Awramba Times Presents Activist Jawar Mohammed (Video)


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  1. Zeray Deres says:

    Awrambatimes, a loser, when i warned TPLF 5 years ago that danger is coming. You told me it is because I do not diplomacy? What happened to TPLF diplomacy? How it lost in 1 minute Demeke game ? You are as stupid as TPLF leaders. You see now, what said 5 ago is now a reality. I was asking TPLF to close Egyptian and American Embassy because I knew what was brewing. But you told me it is because I do not politics? You thought you knew politics than me? Losers, enjoy it now. All losers, your arrogance brought you down . Your refused to listen to anyone. You thought you controlled the entire universe and you knew everything . Good luck, now you put all Tigreans in danger to die. TPLF leaders run to Mekele? They betrayed GERD? They betrayed Eng.S.Bekele and exposed him to enemies. Now hiding in Mekele? Was it better to listen to people?

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