Do the Oromo have a voice in Ethiopia? (Al Jazeera)


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59 Responses

  1. tyy says:

    The Arabs can’t talk about people having voice until they a democratic government that honors human rights. Freedom of religion, women’s right, and some other human rights are completely ignored in a lot of Arab countries. When the Arabs respect their own people human rights then they can advocate for other people’s rights. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You are interested in orom’s people right because if the oromo people fight Ethiopian government the division can create for Egypt to undermine Ethiopia’s sovereignty. The outcome of the conflict is to benefit Egypt not the Orom people. Aljazeera is more interst in Egypt’s long term benefit than Orom people. Full me once shame on you blablabla…..

    • jemal says:

      Why Jawar lies?, Jawar and his co intervier want to form islamic Ormiya collabrating with Egypt in East Africa.We never let this to happen and fight it the next 100 years. All students speak Afan Oromo without any shame and inferior in the corridor all strait, universities, Market, etc. The court system is all in all in Afan ormo. Meeting all in all in Afan ormo. This a an old fashion politics revive after Egypt openly say to weaken Ethiopia through OLF. What is the pity thing is that OLF is facilitating more violent and more oromo to be prisoned in ethiopa, and then in the name of prison oromo, OLF collects money and use it in erope to buy Marawana and cocaine for thier addiction. Hopefully the never get a young ormo to fight in the behalf of the old club of OLF so as to satisfy thier cocain and Marawna addiction. Now a time of business, Not war. This out let of screen talking in Aljazira window is short time and not coming back.More over Jawar used sensational phrase like 60%GDP bila bila. Narow mind things to struggle on long and wide road. Narrow mind never win the war. Wow, Minlik had got modern weapon and conquer ormiya, Now 40 years with Tank and Modern launcher, OlF never comes to succeed. Even it is disintegrate into cranks of OLF craying as it were alive. Go Ethiopia forward. Death for narrow OLF.

      • dinaol says:

        ወይ: ድድብና: ጉድ: ጉድ: ጉድ: የረሳሁትን: አንድ: ጉደኛ: ዶክተር: አስታወሰኝ: ቪኦኤ: ለመጀመሪያ: ጊዜ: የኦሮምኛን: ስርጭት: ሊጀምር: ሲወስን: እነኚህ: ክንቱዎች: የኦሮሞ: ህዝብ: ማንነትና: ቋንቌ: ጉዳይ: ሲነሳ: ዛር: አይሉት: አዴኩበሬ: የሚነሳባቸውና: የተለከፉት: የክፍለዘመናችን: የባዶ: ትምክህት: አራማጆች: ኦሮምኛ: በቪኦኤ: ከተላለፈ: እንሞታለን: አገራችን: ብቻ: ሳትሆን: አፋችም: ጭምር: ይሰነጠቃል: ብለው: በዛ: በሚመኩበትና: በሚመኩበት: ከባድ: መሳሪያቸው: ያደባባይ: ሙሾ: ያለቀሱበትን: አይቼ: ወይ: ድድብናና: የክፍለዘመኑ: phobia: ብያለሁ: እናንተስ: ምን: ተሰማችሁ: በእነ: ሞላ: እፍረት: አዎ: እፍረት: ነውንጂ: አእምሮ: ካላችሁ::

    • Aster says:

      Jawar is a lost boy who is trying hard to be Isaias Afewerki’s dog. Jawar and people like him have no right to say anything about Ethiopia; their root is Rwanda, Somalia, or Madagascar.

      • aradaw says:

        Jawar is lost in a stream of high education from Singapore to Stanford to Columbia unlike moron like you. Jawar tells the truth and his stand is very well known his method of non violence struggle through his pen is known every where except in the village of Woyane. Jaward a future Oromo and Ethiopian leader and we all Ethiopian should be proud to have such a gallant and young fighter.

        • gelam says:

          Dear aradaw,

          Do you think Jawar is educated? in my opinion, no. Jawar knows nothing about politics. Today, Jawar is preaching about ‘free Oromia’ and tomorrow, believe me, Jawa’s son will in turn preach about ‘Free Arsi or Free Wolega or Free Balie’. The key that locks and unlocks Jawar’s mind is found in Egypt. And the same key will be used to lock/unlock the mind of Jawar’s son. Political game!!!

          • Bandira Chark new says:

            You are one of a lazy student of the year; you don’t learn anything from his lectures? I think your fellow Amahars learn a lot of things from this brilliant and elegant Jawar Mohammad.

