Africa Services Committee Helping Vulnerable Women in Ethiopia (Video)


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  1. Zellalem Leyew says:

    This is it.

    This is how the wisest, competent, smartest, up to dated and right society do the things for itself by itself dealing with the situation it understands and belongs to. No matter how we have no money, resources and adequate knowledge and experience, Ethiopians have to take the full responsibilities and also obligations towards everything maters to their country and society. One by one with 100% commitment and determination slowly but surely only Ethiopians can make their situation better by themselves for themselves.

    The so called foreign aid, NGO, Charities and so on run by foreigners most of the Time the English and their benefit friends from USA would never benefit the country but their own agenda they are having and implementing including with the issues matter to women and children. This is happening for years but it delivers nothing except they are there feeling everything is under their control manipulating the situation with money talk and making the society including some backward officials believe they are there to help and making sure the country remains dependent under the false idea of on foreign aid, NGO, Charities run by them or creating Domestic NGOs functioning with foreign agendas with money exchange.

    No matter how the situation is not easy, only Ethiopians like these wise and right Ethiopians from USA must take full responsibilities and also obligations about anything matters to their country. So called foreign aid must be served up to its name. Meaning the government must follow the promised money or resources delivering and working for its intended jobs. Because until now, they are talking about lots of aid but no one knows where is that aid disappearing and what is causing except they are coming in the country to use it for their own accommodation and agenda they have in someone’s country against the society they don’t belong and have no respect or sympathy because they are the known slave masters, colonizers and devil racists. It is easy to see how Blacks are treated and living in UK and USA.

    The point is that this is the best to see Ethiopians are in charge and doing their best to solve their issues they know better than any foreign individual or nation and they are part of it. They must work only with foreign bodies that are delivering what they are promising and doing what they are saying. Working together with new emerging nations that are solving their situation by themselves started not long ago like China where more than 700 million people became out of poverty and backwardness in the last 10 years. It is the same in Korea and Brazil, too. There are lots of lessons to get from India and other nations.
    Money is a human made product like a toilet paper. Knowledge is the one making everything including money and improving the situations. Experience is more than any lecture coming from the west mainly UK and some USA so called aid agencies, NGO, Charities and whatever they are calling themselves for the same reason in abroad.

    Ethiopians must concentrate importing, accepting ad getting new and important foreign knowledge and experiences in order they themselves to become wise, competent and hard working that would lead to solve/deal with their own situations which is the only choice any society has to do for its own sake. Any society that is under the microscope and becomes a target to the English establishments tools such as English medias, Banks and financial institutions, security agencies, aid, NGO, Charities and so on is a doomed society will never ever get better but ended up in disappearance heel with slowly and painful journey. It will understand its own situation only when it is too late to get out of the mess it landed allowing foreigners running the country and society don’t belong to them and have no idea about except implementing their own agenda always written and planed back home based on their own interest without knowing the country and society for real. They even don’t want to know except the weaknesses to attack them in that direction. .

    This is the best example other Ethiopians also have to follow relaying on themselves other than on foreign aid, NGO or charities that are there for years but didn’t do anything except always talking about the problems, complicated the situation and making the society to believe they are there to help and if they don’t the situation will get worse and as the result they must be there and treated as if they are God can or can’t do about everything in the oldest country and ancient beautiful people.

    The vast majority USA citizens are helpful if they approached by the right people like these Ethiopians. USA government and some NGOs without the English are around them are also helpful. But when they are together with the English all of them are working with the English policy and agenda which is the known one by many but it is still free doing anything bad and negatives it plans and impalements against the society while pretending differently.

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