Ethiopia Files Terrorism Charges Against Ginbot 7 Squad Members


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32 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    However big is your remote control it is hard to find the right battery to make it work from Pennsylvania villa.

    When Birhanue and his buchilla Sisay Agena say we will start war what they mean is clear. we can send any dollar left over from our five star hotel enjoyment and there will be poor people that we can brain wash using ESAT and they will do the war and will go as a hero.

    When Shabia pay $200,000.00 for six month stealing from the poor Eritrean mouth he definitely want some action for his money than the same talk of last 5 years in hotel meeting by Birhanue.

    • Aster says:

      Hi bendo,
      Good points. I wonder if the charge filed by the Ethiopian federal prosecutor against the guerrilla force includes other terrorists’ channels, such as Ethiopian Review, ESAT, Addis Dimts, and Netsanet le Ethiopia.

  2. Sisay A says:

    Wey Wey Wey

    Are you telling me my $500.00 investment in G7 is evaporating?

    I thought when i buy the certificate of warrier from G7 that was my best investment and will get back thousands time more in return in 2.-3 years when Birhanue become Ethiopia PM.

    This world is not fare we need new technology we can start and win war by pal-talk. Other wise our talk of 22 years become a music to the gov.

  3. Chala says:

    Didn’t we been told on first by Dr Birhanue and now by Dr Fissiha that the gov. days are numbered. only to wait 3-6 month? whats happen?
    are this two animal doctor or real doctors? just to collect money they promise something that is only a wish in there mind and make fool and idiot the extremist diaspora.

    I know why now American gov. think the opposition in diaspora are fool and idiots.

  4. Hailu says:

    It is very hard to believe that berhanu nega accepted such offer from egypt.
    But if he did, it shows how desperate he is and it could be the end of his political career in ethiopia.
    I used to support his kinijit party but he would lose mine and all ethiopian support if he really agreed with egypt. It is unforgivable sin

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Hello Hello:

    This will be my last comment as my holiday finished 100% for at least two years.

    This is my last recommendation:

    1. Disband all the useless opposition
    2. Build democractic institution before anything
    3. Educate people about their rights and obligations
    4. Uphold the antiterrorism law
    5. Add another hard law on corruption and declare or decree corruption as demostic terror on society. You may not believe me, if there is corruption? your development whatever you call it is meaningless, example, Dubai is the best example, Dubai was built on corruption? Dubai is now like hell to live in and work, and if development is not based on hard work and good foundation, it is like a house build on sand. It is not development, it is Dedevelopment.
    6. EPRDF has to reassess its relation with USA because g7 and others who are antiEthiopian peace are based on USA. Apparently, USA has become the breeding ground of terror not only for Ethiopia, but for the entire world. Terrorism in Somalia, elsewhere is funded from USA based supporters. I do not the benefit from USA to be honest. It is a country against itself.

    It is true America is the source of many wonderful things, unfortunately American wrong foreign policies is damaging their long term interest. May be Ethiopia has to cut its relation with USA and strengthen its alliance with North Korea, Iran, Germany, Netherlands, Switezrelands, Norway, Swedene, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, Australia, south Korea, Brazil,…

    Ethiopia has to give warning to UK governemnt and USA government if they do not stop harboring antipeace elements, their help, their charity, their interference, whatever gift they give is meaningless.

    As such USA must stop interfering in Ethiopians and also stop harboring all sort of anti Ethiopia brigands annd antipeace elemements.

    UK must do the same otherrwise.

    7. Ethiopia expel Arab investors; it is better to have the Chinese than to have Arabs; Arab investemnts pure Wahabi investment, you can not separate wahabi from any arab activities. Wahabi is their way of life whether they are in business or politics,… and expell investors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Quwit

    8. Develop cyber defense system like Isreael
    9. Build the air defense system as if there is no tomorrow and as if you are fighting the entire world
    10. Withdraw the indepedence of Eritrea, and merge the Eritrean military with Ethiopian militarr, allow both people to live in peace as before than living like this like rat and cat.

