia.

    It is better to die by Egtian bullet than by agonizing stravation. We have lost millions, I wish all those millions died fighting Egypt to use the Nile.

    2. Egypt has no even right to talk about Nile. Egypt contributes nothing to the water directly or indirectly. So it does not have any right to talk about right. This is my policy; Let them do whatever they want; I think Ethiopians know how to fight or make war than anyone. We have hardened fighters of many years. Leave alone Egypt, we have even defeated Italian with all their modern weapons. So let let them come as soon as they want. They will be punished like Shabia.

    3. Ethiopia must forge its alliance with Europe, USA, the state of Israel, of course China is there. Who cares what an islamicist terrorist says. They do not know us; Ethiopians are savage fighters when they fight.

    4. We do not actually need to fight them, we can just drop 1 km radioactive Radon on their high dams.

    5. We will use the Nile, not just for power, but for farming and drinking, for make artificial lakes, lagoons, golf clubs, pools, … we will take the water to every province. Ogaden, Harare, Gonder, Tigrai suffers from lack of fresh water for drinking and cooking. We need 100% to divert the Nile. It is our oil, our gem, our diamond, our gold, our Uranium, our plutonium, our Titanium, our iron, our bismuth, our silver, our tantanlu, our tellurium, our Selenium, it is our life. Nile is our private proverty. I can not go to somebody’s house and eat or drink by force. It is impossible to try to own someone else property.

  13. solomon says:

    We could use a lot of wisdom in dealing with our neighbors particularly of Egypt. There is historical religious and political rivalry between the two countries. We don’t have rarity of fanatics and radicals in both countries. We Ethiopians have to seriously consider effect of the DAM construction on Egyptians livelihood. They depend 100% on Nile as fresh water source and agriculture. Virtually there is no water source from rain fall in Egypt. They have so much to loose from reduction in Nile water flow. Egypt must understand the struggle of Ethiopians to come out of poverty, and tone down the war and terrorism rhetoric towards Ethiopia. We need wise leadership on both sides to work out amicable outcome. We can’t afford going on a limb out of emotion. We need to develop empathy for the other side too.

    • Lemlem says:


      You must be ignorant; otherwise, you would not compare the Ethiopian people with the Egytians who are our eternal enemy. You go and cry to them. You must back off from talking on behalf of Ethiopians. Egytian do not have right on the Nile. Let them do whatever they want. The day they will do anything, the Nile will polluted forever. We will throw radioactive nuclear material into the flowing river, immediately when it get of Sudan to Egypt. We will spare the Sudanese.

      They have been eating while we were dying. They do not even from where the water comes. They do not even now the Nile is finite and can stop any time. The great river Jordan is now dry in Jordan, there many great rivers which disappeared all of a Sudden.

      Anyway, Egypt is not more drier than Nambia, Botwana,.. those country are helping themselves with out any river from Ethiopia. Israel is more drier than Egypt, it salinating water and it is feeding and supply the world. The lazy ass Arabs need to pick up their lazy ass and work to desalinate water than spending their lives waiting for the nile. We have no moral obligation or legal obligation to feed lazy ass Arab while our people are dying. Those of you who are scared, get into your mothers womb. We do not need those who want to go back to their mother’s womb.

      • solomon says:

        You just made my point about the type of fanatics we don’t want to prevail in discussion of Ethiopia-Egypt issue. I was talking about people like you that are driven entirely by their momentary emotional upheaval and ignorance in deciding critical issues. You even talk about poisoning the river in order to harm people in downstream countries?. If you can bring yourself to a calm and collected state of mind, then you will get the chance to understand the issue of both ppl and then would not have reached the conclusion that you did in your comment. You don’t have to prove that you are brave by “fukera” in the internet.