        • Bandra chark new says:

          Those stupid guys don’t differentiate the dissimilarity between lose and gain, Jawar obtain the first place in the heart of millions of Oromo’s. Remember passive Ethiopians so called Amaharas, Jaware is not Lidetu Ayalaw, Jawar has millions of Oromo followers, don’t miss he is our voice, and your political A, B, C, D instructors too. I realized that all Amaharas in this 21st century thinking and crying the same weaken dirty politics, that doesn’t help anything. Jawar says what he believes, what is wrong with that? All he did, says, and he have done is our voice and opinion of all Oromo peoples.

      • taha says:

        You gegemiti/u are wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • geleta says:

      Education means for those backward Amharic speakers, if we are warship for Ethiopiawinet and submit with what those unwise people anyhow “the empty vessels make the greatest sound”
      Oromo first!!!

  2. ilila lemma says:

    It is good to know how many times Jawar and his friends change
    Their coat.Few weeks ago he was radical Muslim activist and now he is OLF spokes person. I am sure soon he will be Egyptian spokes person on Nile river affair.

    • qureysh garada says:

      amhara dont be fool nobody cannot hurt us as like b4 u n ur old policy all foolish hateful n u’ve been expired u’ll never ever be d leader of ethiopia just eat n go to bed

  3. Ermi says:

    With all due respect to the panelists, I disagree with the notion that there exists “oromo phobia”. It is true the OLF organization has implanted hate for mainly the Ahmar but in general to any non-oromo Ethiopians. This hatred has been the fuel to fire the session movement and the lively hood of the leaders of this organization.

    Now, this is not to say that the oromo people are not persecuted by many different governments. But so does every other group including the Amhara. The oly difference between the Amharas and to some degrees to the Tigrians, is that majority their people exhibit supperiority complex by claiming their forefathers were decents of the rulling class. Yet they have been subjected to persecution by different authoritarian rulers in the Ethiopian history the same way as other groups were. However, Amharas never felt their identities was the cause for their persecution. In the Tigrians case, there was never feeling of identity based descrimination untill woyanes introduced it to the Tigrians.

    So the inferiority feeling of the oromos is the oromos own making. Many oromos who ruled ethiopia in the past (Atse Minilik for one) suppressed their oromo identity to associate themselves with the descendants of the perceived ruling class.

    economically speaking, there would be no destitute more than the Amharas and Tigrians in the country.

  4. aman says:

    The OLF was founded back with the likes of the ANC , the movement is seasnal and full of lies . They are based in Asmara supported by Esayas Aforki of Eritrea and what this guy tells them goes and now we heard it from the Egyptians that they will be used to distablize Ethiopia. WOWo!!!
    How sad , and after over seventy + years these guys are still confused and lost . As for what is going on in the Oromia Land , I advise the journalists to do a report based on truth . Yes Oromia is blessed with wealth . So what ! you might have coffee but don’t forget the rest of the Ethiopians have a lot of self confidence and courage to make a difference not by talking but by doing what matters to their land . As for Tigrians they do not need to defend themselves because they are people of action and what OLFites say does not matter.

  5. Warse Daba says:

    what a fallacy of history . what a lay we Oromo’s live with other Ethiopians as a one. first we have to free our self from mental slavery that you fill. I am proud Oromo never ashamed to exercise my freedom. you single out yourself from he rest. yes there the distribution of resources was not balance for every body not only the Oromo’s but also the hole nation majority of well known world athletes Ethiopian heroes and heroines are from Oromo’s. the ting is you are from the new generation that was feed and bombarded grow up with hate instead of the unity of the country joining to bullied a peaceful generation with hope and aspiration . hate and violins only bread violins. you get what you put. we intermarried with the rest of Ethiopian closely interrelated with others as one economically, socially. and so on as Ethiopian and Oromo. may almighty god give you a wisdom to look the big picture. Jole biye kegna.

  6. Challo says:

    If there is a thing called is oromo- phobia then I must have it now, when I watch such idiotic, ethic narrow minded people.It is sad that Egypt and Arab Media give air time in a crusade to create another somalia in southern part of Ethiopia. Good try but we Ethiopian from all over Ethiopia know it better. If the Arabs cannot live without war they can go to pakistan or start war directly in Saudi Arabia or Lebanon rediculing on groupe over the other. They can go to Turky, Iran, Syria, Egypt if they like to bring one groupe over the other. Or why not try to bring war to America or the british by propagetting some sentiments in the country. South Italy against the North.. In Ethiopia we are already through that. We are busy building greate Ethiopia, like it or not!

