An arrogant official from Saudi Arabia unleashed a barrage of attack against Ethiopia


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57 Responses

  1. Denezoch says:

    ene eko Arab sibal sew aymeslegnem. Denezoch nachew. be chigir miknyat enjera filega yetesededu ehtochachinen ke fok lay mewerwer jegninet yemimeslachew ensisoch. Ahyoch

    • says:

      All Ethiopians, why you think as a human and as one to defend your country from those historical enemies rather than killing each other. The time is now to talk the same word and to forward the same action. Otherwise, every one of you will be going to the hell.
      Ers berasachin mebalat titen zuriyachin enimelket…

      • chala says:

        Well there will be a demonstration in DC supporting saudi and the G7 leaders will fly to saudi to ask for money telling them that they are against the dam.

        This is a time for all ethiopian to unite. not those who call true ethiopian for themselves and only talk and wish bad about ethiopia in paltalk.

  2. adriano says:

    The only language Arabs understand is force. History tells us that because Israel was and is much stronger than the Arab neighbors, they bow down to the Jewish nation; most of the time hiding under their women abayas! The gulf Arab states and other Arab states were and are the enemies of Ethiopia. Ethiopians should unite regardless of political, racial or religious differences. Unity means strength! The Ethiopian government should immediately stop the emigration of Ethiopians to Arab countries! It also must reevaluate its relationship with the Arabs.

  3. Dawit says:

    Just reading this Article made my blood boiling. Since when the Saudi became a spoken person of Egypt’s interest? All I have to say is on my dead body if those nation dare to touch my country…I say what I mean and I mean what I say

  4. Olana Jirata says:

    What else to expect from a terrorists?

  5. Gezaee H. says:

    We know they are our enemies even before them tell us. Yetaweke Negere.

    I ask EPRDF sending young girls to the devils. The sending of teenage girls to Suadi has an incalculable damage to Ethiopia. Because some of them dying. Some them they are raped. Some of them they are coming back More Mohammeds which make it easy for them to islamizing Ethiopia. The devils even call Bilal Ethiopian slaves. They say Bilal is the first muslim who said their Allah Kubur called Azan, but they call him slaves. Ethiopian government please wake up and stop migration of Ethiopians girls to the devils. And it is better to start an initiative project that helps young Ethiopians to work at home, the way the Kenyans do help themselves using Harambee work. wORKING helping each other.

    Abebe Gelaw is raising money to pay lawyers and make them rich by collecting from poor Ethiopians. Abebe Geelaw, stop being mean, and stupid, you can help Ethiopia by hating some Ethiopian and by liking others, please send the 5 000 dollar you have raised to Abay Dm. I am serious. Fesam Arab.
    Nile belongs to Ethiopia; Neither Eypt nor anybody has right on Nile. Nile is our oil, our gold, our diamond, our gem, our metal. If they can sell oil the chip material why we cannot sell fresh the most precious. Fresh water must cost much more than oil. South Africans buy water from Lesothu and they working to buy more from Congo DRC. They are not asking for rights. Egypts contributes nothing to nile directly and indirectly and they have no any right. Egtian must find alternative way like Israel than depending on starving Ethiopians to death to use the Nile. No more, they have ocean, they have to desalinate like Israel. They have to behave like human and learn from Israel how they can live by harvesting water from the sea. no more free water. No deal is the best. We have no any obligation to water Egypt at the expense of our people.

    • Fikadu says:

      gezaee I completly agree by what u wrote about abay and our sisters in arab countries. But I don’t get what u mean about Abebe. The saudi minister comment needs more attention from all the public.

      • Gezaee H. says:

        Abebe Gelaw is raising money to sue some of his perceived Tigrean enemies and to pay lawyers and he has collected now about 6000 dollars. I am saying to him, just deposit that money to Renaissance Dam account instead of wasting it paying to rich people for nothing. It is supposed to be an advise to Abebe Gelaw.

