Armoured Vehicles Surround Ethiopian Embassy In Cairo


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68 Responses

  1. slick says:

    ..The Egyptian government has international obligations to protect Ethiopian diplomats and that is what it looks like. Period ! The situation seem to be intense in Egypt since their own disgraceful politicians exposed themselves. I urge the Ethiopian government basically the Johannes to solve this political situation with diplomatic wire.

    • Sisay A. says:

      We need to support our Egyptian brothers and need to come out infront of DC woyanne embassy and demonstrate as well.

      No need Eritria any more Egypt is our democracy partner that will help us bring democracy in ethiopia.

      So this is the right time to fight woyanne . let woyanne go to war with egypt alone and we stand together with Egypt and once woyanne gone we will negotiate with egypt about Abay DAM.

      • George A. says:

        Good luck with your democratic partners/muslim brothers. hahahaha!

        • Cruise says:

          George A,,..Sisay A is an Eritrian son of Mehadist… pay no attention …is using Ethiopian name…. Such a fool…

      • Ab says:

        Sisay A.. you are a moron of 1st degree

      • reno says:

        Stupid Banda, Good luck¡

      • Tagesse says:

        We need freedom and democracy in our country but we donot want our country attacked by Egypt.We need our fair share water .Ii is to be foolish to side with Egypt.There is a saying measure two time before cut once.
        We struggle to bring peace in our country .We donot support Egypt.At this critical situation all political parties should leave thei r difference and stand firm for our nile share

      • ethiopiawiw says:

        sisay ag.
        how low will you go to hurt ethiopia? to your dis may none can hurt ethiopia at any given time from now on, but you soleless robots will burn in hell insha ALLAH. ETHIOPA will prevail against all odds. for the time being go around and hore yourselves, but i guaranty your failur is desisive this time.

      • Zelalem says:

        You have stupid mind in front of all Ethiopian, at this time you are supposed to stand with Ethiopian government regardless of any internal issue am fared on you go to hill with your Egyptians

      • Zelalem says:

        You have stupid mind in front of all Ethiopian, at this time you are supposed to stand with Ethiopian government regardless of any internal issue am afraid on you go to hell with your Egyptians

      • ewent says:

        Dear Sisay-yea
        Then what makes you different from them. They were doing exactly the same thing during their struggle…

      • daniel says:

        It is because of people like you with this kind of mentality and with this absurd logic that we can never grow as a nation…. You and your kind can definitely go out to the embassy in DC and protest since this is a free country you have the right to do so but unfortunately you are missing the point and diverting your energy in the wrong direction. Your own country should be always first…before your faulty ideology. Love your country man regardless and unconditionally.

      • ilula Lemma says:

        What is wrong with you, are you from Banda family. How on Earth you invite Ethiopian Enemy to mess with our own internal affair. Think like human or shut your mouth up.

      • daniel says:

        One of Shabia’s slaves

      • Ethiolove says:

        Sisay you can never be Ethiopian except having Ethiopian name. We may be divided in internal affairs… but Ethiopian have never been divided in National (Foreign) Affairs…. To tell you the truth um also not supporter of Woyane but I will never stand with Egypt … because Nile is for Ethiopia not for Woyanes. . .

      • bendo says:

        the moto of extremist in diaspora is,

        don’t eat enjera,
        dont use ethiopian airlines
        no food and loan to ethiopia and demonstrate infront of world bank
        don’t drink tea with the gov. supporter
        don’t support opposition in ethiopia as they make good the gov.
        work with shabia,
        stand with egypt
        spend more time talking in pal-talk,
        burn as much candle you can
        talk about war in meeting in 5 star hotel
        buy certificate from birhanue $500.00
        and enjoy when you hear bad news in ESAT
        and hate any one man or website who talk good about ethiopia.
        If you do this you will be called number one Ethiopian.
        those who don’t do that are bands and the hate ethiopia.

      • chuchu says:

        Sisay A.

        You think Ethiopians are that damn not to really see who u are. You are a paid weyane cadre masquerading as someone who is against weyane. Obviously you are so damn, you think everyone is as damn as you are.