        • lemlem says:

          Mr. Solomon,

          The people of Egypt can live their lives peacefully in their own yard. We can live in our own yard. We need nothing from Egypt. Speak on your behalf, not speak for Ethiopian please. We do not need meek people like you. I know the right of my people. GO somewhere else and preach both people, bla bla bla,… we do not need your garbage. You are trying to say you are human and wanted to give your life to somebody. We know our rights and we can live without Egypt. There is no extremist or terrorists in Ethiopia. You go somewhere and preach about extremism in your Arab Land. Using your own resources has nothing to do with extremism or terrorism. Are you telling me all the countries which uses their sources like oil, gold, diamond, water in their own land are terrorists? no, you are out of your mind. We do not need people like you kind. We have seen the worst of all, our people dying in mass by mass starvation, Egytian were eating and did not care about us. You philosophy does not go with the Ethiopian interest at heart. Your meekness is ought right rejected by zealous Ethiopians like me. We have already many bandas, we do not need more of you. Whether you like it or not, Egypt has no right on the Nile. finite, even if this leadership fail, we will make sure the next generation of Ethiopians harness the entire Nile. Our people dying of starvation, thrist,diseases related to lack of sanitation due to lack of water across the country while our water is being used in Egypt to make artificial sea, artificial lake, artificial lagoon, artificial rivers, artificial islands, artificial beaches, swimming pools, to water gold club lawns or fields, irrigation systems, pools, Jacuzzis, but our people have no fresh water to drink, and cook, wash their clothes, and to grow basic home gardens. Your philosophy is not needed in Ethiopia.

        • serbedin says:

          she is I think Stupid you can not poison the river there is international rules the one who poison the river will be hanged at Haig kkkkk and we should do all things responsibly

    • lemlem says:

      You do not even know where you belong? you are saying we do not have fanatics and radicals in both countries? kahaka, you are comparing apple and banana. Is not the top leaders of Al-queda Egytians? how can you compare the peaceful Ethiopia, the all loving Ethiopia, the cradle of love Ethiopia, with the Arab Egytians who burn American flags? did you see Ethiopians burning American flag or any bodies flags? you are lost man. Egypt is full of fanatics, radicals and you cannot compare with Ethiopia. You must be out of your mind. Even the title of the above articles say an Egytian terrorist group declared Jihad on Ethiopia? but you are telling us this is not true? you must be a fanatic in sheep’s clothe.

      • solomon says:

        The point of having discussion is to present rational idea so others can weigh your point of view. In your case, you seem to be in a state of war within yourself. Its like you are looking for the slightest reason to burst into violent emotional breakdown. All i got from you comment is telling me to go away and not speak on behalf of Ethiopians, and you ought to be the one speaking for Ethiopians. “Egyptians have been eating while Ethiopians were dying of starvation, so its our turn to punish them”. What you felt and wrote is the easiest thing to do. The difficult thing that requires intelligence and wisdom is to think critically and rationally (this requires defeating your rage first) and come up with reasonable idea that can convince others. Lemlem, our famine and starvation can not be blamed on lack of Abay Dam. It does not mean we shy away from our development projects, but we benefit from showing Egyptians that we don’t have any intention of hurting them. Why does this idea make you so rabid?.

        • Lemlem says:

          Mr. Solomon,

          You really have a problem with yourself. There is no rage or hate or emotion on me. All what you are saying exists only in your mind, not in me. Do not define people by your imagination. Your imagination is only imagination. You have no clue who I am; you are only creating things in your brain by figmentation.

          We have to use the river; it is our resources. I do not care about Egptian, you need to fuck off from my people. There is no reason that says Ethiopians cannot use their water while others who have nothing to do with it can. There is no way Ethiopia can use the Nile without reducing the Nile flow.They must find away and we have to use our water. No reasons is required. Go and give your reasons to your buddies. I am not here to argue with dump ass brain. Get out of here please. Go to Egypt and reason with them. We do not need reasons to use our resources in our country. Tell your story to Egytian. You are not Ethiopia; you can see you are the only who is trying your best to tell us we can not use our water. Fuck off man. We do not need your wisdom. Give your wisdom to your kids. You have no wisdom, what you have is deswidom. The fact you think you are wise and others are not is your main folly.