    • Sierra Gulf says:

      Hi Gezaee,
      When your brothers stop threatening him, Abebe Gellaw will stop funding lawyers. When the ignorant and arrogant people like Mulugeta Kahesay start behaving as responsible Ethiopians, then Abebe will start funding the dam. When the leaders of Ethiopia establish a system which is inclusive and participatory to all citizens and when Abebe (and the likes of Abebe) start proudly advocate for democracy and rule of law in their country, then we will have one and the same voice.
      Having said that I don’t think Abebe or other Ethiopians will give away the interest of Ethiopia just because they have differences with the current government. That is exceptional and that is where our beauty comes from.

  6. Ethiopia has the right to use its natural resources freely. It is the right of Ethiopian to develop what is naturally given resources. Under any circumstance Ethiopia should never kneel down to the Arabs. The Arabs what right do they have to force Ethiopia from using its natural resources. Let them shout that they can not do any thing that they can stop the development program of Ethiopia. Ethiopia stretches its hand to God.
    I remember during the reign Haile Slassie times, Saudi Arabia try to have naval forces in the Red Sea, but Ethiopia warned Saudi Arabia not to go on naval forces on the Red Sea. Ather that they shut up with one word of Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia

  7. Meaza says:

    Either we like it or not Meles Zenawi yemiyasfelegen gize ahun neber. Because, he could have proper and right answer for this pigs. We need immediate reaction through foreign minister. Adhanom be fast to tell them that we have the right to use our river without consulting or getting permission from Egypt or Sudan. I am strong opponent of EPRDF but there is no compromise in this regard. Arab should go desert and sleep with their camels

    • Tulu forsa says:

      Anchi Mozaza(Meaza)!

      You always advocate for the terrerist Weyane junta Meles Seytanawi.
      The devil who put us in this mess and buried all other time bombs has gone for good and don’t mention his name anymore. The Shabia and Weyane mission is always to to put ethiopia and ethiopians in divided way and expose them to future threats like this so that Tigria-Tigrign agenda will be acheived in the long-run.

    • Sudanese says:

      Sudan is irrelevant here, don’t talk about Sudan, you are racist and full of malicious grudge

  8. Teblets says:

    We have to takeback the fertile land given to them in Ethiopia in means of investment by the government. The government should take action soon. Ethiopia is a peaceful country that doesn’t threat any neighbour countries. But Saudi threats our country on behalf of Egypt and Sudan.

    • Sudanese says:

      And who told you Sudan wants Saudi Arabia to be its spokesperson? If you hate Sudan that much, then welcome those tens of thousands Ethiopians sneakung into Sudan every day.

  9. teshome says:

    When there is good news, it is good to hear and when there is bad news it is essential to hear. It is this same country, Saudi Arabia who are forcing our young sisters and brothers to lead life of slavery in 21st century. The Saudi Arabia officially don’t care for a second to jail tens and thousands of our sisters and let them to face suffering without purpose and a future without hope.
    Sex tourism, juvenile prostitution and any other sort of worst criminals are happening to Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Could life end half told?
    Red sea and Nile politics was not unfamiliar to the Arab world and so this Saudi officials statement shouldn’t come as a surprise for Ethiopians. They can construct what ever narratives on Nile and Nile politics but it doesn’t stop Ethiopia to develop what it needs from Nile.
    This simple signifies that the Arab world declare the end of Red sea politics and the beginning of Nile politics. Whether we like it or not Ethiopia is under a magnifying lens from the Arab world since the beginning of man kind our earth. Our message is simple to the Arab world in general and Egypt in particular, Ethiopia has brought a win win solution on Nile and there is no place for arm twisting on the issue of Nile. This stand has been told in clear terms by all Nile basin countries who sign the new Nile initiate agreement. If Sudan or Egypt are not bid by the agreement of the majority, that is a different story and we say…
    ” if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the Universe”

  10. Tagesse says:

    I am very upset and nervous hearing this news in different media.It is time to be united and build our dam leaving our political ,religious ,racial and cultural differences.I recommed there shuold be third party/geleltegna/ to collect money in and abroad from diaspora TO FUNNEL the money directly to the dam instead of misused by some people

  11. Fisseha says:

    What do you expect from an arab thugs who think that he has the power to interfer in another countries politics as he wishes. The Ethiopian goverment, woyane, should think twice before leasing a huge plot of land in the most fertile part of the country for Saudis,our historical enemies.