      • Ertal says:

        Sisay A, You are definitely a retard. I have no doubt

      • axumawe says:

        @ sisay A.
        Ethiopia never gave a birth to sheet head like you & your likes have been seen abandond Ethiopia & the Ethiopian people, so you are not the 1st.
        eg when the heroie Ethiopians fought Italy
        who abandoned Ethiopia & the Ethiopian people ???? you now who.
        after maskering millions of Ethiopian youth
        who run away with 34million dollars ????
        you know who.
        we die for our country,we defend our people we don’t run. read our history,i gess u can’t read,u can’t see either. u may listen have u herd mekdela,metema now renessans dam long live pm meless zenawe.adios amikos S.. head. WHEN IT COMES TO EGYPT WE HAVE RULLED THME BEFOR FOR 200 YEARS. IF IT IS NECESSARY WE WELL DO IT AGAIN B/C WE SAY SO WE ARE WOYANES PECCCCC OF.

      • Michael says:

        Let discuss your rubbish idea with your friend Elias Kifle and support our historical real enemy Egypt. If Egyptians start war with Ethiopia they will harm themselves. Their sabotage on Ethiopia is known beforehand for centuries. Since, Ethiopia was under unstable condition for long we had no focus on Nile. Due to the Arab spring revolution suddenly Meles brought this project in order to divert the Arab spring in Ethiopia as consciously knows the stand of the Ethiopian people on Nile that its main source is here.

      • Fit says:

        Ante banda sisay . you are playing with ethiopian future. fuck weyane , i am talking about our ethiopian people. Egypt never been ethiopia friend even if we look them as brother so please correct you opinion on national matter.

      • kebraraw says:

        you and your family can do that but we ethiopians will stand with our government what so ever differences we have we will be one at this time ans show all our enemies how strong we are and will give you a shame reward to you you fagot

      • KG says:

        Sisay , all Ethiopians will stand together un equivocally. Egypt is the founder and creater of ELF the present Shabia ; therefore it make no sense for any Ethiopian to stand with historical enemy of Ethiopia. Polotical convience marriage with a foreign government is irresponsible. I am not supporter of a government , but I will never stand with Egypt because the ones who will die are my fathers, mothers sisters , brothers and children.

      • Dawit says:

        @sisay you r nat an ethiopian your comment nat amazn! damn slave,

    • chala says:


      Our dear X-leader Melas predicted this long a go and said if Egypt doesn’t agree with this dam they will try those three points.
      1. Stopping the gov. to get loan to the dam
      2. helping rebels in ethiopian and make ethiopia not safe to do any thing.
      3. start war with ethiopia

      so for the first one we have to do this with our money and all ethiopians stand together.
      the second one is try and failed so no new thing they have been helping somail islamist, Eritria and others. so they sow it didnt work the last 22 years
      The third one is a may be but with history is against them and all the world politics is changing fast i don’t think so.

      As far as i know Ethiopian gov. never talked about war they been always asking to end this with win win situation.

      So let see our egyptian brother do next.

    • daniel says:

      YES! Egyptians better not play with fire, … it’s not hide and seek kids play… WATCH OUT FOR ANYTHING U DO AGAINST ETHIOPIANS! You could lose it all, PERIOD!

  2. teshome says:

    The Egyptian people and the government are completely frustrated for no reason. This is in-comprehensive to explain.
    The Ethiopian government should be patient and tolerant for any provocation the government and the people of the Arab world inducing? The Ethiopian government is expected only in engaging in a maturely sounding diplomacy.
    The eyes of the world is on the Great Nile Dam and witnessing who is saying what?
    Secondly, the immature and toxic Diaspora should refrain themselves from speaking on be half of our government. We had a very responsible government and it can take care of this delicate situation wisely. Please don’t bring your dirty politics here.
    I distinctly remembered few days ago, the punch of illiterates on ESAT ( NOW CALLED EGYPT SATELLITE) were explaining the the reaction of Egypt on Ethiopia be it diplomatic or military action was justifiable as Egypt has no source of water other than Nile. This is completely idiot thought, we won’t ESAT interfere on Nile Dam, seriously. To start with ESAT was telling us, the Great Nile Dam was a fake till this news was declared.

