Ethiopia: Meseret Defar Wins Another 5000-Meter Gold At Worlds


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18 Responses

  1. galaxy says:

    Lots of thanks mesiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Yene qonjo!
    You, along with tirunesh, mohamed, and all medalists deserve a great reward. Yes, we Ethiopians will do all our best to reward you. HE HD might be thinking of something!

  2. Gezaee says:

    These girls building the image of Ethiopia while politicians are destroying the image of Ethiopian. The government has shipped teenagers to Saudi Arabia and they dying everyday by rape, suicide, … but Dawit never post anything about this? why?

    Why Dawit? why only good things? why only medals? why not posting about those who are committing suicide almost on daily basis? if they were not in those situations they could have been bright athletets, Dr. …. why only TheHabesha and ER post the plight of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia?

    Why Dawit never post about such horrible things? come on Dawit. Journalism is not only about who did protest and who did not protest ?

    Shame on us; it is embarrassing the regime does nothing while people dying by suicide almost on daily basis in the middle east? Man cannot live by bread alone. you do not send people to work in a place where is no humanity and dignity. Women are treated like dogs in the middle east and our teenagers are taking their lives when they find it hard to live with them. Why the corrupt regime blind on this? Shame, shame, cancer and corrupt generation. If ESAT could have used the money to help those girls, ESAT could have become the hero. Alas, wasting money to pay and rent Satellite TV from big companies?

    My worries? why the regime, the opposition never say anything on the plight of Ethiopians girls in Saudi and middle in general? Is this government only there to talk about Abay Dam only? shame shame shameful generation

    • Alex says:

      @Gezaee you are really great guy …among the participants in this site here i like yours the most.

    • Mulu says:

      Gezaee! Why not you write and enlighten us about the issue which is a great concern for you and also for most of us. It seems you know about it. It is not only Dawit’s responsibility. If you write plausible article, Awramaba or any other blog post will definitely post it for all of us to read and know about Ethiopian life in the middle east. Dawit is doing what he can do. In stead of four paragraph of negative talk, contribute your part and thank Dawit for what he is doing!
      Have a good night every body!!!

    • chala says:

      Gezaee or Gel’ee (empty pot)

    • Gebre says:

      the world is not 100% politics. there are also other aspects of life like sport and art. our politics is highly polarized to the extent that we can do not agree in the vital national interest areas like the issues of Abay and fighting terrorism. atleast, we need to agree, for example, that our atleths victory is good for the image of our don’t need to avoid eating Tibs or Shiro to differ from Woyane or G7. I am of the openion that we should avoid mixing politics with all aspects of life; which are important in their own. But,often thn not, you politicize events and to my mind, this is far from healthy. your tone is not also healthy. what purpose can you achieve by repeating offensive words like “Shame, shame, cancer and corrupt generation…” who are you to blame and lable the whole generation as cancer? The problem you mentioned can not be fixed by shouting and have to face it practically and that is exactly what the government is doing: building dams, atrracting investment, creating jobs and then citizens will live decent life in their coutry.

  3. addis ababa says:

    let me say this, am not supporter of the gov of ethiopia but you must be hater eritrean or depressed hater

  4. addis ababa says:

    eritrean didn’t won, they will never win the only thing they good at is organ spare parts

  5. yohannes says:

    mesiyyyyy tnx our hero my lovely sister!!!

  6. Gezaee says:

    You are all gelebawoch. What Eritrea has to do here. I do not get it. You are sick people. None of you have brain. Can you refute my comments using argument. Why jump armba kobu, … what does Eritrea has to do here? if you have reason? then bring it? otherwise, you are Eritrean or bla bla,… only shows you are shallow, illiterate and have no brain.

    • addis ababa says:

      r u telling us, we can’t calibrate when we even win a game. u think u r smart but u r the most hateful parson who try to destroy ethiopian heroism. u r so sad when u see ethiopian calibrate that is sign of ethiopian enemy. if u want to worry,worry about ur country eritrean refuge in sina, in sudan, in ethiopa, in libya……we ethiopia has a lot of problem we will deal with it don’t worry about us. hate will make ur life miserable i know u r miserable because u r hateful parson .

    • yohannse Eshet says:

      Very good response Gezaee, you are Ethiopia’s Heroe. I like the way defend your country Ethiopia.

    • yohannse Eshet says:

      It is great response Gezaee that is reality you are sent message who did not understand and you are Ethiopia’s heroe.

  7. Kmarkos says:

    Go girl !,,! your English and accent is better than Dawits

    • galaxy says:

      Dull head. I also know you personally. you are …
      Dawit is not like you. he is a professional and balanced not a blind hater

  8. Mahlet Asefa says:

    Thanks a million Meseret. Mesy is my favorite from the lady athletes. She has some calm and class that I appreciate. Congrats lovely lady and to all of us!!!

  9. Mario says:

    We love & proud of you our heroes & heroines! Keep winning!

  10. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I can’t be more proud of these young very fine ladies. This champion and the one who won the 10K have such pleasant strides that they are so graceful and God given beauties to behold. They gave me so much pride that watching their last bursts into victory was enough to give me pilomotor reflexes and a lump in the throat. Yes..I can brag about them and they gave me such an honor and privilege to do so. I wish them luck and more victories in their future matches. Insha Allah!!!

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