    • tesmama says:

      I’m keen to know how the ethiopian government and the oposition react. Do they this time stand together to counter attack this enemy no. 1 of ethiopia. I expect also from Awrambatimes editor to say something on this issue not only as a journalist but as an ethiopian. This is not an issue to be dealt only by the government.

  12. amlakaman says:


  13. Yoni says:

    Funny…This came out exactly the same day they announce Oil discovery in Ethiopia and Kenya with potential threat to the Saudis oil.

    Ethiopia is rising from the ashes again and all her historical detractors are coming out in full swings.

  14. Emperior gere says:

    What a dick head, arrogant arab official is that¿ if he never know let us tell him that we Ethiopians are very good at kicking some ass of those terorist arabs

  15. Geta Alesh Ethopia says:

    This is not new. We are accoustomed to be sabotaged by this thugs. In one side Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea and on other side Arab nations are tirelessly working to dismantle Ethiopia from the map. Had it been by them Ethiopia would have been disappeared long ago, but the true God is always by the side of this old nation mentioned everywhere in the bible. They can say whatever garbage comes to their mouth, but the truth is nobody has a right to tell us what to do with our own resources.
    Ethiopia will survive by its brave sons and most importantly by the almighty God.

    • Sudanese says:

      Sudan is sheltering tens of thousands of Ethiopians all over its land, goods are transmitted to you throw Portsudan, since you are landlocked country, even with your Dam, you have no fertile land to plough, setting your eyes on the fertile Gadarif to use, before you use your lizard – tongue, use your brain, if you have one.

  16. Solomon says:

    Saudi Arabia is frustrated that its plot of creating havoc in Ethiopia through some gullible religion hooligans failed miserably. It is high time that the toxic diaspora smells the good Ethiopian coffee and wakes up. Egypt or Saudi Arabia will try to do everything possible to distract Ethiopia from fighting against its chief enemy POVERTY. And the toxic and idiot diaspora is a ploy to this stupid Arab game. Enough is enough. Let us get united!

  17. Mahlet Asefa says:

    1000000 Ethiopians died during the famine 26 years back at Tigray and Wollo.
    MELES ZENAWI started this HUGE PROGECT “ABAY DAM” because he believed that Ethiopias only way to food sustenance was to enter in to the huge world market by using what ever resource the country has, and slowly building our capacity to face our enemies. And to make sure nothing like the 1980s Horror is never repeated in our country.
    So if these Egyptians and Saudis think we will be shaken by such childish threats, I say to them “Nile is only yours NO MORE NOOOOOO MORE”, We have the ownership also, in fact as studies show 86% of the NILE comes from Ethipia. So it amazes me when they tell us we cant use what is ours. Silly people.
    Ethiopia will RISE AND RISE!!

  18. jk says:

    fcuuuuuk you saudi arabia

  19. Girma says:


  20. Danguri says:

    Hi all Eth-Eri people. This is an insult to all of us including Eritreans. I think we should deal this growing problems coming from the Arabs towards our country and people needs our collective effort and unity I as Eritrean but also have strong feeling towards Ethiopia swear to my god if Ethiopia is attacked by Arabs I am ready to join hands to defend her with my money and life. Unite our people to live in prosperity and harmony otherwise this savaged Arabs will not sleep until they destroy us. Bless Eri- Eth

  21. Nile says:

    What would be their justification to the world? Especially for African Americans including Obama….when you attack a poor black nation i think the whole world will condem it

  22. Denekew says:

    Thanks Awrambatimes for posting the news as it is different from Ethiopianreview which is completely biased against the Ethiopian regime. But this issue is not a threat only to the regime. I am sorry to say this but please try to differenciate between a governmnet and a country. You may hate the government to death, but separate that from your country.
    Let alone Saudi Arabia, even the force that is sustaining Saudi itself cannot be a threat to Ethiopia any more. Ethiopia and Ethiopians have reached adevelopmental stage which no force can reverse. God has finally turned his face to Ethiopia, the peaceful counrty.
    We ETHIOPIANS are Great people! No force on Earth can subdue us, except GOD. This spirit is present in every Ethiopian.
    So my message to the Saudi general, his name is similar to his borther BIN landen (his acts are also not different from him)is that he is a dirty pig, we do not even take you serious. If you think that the dam can be a threat to neigboring countries, how can your oil be different threat to your neigboring coutries. You coward idiot, if you have a gut, then fight with Israel first. If not, sleep well and see you in the morning of Ethiopian renaissance!!
    May God bless Ethiopia and its proud people!!

