Open Letter to Semayawi Party Leaders (Amanuel Zeselam)


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9 Responses

  1. metema says:

    Mr. Amanuel… Hule medebadeb, hule metelalf. Aymiro yeleleh ebd neh

  2. teshome says:

    ….This article may simply express an honest perspective of an individual and should be treated as such. I think the leader of the ‘Semayawi party’ had an inflated personality and it appeared to me an x ray version of Hailu Shawel of ‘Kinijet’. Most importantly their political life cycle would be identical..
    But I have a serious question for the writer of this article?????
    What difference would it make whether ‘semayawi party’ or red party or ‘UDJ party’, or Ginbote 5 or 30 party, for that matter the 85 parties collectively work as a glue binding to destroy Ethiopia…
    In the first place Ethiopia opposition parties are well designed not to work together.
    One moment please, before people recognize the presence of coalitions of 33 opposition parties we heard their divisions. The collection of 33 opposition parties was simply what psychologists call Group regressions..
    I would like to extended my deep appreciation for the toxic diasporas who are always remotely manipulating oppositions parties and the case of ‘Semawyawie party’ is not different here. On this regard the peace loving Ethiopian people and Ethiopian government is immensely benefiting.
    I believe labeling a person is dangerous and patently unjust but At the same time we can’t escape the reality on the ground.
    The semayawi party is a collection of chauvinistic and idiots who would like to restore the 100 years of Amhara Misrule. They could understand what EPRDF did for the last 20 plus years. The change is simple irreversible and their wish won’t to succeed in a million years…
    “Engineer” Yilikal looks to be the most unfamiliar and unfriendly to the most complicated Ethiopian politics…
    He is the most innocent person working as a robot by the remote of the toxic Diasporas from the DC jungles. May God help him to recognize the serious danger waits him.
    He is so close to catch both sides of sharp sword and I am not a fortune teller but it won’t take so long to gather again in front of white house to demand the release of Engineer yelika…
    Wow we are gonna see again the vigil candle light that we missed for some time

    • lintu says:

      Why you hate people just because of their political outlook? As much as you have the dream to stay 1000 years, they too has a dream of having political power to lead the country. I don’t what level of influence you have in the system but it appears that your hate is out of proportion, as if you are not born as someone eating, dressing, …, the same way as those you hate extremely. How can we counter those who call Africa is a collection of uncivilized people and show them that we are not the way they think if people like you inject hate and agress people out nowhere?
      I really do not know any of those political parties (in Ethiopia or abroad) but it is incredible to read so much hate towards those most kind political parties? Did they come with gun? Killed anyone in their way (though they don’t move an inch because of the very restrictions you guys put in place)?
      You guys are just playing with your “objects” the same way a cat play on a rat. Maybe you know this saying “bekoterut kuna yiseferal”. I think, the story of the hen who shorten its cord every time she turns around applies both sides. Stop hating and just think human.
      You may break people but it doesn’t mean they lose faith.

  3. axumawe says:

    THE REST OF THEM ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING political parties,they are agreed based on one thing “y telate telat wodaje now”
    the leader of the blue party in my opinion, he should go back to his proftion fixing paipes as engener!!!!
    i think he well be a good asset for Ethiopia if he constract some thing in his filed!!if not he well destroy the image of the party.
    this is only my opinion.
    as always long live Ethiopia!
    long live Eprdf !
    long live woyen !

  4. tewbel says:

    It sems that the usual petty and negative gossip is directed against the Semayawi Party. Why did you not to do your own job instead babling endlessely for years against other parties to hide your own inefficiency.

  5. meme says:


    Who is ato Amanuel Zeselam ? Is he a representative of ANDENET OR MELAW AMEHARA ? Unless this is an official request from the concerned parties,it is a plot intended to creat hate & divition between these parties. It is known in the last 22 years that EPRDF is using an insider to divide & rule the decents. Now,it is time to ask the one in power first than ask one another. Let everybody do whatever is important to challenge EPRDF & it is up to each parties to be effective than to blame or ask the other party. Lets do our job! keep your eyes Off from other parties & lets focus on the big human right abuser(EPRDF)!! It is not a right time to bite one for the other or used as a to be a tool for EPRDF!

    • zewdi says:

      What kind of ignorant are you MEME you don’t want to see the opposition parties to be criticized for their lack of effectiveness in all sorts of politics including not challenging the ruling party in an effective way. You just want to see dismantling of the EPRDF with out having an alternative party that can keep the country peaceful at least. Working only on dismantling of the ruling party only leads the country to fall in to civil war. I don’t know if that’s what you want but I don’t think any Ethiopian with his right mind would like to see civil war in his country.

      • tade says:

        @Zewdi What a civil war are u talking about ? what dismantling of EPRDF are you talking about ? U R giving “false choice” like the late dictator melese zenawi. Mr. Zewdi,your position is so funny,on the one hand you are worried about the effectivness of opposition parties while on the other hand you are crying for Eprdf. But the truth is I didn’t see anything on mimi’s comment that ask for dismantling of eprdf or ask for unrest. I guess she is asking for the unity of opposition parties to ask for the ruling party than fight one another. I guess she is right in her opionion. Do you think that Ethiopia will not exist in the absense of Eprdf ? My men, don’t fool yourself,this nation has lived for thousends years with so many changes & it will continue with the change of eprdf as well.However,at this moment,it is up to eprdf to make the transition smother & permenant,if not the inevitable is comming one way or the other!!

  6. yohannes says:

    wonderful, this follow is telling us how weak and ego-centric the political parties are organized in Ethiopia. if we look at the history of Ethiopia 22 years back this country was ruled by kings, lords and nobles and princesses by the solominian dynasty, and letter by confused Derg and Ethiopian students world wide communists. Actually all the opposition parties in Ethiopia they don’t have a minimum program how to deal with Ethiopian problems. what does it mean all the poisoners should be liberated and the low of terror should be cancelled . Is this only the problem of Ethiopia or there are even another. should we liberate eskender desta who predict and incite physical elimination of all tigrians, or those who have killed the Muslim leaders in Desie and other parties of Ethiopia. there is or there is no government in Ethiopia with constitution, and the opposition parties are asking cause and anarchism in .
    All the Ethiopian opposition are hatemongers than parties with articulated idea to destroy the Ethiopian progress achieved in these two decade. They want keep Ethiopians in ignorance and poverty . they are the same people of 1970 with same idea and the elite Ethiopian students of the noble families looking to suck the Ethiopian blood again. the patient of the Ethiopian people have a limit and next time demonstration to create confusion and cause can have a big consequence on these political parties. we have seen them predicting anti Ethiopian development. they are anti Dames construction for electrifying the country , thy are anti road construction, railway construction. I have heard even that they don’t want to fly with Ethiopian Airlines, is these how to help Ethiopia and Ethiopians by manifesting anti-Ethiopia in every embassy of the world to stop aid to Ethiopians? . they want Assab with out road, with out rail way. Even Emperor Manlike understood 100 years ago. we have seen when the EPRF was liberating Addis Ababa from the dictator Menghistu Higlemaria we have hard from different people special the Amhara elit they where saying ” Tigri Aigezam” these was the biggest chauvinism happened in Ethiopia. the Ethiopian political parties , are the result of these idea and they will never be true antagonist to the ruling party.
    have not the program to govern the country better than weyanie , they will be there to stay between agony and death. this only their destiny. If they are waiting the Sharia low in Ethiopia they have to say loudly instead to hid themselves behind different names.
    God Bless Ethiopian and its people

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