  7. teshome says:

    Juhar Mohamed said Oromo first, Ethiopia second. So what has juhar had to speak about Ethiopia. . Why the first place a person talks about Ethiopia at same time denying his citizenship.
    That gives completely zero sense

  8. teddy says:

    why are many times of the time oromo grievances are propagated by islam oromo, while the majority of oromos are Christian. or is that something that has to do with the islam religion that fan hatered and violence.

  9. Musie G says:

    I agree with a few points of what these guys have said. Otherwise, they don’t want to see a little few hundred years back and remember how thier forefathers occupied the land they calling “Oromia”. They are liars. I am wondering why the “VOA amharic service” has been inviting the man “Jawar” to air his opinion as an Ethiopian. I can see that he is full of hate with any thing Ethiopia.

    • Boors says:

      Liben what u talking about there were oromo in leadership in ethiopia u fool yourself man they were and are pupet

  10. mohamad says:

    To all
    Jowar speak the the truth .He is Orom and not ethiopian whic means amar orthidox.This name was imposed to him as to all subjegated and colonised people of the south.I have to recognise that EPRDF has started to solve the national question by implementing the ethnic boundaries .Unfortunatly amara want to impose their unity and their wrong church history.You have to recognise the old ethiopia isgone.

  11. Mario says:

    Here we go! Egypt has started what it’s government said publicly to distabilise Ethiopia ! These are call journalists, right? Everyone was prosecuted for any reason but not only oromos!

    These journalists are a paid agents of Egypt paid for spreading this kind of propaganda! It’s all about money!

  12. Ermi says:


    Focus on the subject rather than pointing finger on the Egyptians. You don’t have any control over them. Just discuss the OLF and oromo issues in the context of the video.

    Peace and love to all!

    • Mario says:


      In my term, the main focus here is Egypt supporting anti Ethiopia groups! This is Al jezeera’s propaganda paid by Egypt! El Jezeera never talked about Oromo before! This is egypt’s propaganda offensive! It’s all about money! Some Journalists simply are Dogs who air any view for money! OLF is the first to start a struggle in Ethiopia , but since they have nothing for the people, they always go backward !

      Look at woyane, they freed Tigrai & the nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia, & now together they are developing Ethiopia into the next level! But I know you can’t understand all these anyways!

      • Ermi says:


        the oromo issue and OLF existed long before the Aljazeera or any other media came to life. And speaking of media, every media propagates lies and fabricate news that advances its owner’s agenda. CNN works for US agenda; ETV and walta fabricate news to facilitate the brutal woyanes life on the throne; ESAT assits the opposition groups; even Awramba shifted to the side of Woyane So don’t be consumed by the media deeds. Rather we must discuss the issue of ethnic and tribal rerelationship in the country to bring about equality and freedom to the people.

        In short, the OLF is doing exactly what TPLF has been doing by implanting hatred in people’s head to divide and loot the country.

        Peace and love to all!

  13. EthioZena says:

    ..”Oromo first and Ethiopia second..” what! Ethiopia is a country and Oromo is ethnic group found in Ethiopia.what ever happens to oromo people have passed but we did not forget it.It is there as a part of Ethiopian history (bad and good).Now he is talking about what happened back in the 18th and early 19th. what is this? some kind of revenge? do we really have to hate white people because of the slavery that happened in the past?NO. it is passed and the only thing that we can do is to teach our kids NOT to do or support that kind of hate. nothing more. The government use to do this to us,..use to…let it go!! and go forward.What an idiot!!

    • Mario says:

      We see You yourself promoting hate politics ,& you are talking about. “Let it go & shit”! Your comments are still there though! Think again!

  14. Narye says:

    It’d be a lie to say people in Oromia region are living in a DEMOCRATIC lives nor do other ethnic groups. We should always need to voice our concern in that regards. However, we’ll never, Never, and NEVER make rooms for the TRUE enemies to meddle in our affairs. True enemies are those who have been working for decades and decades for the instability and poverty of East Africans. It makes me LOL when I see stupid arabs think they can outsmart Africans. L.O.L.Z!!! Make no mistake! We’re here to restart our lives, Look for solutions among ourselves to defeat poverty, jobless ness, hopelessness, instability, … and Jawar, I’ve seriously been glad to see an East African brother with such analytic skills but don’t sometimes get impaired and serve the purpose of TRUE enemies!

