28 People Killed in Addis Abeba Following Flag Confrontations, Police Disclosed


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  1. Allan Pringle says:

    comics of Africa and a shaming jock on Ethiopia.
    Ethiopian authorities are in Zimbabwe to learn how best to conduct an election, according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, which faced criticism over July’s disputed vote.
    Why not they just say they are transporting looted Ethiopian money to the worlds most corrupt country ever existed. The should ask Traditional Aba Gedas in Ethiopia on how to run a fair and just election.
    For how long Ethiopians tolerate their corrupt to the teeth government thugs. Those who decided to send robbers and thieves to Zimbabwe The planets most corrupt nation by all means should be lined up for bullet rain on their dam rotten head. How much did they pay the top government official who must be included on the line up for emptying Ethiopia.
    bloody bastards must be dragged alive for public stoning before they will be perforated with go to hell bullet fro stealing from poor Ethiopia.
    Please Shit head, bullshit talker Ethiopian government officials please stop joking on the citizens

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