          • solomon says:

            You keep telling me to go away over and over again with all kinds of obscene words in it. If you have logical idea and wanted to share it with others, then you would not have behaved like a spoiled child. Had you given the issue a bit of thought, you would have realized that Ethiopia needs reason to utilize the Nile, as it is bound by international rules. Thank god countries won’t behave the way you did. You wanted to poison the river, blamed the Egyptians for not starving with us, and to use the Nile in any way you want, even to punish downstream ppl. Those are your comments, comments that epitomize insanity or immaturity or ignorance. You can’t even run a family the way you did. Learn the word “compromise” for a change. I expect your response, but this time with less vulgar language.

          • lemlem says:

            Mr. Solomon,

            The problem with you is that you do not listen. you only think you know. That is your big problem. I told you can say whatever you think, but that does not mean anything. Once again, you have exposed your naïveness. you wanted reason? well,I told the water is ours, we do not need reasons; The reason is simple, we need to use our resources as everyone does. The Arabs does not reason to use their oil? They do not need to ask blessing of any country to use their oil? Lesothu uses its mighty river and sell it to South Africa for cash? do you know that? They do not need reason. South Africa is planning to buy fresh water from DRC Congo now, it has to pay cash for it. Nothing is for free my friend on this planet. Only air is free. Nothing free. You claim international law; there is no international law on this earth. If there was international law? Ethiopian would not have blocked fund to build the dam in 1927. This dam was planned in 1927 to built but Egypt using UK blocked the damming. Because of them we could not build. If there was international law, our people would not have died of famine in millions of because of we were blocked from using our water by Egypt. We know the world now my friend. There is no international law that says some country’s cannot use their resources because of other needs. There is no law that allows Ethiopia to have an oil mine either in Egypt or Saudi Arabi or anywhere. There is no actually any international law. The international law how powerful you are. There is no any other law. Do not you see US doing whatever it wants?
            You go Solomon to your brother and share the thirst with them. you will not able to help them this time. Even if Woyane fails to do this, I promise we will do it. I have all the capability to harness the Nile. Ethiopia has enough human resources to fend itself after now. We do not need the blessing of Arabs. Again, you go and reasons with your brothers in Egypt. You will be rejected in Ethiopia 100%. I Promise you we will harness the Nile and divert it 100% to every water starving regions in Ethiopia. We do not care about Egypt. It is not our business. The Isralites are not bothering anyone because they do not have water. They have solved their water needs for working hard. Tell your buddies to focus on scientific works to solve their problem than wasting their time burning other countries flags and orthodox churches in their country. Tell them to pick up their lazy ass and lazy brain and use their sea water. Tell them to desalinate their water like Isral does. you argument or reason will not help them. They have more water than the Nile; They just do not have the brain only. They need to learn from their Israel, Japan how to desalinate sea water. They need to start learning good things than reading their distorted doctrines of only us. Go and preach your international law to somebody else. You are actually Shabia. you are not Ethiopian. No Ethiopia can think dirt like this.

  14. tn. says:

    i think the more important news is that Egypt foreign minister is intending to take the issue to the arab league; a league whose two member states are the only sea-access points of Ethiopia.
    notwithstanding TPLF bravado, without a rail to mombassa, the empire will in the end acquiesce to the decision of the arab-leage.
    abashit doesn’t want to build rail to Mombasa becasue it will be crossing the southern Ethiopian states which the abashit considers Ethiopian just in nominal terms.
    in the end, your selfishness is trapping you.

  15. shaebia says:

    I wish that day will come and we will destroy the so called ethiopia once and for ever by challenging the “no war no peace” game you are playing to destroy eritrea.Do not boost with old history by naming we beat italian and so on, I hope you remember we destroyed your #1 army in africa with out no ones help, if you go to war with egypt that means you encircled yourself to vanish forever.