  15. chala says:

    Juhar are you going to speak to VOA over the Nile. Now you are exposed, no chance to speak representing Ethiopia. Weeks ago you and Birhane Damte said we oppose the Dam. Is Damte also eager to see a Islamic state of Oromia?

  16. Liben says:

    Al-jazeera should also give chance to other Oromo opinion if they really want to get to the bottom of the Oromo issue. Not every Oromo think like Juhar at all. I am an Oromo and my voice counts. Non of what juhar says don’t represent me or my family. I do agree oromo people have been treated badly and have not participated at their full potential for Ethiopian politics. But Oromos question is question of democracy just like any other Ethiopian Ethnic its not referendum. Half my family is Amhara and my dad is Oromo. I know for fact most oromos are against the repression but not against being Ethiopian so Al-Jazzira should give voice for everyone and explain their chance to have a clear picture of the Oromo issue then we will see exactly what is asking what and what numbers are represented by Juhar and the others. As far as I am concerned they don’t represent me or my family or the oromos I know. so stop speaking or oromos. Yes we have issues yes we need democracy and we need to promote our language and culture but we don’t want to hear these revisionist history and get into another war with our own half families. I call on Al-jazeera to stop this political stunt or give chance for the other oromos to speak. Also Mengistu was oromo. Miniliks generals were Oromos, There were Oromos fudals that was under minilik and there were oromo ministers under hilesilase.. So if you guys talk about Oromo being colonized then you was colonized by your own kind…… that is what you are saying to me ….

  17. Bikila says:

    Every year the Oromia state government is pardoning tens of thousands of Oromo prisoners who were languishing in prisons for no reasons but on suspicion of links with OLF.Ask Dawit(this web site editor) about the prison condition of Oromo’s at Kaliti and elsewhere in the country.We need to provide tangible evidence against the people who were involving in the forum(the stream) instead of revolving around the personalities.

  18. Tatek says:

    Oromos have never had a voice in Ethiopia. Most of the reaction given in response to these make the Oromos feel that they indeed have not only been victims of Ethiopia’s dark past, which I believe we have to admit with all the molecule of our body if we had to side with the truth, but also have still been victims of Oromo- phobia as justly said by Jawar. When a woman weeps and tells you that she has been a victim of rape, and you tell her she is not the only one actually raped, does this change the fact that the woman is a victim of rape? Why just lose sight of the issue in question and jump in to draw conclusions and point fingers without properly analyzing an issue of this magnitude, just as done by TPLF stooge mouthpiece, Shemelis Kemal? The panelists didn’t deny that the Oromo have not been the only ones to suffer marginalization, inequality, impunity, repression and heavy handed rule but this doesn’t change the fact that the Oromos have gone through and are still going through untold sufferings systematically ERECTED by successive regimes, including present day TPLF. Just looking at the Ministerial portfolios the Oromos were given by TPLF stooge Hailemariam Desalegn, I can only say the puppet Oromo organization in the Government was only given the leftovers of the TPLF. Credible information coming out of the country indicates that just identifying oneself as an Oromo is cause for an arrest and persecution by the state machinery erected by the current regime and the super large number of Oromo population in TPLF Military prisons, put by the ICRC at tens of thousands, is a further proof for the argument made by the panelists. I think, if we think as humans, and indeed if we love Ethiopia, we need to openly talk about this as a nation and address the issues facing Oromos and others similarly segregated in Ethiopia before this forces our nation to enter a door of no return, for blaming this on Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Catar is not going to do us any good.

  19. Dima Dimanco says:

    One thing that always bather me most things are going to astray with in three decides. a generation how talks a lot but know nothing about his own history a hasty generation that don’t ashamed but talk loud his emptiness, arrogance; ignorance. my Juhar brother is one of them how entertain the attention he got from his masters and full followers. first the name Ethiopia is not given for one particular tribe or ethnic group. it is a Greek word with a mining of burnet skin. given for the black people including Oromo’s, Amaras; Tigers and so on. like any developed world our nation had its own pro and cons for each historical moment and area. like Americans had slavery civil war and in Europe holocaust and so on but what make them different now is they accept the dark point of history make them united strong and take their history as it is not to repeat that mistake again. where us the so called self proclaimed annalist want to preach us his distorted history. this is a carbon copy of Colonial powers and Egyptians use to divide Eritrea by dividing us with ethnicity, pesedo self awareness from the rest now they are repeating it again by using our own brothers. we Oromo’s and the rest of the tribes in Ethiopia shear the same value of culture and physiological make up. for this evidence we don’t need a man made falls history but our dress, musical instrument like masinqo; kerarr, our weeding ceremony our the similarity of our foods…all those are evidences for our oneness and unity.