    • Ajire says:

      Teshome, the non-stop Etv!
      Nobody supported egypt on this issue.
      It is you and your moron likes who trumpeted undeplomatically about the “diversion” of the nile river which brought such unnecessary confrontation. It was all meant to use that as cheap political propaganda of Tplf but short sighted as always.

    • daniel says:

      Hey Teshome, you need to stop before you call your people toxic. Do you know how is standing in social media for your country? If see any Shabia call them Shabiya who stand with the enemy as Weyane did before 2000’s.

    • Ilula Lemma says:

      The first few line of your comment talks about tolerance,maturity and patency. but later you dismiss your own idea by attacking diaspora. It is a difficult time for our country Ethiopia. It is not advisable to categorize citizen of the country to certain group, rather we need to be together and respond to arrogant and immature response coming from Cairo to reverse our effort to use our own water.
      God bless Ethiopia

    • Bex says:

      Thanks Teshome!, you nailed it. I remember ESAT’s news related to the Nile project. “Andaned tentagnoch endalut ye abay gedeb project hizeben lemazenagat tasebo yetejemere new…..” We know how they spread their poison. This is another historical moment where Ethiopians need to stand together to defend our national interest. This is not time for politics. The Egyptians are planning to use these morons for their political agenda and anyone who is willing to be used by them is officially a ‘banda’, which is a word some of the opposition members would love to use on others. I do have faith in the Ethiopian people and few morons will not impede our effort to move forward.

      • Denez ena Denez ayhonim Gobez says:

        Esatoch, diasporawoch, haters, bla bla bla, eyalu hizbn be tekawami ena be degafi eyekefafelu yetim ayderesim.

        Tornet bimeta be gara ende and hager lijoch meselef yemichalew yihen ye besebese ye mekefafeya zedeachihun sitakomu new.

        Enante mengstin ye medegef mebt endalachihu hulu lelaw degmo mengstin yemekawem mebt alew. Biyans yihen tekebelu

        • Bex says:

          This is not supporting the government or not. We all agree that America has a fair democracy but nobody will appreciate you when you try supporting those who attack America or hurt their national interest just because you disagree with Obama. Remember the immature move from Romney during the Benghazi attack? He jumped on that incident to score political points and we all witnessed what happened to him at the time and where he is now. A lot of true Ethiopians will also be turned off when some immature opposition members try to capitalize on this incident. That’s all I am saying, you have to always remember that country comes first. That’s why we were never colonized or conquered by another country. That is an identity we need to preserve, governments come and go but the renaissance dam or the people of Ethiopia will always be there.

          • Bex ena Denez alchalum megobez says:

            What the heck identity your are talking sir ? Respect Ethiopians and leave them to live peacifuly in their country and do not displace them, then you can talk about Ethiopiawinet. What is identity for you? What identity you will give to those displaced people from benishangul and guraferda?

  3. hill says:

    Go to hill Egyptians,u disturb Ethiopia for long but now its time to come to use the water friendly and peace fully if u come to war…….

  4. simerr2012 says:

    Sissay A.

    As an Eritrean I’ll call you brainless ager asdabi dedeb who doesn’t know what means National Interest.Balwayn yegodach meslot intnuan ….aderegechu alu siteret. Too much humberger mad yor brain fat. Igzabher yemre. I wiil stand with my Ethiopian brothers and sisters aginst those greedy Egyptian.