    11. Control the entire red sea
    12. Build the Navy
    13. Buy the latest Russian W-500 Air to air and surface to air defense system
    14. Giving back the land to the owners in Gambela, the Gambelan people
    15. Stop corruption 100%
    16. Integrate into the education system anticorruption course, professional ethics course into University courses

    Peace comes before anything. Development with corruption is sustainable, and will end in tatters.

    Have a good year;


  6. axumawe says:

    I am stan to see, how some one can go as this guy gone to full feel his Ego to get power!
    let me see from the gigning.
    1)EPRP, until he run away from acimba wich got kiked his stincki ass by woyen and run away to sudan.
    2)he went to America ignored every thing,he be came Economist, not politcan!!!there is a big diffrnce among political since & Economics.
    3)when woyen EPRDF humelated derg like his cousin EPRP,who say i love Ethiopia
    the apportunist brhanu nega.
    4)know he is in Ethiopia with new name and organization KNJET, well he traied to lecture woyen,he even show his iroganseness in parlament,but his bigest mistke is when kenjet won addis he refused to govern addis !!!!
    that is why i say he is not politcan he is Economest!!!!
    look at ledetu,burtukan they stand for what they belive i salut them for that ,
    this is the true political ambeshen you faight until your last brith of life like pm melese zenawe!!!!!
    b nega can you learn some thing from your life you are not a politcan you are un Economist i don;t know what kind of company well higrd Economist like you?
    any way let me go back to my point as a politcan when you wone some district you holed the one and you tech your program you recurut your members,you prove to the public you are way better than the other party!!
    you mobilize grass root revolution,you atract members,you go to the majority of the nation the farmers,millitary,womans,youth,ordenary citizens and so on,that is what politcans do b nega!!!!
    but in this guys case power know like his old party EPRP.
    ‘seltan l chkunoch ahununu”
    “democracy l chkunoch ahununu”
    you see b nega you well never ever be in power as long as you live!!!
    do you know why !!!!
    one Ethiopian farmer have a better sence of politces than your PHD !!! that is Ethiopian youth with bachlor have a better understanding of his/her people.b/c they are living it,experianced it and proud of it.
    you in the other hand a spoiled rat,your dad if a small busenes owner land lord feudal,you left your country when you are young so you don’t have the conection with the Ethiopian people.
    i ave this example for you
    the Ethiopian people speakes amharic not English,every time you speak you mix english and amharic,b/c you are away for so can’t comminicat with the Ethiopian people so rest in peace b-nega.
    full every diaspora amara out side with your little brother t-beyen!!
    good luck.
    long live Ethiopia!
    Ethiopia b wed ljocha tkebralech!
    Abay y gedebal!!
    y Ethiopia telatoch shabia,g7,arab,Egypt,neftegoch.extremstoch,akrarewoch,korabtoch,zeregoch,yetefalu!at last
    long live Eprdf,long live woyen,Ethiopia hagre lzelalem tnur!!!!!!

  7. Alula Yohannes says:

    Dear Dawit,

    I used to be one of your admirers. Whenever I encountered people who think that all people from Tigray are blind supporters of EPRDF/Woyane, you were one of the people that I mentioned as pro-democratic (not biased by ethnicity) person.

    Recently, I am finding it hard to mention your name as an example because of what you are doing.

    How on earth do you post such an article. You mentioned that the government is filing charges of terrorism on Ginbot 7 (that is a news and I do not have a problem with that), and you tried to provide an evidence for their accusation (this is a big problem). Shame on you!

    By the ways, I am not a supporter of armed struggle, but I at least understand why G7 (Birhanu Nega) decided to follow that path. It is out of frustration with the system. They have been pushed to choose that side by a government that does not leave any option for a peaceful struggle.

    Shame on you, once again, for siding with EPRDF/Woyane. Shame on you for trying to provide an evidence for the Woyane/EPRDF!