    • gelam says:

      Very nice analysis Dear Dima! Pease keep it up. ….” hasty generation that don’t ashamed but talk loud his emptiness, arrogance; ignorance.” I like this expression, indeed!

  20. gelam says:

    During their discussion, to distabilize Ethiopia, the Egyptian politician have put it clearly and explicitly. the politicians said, “The Oromo people are about 35% of the population and we have to use them”. So, it is no wonder that Mr. Jawar is one of Egypt’s agents. Shame on him!!

    – And secondly, how come the Arabs (particularly Aljezeera), preach about democracy when they do not know, at all, what democracy is.

  21. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    It makes me wonder and utterly enraged to see these are the ones who are poised to ‘liberate’ my dignified Oromo people. The host had really done her best to remain so gracious to these sheer liars who were having difficulty expressing what is in their own my mind. Jowar!!! Do you really believe in what you are saying? Do you really believe every Oromo in prison now for political reason is just because he/she was caught speaking Oromifaa? Come on now, what is right is right. You are being educated in one of the most respected institutions in the world? I grew up speaking my mother’s tongue Oromifa in the fifties and I was never thrown in jail for that. In fact, our teacher who was an Amhara and the product of Western Hararghe rarely spoke to me or my parents in Amharic after school but always in Oromifaa. No government official threw him and I in jail. The entire shoppers on the market day were speaking in Oromifaa. All the price haggling and negotiating used to be conducted in Oromifaa. But I am not here to discount the fact that Oromos and other ethnic nationalities were victims of oppression of a maligned chauvinism. Oromifaa was not allowed to be medium of instruction in schools in places Oromos call home in their majority. That was wrong and demeaning. But that is all gone now. All early education and administrative matters is being conducted in Oromifaa in Oromia. Chauvinism is long gone now. What Oromos are facing now is the same as what other nationalities facing everyday. Which is dictatorship. Being a victim of chauvinism once before does not mean that you have to lie yourself into being a hate group. That is the problem these so-called ‘national liberation fronts or movements’ of our time are facing these days. If Obo Jawar goes to one of my Ittu villages and start telling them that they will be thrown in jail just because they speak Oromifaa they will be astonished first. Then they may try to examine his mind setting and if he does not stop they may drop him and give him 20 good lashing. Because they despise liars!!! They don’t like ‘story’ tellers. Let’s just call him an Amir now. We will give him 4 wives and we will not hear from him ever again. Because that is what these mooncalf ‘liberation front leaders’ want to have after ‘successfully’ carving out an Oromia fiefdom precisely to their recipe and specification. What laughing stocks!!!!

  22. Honestly says:

    I was going to comment on the topic, but I red the ignorant comments posted here and it just makes me think, ‘Wow, these are the fruits of EPRDF …’ Really?! … You’re blaming Aljazeera, Egypt and Eritrea … for lack of Democracy, Freedom of speech and justice in Ethiopia?!?! … I can’t even understand how Aljazeera could be blamed for this! … Aljazeera just provided the forum to discuss the issues Ethiopia’s Oromo’s allege!! ..Even the host, both an African decent, who’ve nothing to do with Arab, think Ethiopians are “mean”!! … She didn’t say, smart, articulate or rational!! … But, she said, and I concur with her 100%, Ethiopians are “mean”!! First of all, I’m Amhara, and I know none of you who commented here are Oromo’s!! … with evil comments and animosity towards Oromo people, I will support the referendum of Oromo’s 100% (if that’s what they want) … second, the only way that Oromo’s (and other ethnic groups) should live together is with a DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM and EPRDF is not democratic!! … So, EPRDF MUST GO – LIKE DERG and EHS are forced to go!! … Third, we need a FREE media – like Aljazeera – where citizens can vent their frustration and voice their concern. Forth, how come nobody say something about the absence of the gov’t representative?? (it’s obvious they don’t have anyone who can speak English and/or provide an articulate response)

    • Dima Dimanco says:

