Ethiopia Drafts Controversial Intelligence Bill


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20 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    Very good move to counter Ethiopia’s internal & external enemies movement at this moment ! This new amendment will help control primarily the greedy Ethiopian who are willing to work with the enemies for money!

    Many western monopolists, Ethiopia’s enemies …are showing a lot of agitations around the GERD…especially after the diversion of the Nile …!

    The GERD. Will transform Ethiopia into the next level when completed! It will create an opportunity to support thousands of industries …& this in turn will create hundreds of thousands of employment opportunity changing the Ethiopian society demography for good….!

    Most Ethiopian will use electricity for their house hold consumption …..& this in turn will speed up the reforestation & hence this will help increase the annual rainfall transforming Ethiopia into one of the best places to live in the world….!

    For Ethiopia to prosper, we must consolidate our unity narrowing our differences! Anything less will affect our country’s future! Our country must come first like the Israelites do if we Ethiopian are to emerge victorious among all adversaries….!

    God bless Ethiopia !
    Let’s unite to emerge victorious at this threatening time for our country!

    • Lemagne Beyene says:

      Breaking News
      Dr Birhanue Nega is now decided to be with the people side and he will send his children to Eritria to make him understand the feeling of the families of those poor young refugee he sent from sudan and south sudan.
      The news comes from reliable source close to his families who want to be anonymous for security reason tells us his wife is furious saying how come you think to send my children from this luxury life to Eritria that a country thousands of people a day flee.
      one of his sun who is driving a brand new Mercedes asked him which state in america is Eritrea is and he would love to visit if he guaranteed him 5 star hotel booked.
      We tried to confirm the news with the Dr and his phone is not answering and when we try to his office his secretary told us with sexy sound he is on the phone with egypt president and asked as to call another time

    • Helen says:

      There is no threat to Ethiopia. The threat is to the political power of TPLF and Bereket’s group. However, you are trying to do the usual. Protect the safety of your power under the guise of the safety of Ethiopia. Shame one you!

      • Mario says:


        I say there is a threat to Ethiopia , because you have heard what Egypt’s politicians said loud & clear! You can still listen to what they said they will do on this web sight!

        There is no political threat in Ethiopia , coz the opposition are so weak & fragmented! Egypt’s politicians was a threat to Ethiopia & they still are!

        Helen , what I want to assure you is: the EPRDFites are so strong & no one can intimidate them! I am assuring you that the EPRDFites will lead Ethiopia until 2035, by then Ethiopia will a better place to live in!

        In Ethiopia , if you play politics , you must start where you are known as a person & your inegrity to serve the people! No more appointing Hyenas in a sheep skin to administer other kilils! As a politician from Virginia will never try to run for political office in Minnesota! Did You see what I mean?

    • Idris says:

      The timing is interesting. Mostly you are one of the few to put comments first on issues posted on Awramba Times. You do not have anything else to do except waiting for Awramba times to post new issues. Is that part of your job description given to you by Bereket and TPLF. Is that how you earn your leaving? Poor Ethiopia, you are paying for this too!

      • Mario says:


        Why worry? Why don’t you discuss matters? For me & Ethiopia , it is a good time to regroup our intelligency agency in a new way! You have seen what Egypt’s politicians openly, therefore I say it is the right time …!

  2. Alula says:

    Yes, good; we must liberate Nubia from Egypt’s colonization now. We must form Nubian Revolution now. We must help them to fight Egypt and to be free from Colonialism. Nubia has been under the colony of Egypt Arab settlers for 1500 years now. This is the longest colonial time ever recorded in human history. Ethiopia must liberate itself from Arab colony. Ethiopia must get back its ports and must liberate Nubia.

  3. Abe says:

    I bet you are afraid to have this document in English.

    • Tekle M. says:

      Beggars Ethiopians, you beg for grain,
      beg for money, beg for arms and you disturb the regions, at least now with the dam you
      may feed yourself, and stop your big mouth
      with fruitless comments, the mafia weyane
      they do not like the dam, they believe to
      the NGO’s and make money and they call it
      indusrie this was said by the river rat-
      Melles the

  4. teshome says:

    I would say it was to too late.
    A strong intelligence and security institution is important to hunt internal and external enemies.
    I am pleased by this news

    • Michael says:

      It looks like what the Dergue was proclaimed at its last minute.But the Dergue had no enough time and its corrupt proclamation failed with him. Now Weyane is at the last minute, he will do whatever seem possible to crash the people’s struggle but will fail the same as his friend Dergue. God bless Ethiopia.