  5. Sebsibe says:

    If this is true I point my fingure to Ethiopian officials. They did it fully aware of the consquenc of making things public for no any substantial gain. I wonder why they do this during Ginbot 20. They should be silent if they want to divert the course of the River. I can’t understand the motive behind this drama.
    Egyptians have reason to react swiftly. As usual our officials will show us how much they don’t care aboutt the people of Ethiopia living in Egypt or even their representative Ambassador Drir. Why do they care about any one beyond their reach. They only care about the money they are collecting in the name of the alleged dam construction. No sooenr we will hear how much wealth they have amassed like their figuerhead the late PM. Most of them will have a minimum of a billion dollars in foreign banks.
    so why do they care about be it Ethiopins living in Egypty or any other lay man. Making as much bussiness as possible is all what they think right now.
    I am a bite sad when I see Ethiopians coommenting either in support or against the government project. Because we should know that they are not there to build a dam. They are there to amass fortune. This is why we are not listeniing a word coming out of the governent of Ethiopia when Egyptians are gathering in their parlama and debate about the issue. May be Berket Simoen is talking about it with his wife and few othe rfirends in the bar. THis is why they fought to topple the govement. Let us not confuse the hidden motive of ethiopian people with the personal motive of our corrupt officials.

  6. Nina says:

    Panic is not needed in Ethiopia; what is needed in Ethiopia is soberness, prudence, discernment; Although completely to be disciplined and avoid any bad words or follies. But be prepared very well. Ethiopia must take more loan and speed up the dam building. Two years more 50% of worm must have been done. Speeding up the damming is the best strategy and also building up the army. Training international war, simulating international war using our air-force. Trust me, Arabs think diametrically opposite to what we think. It is only us who think of sharing. Go and check out, no single Egytian speaks of sharing. Do not even think that can happen in real life. There is nothing common between us. Some people, Ethiopians, brother, sister, … no,there is no such between Ethiopia and Egypt. There was no such brother and sister, there will never be one in the future; We will be brothers when they kneel down on their knees to beg us. You saw last time they came as decent people, do you remember when they came to Ethiopia and what they said? Never trust this chaffs of nomads. No deal with them is the best deal.

  7. Getachew says:

    Hey Farter Arabs, go a head we are ready to engage with all options, waiting to see for the last chance, any one who wants invade our sovereignty will be regreted at the end, ask Historians. You may be hopeful from different angles, but this is our home we are not going to start/ignite the war first but if you want let you start to cross our air space or border from any direction then we know what we would do!!!!

  8. Hussein says:

    An Ethiopian embassy deserves the same respect as an Ethiopian border. If Egyptians put their military surrounding the embassy Ethiopians need to send our military their direction at once.

  9. Ali Salih says:


    Now it has come the very good time for Ethiopian Muslims and blue party to defeat the dictator in Ethiopia. Ethiopian people are asking not for a dam, but for democracy. Now is the time to fight hand in hand with our brothers Eritreans and Egyptians to bring down the government in Ethiopia. They try to cheat us by building trains and sky scraper buildings. We are not children. We need first freedom. We dont want Al Ahbash and the new Abune Mathisa.

  10. Kudus Yared says:

    Dawit, good job; Keep up the good work. you are excelling the conventional Ethiopian hate journalists. You are striking a balance between two extremes.

    Well done!

  11. Kudus Yared says:

    Ethiopia dam could lead to ‘disaster’ for Egypt: Irrigation ministerWednesday 05 June 2013 : 10:54 AM

    Egyptian Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaa El-Din on Tuesday said that Ethiopia’s planned Grand Renaissance Dam project was sure to negatively affect the electricity-generating capacity of Egypt’s High Dam.

    At a meeting between electricity ministry officials and members of Egypt’s Shura Council (the upper house of parliament), Bahaa El-Din asserted that the Ethiopian dam – especially during periods of water scarcity – would lead to a “disaster” for Egypt, Al-Ahram’s Arabic-language news website reported.

    The Grand Renaissance Dam project has been a source of concern for the Egyptian government, which has voiced fears that the project – if completed – could negatively impact Egypt’s supply of Nile water.

    “We will not allow anyone to touch Egypt’s share of Nile water, which is a matter of life and death for Egypt,” said Bahaa El-Din, going on to stress Egypt’s lack of alternative water resources.

    The minister went to say that Egypt had never agreed to the dam’s construction, pointing out that, “in times of shrinking water resources,” Egypt would seek to raise its share of Nile water and “not allow for its reduction.”

    Last week, in the immediate wake of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s visit to Ethiopia, Addis Ababa began diverting a part of the Blue Nile in preparation for the dam’s construction.

