If TPLF is unable to get its act together, it would be no surprise to see more resignations


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28 Responses

  1. Wonderful article. Now you come to the right scene.
    The current Eri-blood TpLF put only political supporters and Eritrean blood either related or who have a wife instead of maturity and professional individuals. Though the country particularly Tigreans people are in den grouse situation.
    These current TpLF are too greedy of wealth and power. Because the vision of Meles and Sibhat is fit to dismantled the country in long run. To implement IsaYaAss’s life long dream. .. should transfer the power to intelectuals to save the nation. …

  2. Sam says:

    I agree with the writer. Cultivating personality cult is the province of old communist countries. Still today the North Korean leader ls expected to be worshipped as god. The Tigray politicians interest in building up Meles is self serving. Their logic is if Meles is a visionary who should be worshipped for ever, their thinking goes, we the TPLF cc are great as well. We have something of our visionary vision. That is absurd. The writer argues the new educated Tigreans might not fall to the personality cult plot. That is true. Most important Tigray is not Ethiopia. Do the new generation educated Amharas, Gurages, Oromos, Kembatas, Dorzes and other tribes see Meles a visionary or a man who blessed his country losing an access to the Red sea? I believe the latter to be true. No visionary leader could dare to decide on such important issue without allowing Ethiopians to discuss about it freely. A visionary leader trust in open discussion. A visionary leader does not afraid contrary ideas. A visionary leader does not believe that he knows it all. No, Meles is no t a visionary. He is a politician. A politician who believed ethnic politics has an answer for all. The people who believe ethnic politics is a cop out do not see a visionary leader in him.

  3. john says:

    All i can say is, thank you Awramba for posting the article. I may not buy the whole message of the article but i would rather see you post articles that challenge the current government.

  4. ወያኔ ይውደም says:

    በከፊል እውነት ልትናገር ሞክረሀል።
    በእውነቱ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስተሩ ምንም የረባ ስልጣን ስለሌለው ከስራ ለቀቀ አልለቀቀ ምን ፉይዳ አለው።
    ወያኔና ተከታዮቹ በወልቃይት ጠገዴ የፈፀሙት Genocide
    ሌሎችን የኢትዮጵያውያንን እንተውና ማለቴ ነው ፤
    በፍርድ ፊት መቆም አለባቸው ።
    እነሱ ተለውጠው ሊመሩ ጊዜው ካለፈ ቆየ።
    ከእባብ መልካም ነገር እንደማይገኝ ማለት ነው።
    ልዑል እግዚአብሔር ኢትዬጵያችን ያስባት።
    ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ።

    • B B says:

      You are one of a few individuals who is jealous of the Tigryan people and the truth is that no matter how bad your jealous will never take you any where other than hurting yourself . You are damn jealous of this people, you keep opening your stinky mouth
      for ever if it helps you but the truth is that the last twenty plus years you did it but no accomplishment. You and your likewise are do nothing !

  5. ደስታ says:

    ጀግናው ጋዜጠኛ ተመስገን ደሳለኝ ከቤተሰቦቹ ጋር ተቀላቅሏል:: October 12, 2017 ጀግናው ጋዜጠኛ ተመስገን ደሳለኝ ዛሬ ከቤተሰቦቹ ጋር ተቀላቅሏል::

  6. Erta says:

    You are implying that the resignation of the speaker has something to do with poltical disagreement in the EPRDF. I doubt it. In my view the speaker will move to a post where the party can use him effectively. Most likely he will get a new post in the federal government. For TPLF the most damaging poltical move is coming from shabia, not from any other poltical group or from inside the part’s apparatus. Shabia has a dedicated news media like ESAT targeting TPLF, shabia has a poltical program targeting TPLF, shabia has a dedicated finance to support any poltical group inside Ethiopia and in the diaspora who is willing to undermine TPLF’s poltical ambition either in Tigray or Ethiopia. Most importantly shabia has a sizable military force just few kilometers from Tigray state to scare away any potential investment in the state. The stand off between Ethiopia and Eritrea hurts the Tigray state more than any state in Ethiopia not because Eritrea has a lot to offer either to Ethiopia ohter states or Tigray but Tigray states gets hurt because investment becomes limited as fear of war sparking the border area. Shabia has become so hostile to TPLF and Tigray the very existence shabia has become dangerous for very existence of Tigray people in particular to Ethiopia in general. If the last twenty years history of shabia is our guide, Shabia is not going to change course its hostility unless forced to do so. So far Ethiopia’s policy on Eritrea that has been draft by TPLF has been counterproductive for Tigray people while safe guarding shabia to survive. In most shabia leaders mind the survival of Tigray people does not overlap any more. This conflict of interest came to surface a long time ago when the Tigray region started to build some factories that were present in Eritrea. Eritrean leaders used to tell their counterparts why Tigray state building such factories while such factories already exist in Eritrea. Tigray state and its leaders should force the federal government to take action against eritrea in participation of all Ethiopian, if everything to be well and peaceful in Tigray. As I mentioned above Eritrea is attacking Tigray in every possible way but TPLF extendeing its comradeship Han to shabia onthe expenses of TIigray people,the had to stop!!!