    You have passed death sentence on Birhanu Nega by being part of this accusation. I somehow feel that you have a personal problem with Birhanu. You are passing a death sentence not only on Birhanu, but also on so many other people who would be supporters of G7; actually, this accusation and the evidence you provided will even be used on other people (who are not members of G7 but that of other parties who support peaceful struggle only) to sentnece them to death! That is what the history of Woyane/EPRDF shows.

    Please try to measure the consequences of your articles before you post them. Try to be a positive influence in the political discourse of our country!

    I still believe that almost all of the people from Tigray (except very small percent) are not ethnically blinded!

    • eshe says:

      Agree with you 100%. I used to say this guy is good and above narrow minded politics based on ethnicity but as you rightly mentioned he began to show his real identity gradually. What surprised me was he gave good interview on ESAT long time ago and looked very much pro democracy and anti race based politics. I remember when the late dictator said ” when OPDO is scratched you will find them OLF”. I am afraid I have to conclude when tigres are rubbed they all are weyanes beneath. This guy changed completely infront of my eyes from independent journalist to pro-weyane anti oppositions. Amazing!

      • bendo says:

        If you want to hear one way traffic news what are you doing here? this is why democracy is bad for you guys. b/c you hear things you don’t want to hear. Dawit is putting all news from both side but as you don’t get used to this it is though for you.

        your ESAT is still active for one sided hate so stay there or go to Ethiopian Review your democratic website.

        this is what we call free media balancing and reporting both side of the story. on the muslim extremist case you only hear both side of the story in this wesbite.

  8. Berhanu is one of those cheap sold out idiot who will not hesitate to sell anything so long he benefits one way or the other. Molacha leba newe. Back in the days he was one of the people who used to run Embeleta magazine a mouth piece of woyanes economic propaganda sector. Then he went all the way to Addis and bow his head to the tyrant and rewarded to work in AAU in place of unjustly terminated scholars. Berhanu simply does not have a moral compass and he is a political prostitute.

    • Dear professor Debela, why are you so hateful to the very person who wholeheartedly fighting woyane with what ever mechanisms he can. I don’t think it is appropriate and a wise move, please leave him alone.

  9. zemen says:

    woy gud, when are we going to kill each-other? Today, TPLF took its sward to kill amhara, because they are not tigree. Gobez, are we heading towards Yugozlavia? Is that the promis of TPLF to bring democracy and serve the opressed people? Ere gobez, this trend is getting very dangerous, extremely dangerous. TPLF is criminalizing everybody without distinction and without due process of verification if the individuals are indeed ploting something. Due to the anti-terror law, innocent people are being taken at “cross-fire” or even when there is nothing. I am very much concerned that too much hate is spilling by TPLF towards those who are alleged to dislodge its power. The political power is not something given ethereally by God. Then, why so much hate and bloodshed? Are Gobez, please. After all, TPLF has closed all venues of peaceful movement and assembly. I am terrified to learn that TPLF has planed a demonstration on the date and place the Semayawi party already scheduled. Is that to wage religious and other violence and bloodshed. That country is moving towards a dangerous path.

  10. w .yilma says:

    No question Birhanu Nega is a notorious and infantile back ward politician. As long as there are people like him who are thinking in the 70’s mind set, Ethiopia will never enjoy peace. in a day light he was caught receiving half a million dollar from Shabia, to destabilize Ethiopia. As if this is not enough he recently posted an article on ethiomedia website supporting the radical Islamist movement in Ethiopia. When I red his article I knew this guy do not have any agendas for Ethiopia other than creating trouble against the current government. It does’t need to have a PhD to understand the danger of mixing religion with politics. I am sorry to say this, leave alone Muslim religion which I believe is mostly creating a problems in our world today, politicians should be refrain from involving in religious related politics.