    • eden says:

      This is an Ethiopian forum, what are you doing here?
      It is not a fact we defeated Italians while your ancestors gave their hands for torcher, rape and all sorts of abuse.
      Get out of here and find your Eritrean forum

      • shaebia says:

        we will see soon rather than later what will be the consequence av the dam, i guarantee you this will be the end of ethiopia, we are on the side of the egyptians and sudaneese to destroy your dream once for all, zeray deres, abraham deboch and more who oppose and fight italians was eritreans origins keep in mind this ,,,,,,,,,,,,haaaaaa

  16. teshome says:

    By now you would have provided half of the comments, what had happened now. Are you hiding yourself under the bed? I know heart is bouncing but relax, war has not yet started.
    I wish my government systematically excluded the toxic Ethiopian Diasporas involvement with this sensitive issue.
    If they had happened to take part to support woyane, I would have supported the Egyptian role.
    We, the Ethiopian people and the toxic Diasporas are becoming peoples of different country. so we don’t have common goal and purpose.

  17. Kal says:

    If the issue of Nile comes to a conflict we must stand as one set aside our differences and unite but the woyane must be with the people leave some provocations against citizens.

  18. samy says:

    Egypt will give the war you want soon don’t worry Ethiopian 😉

  19. Kemal says:

    Here you latest discussion on Aljezeera about the impact of GERD!

  20. yared says:

    Anten bilo Teshome, ante smih Teshare, weyem Tetchare neber mehon yeneberebet !
    Lemangnawum tililikotch siyaweru ante endelemedkew gwada gwadawun btl ychalhal…
    NO to the renaissance what ? dam !

  21. yared says:

    Also do some reading before talking BS.

    also @ Kudus Yared, take it easy dude. You do not own a river, God does !

    • Kudus Yared says:

      Yared, take it easy man. Even the Arabs do not own the oil? God does? does not he? Take it easy man, you do not own yourself, God owns u, does not he? very weak logic you have. Does God belong only to you?

  22. yared says:

    I agree with this:
    All of a sudden, some renewable resources seem a little less renewable… Fighting over a river is nothing new. The ability for mankind to drastically effect those that depend on these rivers has. Unfortunately no lessons were learnt from projects like the Hoover dam. Stockpiling water in arid regions is doomed to fail… Then again, our ability to share has proven impossible…. sooooo good luck folks.

  23. Blue belu says:

    “Al-Qaeda affiliated group in Egypt declares war on Ethiopia” kkkkkkkkkkk…….

    Very fashionable and sexy headline! Typically Ethiopian though. War, war, war… blood, blood, blood…! 🙂

  24. Ginbot 7 says:

    Ena min yetebes … ezaw endebelecheut Ezaw tewetut. Man bebelaw man liwagaleh new. We Ginbot 7 members are with Egypt!!!!

    (NB: This comment has came from one of Ginbot 7 active members. Here is the IP Address:

  25. Gezaee says:

    The person with above IP is located in Washington DC, USA. Very easy to find his detail if anyone interested honestly. His house is close to Carter G. Woodson National historic site in Washington. If genuine Ethiopians wanted to talk to him in a civilized manner I can give you his house address.

    I want to let everyone know that you can not hide using nicknames. I swear I can locate everyone anywhere on our planet. You can use Nick name, but it does not really hide who you are. It does not take a minute to locate a person now. I also warn Shabians spending all their time on Ethiopians websites talking about Amhara. Stern warning to Shabians, I will expose 100% who you are and where you are located if you do not stop bashing amhara on every website. I am dead serious. I do not to be an obstacle to freedom, but I have the skills all the skills to expose you.No matter where you are located, we can track you and get all your detail within seconds.

  26. በለው ! says:

    “ውሸታዉ ራዕይ አባይ ዳር ላይ ሲጮህ ተያዘ !”
    “ግብጽ በዲፕሎማሲያዊ መንገዶች የምፈልገውን በእነ ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ካልጫንኩ በሚሳኤልም፣ በኮማንዶም፣ በጄትም በመጠቀም በሰዓታት ልታጠቃን አንዳሰበች በሊባኖስ የሚኖሩ ዲፕሎማቷን ጠቅሶ ገልጾልናል”፡፡
    *መቼም ለዚህ ተብሎ ሠላማዊ ሠልፉ ይሰረዝ እንደማይባል እርገጠኛ ነኝ!።በእርግጥ ግብፅ ግድቡን ተቃውማለች ወይስ የአቶ መልስ ራዕይንሳይበረዝ ሳይከለስ አስፈፅማለሁ ትላለች።

