Eritrea Extorts UK Refugees to Fund Somalia’s al-Shabaab Islamist Fighters


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21 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Forget for a moment Ethiopian government accusations, Birhanu Nega and ESAT (lie institution) are by default had a string attachment with a terrorist state.
    There is no difference but a geographical location between Al shabab of Somalia and Ginbote 7 of Ethiopia.
    Thanks to Awramaba times, recently had given us the privilege to know who ESAT and Birhanu Nega were and are
    Birhanu nega and his media out let, ESAT were getting the all leverages from Isayas Afeworki, mind you this is not a presupposition but the information came from the horses own mouth. This is simply a documented evidence
    US is fighting terrorism across the globe but at same time mushrooming state sponsored terrorism within its womb. What a hypocrite country USA is becoming!!!!!
    Today we are clearly and loudly saying ESAT and its attachments are a security threats for Ethiopia but USA is turning a deaf ear, but it won’t take long time when this potential groups are going beyond no point of return to bring a damage to the country where they are living now
    What does it take for USA government to interrogate Birhanu Nega and ESAT, for receiving a huge leverages from Eritrea government and other fundamental islam countries like Iran.
    The activities and the attachments of Birhanu Nega and ESAT staffs by any other name is terrorism. Is that what they say…
    walks like a dog,
    looks like a dog
    must be a dog
    We would like to candidly inform the USA government few toxic Ethiopia Diasporas are becoming infected with Isayas Afworki Politics and more importantly some fundamental islmaist of Ethiopian origin are coming into the mix. The Ethiopian government is repeatedly warning the USA government to revise this double standard of Terrorism.
    Fighting terrorism globally but mushrooming within

    • AleQa Biru says:

      I disagree with you on 2 points regarding ESAT and Ginbot 7:
      1. ESAT maybe a biased news source unofficially owned by Ginbot 7. It may report sometimes inaccurate information due to lack of professionalism. But it is very wrong to label it as a lie institution or a terrorist organization. I would have liked to see ESAT independent, professional and objective but still I am glad ESAT is there. At least it reports the one sided (mainly negative) information which ETV conveniently ignores to report.
      On the other hand ETV is much more under control of the government to the point that it is sometimes to lie to the public. A good example (of ETV being forced to lie by government) is its reporting of Meles being well and ok while the truth was he died several weeks ago.
      Even though it is true ESAT is unofficially owned by Ginbot 7, the control Ginbot 7 has on ESAT – at least until now – seems much weaker than the control EPRDF has on ETV.
      My wish is that both ESAT and ETV be free from political organizations but unfortunately they are not.
      2. UN put sanction on the government of Eritrea based on a specific issue (regarding support for Al Shabab of Somalia). Further the UN did not declare Eritrea or its government as a terrorist state or organization. That’s why many governments are still engaged with Eritrea on many issues (for example many countries have their embassy in Asmara and Eritrea has its embassies in many countries). You cannot do such things if Eritrea was a terrorist state.
      Now you may disagree with Ginbot 7 on many fronts but you cannot use the relationship of Eritrea’s government and Ginbot 7 to justify that Ginbot 7 is a terrorist organization. Unlike Al Shabab, Ginbot 7 has a legitimate cause to exist (as it is stated on its vision and mission). You can of course question whether Ginbot 7 will be effective to achieve its goals establishing itself in USA and Europe. Will it be successful in bringing what it promises to bring to the Ethiopian people or will it be another disappointment? These are legitimate questions one can ask regarding Ginbot7. But it is absolutely ridiculous to claim that it is a terrorist organization. You have every right to claim so but whether you will convince the majority of Ethiopians is a totally different matter.
      I myself do not see much hope in Ginbot7 but I recognize it has a legitimate reason to exist and I do not certainly believe it’s a terrorist organization.