    To my mind Ethiopia have many enemies. However, the most dangerous and hideous enemy of Ethiopians is Shabia. Birhanu knows this facts. However, because he have very deep hate against one ethnic group he will never hesitate to join any force to achieve his ill and evil agendas. To me it is hard to call him terrorist, but I believe he is very dangerous individual for Ethiopia unity and national security. He and his “party” are the one saying for Ethiopia Diaspora not to buy house in Ethiopia, do not send money to help families in need, do not use Ethiopian air lines, do not buy bonds for GRD etc.. He and his naive advocates are related everything with TPLF. They inherited this behavior from their master Isayas. One of the achievement of Shabia is that he mange to replicate many Ethiopians to inherit and execute his ideology and propaganda to divide and destabilize Ethiopians. I am sure Birhanu will join Egypt if there will be a confrontation with Ethiopia.
    The good think is, we know we have few placenta like “BANDA’s”. However, Ethiopia have many heroes as before who never ask a compensation for their life, but dearly sacrifice when the country need. And we have also few placenta like “BANDA’s who benefited themselves from poor Ethiopian tax payer, but stand against their country and people. Birhanu is one of them. To,me this is serious crime!
    We do not need our politician to follow the Machiavellian ideology “my enemy enemy is my friend”. This back ward and dogma ideology is not suited the world we live in today. We do not need those who are telling us to close our eyes and follow them. The time is now for politicians to follow us, the people of Ethiopia. Enough is enough!
    Long Live Ethiopia! demise to those who
    are joining the camp of evil to harm Ethiopia

    • washeraw says:

      Where is your evidence that Brihanu hates the people of Tigrai?

      The real evidence is that Melles told him after the 2005 elections “accept what we give you, or go to the bush and fight”.

      You have simply fallen in the ethnic trap laid by TPLF. For them, whoever opposes TPLF hates the people of Tigrai. Such an illogical way of thinking. But, as they say, if you tell a lie consistently and repeat it often enough, people start believing it.

  11. Tekle says:

    Hey guys!!!

    Please don’t discourage ‘Tewodros’ wannabe Birhanu and his entourage. Let them enter the country with whatever they have in their hands. I swear to you that our gallant Ethiopian armed forces will not need to face them armed. It can beat the tar out of his ‘lost’ ‘army with bare hands. Did I say army? Kkkkk!!! army? Did I say arm? Kkkkkkk!!!! Any how, our gallant army is waiting for them salivating just to make child play out of them. Our armed forces have a very proud and glorious fighting record. Let me mention a few. EDU, ELF, EPRP - Kicked they ass in the 70’s and 80’s. Among these three, EPRP was the only one who put up a real war. Its fighters were stubborn as mule. But the end of the day victory was ours. OLF, ONLF, Al-Shabaab - Kicked they ass in the 1990’s and 2000’s. None of these three deserve to be called ‘fighters’. They pick a fight and they turn on an overdrive just like a a rattled gazelle that saw a tiger nearby even before a single shot is fired. They ran all the way to Minnesota. And now they have been holding ‘talk shops’ and ‘seminars’ teaching others how to pick a fight and run even before a single gun shot is heard.

    EPLF and cow-dung-for-the brain Isaias - kicked they ass so bad that they thought they were caught by 19th century frontier vigilantes robbing a bank. Isaias had to call the then USA President Clinton egging him (begging him rather) to force our late Great Leader Meles to stop him from heading to Asmara. He awoken President Clinton in the wee hours begging him to put pressure on and have Our Most Benevolent Leader Meles order our army to stand down. Isaias picked a fight and did so with the wrong person. And he met his master in the field. Not even a stare at Badme since then!!! What medicine!!!!

    I bet you field commanders of our glorious army are sitting there salivating with their eyes and ears fixed on all corners waiting the ‘indomitable’ army of Berhanu the cross the border. Once before, a beloved Amhara friend had told me a saying in Amharic that goes like ‘የዱባ ጥጋብ ያለ ሥንቅ ያዘምታል’.