    Most of Egypt’s annual allotment of Nile water, which – according to a colonial-era water-sharing treaty – stands at 55 billion cubic metres, comes from the Blue Nile. The decades-old water-sharing agreement gives Egypt, along with Sudan, the lion’s share of Nile water.

    In 2010, Egypt and Sudan refused to sign on to the Entebbe Agreement – signed between Ethiopia and five other Nile Basin countries – which sought to reallocate Nile waters on a more equitable basis. Signatories argued that the old agreement had been written by colonial powers and unfairly favoured Egypt and Sudan.

    ‘Inconclusive’ report

    Meanwhile, a trilateral technical committee – consisting of experts from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia – announced this week that its long-awaited report was “inconclusive” as to the planned dam’s effects on Egypt and Sudan.

    What’s more, Hussein Zayed, Shura Council MP for the Wasat Party, said that Tuesday’s meeting with the irrigation and electricity ministers had failed to provide any additional information.

    Following the meeting, Zayed told Al-Ahram that Shura Council members had accused the government of “lacking a clear vision”while consistently claiming that it had a plan to deal with the crisis.

    A Monday meeting between President Morsi and opposition figures further complicated the issue after some meeting participants – unaware the meeting was being aired on live television – recommended covert means of thwarting the dam’s construction.

    One meeting participant, liberal politician Ayman Nour, proposed feigning plans for an Egyptian military strike on Ethiopia in an effort to pressure Addis Ababa to reach a compromise solution.

    According to one of Morsi’s top aides, the meeting had not originally been planned to be aired on live television.

    Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam is one of four dams planned along the course of the Blue Nile.

  12. Getachew says:

    Egypt is not our enemy. It is weyane who killed 2.4 million Amharas not Egyptians. I will side with anybody who is my worst enemy. Weyane is the only enemy I have who works 24/7 to eradicate non Tigre Ethiopians especially Amharas. Why on earth would I be against Egypt. No my enemy is weyane who is displacing Amharas from Benishangul. Weyane is the one who stole the Gonder and wello peasants land and gave it to tigrians. Weyane is the one who killed my brothers and sisters in broad day light during mircha 97. No Egypt is not my enemy my enemy is weyane and I will do whatever it takes to fight evil. And the only evil I know is weyane. This is not politics for me it is a matter of survival. Yes weyane is the only enemy I have who is killing my fellow Ethiopians for asking their God given right inside Ethiopia. Period.

    • sayint says:

      lemin Amhara satihone le mehone timokiral? ahaha-aye kejela-Egypt eko oromowochen enje Amhara redalew ayedelem yalechewim-gena kahunu ye Amhara sime ende ene Fit awrari Gorgis dengede teshekem metak ayedel-bel ezaw betebelik! obo kejela or lencho leta or beyan asoba atifogir eshe

  13. GS says:

    Egypt should invest and develop the large reserve of underground water they have,

    US is using steam to wash deep undergroud rocks to extract gas fuel, how come a nation like egypt can’t dig underground and satisfy itself?
    Even they take all water from abay and white nile, just all of it, in few years even that will not be enough. So why create enemy for unachivable dream?

  14. Meron says:

    Dear Dawit, here is the video with english subtile where Egyptian Politicians unaware they are on air threaten Ethiopia. Please post it in your main page.

    Thank You!

  15. sisay A says:

    We should join Egyptians in our fight against tyranny in Ethiopia. This is an opportune moment for us to push our struggle one step forward. We should be able to seize this opportunity to out last Woyane and its cohorts. As a a gesture of gratitude and alliance we need to organize a peaceful demonstration in Washington DC. I hope Tamagn Beyene and his colleagues will take their time and call us for the demonstration soon.

    • Sisay Keyet new says:

      Manim mels aysetihm. Betam Tasaznaleh. Betam tewesnehal, Ke endih aynetu megedeb amlak yitebken, anten degmo yimarh betam tamehal ena. Endet ye sew lij ende ante endemiyasib betam asdenaki new, new woys sew adelehim ?

  16. nesru says:

    i will stand up with my muslim brothers in Egypt than with kafeer ethiopians who detain my muslim brothers in kality. it is a matter of time but we will rule ethiopia SOON. we will change its most hated name by muslims around the arab world. yes we can. eshaallah !