      • teshome says:

        @AleQa Biru
        Thank you very much
        I am rather impressed by your descent argument. It is very unusual to find a person like you who believe on disclosure.
        The way you forwarded arguments, speaks the volume who you are in your personal life. Much appreciated for taking part here in Awramba times web site.
        As to my argument, I believe you and I have no common share of understanding of Terrorism. I will take that as a difference.
        Don’t take me wrong, I didn’t say alternative media is not important for nurturing democracy. My honest believe is Media like ETV and ESAT are identical replica. They are both enemies of democracy.
        But what is worse in ESAT is its string attachment with Eritrea government. By the way It is not me who said this, but Berhanu Nega told us in his big mouth, the leverages ESAT got from Isayas and ESAT expectations in return for Isayas government. Even Tamagne Beyene, PR of ESAT didn’t drop the accusation but rather was arguing, ” WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT” REALLY THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. This is mathematical idiot thinking.
        What more evidence do you want me to bring!!!! Well my premature conclusion ESAT is a terrorism media is something to be seen on due course of time. But my assumptions weren’t something comes out of blue.
        Any ways time will tell us who is right and who is wrong?

        • AleQa Biru says:

          It is good that we agreed at least on some points and agreed to disagree on other issues. I am sure we can agree even on more issues if we avoid emotions and focus as much as possible on issues.

          Anyways thank you for the kind words and keep on speaking your mind.

    • Aster says:

      Teshome, you have articled well the issues that Isaias is inflicting in Africa, but Isaias is still walking around with his chest up. Why is that Ethiopia or the U.S. has not put him out of action? Could this mean that Isaias in actuality is working for Ethiopia or the U.S.?

    • dilla says:

      First of all your comment is out of context. The article and conversation is about Eritrea and you talk about Dr. Birhanu and ESAT. Why these two (Birhanu & ESAT) became “Ye Igir Isat” for you? I have nothing to do about them but your obsession about this person and the ESAT media is incredible. If both are bad, just ignore them. If ESAT is bad for you, just ignore to watch it.

      I ma surprised to listen to Isayas indicating to have a positive relationship with Ethiopia. Is that a problem for you?

    • EthioZena says:


      “when jokes are repeated again and again it become boring” - Isaias Afewerki

      your so called comment above is boring me.stick with the subject and leave G7 and ESAT out of it. If you wanna comment on G7 and ESAT Dawit gave us many, many opportunities to comment on those two and I’m pretty sure many to come. This interview is NOT about G7 or ESAT. Grow up!!

    • Ermi says:

      Terrorism is an act of instilling fear for political purpose. Now how does ESAT instill fear in Ethiopians or anyone for that matter? By telling the truth. Woyane fears truth. So I agree ESAT is terrorising Woyanes. But are Woyanes humans to be considered victims of ESAT’s terrorism? I guess not.

      Peace and love to all!


  2. Hagos says:

    Mr Gianluca Mezzofiore you are very poor and immature reporter. why do leave Italy? Why do you migrated to UK Mr Gianluca Mezzofiore? I think the answer is clear because you are one of the poor or marginalized class in Italy. Mr Gianluca Mezzofiore if you are really cares about people you need to write about resist Italian politics and corrupted leaders. You don’t have single right to right to speak or right about the collection of a 2% income tax on Eritrean nationals living abroad. The so called 2% income tax will rise to 100% weather you like it or not. But is good to speak about the corrupted Italy and the poor Italian living under $1 a day. You are one of the poor and those don’t have the right to live as human in Italy and as a result you now a migrant in UK. If you are really activist speak about the poor Italian those don’t have to eat a single meal a day. But I would like to remind you one thing, You can open your mouth as wide as the Rome stadium but for sure you just a garbage.

    • solomon says:

      most of the question asked by the al jazeera the fact what is going on in Eritrea.what precedent essays didn’t know is.this is not workshop all accusation made to Eritrea to show him it might take her hole show.just one evidence for example dr’brhanu nega live conversation taking 500.000 us from Eritrean government to destabilize Ethiopia that even take her the hole air time.rather than asking mr precedent more the end he made insult to very genres country to help the real needy people.& for the people of Africa he is better than those country he mentioned. that is real lay.i bevel on his interview used many times the word lay.when the new edition dictionary published your name will be the beast diffing word essays means layer.