  12. teshome says:

    Berhanu has no sound political judgment and had simply prudence for blind political ambition…
    For me He is a walking coffin.
    I think people well understood who Berhanu is.
    One time a committed supporter of Ginbote 7 and Berhanu Nega told us that Ginbote 7 has already started arm struggle and the first batch of the trainee were graduated. I was initial serious but later on, I heard that the training is in jungle of Pennsylvania and the place of the military training was in Dr. Berhanu’s three story villa and the method of the training was watching for 12 hours every day military movies of the then USSR….
    I was just wowed by Berhanu’s and Ginbote 7 military and I think EPRDF life is numbered
    Let me share the old Amharic proverb my friend mentioned above…..
    የዱባ ጥጋብ ያለ ሥንቅ ያዘምታል…..
    I think ‘Semayawi ‘ party and other chauvinist parties should learn from Ginbote 7….

  13. gubil says:

    To: Dawit (Web site owner)
    From: non-political and non-religious person

    Dawit, don’t delete this message and listen why I have to question my self about your real purpose. It is good to practice independent journalism BUT I have two very relevant points to mention why you are partial journalist than independent:

    1) tried to air information that help the woyane regime make their case against Muslim Ethiopians. You aired information irresponsibly just to backup the regime’s plan. I say irresponsibly because you didn’t show any care if a religious war breaks out in Ethiopia. May be you think your family roots will not be affected since they are at the very north (if you are there of course)
    2) your anti-birhanu and anti-esat obsession went beyond a normal hate, to the extent that you are trying to portray and prepare them for a death personality (other round of death penalty). What you are doing is beyond an ordinary journalism. Even if you have personal or professional problem with them, there is nothing that justify your negative obsession just to serve the regime.

    Please stop and think for a while what damage you are doing. It is best that the power of a person be measured by the positive contributions to people and citizens but not by destruction. Maybe you are not popular among many of Ethiopians (I mean as a famous journalist) and I don’t think your readers are that much big in numbers even if message threads are inflated out of nonsense exchange, accusations and counter accusations of forum participants. To say that your impact on the rest of Ethiopians is very very limited but on the other side you will strongly serve the regime. The regime needs even a single like of “evidence” no matter where it comes from as long as it is appeared translated by a computer and posted on a screen and can be printed. The regime uses that to condemn people to death. You are just serving that to happen. Please stop. We all have disagreements with people for whatever reasons but we do not plot to hurt all those we do not agree with.

    Last, it is true when people say “successful people forgive their “enemies” where us losers keep resenting for ever” ; Do you consider yourself successful or just a loser? I leave that to you think about. I hope you will post it. Thank you

    • bendo says:

      @ gubil

      If you want to hear one way traffic news what are you doing here? this is why democracy is bad for you guys. b/c you hear things you don’t want to hear. Dawit is putting all news from both side but as you don’t get used to this it is though for you.

      your ESAT is still active for one sided hate so stay there or go to Ethiopian Review your democratic website.

      this is what we call free media balancing and reporting both side of the story. on the muslim extremist case you only hear both side of the story in this wesbite.

    • axumawe says:

      mr gubil!!
      let me say my word !
      1) who are you to accused some one b/c he didn’t follow your view ?
      2) what is ESATs JOB UNDER THE NAME OF Ethiopia(mar now ende ymelkelqat yalut) ?
      3)if you can sepret government & nation, what mr dawit is doing is presenting what is dangrous to Ethiopia,not what is dangerous to the government, if you can’t see the deffrent between people & government.
      i bliev it is not the editors luck of knowldege,it is your luck of broad view
      in general.”zenjero y raswan kit satay b sew kit talagtalech alu”
      so in my view you diaspora neftegnoch you need to realy think about what you are looking for,i don’t belive no one well ever pick up a gun for yous b/c you are already dead,and you well sink in for good soon !
      then our diaspora brothers/sisters well be relived from contrbution,donation e.t.c
      then they well start investing for there feuter in Ethiopia !!!!
      so to make my point clear live the editor alone.
      if you don’t like it go to your comfort zone!!!!!you know where.