    “በእርግጥ ጥንት ግብፅ፣ ሱዳን፣ ሻቢያና ወያኔ ወዳጃሞች/ጠላታሞች ነበሩ ወይንስ ጠላቶቻችን ነበሩ?
    “ለዘመናት ግብፅ ሻቢያንና ወያኔን በገንዘብም፣ በመሳሪያም ፣በእውቀትም እየረዳች ለብዙ ድሃ ልጆች ዕልቂት፣ ለሀገር ውድቀት፣ ለመሃይምነትና ኋላቀርነታችን፣ ሀብታችንን እንዳንጠቀም ዙሪያውን ካሁኑ የልማት መሪዎች ከቀድሞው አጥፊዎችና ድልድይ አፍራሽ፣ አሸባሪዎች፣ ጋር እጅና ጓንት ሆነው ሲያወድሙን ኖረዋል።በደርግ ላይ ግን ዳፋው ተጫነ!?

    **የሰሞኑ የመንግስት ኮምኒኬሽን ሚ/ር የአትኦ አርትራ አማሮችን ወክለው በጠቅላይ ሚ/ር ማዕረግ ያደረጉት በአልጀዚራ ቲቪ ቃለ መጠይቅ….ልክ እንደፓርቲያቸው ራዕይ ያልተጠየቁትን ይመልሱ ነበር። አባይ የግድብ ሚለው ሁላችንም ዕምነትና ፍላጎት ነው የግለሰቦች ራዕይ አደለም። ግለሰቡ በግሉ ወጪ የሚያሠራው አደለም።ገዢው ፓርቲ አመራር ሊሠጥ ይችላል። ግልፅና ተጠያቂነት ሙሉ ተሳትፎ ያለ አድልዎ ዘር ቋንቋ ሃይማኖትና ብሔር ሳይወስነው ሁሉም በችሎታው አብሮ መሥራት የሀገሩ ምሁራን ሊመክሩ ግድ ይላል ።ችግር ሲመጣ ቱልቱላ መንፋት አደጋ አለው በለው!።