    • Getnet TIKU says:

      This is a complete BS. TPLF is falling because the brain is dead. I hate to blame a dead person, but Meles single handedly destroyed the party. He did that to make sure there will never be a treat to his rule coming from TPLF or any of the collision parties. So the more dummer or blindly loyal you are, the more likely you will be appointed for office. That is what is causing the problem now. Your body can’t function without your brain. I have always said that TPLF is a self destructive party by nature. The main reason is the party lost being the party of the people of Tigray since late 1990’s GC. It sucessfully turn itself in to a family party and lost it’s main recipe for it success, leadership. Meles was able to void the gap sucessfully and most of the so called high rank and files of TPLF thought the music would never stop but unfortunately it did. What you have is not TPLF we loved. Sadly, a party thousands gave their irreplaceable life is now party of heavily corrupted, self serving and greedy people. Remember there is a place called corruption in Mekelle. That is a slap to face for people of Tigray? May God rest his soul in heaven, as great intellectual he was Meles, did took TPLF to his graves.
      May GAOTU bless the people of Tigray.

  7. WediAkxum says:

    Wow! I wish you goodluck and protection from God for expressing the truth. I wish more people can boldly express their beliefs and opinions just like you did, without the fear of repercussions for telling truth. I don’t know about the reasons for the resignation of Abadula or Addisu, but I totally agree that the sacrifices of so many Tegadelty/Wudib and other patriots for the betterment of our country, shouldn’t be credited to one person alone. It is shame to worship a single Tegadalay neber turned xprimeminister at the expense of so many patriotic citizens and organizations who contributed as much if not better. Tigray state and/or the Ethiopian nation is not the making of a single individual ruler/leader. It’s the result of atleast three thousand years of history making people. It’s simplistic to give all the credit to a single contemporary man. The truth is the truth.

  8. Bihon Gashaw says:

    I sometimes I wonder if Ethiopians are cursed by nature or by God. After 27 years of spectacular development and peace, people like this writer cannot give a simple: Thank you, to a group of visionaries, who gave their personal life so this once miserable county can elevate the standard of living of its people. While the likes of me and those who criticize this government live abroad, in comfort, it is this group of EPRDF leaders who stayed an behind to instill a sense of hope to a once hopeless population. How did they do that? By planning and building infrastructures in such a short period of time than the previous governments did in hundreds of years. If the likes of this writer deny the hard work and good will that went into building the roads, schools, farms, factories, hospitals, universities, dams etc., then we can only say screw you assholes.
    The writer from the outset makes the assumption that, one Abadula’s resignation is to as a result of TPLF’s failure to recognize his positive contributions. First, of all Abadula is not a member of TPLF. He is a member of OPDO, and of course EPRDF. I know, the writer, in his lame way, is trying to imply that TPLF controls all organizations in EPRDF. But, what the writer fails to understand is that the same Abadula is his own man capable of making his own decision, like he has been doing all his life, including being in high government and party positions for the last 27 or more years. That is public service, the likes of this writer cannot fathom to understand. The other assumption that he made is that TPLF’s praise of Melse is costing it to lose leaders like Addisu. Again, Addisu is not a member of TPLF and who says that Ethiopia cannot have many many Melses. The mean spirited attack against Melse is not supersizing. It is rather the favorite weapon of the already defeated oppositon. This one actually has the temerity to blame the lose of Eritrea to Melese’s weakens or strength. I mean, WTF? Really? Are we that lame?

    • Tariku Tezera (tt) says:

      Dear Bihon Gashaw: First, this is not my first time to write on the issue; I was trying to awaken TPLF through Aiga and Mekelle University administrations for about two years now that worshiping one man is not a good move (and through facebook using a name Yared_Muez and other means using “tt tt”, eg. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-5LkICE7dw).
      Second, if you understand my whole writing correctly with open mind, I am totally agreeing with you that EPRDF leadership and the whole hard working Ethiopians deserves Thank You. The only difference between you and me is that, I do not believe in “strong man” rather I believe only “strong institution” (such as strong EPRDF leadership) is the solution. Another wrong assumption you have is that, praising (“worshiping”) one man is equivalent to praising EPRDF, that is precisely what I am arguing that the two are apart by a distance between the Sun and the Earth.
      On the “Red Sea”, I think all TPLF leadership are to blame, but probably more so for the ‘visionary’ leader. That is why I said “leader(s)”. But I do not think other EPRDF are to blame for that, as it was decided (agreed) between TPLF and EPLF long before they exist.