  14. teshome says:

    To begin with, why you hide your true name. You are either don’t have confidence or won’t take responsibility on what you have to say…
    So the substance of your argument stars and ends there…
    You said ” Dawit, don’t delete this message”
    …This is by itself a disturbing
    paranoia. Dawit is not like your favorite toxic website owners, and he won’t delete your message so long your respecting the rule of the forum. But the funny We didn’t see at all any
    message in your mumbo-jumbo comment.
    Secondly, the height of your ignorance about free speech is at record level….
    You would have challenge Dawit for the truthiness of the information but apparently that was nor possible because Dawit is reporting fact.
    You demand, Dawit to support the crippled oppositions. Why in the first place Dawit has to take political positions rather being a professional journalist. Thank for telling us How the ignorant and arrogant opposition journalists work
    Dawit didn’t hate either Ginbote 7 or for that matter ESAT, but he simply expose the ill politics they are in..
    This is simply a professional journalism should stand for
    Dawit’s information are always easily resourced unlike ESAT which report hearsay 24/7..
    You said ‘Dawit is doing more damage ”
    Now I agree with you Dawit is dong more damage to unschooled and untrained toxic diaspora politics. Yes Dawit is dong more harm to those who had hate politics and fabricate lies over lies
    Next time write about idea, your whole paragraphs are not to the level of this forum participants and most importantly they disturbingly personal

  15. Birhanu Alemu says:

    Woyanen lemaswegde Dr. Birhanu genzeb aydelem kegebse keseytan bekebel betam tiru hasab ena mastewal new !!!Enkwan tekebel!! Woyanne hager lematefat kezeh belay fesemwal Birhanu gin democracy lemamtat new!

  16. eshe says:

    You are useless chamillion. I don’t think you are independent, unbiased or progressive.Neither do I think you have any stand on Ethiopian politics. There are ESAT,Ethiopian review and the likes on one side and tigrai online,Aiga forum,reporter and etc on the other side. We thought you are independent but u joined the latter slowly. why ??? Above all you delete comments which are critical of you. Grow up man and read about unbiased journalism. I have nothing personal against you but your stand is disgusting me.

    • axumawe says:

      @Eshe to be honest you don’t belong in this site b/c you are like esat,abebe gelaw he feeds you all (KORTO KETEL)FILM & NEWS IS THAT What YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ? NOT HER.
      if you think Dawit is changed, no what he is doing is exposing your garbage Ethiopiawent!!!!!!
      b/c in one hand you say we love Ethiopia you love Ethiopia in words cauerd. but the true Ethiopians are doing what is best for Ethiopia in order to see Ethiopia prospres ,devolopd,and be came middle class country in the next 10 years .
      i know this well kill you all extremtst NEFTEGNOC b/c you miss the opportunity to govern Ethiopia for the past 100 years, look at Ethiopia where you lefted her.
      who picked the torch ? EPRDF,LOOK Ethiopia know kkkkkkk,you are dead alive
      who killed you Eprdf. if you can’t swalow it we will shave it in to you throut until you gage!
      pc off adios amikos!
      long live Ethiopia !
      long love Eprdf !
      long live Woyen !

  17. w .yilma says:

    To Gubil. I think you are hard line worshiper of Birhanu, and Esat. If you realy think in your mind, I do not think your comment is relevant.If you said Isat is broadcasting truth, you have to learn wht is truth and lies.
    You question the website owner as if he is working to instigate religious war in Ethiopia. In the first place there will be no such thing happen. those radical Islam followers and advocates will be hunt-down both by the government and the people of Ethiopia. Peace loving Ethiopians will be the victorious.
    Again who is working day and night and spreading a white lie? is it Awramba or Isat and Birhanu? Use your mind to think.
    To be honest we are still far from enjoying free media. Some are trying their best to be neutral. However if you compare Awramba times with Ethiomedia, Isat, Ethiopian review, Awramba times is far better in posting reasonably balanced information. Infact i do not considered Ethiopian review as an Ethiopian website. It is an instrument for Isayas.