    *በእርግጥ የአባይ ወንዝ ግድብ ወጪ በድሃው ሕዝብ ወጭ ብቻ ይሸፈናል? እነኝህ ከዳር የቆሙት ታላላቅ አዞዎች ምን ይላሉ? ካናዳ ደቡብ ሱዳን ነዳጅ ማውጫ የላትምን? እንግሊዝ የተፋሰስ ሀገሮች ባሪያ አሳዳሪ አደለችምን የንብረት/ሀብት መፍጠሪያቸው መብራትና ውሃ አደለምን ? ቻይና አዲሲቷ የአፍሪካ የእንጀራ እናት አደለችምን? ለመሆኑ የምንሞተው ለማን? የሚገለን ማነው? ለዚህ አልነበረምን ከአንድ ትልቅ ግድብ ሦስት ትንንሽ መሥራት ለቡዳ መድሃኒት ነው እያልን የጮኸነው።ከድንበር ዳር ግድብ መሥራት ለሌባ በር መክፈት በተፃፈው ህገ መንግስት የሀገር ሉዓላዊነት፣ ዳርድንበርና ሰንደቅዓላማ ቦታ የላቸውም ታስበሉናላችሁ ብለን ነበር። ለመሆኑ ይህ የሰሞኑ ያባይ መቀየስና የግንቦት አህያ ማንዛረጥ ማንድነው? “የፈረሩት ይደርሳል የጡሉት ይወርሳል” አጉል የራዕይና የለጋሲ ቡጠራ እያነቡ እስክስታ ነው።
    *ለማን ይዋሻል? የግድቡ መሐንዲስ ለእኛ የነፉት ቱልቱላ በራሳችን ወጪ ይሰራል ሲሆን። የግብፅ ጥያቄ መገደቡ ሳይሆን ቦንድ የመግዛትና የባለቤትነት ጥያቄ ነው። እንግሊዞች ለኬንያና ለኢትጵያ እኩል ገንዘብ አስቀድመው ሰጥተዋል። ካናዳ ለልማት አውሮፓውያን ለዕድገት እጃቸው እረዝሟል።ለመሆኑ ጠ/ሚ በድሃ ደሞዝ ፫.፫ ቢሊዮን ዶላር ማን አስቦጨቀውና? ? አሁን እንደአዳዲስ ግኝት ቀበሮ ከገባ በኃላ መጮህ ማን ለማደንቆር ነው?። የዚህ ግድብ መዘዝ መጅመሪያ ታላቁ መሪ እነደማይለቁ ወያኔ ትውልድ ተሻጋሪ አመራር ሲያማርረን እንደሚኖር ገምቷል።
    ***የአባይን ወንዝ የደፈረ ወይንስ ባባይ ሀገር ያስደፈረ? በሙስና ሀገር ያስመዘበረ? አፈ ጮሌ ሆደ ጩቤ ?
    ፩) የትግራይ ክልል የሱዳንን ድንበር እንዲነካ አደረገ !
    ፪) የአማራን ዘር ከአካባቢው እንዲወገድ አስደረገ
    ፫) የራሱን ሹማንትና ካድሬ የእንዱስትሪና የመሬት ኪራይ ሰብሳቢ አድርጎ የራሳቸውን ቡድን እንዲፈጥሩ አደረገ!
    ፬) ተቀናቃኝ የገበያ ተወዳዳሪ የሌሎች ብሔሮችን ከሥራ ውጭ አደረገ!
    ፭) ከተከዜ ግድብ ሱዳን እንዲጠቀም በደቡብ ኬንያ መብራት እንዲያገኝ በምስራቅ ጅቡቲ እንዲአበራ አደረገ!
    ፷) ማናቸውም ሀገሪቱ የምታገኛቸው ጥቅሞች መጀመሪያ ትግራይን እንዲጠቅም አደረገ!
    ፱) ሌላው ክልል የመዝናኛ ግንባታ ሲደረግለት ትግራይ ልማት ተኮር ኢፈርት ብቻ እንዲደረግ ታወጀ!
    ፲) ወጣቱ በሻሽ እየተጀቦነ ተሰዶ መነመነ የቀረውም በአጉል ሱስ ተጠመደ!
    ፲፩) መከላከያው የራሱ ብቸኛ አስተዳደርና ገቢ ማግኛ ተቋም ሆኖ ነጋዴ እንዲሆን ተደረገ መሬት ነጠቃና ሽያጭ ያዘ!
    ፲፪) አሁን ትውልድ ያመከነው ኢህአዴግ የእርዳታ ሰጪ ሀገራትን ለመክዳት መብራት ሸጦ ነጃድ ሊገዛ ተነሳ!
    ፲፫) “ብልጥ ለብልጥ አይን ብልጥጥ” የወያኔ ዓይን ገንዘብ ላይ ነጮችም ዓይናቸው ባለዕራዩ ላይ አረፈ~~~!
    ፲፬) የኢህአዴግን ደጋፊና ተደጋፊ ቃል የተገባላቸው ዓይነ ትልልቆች የዕንባ ውድድር በአደባባይ ሾው ቀለጠ!
    ፲፭) አሁን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሳይሆን ለአካባቢው በወያኔ ቃል የተገባው በልቶ ማባላት ተጋለጠ ሱዳንና ግብፅ አፈጠጠ!
    ፲፮) ውሃው የእኛ ግድቡ እኛ ሀገር ራዕይዩ በልተን እንብላ…ግሎባላይዜሽን..መገላለብ ታሪክን ሀብትን ወሮ ማጥፋት! ፲፯) አሁን ያለው አማራጭ ጦርነት?ከማን? ለሀያላን መንግስታት ጥቅም?ተደራድሮ ቦንድ መሸጥ? መሸምጠጥ? ፲፰) ድምፁ የማይከበር፣ጥያቄው የማይመለስ፣የተናቀ፣በቁሙ የሞተ ትውልድ የአሁን ድንፋታና ማሽቃበጥ ለምን?
    ፲፱) የሕዝቦች ዕኩል ዜግነት ተጠቃሚነታቸው የሚረጋገጠው በጦርነት ለኢህአዴግ መሞታቸው ይሆን!? ፳) ለሀገር ልማት ዕድገት ሀገራዊ የስህተት መተራረምና ዕርቅ የባለሙያ ሁሉን አቀፍ ተሳትፎ ወሳኝ ነው!።