  9. Shiromeda says:

    Thank you for telling us the truth from Tsegaye! this is a good lesson for the so called media outlet like Tigraye online & Aiga that always worshiping the one man and for all excuses blaming the absence of the OneMan. you also brought another new release of song to worship the same oneman by his wife even you did not want to accept comment on the article you published. EPRDF has created its own problem and getting sick by self inflicted from the one man & his worshiper.

  10. Yoseph says:

    Why are we pointing fingers at TPLF? Why don’t you simply say EPRDF minus TPLF is okay?

    If you have to blame something? Blame the EPRDF as a government.

  11. Adi wedi says:

    There is no appetite to live with tigrai in one country it is over .

  12. a.meles says:

    You are un eritrean/egyptian escort peried.

  13. haile says:

    The name of the Banda (Italian soldier) Meles Zenawi and the other banda (Sibhat Nega) who mentored and guided Meles will be remembered as the enemies of Ethiopia/Tigrai. These two bandas and their cohorts (other Eritrean blooded TPLFs) fought for Eritrean independence and sacrificed a lot of Tigrians to benefit Eritrea.

    • Betty says:

      Meles zenawy n hzby Tigray keward ztefeter eu. You are right TIGRAY people will remember him as Banda. Sibhat Nega too . They are our enemy. I don’t have any respect for those two Banda.

    • B B says:

      You are the one that fits in the Banda category! It seems to me you are one of the few SHINTAM diaspora who depend on Chat, Shisha, Alchol and some other addiction. You know let alone to talk about our late prime minister Meles, you can’t even talk about yourself. By the way Ethiopian politics is not the same as, you discussing while you are working in your regular work like Taxi, Uber, parking attendant, or dish washing.

  14. Debtera says:

    Dear Tarku/Tariku Tezera:
    Congratulations ! you belittle the renound and amazing writers such as Gebremedhin Gebru, Ztseat and Mehari Yohannes.
    Com’on man! Though you have the very right to agree or disagree on issues or on Meles for that matter, I think it would’ve been better if you come up with facts rather than heresy. Besides, you should put in mind the thousands of supporters as well.
    No matter your root is, I would only say it’s a Nice try. For future reference though, the one and most important thing the Tgrean people need is Unity not division specially at this time.

    • Betty says:

      Meles zenawy nay zemenna hatela mnm kbry zeygbo. Felat nmmsal ztser eu. Hizby Tigray Dem bkentu fesysu. TPLF down.

    • Betty says:

      Believe me Tigray will split . Way getskum tkewel. Dedhry meles Banda ywsedekum Egzabher. Chekanat . Meles tgraway aykonen.

  15. Shiromeda says:

    The only true and uncorrupted TPLF person who was mixed with rent seekers & unpatriotic politicians and masked his true image. I’m very sad to be a sacrificial lamb for dying system

  16. Shiromeda says:

    He is a good political predictor and sees now what he was speculated in this article

  17. Tolosa habtessa says:

    Soon you will be lockup in kilinto.

  18. Chorka says:

    indeed a good articulted article, may god prevent him from the CP-comand post and kilinto.

  19. Tolosa habtessa says:

    Wow, Amen, truth be told , well said Abay Woldu, FACT “Tigrians know that current Ethiopia lost its strategic coastal lands, or The Read Sea, because of the mistakes of the very ‘visionary’ TPLF leader(s) incompetence.”
    Where was he till now, what a brilliant fact-full article, he could have saved the resentment Ethiopians have towards Tigreans by associating them with TPLF and its lies.
    Man, I hope he will continue to speak out to help reverse Zenawi’s calculated wrong to make it right for Ethiopian sake.
    Awrambatimes, Good job timely article. But I wont loos sleep on it, cause TPLF was highjacked by the agenda and deed of the Dead Prime minister, it is too late for Current TPLF CC to grasp the Idea of being wiped out by the deadly storm of the prevailing wind of change the much learned Citizens build up shock wave they are wielding towards TPLF and its ill doctrine agenda of the the dead Prime mister.
    Mercy Mr.Abay Woldu.

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