    • Sisay A says:


      you must be the one shabia who reached the extremist diaspora how to engage in character assassination than discussing the idea.
      I am embarrassed for you as half of your citizens are refugee in all over the world for you to write like that about italy ummmm

      If i were you Eritreans and Somalians shouldn’t talk about there country as the majority are leaving outside with the help of the world.

      come to the point the guy is saying
      1 the collection should be voluntary not by frighting
      2. the money collected should not allow to go supporting terrorism.
      3. those people who are given are leaving here b/c the gov. killing them or imprisoned them including you hagos unless you lied so how can you give money back to your killer.
      4. if you really believe Eritrea is better than italy why are your citizens dying in Libya and sudan to reach italy.

      I am sure you can’t even stay for a week in Eritrea let alone you go back for good to live.

      So shut your mouth and thank the world for doing the job that your gov. or country should done for the citizens.

    • Habtom says:

      Hagos, so all the Diasporas - including you - are poor and “marginalized class” people worth nothing? So by your own definition, collecting 2% or “100%” from poor and marginalized people is just fine, correct? I think I gave you too much credence by even engaging you. Instead of attacking the messenger in such stupid way, you should have critique his messages in more civilized way. It is because of the people of your like is why the country of yours is cursed beyond repair. Leave your colony mentality and false pride and try to be a member of the world community.

  3. Thank you Hagos, That is good reply for this garbage.

  4. Ilula lemma says:

    No surprise, what you expect from a man who is leading Eritrea to hell. Esayas Afeworki is immature politician who did never tell the truth not only for reporter even for his own mother. He spend he whole interview by saying “It is a lie”. Africa will be better off without this moron dictator.

  5. Metema says:

    I don’t think Isayas Afewerki is normal. This dude speaks as a kid, and his reasoning’s are very childish. He is mental. EBD

  6. Embasolda says:

    Unfortunately, the Eretrian had been enslaved by so many cruel masters in their history, and they seemed to have no clues about what meant to live free. That is why, they have been an easy to manage servants to that clown that we all obsrving he has been playing them like subhuman toys… So, their problems are deeper than anyone could imagen and they will last for years to come. However, Ethiopia should continue to providing shelters and to give them an eduction opportunities to those youngsters in hoping they will be a decent and sensible citizens of the sociaty…

    God bless Ethiopia!!!!!

  7. Supernova says:

    In the first place, there should not be a country called Eritrea. it is the fictious creation of woyane and shabia. Shabian born and grown in war and will end in war.

    What I do not understand when woyane dogs complain about Shabia because it them who give a lease of life to create havoc not only in Ethiopia, but across the horn and beyond.

    The solution: Get rid of woyane and shabia and there is no Eritrea then. Eritrea has no border, no court, nothing,… it is not a country at all.The Ethiopian people do not recognize Eritrea as country except woyane banda.

    Finish shabia and woyane, then problem solved and no Eritrea bla bla. Woyane dogs love talking about Eritrea? I think it is because it their own fictious creation of meaningless or borderless or lawless half province. Get rid of shabia and woyane and give peace for the people. I hatee you all colonial dogs. Death to Shabia and woyane, big dogs.

  8. jgna says:

    al shabeya = al shebab = buko haram = g7+esat = al qaida
    The world shall fight them all.
    And the helish ‘country’ sorry region shall be given a lesson.
    we shall also regain our historical sea ports. This a must; it is only a matter of time.

    • Ilula Lemma says:

      I hope you will compare apple to apple in your next appearance. I couldn’t imagine your hateration towards G7 and ESAT. What is wrong with you.

  9. Zengu Fereja says:

    Why are you asking this poor guy about democracy? What is the need of democracy in a country without any resources except fishes in the red sea. Leave him alone, what he needs is bread for his people. That why he is escorting his people to pass their border until they reach Europe and America. Sawa is a place where Eriterean people is trained to survive any kinds of human and natural disaster, not a military camp. All Eritrean’s love him very much, do you need the people cannibalized each other?. It is because Esayas the people of Eritrea is survived. He is the one and only leader in Africa for the past 40 years successfully using his people for his survival. His spirit still leave with the people of Eritrea any where else.

  10. w.yilma says:

    I do not understand how this idiot person is leading Eritrea. Maferia! No word to add.This is the worst interview I have ever heard in my life. How we Ethiopian could engage with this cheep, moron, and denial person? it will be a challenge for our region as long as this kind of country lead by this kind of insane person. I really sympathized for those Eritrean who are under Shabia.

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