  23. Abebe says:

    I’m not defending Arabs by any means. We have to be realistic and see the whole picture. Ethiopia and Egypt have lived side by side for many generations, and water matters can be solved with civil negotiations. For more than four decades, the home grown terrorists Isayas and Meles and the rest of TPLF mafia are the ones that have caused more harm on Ethiopia and Ethiopians than the the arrogant Arabs. It is not the Arabs that have sold the most fertile virgin land of Ethiopia to Arabs, Indians and other foreigners… It’s not the Arabs that have sold Ethiopians to be enslaved in various Arab countries… It’s not the Arabs that have locked up and massacred countless number of Ethiopians in cold rat infested prisons, etc.

  24. Dogali says:

    Saudis are dangerous. They hate us. I am glad this dude made it clear for all those who didn’t know how arabs view us.
    While it is good to push for democracy, we should unite on national and sovereignity issues. Nile is a question of sovereignity. I will die happily defending my countries right on her own resources.

  25. EthioLion says:

    I remember in the first gulf war in the nines, when Sadamm troops were massing close to the Kuwait boarder, the Saudis were running to the Red Sea to leave their desert, shitting in their dress. Even the Kuwaitis got more balls, the wholed world knows about Saudis heart, when have they ever won a battle?, when they help the English drive the Turks out, thur out their history in the last hundreds of years they have always look to Europe as their father, and that include the gulf nations. This fat pig Saudi minister or general can run his fat mouth, as long as they don’t cross the Red Sea, then he’ll meet his faith messing with Ethiopia, are number one problem is the traitor Woyeans, a united Ethiopia would have respond ASAP to this camel jockey immediately. We Ethiopians must break this woyean yoke first, they are our número uno enemy, they have allowed our land to be striped by foreigners, while our people go hungry, and homeless, their’s no group of people that have done more damage to a country than these woyeans, and their cousins up north, thur out their history they been nothing but trouble for Ethiopia. We Ethiopians living abroad must do everything possible to help our people, they have been suffering far to long, one of the best way is to support every Ethiopian news outlet, with out them we would not know what’s going on in our home land. Once we remove these traitors, I can guarantee you my fellow Ethiopians that no Arab country would dare to say what we do in our country. We will billed as many as we want, it’s our water, and to hell to any agreement wether its in the pasted, or with the woyane’s.

  26. Ajire says:

    Ha ha ha ! No more unity with Woyane!
    We have no more common problem or common target with Woyane!! Ethiopians have long tried to convince Woyane to
    convert to ethiopianism but to no avail. Woyane was and is
    Anti-ethiopian, dictator, racist and only to be removed.
    We ethiopians have given Woyane many chances to convert to
    true ethiopianist by giving our heart.
    First as Woyanes came, then at the latest at the time of
    Ethio-erithrian war the people gave the chance for woyane but
    it was abused.
    Now the hypothetical war threat CANNOT UNITE US WITH WOYANE! No more support for woyane.
    No way !! Woyane can fight the arabs with the Tplf soldiers who are killing the people. The unity of ethiopians against foreign enemy does nit function this time. This good ethiopian culture of unity against invaders was repeatedly abused by Woyanes.
    Sorry Woyanes now or later you are doomed to fall down!!

  27. abri says:

    be zi site lay tekerarabi asteyayet zare gen ayehu!!long live Ethiopia!