    Last you said Awramba times damaging Birhanu image? I do not think! Birhanu destroy his own images when he was caught secretly talking to his hard line core blind followers, accept half a million dollars from our sworn enemies, Shabia and Egypt to stand against the country which make him to become an educated person. However although he is academically educated (if we use a general term for education and educated person), in the field of politics he is still infantile and anomaly.
    If you are not comfortable what Awramba time did to expose him, please stick with your choice, and listen them as a “Gedel Mamite”

  18. Abdella says:

    This charge goes to far from a Woyane standard. I guess they are getting desparate so they have to concott something to placate some of the gullible Ethiopians.

    Who is really the terrorist in Ethiopia? Woyanes. Who is the oppressor in Ethiopia? Woyanes. Who are the killers? Woyanes. Who are agents of corruption and exploitation? Woyanes.

    Berhanu is fighting Woyanes. So he is a freedom fighter. All power to him.

    • w .yilma says:

      Abdela. I hate to discuss political matters with Diaspora “talk nonsense and do nothing’ advocates,because of the people like you. Especially with those who considered themselves as a politician and their blind and ignorant followers. If we have politicians in Ethiopia peace would have been prevail at this time. Unfortunately we have full of close minded dogma politicians, especially here in Diaspora. They are full of old minded ideologue, confused. Their mission is to spread hate and division within our societies. Confusion and empty minded individuals are their pry to use them as their messenger, as a venue to achieve their narrow self interest agendas. If you said Birhanu is a fighter you wrongly apply the word to the wrong person. Abdela! you have a cause to support him. Because you may assume Birhanu will promote your narrow agendas. But believe me he will never succeed. He is a messenger dog for Egypt and Eritrea. You know how we Ethiopians are furious about these countries. Any one who is siding with these countries are considered an enemy of the Ethiopian people. I am telling you this as an ordinary Ethiopian, not as a supporter of the current government. No individual or group is above the Ethiopian security.
      Supporting a person who confess by his own word that he received half a million dollars to destabilize Ethiopia is a crime. Please question your mind and come to your sense. You have to be loyal for your country not for individual or groups. If you are intoxicated the same as Birhanu and his cohorts, I am sure I am wasting my time discussing with absent minded.

  19. Ash says:

    While at it can u guys audit his ginbot 7/11 business that he own he sale paper for $500 dollars where that money gone… Can some one tell us? How much money did he declare to government? Even so he doesn’t pay tax on the donation every one must recorded the donation amount and must keep proper accounting …in fact all opp must be aduited anyone who give donation can sue them to make sure they are keeping proper book this also include esat,

  20. Hsa says:

    Don’t be fool by the video uploaded here. In fact it’s not real, you can see the cuts on 1:57-1:59, 3:02-3:04, 4:23-4:25. and the voices are not watching each other. it has different environmental sounds

  21. speak truth says:


  22. Mario says:

    The man who has no gut to stand for what he believes has no place in the Ethiopian society at this time of this century! A man who fooled many able Ethiopian to buy a heroic certificate, which has never been seen in the entire history of human being! A man who hid under a bed of a family friend house in 2005! A man who ran to Sudan while with his legs touching his ears in the fight against woyane , which I was part !

    What is the purpose of these who are supporting the failed individuals like Berhanu Nega & others while there are winners to support though? I’m just wondering!

  23. Kobraw says:

    ለምን ጫካ ገብታችሁ አይለይልንም ያሉትኮ ከጫካ የመጡት ናቸው፤በደም ያገኘነውን ስልጣን የምንለቀው በደም ነው ያሉት፡፡አሁን ለምንድነው መልሰው ኡኡ የሚሉት?

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