    • ethiopiawiw says:

      your brothers have been jailed for intertaining wahabizm, not because they are muslims, if they were jailed just for their islamic faith, we could have turned ethiopia inside out, insha ALLAHU tea’lla if mean to be there is time for it but i am sure not now. so take care of saling yourself cheap. away from the wahaby beasts, at the moment they are everyones’enemy including yours.

  17. Meron says:

    With the appointment of Suzan Rice to National Security Adviser, Egyptians should learn that they cannot keep being feed with Billions of dollars in aid!

  18. Jacob says:

    The armoured vehicles are there to protect the embassy and the stuff from some ultra nationalist and extremist Egyptians.

  19. Amantripleog says:

    @Nesru,you will never ever ever rule Ethiopia like your ancestors failed to do,if you don’t like how christian run things in our country i suggest you go to saudi’re committee’s @ kality penetintiary will be there and you ain’t gonna change that…fuck you and your Allah.

  20. Gezaee says:

    My understanding is that the Egytians do not think at all. They think the Nile water from Ethiopia to them; They do not even all countries which the Nile passes through can claim even more legimitacy than Egypt, because proximity is one criteria for legitimacy. Ethiopia ‘s claim is ownership which is completely different. If the other countries can claim the same or use the same like Egypt as a right? Then they will not get a drop of Nile. The fact they even think Ethiopia has to sign as new party in the 1929 and 1959 colonial paper is bytself folly. No Ethiopian would ever do that in his or her right man.

    Here again, Ethiopia’s best deal is no deal at all. The fact that our ancestors never made any deal on the Nile is a blessing from God. I am against agreement with Egypt.

    My policy is :
    1. No deal is the best deal
    2.Harness the Nile as much as we can with no to bless or to unbless.Blue Nile is a blessing from God. Ethiopians not must again pray to God for rain. I remember my community praying day and night for rain? They did not know God already gave them fresh, clean, abundant water in their backyard. But we never knew about it. It is time to stop praying for rain. It is time to tell the Ethiopians farmers no need to pray because God has alread given more than rain.

    3. There is no time to waste now, but to speed up the dam and develop the country. Take more loan from our friend China and speed of the dam and start the other dams. Take the loan, the dam will pay if you finish it with expedite.

    4. Never sit with Egypt and sign any paper, I am saying any single paper. play the dram and plot well, no need for begging. We have bled more than necessary because of them. It is time to reckon now.
    5. Ethiopia has free from aggressors, not by human design, but God’s design

  21. Alex says:

    If Meles and his supporters were on the opposition side by this high time..They would have openly support Egypt and fight Ethiopians. But we Amharas are very responsible people we will not do what tplf has done in the past 40 years in ethiopia. Egypt invent Shabia then tplf helped shabia to get in to Addis and then tplf made Ethiopian people especially tigrai people with out port. Tigrai people deserve a port more than Amhara but sadly Meles denied them.

  22. ali says:

    @ sisay a
    i now you very well you are hegdef (eritrea)
    you have identetey problem.

  23. yigermal says:

    “sisay A” Sisay Agena endayihone bicha feraw

  24. teferi says:

    …i hate ‘Diaspora politicians’ and stupid geeks..u have no mind except the belly. u r the curse of Ethiopia..i am ashamed to be called Ethiopian along you dishwashers/politicians. i don’t mean to condemn those who struggle with life but the Diaspora politicians with protruded belly and empty head!skulls!