  28. Goban gergo says:

    Saudi Arabia must follow prophate Mahamad order. Otherwise, the day of humiliation neiear .
    Ethiopian, the great nations, was continue with paitience for many centuries which exerted unbearable pressure against the ethiopian people.
    Blue Nile water has no relation with Nasser or Abdala Lake which is not found in ethiopia . If Saudi continue forgate their lords, we remind them what was it is. All this negligence due to TPLF odd government .
    But ethiopia alive for ever, her enmies die one by one. Saudi is the next ready for humiliation

  29. Name (required) says:

    Stupid comments.if any rational arab read these comments by accident he had to conclude that ethio has bad intention with z dam

  30. Name (required) says:

    we must have a big heart for our country .pls try to see beyond ur blind hateful politics this is our motherland’s affair not only eprdfs .whatever u say z true patriot ethiopian people will be united as usual to protect our beloved ethiopia .i am half eritrean and half ethiopian but i have limitless love for my ethiopia .i don’t care about their hateful politics but i care to much about my country

  31. Mesfin says:

    I urge all Ethiopian to condemn the so called general speech! This is the act of aggression to our sovereign country. We have to show our unity to our historical enemies .

  32. abebe says:

    I am not sure what to say about this project. There is no democracy in Ethiopia.
    I have no idea why and what the Ethiopian
    government is doing. First let there be
    democracy in Ethiopia and debate on the merit of each project.

  33. Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi says:

    I say let us not get emotional and say things we might regret until we see the result of the current evaluation that is taking place in Saudi Arabia’s defense minstry. I promise to all Ethiopians that the above statement does not represent the feelings of the Saudi Arabian govcernment.The government of Saudi Arabia is considering the suspension of their deputy defense minister Khalid Bin Sultan unless he appologizes to Ethiopians soon.The issue is being handled diplomaticaly by both sides so let us wait and see the result without further name calling.

  34. Diluqerbual says:

    Ayi awrambatimes:
    Are you doing your best to galvanize Ethiopians …. For we second class Ethiopians woyane and the Saudis are wolf and fox respectively. The wolf are more dangerous for us because they are closer to us than the Saudis. So, friend our first and formost target is to defend ourself from the more dangerous closer enemy: woyane. … Eraschehun chalu jal. Shabyia meta chehut, Saudi desekore deresulen enant ya television jegnoch atadenkurun!!! ende yohannes angetachu yeqortehal!!!!

  35. Bc says:

    I don’t think that Sauda arabia is a threat for Ethiopia.What this man does is expressing his idea like what you have expessed your idea above. Everyone has the right to express his idea on a certain issue, either it is wrong or not. The most threat for Ethiopia is Woyane and its stupid and blind supporter who magnify a tiny issu to cover the big mistake of Woyane

  36. tazabi41 says:

    is the general is a brother of saddam husein? he looks like him…..

  37. Action says:

    …Ethiopia is orthodox Christian country!!!

  38. Mario says:


    As you said the stupid general has the right to hate Ethiopia , you have the right to hate Woyane , there is nothing that you can do, Woyane will stay in Ethiopian politics for long time to come! There has never been a rule of law in Ethiopia , but now the EPRDFites are establishing a strong Ethiopia governed by the rule of law!

    God bless!

  39. Suleiman says:

    You stopped kuffar calling bilil [r,c] devil
    mother fucker like you is to be killed by stones

  40. Suleiman says:

    I hate Ethiopia mother fuckers

  41. AFINCHO BER says:

    Who can blame this Arab fagot. The Ethiopian PM is licking Arab ass for petro dollar, instead of arresting Those of his past friends and repatriate Billions of dollar stolen from Ethiopia by this crooks. PM think of Ethiopia instead of your popularity scale. Fuck the Saudi Arab bastard. The prophit will not forgive him for his ill talk against Holy Ethiopia.
    Awrambatimes it is my opinion post it, it has nothing to do your belief or get out out media business .

  42. Abu Halal says:

    Khalid Bin Sultan burn in hell you are not a man but a satan bastard. You must not be allowed to live in Saudi but stoned to death for speaking against Ethiopia a nation The prophet praised (peace be upon him).
    The Saudi Government must order death by stoning order for this SAtan Khalid Bin Sultan

  43. Abu Halal says:

    Awrambatimes you glorify the The Bastard fagot talk and post it now why are you not posting my reply coment to this bastard. you may refuse because you might be paid by TPLF bandas or by the Arabs to anger Ethiopians. you know what you got it but you better know that that anger will not be directed to you by denying us posting of our response. Few years back you violated the condition of your permit. It is not hard to get you out of media by legal means either be fare or stop being advocate of hate and instigator of anger.
    The choice is yours but we will not allow you to harbor hate and anger Ethiopians.

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