      My fellow brother, when we discuss things we can discuss on subject matter rather than personal attack. don’t tray to label some one in the category of EPDRF supporter or this and that. At the matter of fact we all have to respect our differences and address our point of view. if you want to be herd you have to give a chance to hear others opinion that way at list we can reach half way or we can agree , or we agree to dis agree. that is a democratic process. the second thing is because some body disagree with point you can’t deny his identity labeling him he is Amara not Oromo that is what we luck with our surrounding politics. third there is no so called 100% free media wither you call it Aljazeera or CNN they all are serving the interest of where they belong from that fact Aljazeera is biased to ward Arabian issues than ours. based on Egyptian administration comment recently and there history. one thing I agree with you is to bullied a democratic system. ok to built a democratic system needs all side mutual agreement that all hymens are equal under the low despite our ethnic or tribal differences. that included all with out annihilate any body you and me even the government. lastly I want to affirm you that I am an Ethiopian Oromo independent not affiliated with any political grope but want to see a free and healthy united Ethiopia. Dima DImanco.

      • Bishan Gute says:

        You are trying to pretend as if you were Oromo. No one wants slavery. From what you are saying I can tell You are the biggest Neftegna– Amhara

    • MMzeleke says:

      [ HONESTLY im now you are no amhara you are OLF OR ERITREA OR THE NEWE EGYPTION

    • gelam says:

      Who told you aljezeera is free media? You lost the big picture of politics and you lost everything else! Go to politics and journalism 101 courses!

      • observer says:

        nonsense! There is no such thing as free media – everything you hear on the media is on purpose and meant to control and shape public opinon. So you really thing Qatar and AJZ are really interested in freedom of speech and self-determination in Africa? MamoQilo Bilo Zim endante! They are trying to destabilize black africa using idiots and monkeys they can find!

    • Bishan Gute says:


      You are right. But some people try to convince others only abot theire own feeling. The can not think out side the box maybe out side their stomach by wchich they think

  23. Mj Tyson says:

    Bagalla massacre

    Arba Guugu massacre

    Bodeno massacre

    Arba Guugu massacre

    Are some of the heinous crimes committed by the OLF, mostly against amahara settlers and Oromo people, according to human rights watch. And the bombing of buses and Tigrayan owned restaurants.

    Jawar falsely claimed that you get arrested for speaking Oromingya, They have no credibility these attention seekers.

  24. botaleh says:

    Why too much noise for nothing?JAWAR SAID HE IS OROMO what is wrong?Ethiopia was imposed to him,isnt thruth? You amara scholars you are outdated.
    We have tou ethiopia with strong foundation based on the truth not amara fake history.

    What about the somalis who dont used to say i am ethiopian they should be shot.

    You should ask yourself what is ethiopia for these people before making too much noise for nothing.

  25. Tokko says:

    Mj Tyson,
    However, you forget to mention the Benishengul Massacre, Gambela Massacre, Anole Massacre that you fellow inflected on the Oromo and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

    Moreover I do not understand the problem with calling oneself an Oromo. By the way are going to flesh out his Oromoness. I meet many people in North America, They Ask you are questions like- Are Habesha? Do you speak Amharic? If you have got some body modifications on your eye-bow, Are you Tigre? etc. So what is wrong for a person to call him/her self an Oromo?

  26. geremew says:


    Juhar mohamed
    alga silut amed
    sew baytefana hager batwerer
    mech juhar mehamed jegna yihon neber

  27. KK says:

    I will be the first or the last person to protect my country from evil minded like Jawar. I can assure him he will never ever proceed with destroying mind.

  28. Bishan Gute says:

    It is not being evIl minded to stand for your freedom For KK a person is blessed only and if only he follows or agrees with your ideology. No matter what we tho Oromos will stand for our right with leadership of our OLF.Long live Oromiyaa and OLF.

  29. taha says:

    You are are correct, but those Geje people who come from amhara ethnic who didn’tclean his mind can’t understand u therefore don’t worry about it.

  30. i am oromo first says:

    i am oromo first not ethiopian amhara donky all amhar fuckyou

  31. qureysh says:

    we are here to change d amhara political game is over nw tym is 4 oromo 4 amhara is to face trial at international criminal court 4 its genocide

  32. Lia antenna says:

    I don’t understand how oromos make up the majority of the population yet amaras have the most wealth and power like. I thought usually the racial/ethnic groups that are he majority have the most power.

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