  5. Mario says:


    What an ignorant man! Why afraid though? Anyone translate it into any language!
    ሥራ ያጣ መነኩሴ ቆቡን ቀዶ ይሰፋል ተብሎ የለ! ኣንተ ደግሞ የምትናገረው ጠፋህና ይህችን ፃፍክ! ወይ ዘንድሮ!

  6. Bora says:

    The DERG Red terror is back. Good Job TPLF. We destroy the
    White terror by red one.
    Long live our liberation front.

  7. Ibtisam says:

    WHY NOW ????? Is this a strategy to hide millions of dollars accumulated through corruption. The draft bill states that members of this ‘exclusive’ group will not be subject to scrutiny regarding their assets. The bill also states that the new agency will also have the power to declare some financial documents as ‘secret’…In short, the TPLF soldiers who came barefoot and made millions by stealing money from the defence budget want their crime to be covered under the disguise of national security. The new bill will also allow them to transfer their money (and import whatever sellable items they wish) into and outside of the country. This much is about the economics of the bill…On the political side…it just shows how the tribalist regime is becoming another Derg by establishing Ager wust dehenent ministry. But the truth is there no dictatorial regime has ever survived by means of force alone. TPLF just like Nazi will become history.

  8. Debteraw says:

    “Yeferrut yidersal ye telut yiwersal” yilallu abatoch.

    Why are some of this forum parrots bray day and night,”Ethiopia, ethiopia, ethiopia…” as if only the name is the only dear and near valuable material for looting but all of those Ethiopian people in Ethiopia themselves don’t count. “Baaa baaa baaa baaa…” when will the superficial braying ends and the serious and honest dialogue begins?

  9. Gezaee says:

    Egypt has launched campaign using western universities professors and Aljezira. Woyane must form a Nubian People liberation front ( NPLF). Egypt must be disciplined by slapping it on the face and also cut the blue Nile until they kneel down to buy the water.

    Aljezira collected oromo muslims from USA, Australia, Europe, Africa,… just out of the blue? You may not believe, win win will never work with Arabs. There is no reason in them. They have no brain.

  10. Mario says:

    Living in hostile neighbors Ethiopia must consolidate its intelligence agency so it can counter anything against the security of Ethiopia! The reason why the Israeli survived the wrath of the Arabs is:because of their strong intelligency agency out smarting every intelligency agencies all over the world!

    Ethiopian naturally have heroism in their gene, therefore , I have no doubt that this new arrangement will enable Ethiopia to produce the finest intelligency in human history! You know why? Because this is Ethiopia , the land of brave heroism!

    May God bless our intelligency agency !

    • namara says:


      You are very confused. Ethiopia is a country and EPRDF for all intnets and purposes is TPLF. Remeber this! This agency is designed to shelter known criminals who are already torturing citizens in the various prisons.

      Apparently these criminals once become a member of this agency, they can steal money with out anyone questioning them; they can torture and kill people, and the draft law says they are immune. An itellegence agency would not need such mandate! Any intellegent person can see that through!

      Creating an intellegence agency is one thing, and creating a Nazi SS organization is another thing. You know this of course! Why would you support the creation of such agency blindly! Have you no concern about a draft law, which creates an agency with a power to torture and kill people with impunity! Its members wealth canot be questioned! Smells like fish.

      One of the commentators has already stated this, but you just kept saying Egypt! Egypt! Politicians never miss the opportunity to capitalize on incidents. That is how horrible crimes were commited by likes of Hitler, Mussoloni and countless African dictators. Civil socierty need to protest such action. I urge the parilamentarians who has shown some life lately to question and reject this draft law.

      Those who are torturing people need to remember - What goes around comes around!

  11. Mario says:


    The only thing I see from your writing is hate against TPLF & the reason you hate TPLF is coz it came from Tigrai! In your term these nations , nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia working day in day out are not considered as a citizens,right? Their time , money & everything that they are contributing is not countable, right?

    Obviously , you can be whatever you think , but you nothing to proof so far except hate!

    The EPRDFites are our heroes & heroines who extracted Ethiopia from abject poverty! When the EPRDFites arrived in addis, Ethiopia was empty thrown to rot in poverty ! Now , Ethiopia is in a promising stage with all its pluses & minuses! But, namara can’t see this as a result of bring blinded with a hate!

    namara, hate can only consume you! Therefore , try to get out of the hate cycle that you are in so you can see properly! We as Ethiopian will never give you a chance to play your dirty hate politics!
    Take it easy!

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