  25. African hope says:

    Big hope for Africa: Nile project

    ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ
    1 ይህ ሰልፍ ለየትኛውም የፖለቲካ ፓርቲ ድጋፍም ሆነ ተቃውሞ አይሰጥም
    2 እድሜና ፆታ አይለይም
    3 ሃይማኖት አይለይም
    4 አላማው፥
    I ግብፅ ኢትዮጵያን ይቅርታ እንድትጠይቅ
    II ግብፅ ውስጥ ያሉ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሰብአዊ መብታቸው እንዲከበርላቸው
    III ግብፅ ያለማቀፍ ስምምነቶችን እንድታከብር
    ግብፅን ለመቃወም የወጣ የሰላማዊ ሰልፍ መርሃግብር (ዛሬ ነው የፖለቲካ ልዩነታችንን ትተን ለሃገራችን መቆም ያለብን)
    1 አዲስ አበባ፥ የፊታችን ሰኞ (10-June-2013)
    2 የሃዋሳ ነዋሪዎች፥ ማክሰኞ (11-June-2013)
    3 የአዳማ ነዋሪዎች፥ ረቡእ (12-June-2013)
    4 መቀሌ፥ ሃሙስ (13-June-2013)
    5 ድሬዳዋ፥ አርብ(14-June-2013)
    6 ሃረር፥ ቅዳሜ (15-June-2013)
    7 ደሴና ኮምቦልቻ፥ እሁድ (16-June-2013)
    8 ባህርዳር ሰኞ (17-June-2013)
    9 ጎንደር (18-June-2013)
    10 አክሱም (19-June-2013)
    11 አዲግራት (20-June-2013)
    12 ዲላ (21-June-2013)
    13 አርባምንጭ (22-June-2013)
    14 ወላይታ ሶዶ (23-June-2013)
    15 አሰበተፈሪ (24-June-2013)
    16 ሆሳእና (25-June-2013)
    17 ደብረማርቆስ (26-June-2013)
    18 ደብረብርሃን (27-June-2013)
    19 ይርጋጨፌ (28-June-2013)
    20 ይርጋለም (29-June-2013)
    21 ወልቂጤ (30-June-2013)
    22 ቡታጅራ (01-july-2013)
    23 ወራቢ (02-july-2013)
    24 ጅግጅጋ (03-july-2013)
    25 አዋሽናሰመራ (04-july-2013)
    26 አሶሳ (05-july-2013)
    27 ጋምቤላ (06-july-2013)
    28 ጅማ (07-july-2013)
    29 ሻሸመኔ (08-july-2013)
    30 ዝዋይ (09-july-2013)
    31 አርሲ ነጌሌ (10-july-2013)
    ቀሪዎቹን እናሳውቃለ። ጠብቁን
    አዘጋጅ፥ መስፍን

  26. Hailu Balcha says:

    woyanoch they have already deal with egypt but they want to play game for the ethiopian people. Attention Ethiopia Hagerachen need at this time Regime change we must change this Regime woyanoch they will work now propoganda inorder to kidnapp ethiopian mentality on this woyanoch dam.As Ethiopians W e must think for big demonstration that could destroy the Woyanoch Regime

  27. victory says:

    Keep an eye on Weyane/TPLF, it is them who are staging this against Ethiopia while dividing the country, how can you go to war if Egypt attacks. My guess is TPLF is secretly working with Egypt to disintegrate Ethiopia. The only way they can do it is outside help by distracting Ethiopians with Egypt and they can easily implement it. Shame on those who don’t see the anti Ethiopian nature of TPLF.

  28. victor says:

    We all know those working for TPLF/Weyane, but those who prefer to be silent because they are benefiting, or to say it is better to keep supporting TPLF than opposition, or you are just sitting and observing because of fear, or as you say, “don’t like politics”, TPLF is soon making a deceision for you like they did when they secede Eritrea (they pulled the rug out of Ethiopia’s feet) before you realize it. The same thing will take place soon that you may not see what you like while they are keeping us fighting with Egypt. There is enemy within, the ethno fascists including TPLF. Either you wake up and get out of your comfort or face the consequences.

  29. victory says:

    All you relaxing in Ethiopia or diaspora because you are not affected, just watch Dawit Kebede’s interview of Abram yayeh. Whether you like him or not, what he presented is very true so far the nature of TPLF. We are being pulled into war with Egypt because of Middle East war that benefits covertly TPLF

  30. Ginfle says:

    Sisay is woyane….trying to divide as woyane always do…it’s our history to come together when it comes to our sovereignty .

  31. king wollow says:

    ethiopia tikdam .. well with ethiopian government .

  32. Nadew says:

    Sisay A
    you retarded moron

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