    **በሚስጠር ቃል የተገባላቸው ወዳጆችና አኗኗሪዎች በገሀድ ውርስ ቢጠይቁ ወንጀል የለውም፡፤ ወንጀለኛው ተቀሳፈተ ቃልና የራዕይ ውርስ የሰጠው ጥቅመኛ! አድርባይ! ሆድአደር! ሌባ! ሙሰኛ ! ነው። በኢፈርት የተገኛችውን ሀብት የሀገር ጥቅም በማስከበር ላይ አውል በለው!ይህ ድሃ ሕዝብ በቁሙ ሞቶ አሁንም ዳግም መሞት የለበትም።የራዕይ ባለአደራ ተረካቢዎች፣ አስጠባቂና አስቀጣዮች ከፊተኛው መሥመር ላይ ተቀጣጥላችሁ ተሰለፉ።

  27. Kudus Yared says:

    Dear Below,

    The world we live is so complex and very hard for things to go one way. Everyone is doing things his way. Global politics is complex.

    You can not expect everything to be only the way you like or wish. You have many grievances, we Ethiopians need to narrow our problems and deal on the problems. Otherwise, if thing everything is problem, we will not even able to solve a single problem. As you can see, oppositions did not solve a single problem in the past 20 years. That is fact with a time stamp.

    About whether the dam is built as three or two or four or one it does not matter according to my opinion. But you have a right to think that way. There is nothing wrong to have those idea which I believe is good too. But do not expect to everyone to see things only in your eyes mind. The people who started with these project has their own analysis and line of philosophy. You can say it has to be only your way? This is bad. If they can blow one dam,there is nothing that can stop them from blowing two or three or more.

    But assured, they will not try it; Because it will work against them. I am happy with the dam.

    I agree with you on the displacement of our people. That is very ugly policy to be honest. The ugly of all the uglies.

    About Tigreans, I advise you to leave the people of Tigrai alone. They can do whatever they want and as long as they do not take anyones property. The people working hard to meet ends. I suggest you get off the poor people and focus on ideology than crying tigray this and that. This is your weakest point. Stand against bad policies ideologically and oppose injustice, corruption, inequality, discrimination, partiality. But stay away from ordinary people. The people of Tigrai have had enough injustice and reduced to be the beggars on the streets. Please liberate yourself from arrogance and ignorance. This will not also help for our country. We are already divided and you are promoting it. Think of what others feel about what you write.

    • በለው ! says:

      እርኩስ ያሬድ….
      -world we live is so complex and very hard
      **በራስህ የእስተሳሰብ ማጥ ካልገባህ ኣላማችን የሚሠራን ሠላማዊን ለሕዝብና ለሀገር የሚሠራን ትወዳለች አታክብድ አሉ…
      -You can not expect everything to be only the way you like or wish.
      **ይህ የአንድ ፓርቲና አንድ የጎሳ አመራር ብለው የሚያለቅሱ የዘረኞች የአምባገነኖች የአድርባይ ሥራና ሴራ ነው።
      -oppositions did not solve a single problem in the past 20 years.
      ***እየሠራን ነው የሚሉት እየሠረሰሩን ነው፡ ዓላማችሁ ማፍረስ መገንጠል፣ ማምታታት፣ መሥረቅ፣ ነው የሚሉት የተቃወሙ ብቻ ሳይሆኑ ወገናዊ ቁጭት ነው፡፤አልአግባብ ቢቃወሙ ኖሮ ኢህ ሁሉ ሙሰኛ ለምን እሥር ቤት ወረደ፣ ለዕረፍት ነው? ወይንስ ቃሊትም የሙስና ሥራ ተደራጅቷል?ይቺ ከወያኔ አፍ የወደቀች አባባል አደጋ አላት።
      -.. dam is built as three or two or four or one it does not matter according to…
      **ይቺ ኣረፍተ ነገር እኛ ሞቱ ተጠቅላይ ሚ/ኒ የተፉት ምራቅ እነዳለ ውጠኸው ነው። ከወያኔ ደጋፊ ተደጋፊው ስለሚበዛ በጣም አዝናለሁ።ወያኔ በጦርና በገንዘብ ባይደገፍ ያለ ተቃዋሚ ይወድቅ ነበር።
      - they will not try it; Because it will work against them.
      **አንዴ እንደበቀቀን የኢህዴግና የራዕይ ቱልቱላ ዓይንና ጆሮዎን ደፍንዎት እንጂ …ለመሆኑ አባይን ተቃውሜ ይፍረስ ያልኩት የት ይሆን? አይ ያድርባይ ነገር…ምክርና አስተያየትም ተቃውምኦ ነው ብላችሁ ያቃዣችኋል።ይህ እኮ ነው በሓሳብ መለዋሠጥ አለማመንና አመባገነንነት ይውደም የምንለው “ንፁሕ ህዘብ! ነፃ ሀገር!
      -I advise you to leave the people of Tigrai alone.
      ***አይ የድሃ ነገር…”ፈስ ያለበት ዝላይ አይችልም” የኋላዊት እመቤትህ “የባላቤቴ ራዕይና የአምስት ዓመቱ ዕቅድ ትግራይን የእንዱስትሪ ማዕከል ለማድረግ ነበር” አሉ። ታዲያ ይህንን እኔ ጃፓን ሰሜን ኮሪያ እያልኩ እንዳነብ /እንድፅፍ ፈልገው ነበር?ለዚያውም የትግራይ ሠው ተጠቀመ አላልኩም የትግራይና የኤርትራ ዲቃላም ተጠቅምኦ ኢሆናልና። በመሥረቱ አላማጣ፣ወልቐይትና ሁመራ ተቆርሶ የሄደው ኬንያ ግብፅ ወይን ቻይና ሄደ ብዬ ልመስክር?በእርግጥ በውሙ ተነገደበት ሞተው ታገይ ሳይታወስ ሌላው ሲሞላፈጥ ሲመፃደቅ ማየት ግን አሳፋሪ ነው የህንንም የሚሸፍንና የሚደግፍ (ትግራይ)ኢህአዴግ አደለም ቆሻሻ ወራዳ ሌባ ነው ነበር ያሉት እኛ የሞቱ ሰውዬ እኔም እደግመዋለሁ።ስለዚህ አብሮ እአጫፈሩ ተቆርቛሪ መምሰል አድርባይ ይባላል አሉ ታጋይ አዜብ። ትግሬዎች ቢመቻቸው ኖሮ ዛሬም በበረሃ ለምን ይሞቱ ነበር?ያለፈውን ጥፋት አርመው አጥፊን ለማጥፋት ነው በለው!!በመጨራሻም
      “Think of what others feel about what you write*አንብበው መረዳት ላሜኢችሉ አዝናለሁ። Please liberate yourself from arrogance and ignorance.ይህንኑ አንተን የሚገልፀውን ክፍል ልድገመው ሌሎችም የማንበብና የመረዳት ችሎታ ያላቸው አሉ በዋናው ፅሑፍ ላይ ብቻ ተመርኩዘህ ያለህን የተሻለ ሀሳብ ፃፍ ከዳር ተቀምጠው አጉል ተቆርቋሪ አናቋሪ፣ አደናቋሪ፣ በቀቀንና አሮጌ ቆርቆሮ ብቻ ናቸው። እራሳችሁን ምሰሉ!አታስመስሉ!ወርታችሁ እነደያልፍላችሁ በሥራችሁ እንጂ በአፈጮሌነት ተደግፎ መኖር ታላቅ የትውልድ ብክነትና ቅሌትም ነው። በቸር ይግጠመን!!

  28. ddd says:

    “Al-Qaeda” meaning “the camp” for islamic freedom!!! bravo muslims. make funny reasons and accomplish jihad on weyane…

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