ESFNA Festival in Maryland: Some Observations (Fekade Shewakena)


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20 Responses

  1. getu says:

    Ato Fekade thank you for bringing the short passed memory of ESFNA & taking me out from the depressing mood of the past week where most Ethiopian social medias were busy in.I like the way you have seen each & every bit of the event. I am hopeful that ESFNA will come out even stronger as they passed through challenges & compitition,and who knows one day we may celebrate it together at meskel square with Liya!

  2. teshome says:

    I am so glad. I wouldn’t at all read this mumbo-jumbo writings from a man who suffered from hyper-nationalism syndrome. Hyper-nationalism euphoria and disease in Ethiopia is a more serious problem, that needs urgent to be addressed than ethnocentric sentiment.
    On this regard, this man had a structural political problem yet he identified him self as secular citizen.
    In most of his writings, he dominantly manifested as having a democratic deficient mentality and He is known also for stereotypic allegation of EPRDF.
    As one of close friend told me he is one of the board member of ESAT (INSTITIUTION OF LIE) but assumes himself symbolically lingering for democracy and human right. What a hypocrite man, he is.
    I completely dislike his hate concept writings and I presume Awramba times should not be a mushroom web site for such those who advocate ethnic driven clash in Ethiopia.
    Get out off here, this is not your place to write hate infused article to jeopardize democratic exercise. Good for nothing

  3. Ermi says:

    teshome (aka Sibhat Nega)

    When do you stop attacking anything non-woyane? If you don’t understand the substance in the writing, then you don’t have to comment on the writer. In fact why don’t you write on aiga forum and leave Ethiopian issues for Ethiopians. You are clearly anti Ethiopian.

    Peace and love to all!


    • Mario says:


      What substance did he wrote ! ESFNA has already fall into the hands of hate politician! That’s why they invited Bertukuan Medeksa as a Guest of honor! I was there at RFK & UN back & forth just for the sake of meeting friends! The reason most people attended the annual sports concert is for the simple reason of meeting friends! Therefore , there is nobody that you can fool here!

  4. jgna says:

    Ermi, you you seem to be another racist.
    Do you mean that agaforum is not an Ethiopian, when you tell teshome to “write on agaforum and leave the Ethiopian isuue to Ethiopians”. I can see the contradiction in your own writing. Be honest bro., free yourself out of racism and hetrade!

  5. Tazabe says:

    This guy is cheap. He comes to our restaurant once in a while, and never left the minimum expected 15% tip. He leaves changes.

    Now, at our restaurant we wish he would not show up. But he keeps coming back because he loves our food. The problem is that when he comes to the restaurant no waitress wants to serve him.

    Teacher Fekade, demand and supply determines a price of a product. During the soccer tournament, the demand for our food was higher so is our price. In short, in a capitalist society, a seller of a product can ask whatever price he wants and no one calls him a criminal except you; a buyer of a product has so many choices.

    I will tell you honestly that $30 was very cheap for that time. We think we should have charged $45. We do not miss you if you do not come back to our restaurant. Stop bashing us and take a hike!!!! We know you are a hate monger.

  6. Tigist says:

    @Tazabi …which restaurant is that ? Why you afraid to mention it? Moreover,it is too rude to call your customer(“a king”) cheap. What a PR is that ? Buisness is not only a question of supply & demand,it has also so many variables that plays in to effect. Among them is goodwill & it is an investment to the future. Buisness isn’t a one time activity,it is rather build through time. I am sure you know that a tip is a reward for a good service and if you don’t get it you shouldn’t barck on the customer,rather you have to check your own service. Whatever may the casuse,don’t assume everything as a hate!And if you have the truth say it politily as a business person,not as a politician!!

  7. betty says:

    fekade, i cant beleive it takes you three weeks to write four pages…i wonder how many years it would take you to write a piece of book….

  8. Wolde says:

    A new self appointed price police in town. My advice for those who charged him $30 is give him a refund because he might drive you out of business; his pen stronger than the B52. So refund him or give him free meals to make it up.

  9. Tsige says:

    Honestly, this guy, Fekade, came to my boot to buy drinks. He wanted to buy water and Fanta. I was selling water $3 a bottle & a big bottle Fanta $4 a bottle at the last day of the event. He argued with us about the price. He told us that we are charging too much. Since his daughter wanted the Fanta too bad, and since he was not going to buy it for her. We gave him a bottle of water for and we charged him $3 for the Fanta. As far as I am concerned, he is not only cheap, but he is too cheap.

    • melash says:

      So, you call “cheap” somebody who bargains for fair price? What a mind? I don’t care who the guy is, but your deeds speak louder than your words. You call him “cheap” because he did not leave 15% tip. Was this on the price list of the menu? What a shame when you blame somebody when you yourselves should have been the ones to blame. This is cultural degradation. You cannot force somebody to pay tips. If your service is poor, you may deserve condemnation let alone talk about tips. Learn the ABC of business first. It is the absolute right of a customer to tip or not to tip. And you will be penalized if you do not serve a customer in the proper way?

  10. Hanna Gorfu says:

    Dear Ato Shewakena,

    It is better to go to a restaurant that you could afford than arguing about prices. Or even better to backpack your food and drinks. Why do you waste our time by brining up issues that are not that important?

    I thought you were working on bringing democracy to our beloved Ethiopia, but you are wasting your time in pinching pennies.

    If you do not want to spend the money or backpack your food and drinks, eat and drink at Taco Bell were you could find $0.59 or $0.69 Tacos or Bean Burritos. The Burritos might bother your wife at night, but it will help you save the money.

    Think about it, Honey!!!

  11. Kassa Abebe says:

    This guy used to teach at the University of Addis Ababa. But look at his writing and judge when the Ethiopian education started going south.
    For example, there are errors on first sentence of this article “Ethiopians from all over the United States and other parts of the world including from Ethiopia descended on Washington DC by the thousands during the past July 4 week to be part of the annual weeklong soccer and cultural festival organized by ESFNA (Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America).”

    Besides this sentence being awkward, it contains several errors. I challenge you to fix it, and post the corrected sentence. Tip: No amount of chopping heart sentence effectiveness.

    • melash says:

      And who are you Mr. genius? Professor at Harvard? Your English does not prove that neither? What do you mean when you say …the Ethiopian education started going south? What does your word “south” indicate? Is south a geographical connotation for something bad? Are all those in the south doomed to be examples of something bad or inferior? I am just speculating about what you are trying to show us. Do you have a moral ground to blame the guy with this type of your own mindset?

  12. DaveIb says:

    Dear Dawit Awramba or others,
    I have a question and anyone can answer it.

    With full respect to Sheik Mohammed, why he spend so much many every year for such useless event? He can help many poor people in Ethiopia. Maybe he’s wrongly advised by Ato Abnet and others.

  13. Asgedom says:

    This hate mongering man (Shewakena) not only was teaching at Addis Ababa University, he was also a blue uniform ESEPA cadre who might have executed several innocent individuals.

  14. anbesaw says:

    ermi… shewakena= derg cadre= murderer= good for nothing. he probably murdered your uncle or your aunt or your cousin., you just don’t know it. you keep saying woyane woyane woyane… woyane demih wust gebto nightmare eyeseteh new meselegn. ye’woyane anbesoch nachew anten ena yene’shewakena yemeselachu yeshew amara cadrewochen terargo yabarere. ante doma ras.

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